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157 Ground Breaking Advertising Dissertation Topics

157 Advertising Dissertation Topics To Inspire You

Do you want top-notch advertising dissertation topics to take your paper to the next level? This expert post contains all you need and more!

Advertisements are messages that persuade customers and drive sales. If you pursue a course in the marketing field, you will be required to write a dissertation at the end of your academic journey. However, writing a perfect paper – including the advertisement dissertation – gives many scholars a hard time. There are many drawbacks to blame for this, poor topic choice being at the helm. Before getting a proper dissertation format and citing all sources accordingly, you need a relevant and exciting heading.

With a lot of bias and numerous preexisting personal opinions about how marketing should be done, it becomes hard to convince your professor and drive the point home with the wrong topic. Luckily, we understand the plight that many students have to bear under such demanding tasks. We have listed 150+ pioneering advertisement dissertation topics to ensure you write an impressive paper hassle-free and deliver on time.

Top Advertising Dissertation Topics

  1. Explain the marketing strategy that should be used by a manufacturing company when entering a cutthroat industry with monopolistic competition
  2. Investigate how effective marketing can better the future and current fashion retail performance
  3. Highlight the main marketing strategies that U.S. entrepreneurs getting into business areas with little expertise
  4. Explain whether a marketing audit would provide a workable intervention for marketing relations
  5. Explain how consumer behavior impacts factors like environment, personal characteristics, and marketing
  6. Explore factors that impact consumers on decisions purchasing face products
  7. Define one-way marketing and discuss its payout as well as the results
  8. What is the impact of direct marketing strategies on the competitive advantage of an industry?
  9. Discuss how Ponzi schemes worked in the U.S. and explain their negative implications on buyers
  10. Analyze how SMEs can grow through marketing their CSR
  11. Evaluate how Chinese hotels utilized marketing to survive the recession
  12. What is the difference between uniform and adaptive marketing tactics?
  13. Look into the ethical issues related to the marketing of pharmaceutical products in the U.S.
  14. Examine the ethical issues tied to marketing to children via the internet
  15. Explain how to implement international marketing strategies

Highly Classified Advertising Dissertation Ideas

  1. Explain how market strategies impact sales channels
  2. Discuss the pros and cons of SMS marketing
  3. Examine how political marketing trends have changed in the last ten years
  4. Look into how sales impact customization
  5. What is the impact of innovation on consumer retention?
  6. Discuss standardization and its impact on global marketing
  7. What is the effect of family orientation on consumer behavior?
  8. Highlight key attributes that buyers analyze before making a purchase
  9. Explain how offline and online marketing strategies can integrate into higher sales

High-End Advertising Dissertation Ideas

  1. Discuss how different health issues like diabetes affect food advertising
  2. Analyze the impact of cause-related marketing campaigns affect consumer purchase decisions
  3. Explore the connection existing between corporate social responsibility and marketing ethics
  4. Explain how spam laws have impact online marketing
  5. What is the effect of a country’s law on marketing and business?
  6. Explain the impact of misleading advertisements on a company’s product sales vs. consumers
  7. Explain why Facebook is the most preferred tool of social media marketing
  8. What is the role of online stores in the traditional marketing mix?
  9. Discuss buyer perception of social media marketing and its effect on brand image
  10. Examine how businesses gather information from social media for marketing
  11. Investigate how social media affects consumer’s buying preference
  12. Explain effective methods companies can use to build relationships with consumers via social media
  13. Discuss the difference in efficacy between tradition and social media marketing
  14. How successful is Instagram as a marketing tool?

College Advertising Topics For Dissertation

  1. What impact do premium pricing strategies have on product sales and consumer decisions?
  2. Elaborate the difference between offline and online promotions
  3. How do international pricing strategies impact brand image
  4. Explain how product packaging affects the buying decision
  5. Analyze the impact of point-of-purchase promotion on product sales
  6. Evaluate the importance of location on customers and product sales
  7. What is the effect of e-commerce and websites on customer behavior?
  8. Assess the efficacy of online marketing tools about product sales
  9. Explain factors that influence online comparison, search and purchase by customers
  10. Discuss how companies can deal with bad reviews and hate speech from customers
  11. Detail the advantages and disadvantages of online marketing
  12. What impact do cultural differences have on supermarkets in the U.S.?

Top-Notch Dissertation Topics On Advertising

  1. Explain how using the same marketing strategies in different markets may lead to business failure.
  2. Examine the effect of religion, belief, and values or businesses in the world
  3. What is the impact of cross-cultural marketing on a business?
  4. Investigate the impact of individualism and collectivism in the purchase of motor vehicles
  5. What is the impact of language on the identity of a brand?
  6. Discuss the importance of protecting consumer privacy and data about direct marketing strategies
  7. How profitable and effective is the use of internet marketing as a direct marketing tool?
  8. Explain how companies can benefit from using artificial intelligence in direct marketing
  9. Analyze the link between the duration of a voice message and the success of telemarketing
  10. What is the difference in customer response between digital and direct marketing?
  11. Assess the implications and effects of direct marketing
  12. Elaborate how customers can protect themselves from deceitful natural marketing techniques
  13. How can companies utilize corporate social responsibility in brand management?
  14. Assess the effectiveness of using online marketing to build equity and brand awareness
  15. Explain the importance of reliability and brand in the Smartphone industry

Creative Advertising Dissertation Topics

  1. Conduct a comparative analysis between brand loyalty and good quality products
  2. What are the impacts and applications of different branding strategies?
  3. A comparative analysis of branding strategies used by Pepsi and Coca Cola
  4. Evaluate the efficacy of building brand equity through celebrity endorsements
  5. Assess the impact of maintaining brand equity through innovation
  6. What is the effect of using technology-driven customer engagement on customer satisfaction?
  7. Evaluate customer satisfaction in the U.S. hospitality and tourism industry
  8. Discuss different ways to maintain customer relations through relationship marketing
  9. What is the link between loyalty schemes and product sales?
  10. What is the impact of loyalty schemes on customer satisfaction?

Captivating Marketing Dissertation Titles

  1. How effective is word-of-mouth as a tool of advertisement?
  2. What is the effect of advertisement on the human mind?
  3. Discuss the effect of advertisement on the child’s mental health
  4. Discuss some of the biggest stereotypes in advertisements
  5. What is the efficacy of short, inexpensive online ads?
  6. What metrics are considered during market research to develop an advertisement?
  7. Elaborate the proportion of the U.S. economy that is devoted to advertising and how it impacts the economy
  8. What are the attributes of a great political advertisement?
  9. Explain some of the censorship practices used to ensure that advertisements are not too risqué
  10. Explain how gender affects how an advertisement is created and delivered
  11. What is the difference between radio and podcast advertisements?
  12. Investigate ways in which advertisers have used feelings of patriotism to inspire customer loyalty and purchase

Mind-Blowing Marketing Dissertation Ideas

  1. Examine the emotional effects of advertising
  2. Discuss the history of sports stars and celebrity endorsements as a mode of marketing
  3. Explain how future ad executives will break new ground in the advertising field
  4. Analyze how the use of online streaming sites will eliminate commercial breaks on T.V. and radio
  5. Assess how the increase in internet access has altered the way people learn about products
  6. Evaluate how the perfect commercial can cause a leader to emerge from a group of similar brands
  7. Examine the history of advertisements highlighting how the modern concept of marketing evolved from humble beginnings

Hot Media Dissertation Topics

  1. What factors do consumers consider before abandoning a brand?
  2. What strategies can product sellers implement to create profitable relationships with their consumers?
  3. Explain how promotions and discounts boost product sales
  4. Evaluate the consumer perceptions and behavior as it relates to tech gadgets
  5. Analyze how companies can use consumer psychology to drive sales
  6. Assess the difference in consumer attitude between online and in-store shopping
  7. What is the effect of adverse publicity on consumer attitude and behavior?
  8. Highlight how consumer knowledge impacts buying decisions and purchase of products
  9. What are the effects of cartoon characters on a child?
  10. What impact do promotions have on a customer’s perception?
  11. Evaluate the role of cultural values in promotional activities

University Advertising Thesis Topics

  1. Analyze why target marketing is vital for the fashion industry
  2. Discuss the effectiveness of consumer loyalty programs in an emerging market
  3. How effective are email marketing strategies?
  4. Explain the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in the airline industry
  5. Would you please elaborate on the importance of branding as it relates to fast-moving products
  6. What marketing strategy can we use to attract young customers to a new restaurant?
  7. Discuss the impact of body language on consumer buying behavior
  8. Elaborate the effect of display in motor vehicle stores on buyers
  9. Examine public relations is an effective marketing strategy in influencing consumer behavior
  10. How are consumers affected by innovating and technological changes?
  11. Highlight the impact of branding on consumer behavior

Thesis Topics On Advertising Effectiveness

  1. Look into the effectiveness of public relations campaigns in reviving failed brands.
  2. Explain how price adjustment strategies differ in offline and online environments
  3. How effective is mobile marketing in comparison to other methods of advertising
  4. What is the link between timeliness and the efficacy of mobile marketing communications?
  5. Discuss the effectiveness of online consumer tribes
  6. Investigate the efficacy of consumer service chatbots
  7. What are the challenges and advantages of using Smartphone apps to retain and attract new customers
  8. Detail the drawbacks faced by small companies in adopting social media to enhance customer loyalty
  9. Highlight different ways retailers can deal with polygamous behavior among customers
  10. Examine the role of relationship marketing in attracting new customers through social media networks
  11. Explain the effectiveness of newspaper advertisements and explain whether they are still viable
  12. Highlight the significance of the power of suggestion in convincing people of a subtle difference among similar products

Ph.D. Thesis Titles on Advertising

  1. Explain the importance of the marketing mix to non-profit organizations
  2. Examine whether the internet has helped unsought goods to build brand awareness
  3. Investigate the pros and cons of online advertising in international marketing
  4. Would you please explain the difference between non-comparison and comparison advertising and explain its impact on the purchase intentions of customers
  5. Examine how customers react to online brand alliances
  6. Analyze how visual constituency impacts product attitude and site identity
  7. Look into how using web analytics in digital marketing improves brand performance
  8. Explain the role of gender in information processing among consumers of tech gadgets
  9. How can companies utilize big data to understand customer preferences and psychology in general
  10. Highlight the gratifications and uses of consumer online reviewing

Mobile Advertising Dissertation Topics

  1. Analyze the success and diffusion factors involved in mobile marketing
  2. Assess the impact of brand personality on purchase intentions in the context of mobile marketing
  3. Investigate hw marketing managers can push for consumer acceptance of mobile marketing
  4. How can consumer loyalty be improved through customer relationship management in the mobile marketing environment?
  5. Explain how mobile payment services can boost their profits from mobile marketers
  6. Detail how location impacts mobile marketing communication
  7. Can companies build a strong brand image through mobile marketing strategies?
  8. Analyze what customers to for in mobile marketing messages

Shock Advertising Dissertation Topics

  1. Explain how vegans can use social listening to improve their marketing strategy
  2. Break down how different firms incorporate social media marketing in encouraging customers’ purchasing behavior
  3. Examine the impact of brand post popularity on Instagram brand fan pages on social media marketing
  4. Analyze whether customer loyalty applies to consumer behavior in social media networks
  5. Assessing online customer review: Explain whether word-of-mouth is more persuasive compared to traditional word-of-mouth.
  6. Do a comparative analysis of the effectiveness of banner advertisements on different social media platforms.
  7. Elaborate how different social media networks turn users into sales
  8. Examine how advertisements politically evolved from mass brainwashing campaigns
  9. Discuss whether a fallen brand can find new life with a new target market and a different logo
  10. Explain how the female form is transforming advertising strategies in the world
  11. What are the features of good child-targeted advertising?

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