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141 Best Position Paper Topics: Use Them Today!

Position Paper Topics

Position paper topics present you with controversial subjects that can be evaluated in detail for their pros and cons. These papers, often known as argumentative papers require students to choose a position or a stand on the topic and provide arguments that can support their stance effectively.

The simplest way to choose good position paper topics is to use popular subjects that interest you. Choosing subjects that go against common values, discuss social taboos or have contrasting mass opinions can help you make a compelling argument. Here is a list of position paper ideas from different fields of study to help you choose the best.

Best Position Paper Topics on Health

Position paper research topics on health have a very broad scope. They can discuss current medical practices, common health issues and the various modern influences on good healthcare.

  1. Should free healthcare for all become mandatory?

  2. Is a medical experiment on animals ethical?

  3. Is it a good idea to use the medical knowledge that was gained by experiments in Nazi camps in modern medicine?

  4. Should forcible quarantining of individuals with STDs like HIV aids be imposed?

  5. Should abortion be legalized?

  6. Is drug addiction a disease?

  7. Should military service personnel be allowed to sue military doctors for any medical malpractice?

  8. Is providing financial subsidies to senior citizens necessary?

  9. Should healthcare insurance be mandatory?

  10. Are social conditions in the 21st century impacting healthcare?

  11. Is online medical consultation a good idea?

  12. Has modern technology and its impact on mortality rate influenced society negatively?

  13. Should equal access to COVID 19 Vaccine be provided?

  14. Do race and ethnicity have an impact on the health of individuals?

  15. Should HIV testing before marriage be made mandatory?

  16. Should the government provide healthcare aid to economically backward sectors?

  17. Should the government support independent medical research?

  18. Should the government invest in improved healthcare services in a country?

  19. Is it the responsibility of the private sector to improve healthcare facilities

  20. Should healthcare be provided in prisons?

  21. Pros and cons of the electronic health record system.

  22. Should euthanasia be permitted?

  23. The pros and cons of the cosmetic surgery industry.

  24. Should working shifts for medical staff be more defined?

  25. The advantages and disadvantages of healthcare insurance?

  26. Should complications arising from self-treatment be covered under insurance?

  27. Should the punishment for medical malpractice be more stringent?

  28. Should vaccination be obligatory?

  29. Should doctors be allowed to advertise certain medication??

  30. Should translators be employed in hospitals that treat minorities?

Top Claim of Value Topics

The claim of value position research paper topics compare two ideas and argue why one is better than the other. They also discuss topics that are ethically and morally contrasting. Here is a list of topics that can help you present detailed arguments:

  1. People with mental health issues should be treated in society or outside of it?

  2. Medical aid versus medical insurance, which is the better approach for financially backward societies.

  3. Should concepts of nutrition be taught at home or at school?

  4. Is it better to have a pro-choice or pro-life approach?

  5. Video games versus traditional games.

  6. Should parents use an authoritative approach to parenting or a liberal one?

  7. Should healthcare be a public sector or a private sector?

  8. Student-centred education or teacher-centred education, which one is better?

  9. Classical education versus modern education

  10. Are virtual classes better than in-person classes?

  11. European educational system versus the American educational system.

  12. Public sector schools versus private schools. Which is better?

  13. Have cell phones changed the way we relate to each other?

  14. Texts and emails versus talking face-to-face.

  15. Should experiments on human embryos be allowed?

  16. Does the racial background of police officers determine how well they do their jobs?

  17. Should Barbie dolls be banned?

  18. Should beauty contests for young girls be banned?

  19. Should children be given more time for free play or should they have scheduled activities?

  20. Is equal gender representation in political office important?

  21. Should you pay for music or should it be free?

  22. Discuss the concept of “designer babies”

  23. Is private tuition worth the high costs?

  24. Are liberal arts in education important?

  25. Should schools invest in fine arts?

  26. What people should and should not post on social media?

  27. Is the use of biological mutation in warfare morally acceptable?

  28. Should elite athletes be given enormous incomes?

  29. Are memes ethical?

  30. Nuclear families versus traditional joint families. Which is better for children?

Interesting Claim of Fact Topics

These topics for position paper discuss certain claims and their relevance in the current world. They are also aimed at checking if these claimed facts are true.

  1. Media can influence election results.

  2. Elected female officers are significantly different from elected male officers.

  3. Religious persecution exists even in the modern world.

  4. Liberty is freedom.

  5. Adding days to the average school year improves learning

  6. Teenagers who engage in promiscuous sex are more likely to develop STDs.

  7. Computers are changing the way people think.

  8. Unemployment leads to a surge in crime rates.

  9. Women are safer when they dress more conservatively.

  10. It is a good idea to replace textbooks with online resources.

  11. Online technologies are changing the way we live.

  12. The use of social media by teens must be limited by parents.

  13. Social media companies must uphold privacy policies.

  14. There is strength in numbers

  15. The progress of a country can be determined by the status of women in society.

  16. Spare the rod and spoil the child.

  17. Diversity in the workplace improves productivity

  18. Diversity in the workplace is important to retain employees

  19. The loyalty of employees is determined by HR policies.

  20. China is the next superpower.

  21. Media is responsible for growing secular tensions

  22. Freedom of the press is necessary for the development of our civilization

  23. The rights of artists are protected on the internet

  24. Pursuing arts can improve the longevity of an individual

  25. Honesty is the best policy

  26. The plea bargaining system is flawed.

  27. Banning TV advertisements for fast food can improve food choices made by individuals

  28. Banning alcohol advertising can help reduce dependence.

  29. Medical research can be threatening to society.

  30. Sex education in school reduces the occurrence of STDs.

Position Paper Topics on Psychology

Psychology encompasses several taboo subjects that can be discussed elaborately in position papers. Here is a list of the best topics for position papers related to psychology:

  1. Mental health education in school is mandatory.

  2. People must seek professional intervention for mental health issues.

  3. Depression and anxiety are the result of enhanced social media engagement.

  4. Bullying in schools should have more stringent rules and repercussions.

  5. Cyberbullying should be a punishable offence.

  6. The government should invest in providing better mental health facilities.

  7. Mental health should be covered by insurance.

  8. People who are addicted to substances have an inherent addictive personality.

  9. Sexual orientation is a mental health issue.

  10. Trauma or poor upbringing is responsible for the sexual orientation of an individual.

  11. Counselling in schools should be mandatory.

  12. There should be more stringent tests to evaluate the qualification of mental health professionals.

  13. The increase in individual mental health experts and professionals is doing more bad than good.

  14. People with mental health issues should be provided with employment opportunities too.

  15. Mental health issues should not be grounds for termination of employment.

  16. Mental health is as important as physical health.

  17. Mental health issues are responsible for substance abuse.

  18. Behavioural psychology should be understood and studied by HR personnel.

  19. Teachers should be taught the basics of child development and psychology.

  20. Studying child psychology helps improve parenting practices.

  21. Freudian principles and their relevance in modern society.

  22. Impulsive decisions should not be viewed as negative.

  23. Military personnel should be provided with better mental health care.

  24. Do mental health issues affect a relationship?

  25. How can schools equip students better to deal with mental health issues?

  26. The older generation is more stable when it comes to mental health.

  27. Is food addiction a cause for concern?

  28. Mental health disorders can be treated at home by making small changes in routine and habits.

  29. Geniuses are always eccentric.

  30. Personality and psychology are related to each other.

Criminal Justice Position Paper Topics

These position argument topics are among the most controversial subjects, making for a great research paper:

  1. White-collar criminals should face the same prosecution as other criminals.

  2. Media coverage can influence the outcome of criminal justice.

  3. Should media be allowed to cover criminal cases related to celebrities and prominent individuals?

  4. Prisons the treat inmates ethically are better than those with harsh living conditions.

  5. It is necessary for the government to invest in better living conditions for inmates.

  6. Building more prisons can curb the increase in crime rates.

  7. Minors committing heinous crimes should be tried as adults instead of juveniles.

  8. Improving juvenile prison systems benefits society.

  9. Drugs are the major cause of violence in many countries. The laws applicable must be more stringent.

  10. Banning illegal drugs will reduce dependency.

  11. Women misuse sexual violence laws.

  12. Domestic violence must not be limited to women.

  13. Police officers are usually given a more lenient trial and treatment in the justice system.

  14. Police officers must have stricter ethical codes.

  15. Consuming drugs should remain a criminal offence.

  16. Freedom of speech represents a double standard by law. Explain.

  17. The term of inmates should be reduced if their behaviour improves significantly in prison.

  18. Providing vocational training to inmates can reduce the rate of crime when they are released.

  19. Inmates should be allowed to earn a living in prison.

  20. Better mental health assistance should be provided to inmates in prison.

  21. Holistic practices like yoga and meditation can improve the mindset of prison inmates.

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