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173 Creative Fashion Research Topics: Awesome List Of Ideas

fashion research topics

The 21st century has amplified fashion such that even a newborn knows about it. However, the challenge of finding unique fashion topics always baffles both college and university students. That is why some of them end up copying whatever they find online or guess whatever comes to mind.  

Do you want to save yourself all this unnecessary drama? Keep reading this exceptional guide.

Fashion Industry: Definition

Now, fashion refers to a form of expression at a given time, place, and culture. You may have heard of the latest smartphones, clothing, or even cars – well, that is part of fashion. It is not only limited to clothes and fine jewelry in the boutiques.

For something to be fashionable, it has to do with either new or dominant clothes, hairstyles, accessories, make-up, footwear, or lifestyle. A lot comes into play when it comes to fashion, and as such, it is always subject to change every time. Now that we have jogged your memory on the definition of fashion, let’s get into how to prepare and write a fashion-related thesis paper or art dissertation.

Getting Started With Your Fashion Research Paper

Before you engage in any undertaking, there is the planning process. That is what we want to cover in this section with regards to acing your fashion paper. Now, I know that thousands of websites guide me in writing a top-level research paper on fashion. However, ours is unique – we provide professional tips from our reliable writing service that you will never find anywhere else.

Stay with me as we start journeying through this together:

  • First, understand your research question on fashion: This is a critical step that will shape how you will answer the question. Break down the question into bits that will help you understand what your professor wanted from you.
  • Second, dive into the research process: I know most lazy students would not want to hear about this step at all. However, it is also crucial in helping you determine the topic and content that will go into your fashion research paper.
  • Select an appropriate topic: After looking at what others have done and identifying the gaps, pick a topic that best communicates your idea. Remember that the subject should be concise, catchy, and appealing to anyone at first sight.
  • Proceed to write an engaging thesis statement about fashion: This is what drives the direction of your essay, and as such, it should be in-depth. A thesis statement on style should capture what you intend to talk about and set the objective for your paper.
  • Draft informative topic sentences for your body paragraphs: Every topic sentence should marry with your thesis statement. A person reading your topic sentences should relate them to the question you posed in the thesis statement. The right topic sentences will give life to your dissertation on fashion in a fantastic way!
  • Looking for supporting evidence: You should be able to back up your topic sentences with trustworthy examples and illustrations. These can either be statistics or case studies, depending on the fashion topic that you are handling.
  • Find an exciting concluding remark: Never underestimate the power of the conclusion paragraph in any form of writing. It determines what the reader will take home after going through the long and tedious body paragraphs. Therefore, it should be as captivating as possible.

After tackling the preparation and writing part, I know you may be asking, ‘where can I find writing ideas for fashion research papers?’ Well, the answer is one scroll away, my friend:

  • Fashion magazines and books
  • News stories on fashion events
  • TV documentaries
  • Online fashion stores and blogs
  • This fantastic article (Did you think that I would leave it out?)

You are as ready as a horse prepared for the battle to crush any fashion assignment with all these. But for now, here are 173 of the most impressive fashion ideas for your inspiration.

Engaging Fashion Research Topics

  1. What your fashion taste says about you and the psychological impact of fashion
  2. How have women’s movements impacted today’s fashion?
  3. What is the correlation between fashion and 20th-century women empowerment?
  4. The brighter side of invisible branding in fashion
  5. Tools used in fashion marketing
  6. Understanding fashion cycles: From trendy to obsolescence
  7. The impact of fashion in movies on the youth
  8. The role of garments in prehistoric ages
  9. The evolution of style from the 20th century
  10. The role of class in promoting a culture
  11. What influence does the military have on culture?
  12. Understanding the fashion industry: A Multi-billion dollar industry
  13. Fashion trends that were influenced by 1980s music.
  14. The role of dressing in subculture identification
  15. Fashion dressing in the golden age of Queen Elizabeth Era: What it meant ad how it defined social status.
  16. Evaluate why women pay a close look at what they wear than men

In-Depth Fashion Topics For Students

  1. What is the net profit and benefit of the fashion industry?
  2. Fashion ideas that originated from the 80s and are still used in the modern society
  3. The role of fashion in pushing for social agendas
  4. Legalizing of Bhang: Is it just fashionable or a necessity?
  5. Evaluate Retro fashion trends in the 21st century
  6. Investigating the ethics of suing flesh and fur in high fashion
  7. The science behind fashion trends
  8. The Psychology of cross-dressing: What is fueling the massive cross-dressing in today’s society
  9. Luxurious and Royal Fashion trends during the Cold War
  10. Discuss how the media impacts what people wear
  11. What is the relationship between art and high-end fashion
  12. How is the LGBTQ community impacting the fashion industry today?
  13. Icon case study: How music has influenced the successful running of Fenny Beauty
  14. How significant is a celebrities influence on fashion trends: A case study of Beyoncé
  15. Luxurious fashion companies and their impact on the general fashion trends
  16. Investigating the influx of designer products in the fashion market: Have they come affordable, or is there a leak in the market?

Best Quality Fashion Topics To Discuss

  1. The impact of fake luxurious products on the high-end fashion industry
  2. Investigating working from home the new fashion lifestyle: What is the cost-benefit analysis of working from home
  3. Examining The recent boom in the wig fashion industry
  4. How big is the trending make-up industry ad what is its impact on the economy
  5. How Celebrity events push fashion trends
  6. How fashion translates the empowerment of the modern woman: A case study of Serena William
  7. How masks evolved from protective gears to fashion statements and the danger in the prevailing Covid’19 pandemic
  8. How fashion influences the psychology of its consumers
  9. The role of style in music in influencing teen fashion taste: A case study of Taylor
  10. Investigating the relationship between fashion and royalty during the Queen Elizabeth era.
  11. Analysis of the development and growth of fashion: A case study of Australia
  12. How Britney Spears pioneered the low rise jean fashion trend
  13. Investigating the hair industry: Who are the leading suppliers of hair in the globe, and who are its consumers
  14. How fashion can alter your look: How to look slimmer or curvier using fashion hacks.
  15. Source of leather for your fashionable belt, shoes, and wallet
  16. A study of the entry of trendy beard products into the hair industry

Excellent Fashion Topics To Write About Today

  1. An analysis of sustainable and ethical fashion brands
  2. The role of innovation and creativity in the running of the fashion industry
  3. A complete guide for buying fashionable high-end textile materials
  4. Understanding the concept of enclothed cognition: The impact your clothing choice has on your mental process
  5. Smart Casual: The latest trendy office fashion
  6. What is the role of fashion accessories in our dressing?
  7. The fashion statement of a handbag in every woman’s life
  8. Ten niches in a fashion that do not exist but should exist
  9. A review of the book Queen of Fashion by Marie Antoinette: How has it influenced style as we know it today?
  10. Investigating the impact of fashion trends in the running of a business
  11. compare and contrast between the European and African fashion
  12. Understanding denim as a fashion trend
  13. How big is the Vlog mass industry, and what is its role in pushing fashion trends
  14. How do age and gender affect what people wear?
  15. Why you should consider the prevailing fashion trends before starting a business
  16. Is Vlog a fashionable wave, or is it here to stay?
  17. The role of Tik-Tok in creating fashion trends and propagating them
  18. Understanding the Androgynous model: A case study of Willy Carter

Good Research Paper Topics-Fashion

  1. How the online industry has changed fashion
  2. Discuss the effects of various professions on what people wear
  3. How successful was the rebranding of Abercrombie and Fintech in 2019
  4. A study of the balance between style and functionality
  5. How do Fashion High-Tea events influence people’s wardrobes?
  6. Strategies to market luxurious fashion brands
  7. How luxury fashion is branded and its importance
  8. Discuss the effect of COVID-19 lockdowns on fashion
  9. The role of style in celebrity branding
  10. The rise of fashion in developing countries
  11. The impact of trends on the psychology of the consumer
  12. Analyzing the relationship between fashion and pop culture
  13. The role of Jane Austen boos in defining fashion in the golden age
  14. Style in the time of Jane Austen
  15. How fashion affects the 21st-century movies and films
  16. Understanding luxurious fashion advertisement
  17. What are the challenges of the fashion industry?
  18. How necessary is liquidity in the fashion industry

Quick Fashion Research Paper Topics

  1. The role of photography in the marketing of fashion brands in today’s world
  2. Marketing strategies of the fashion industry in the 80s
  3. The role of digital print in today’s fashion marketing
  4. The part of the color in fashionable dressing
  5. Understanding fashion and feminist movements
  6. Understanding fashion and Masculinity
  7. How aesthetic is essential in fashion
  8. Investigating colorism in fashion
  9. The role of style in public relations
  10. Investigating the role of class in politics
  11. Did type exist in medieval times?
  12. The importance of Red Carpet events in the fashion industry
  13. Discuss the role of religion in what people wear
  14. Factors that influence change in fashion trends
  15. Global premium fashion brands and how they rose to the top
  16. How fashion in the western world influences the rest of the globe
  17. The relationship between style and symbolism
  18. Investigating sexism in fashion advertisement campaigns

Best Fashion Prompts In 2023

  1. The contribution of fashion to economic growth.
  2. How racism is prevalent in fashion advertising
  3. Traditional textile fashion designs and their reemergence in the 21st century
  4. A study on the earliest American fashion
  5. Effects of fashion on people’s self-esteem and self-worth
  6. Understanding how fashion styles trend
  7. The role of crossover fashion in comedy
  8. Is crossover fashion the next big thing?
  9. The mechanism of the fashion industry: How it works
  10. Characterizing modern fashion dressing
  11. The relationship between cancel culture and fashion
  12. The role of culture in shaping social trends
  13. Discuss the rising culture of fashion among the youth
  14. Why it is essential to consider the style for a wedding ceremony
  15. How the fashion industry has created employment
  16. How different seasons of the year determine what people wear
  17. The impact of covid-19 on our current lifestyle

Custom Fashion Discussion Topics

  1. Did the pandemic have any impact on fashion trends?
  2. Investigating the relationship between fashion, identity, and culture
  3. What is the relationship between fashion and religion?
  4. A list of celebrities considered fashion icons ad their contribution to fashion trends.
  5. The relationship between plastic surgery and pushing fashion brand
  6. Investigating the influence of fashion trends on the mental health of a community
  7. The innovation of Nylon in the fashion industry
  8. Investigating the decline of some fashionable attires. A case study of the tie
  9. The concept of In cooperating fashion designs in school uniforms for expensive schools
  10. Trade fairs in the fashion business
  11. The role of women in the fashion industry
  12. Challenges to expect as an entrepreneur in the fashion industry
  13. Contrasting the use of men vs. women in marketing fashion designs
  14. A guide on building a successful fashion business
  15. The evolution of minimalism in fashion dressing
  16. The necessary skills to learn before starting your fashion business
  17. Top trendy fashion style by entrepreneurs
  18. Relationship between liberalism and fashion
  19. Understanding the influence of feminism on fashion

Top Fashion Marketing Writing Ideas

  1. How are online stores promoting fashion in developed nations?
  2. Emergent fashion trends following the pandemic
  3. Impact of climate on fashion trends
  4. Fashion trends for people with disabilities
  5. A study of the baby clothing fashion industry
  6. Understanding organic VS synthetic fashion trends in the market
  7. Analyzing the direction of adults looking like children
  8. A study in the origin of the motif
  9. A study on the falling popularity of office wear in the workplace
  10. How working at home has impacted the workplace office industry.
  11. Understanding the decline in popularity of leather accessories
  12. Investigating the sustainability of some fashion trends
  13. Investigating the impact of fashion on the environment and its resources
  14. The origin and evolution of beachwear
  15. The understanding manner in the textile industry.
  16. Where did waistcoats originate from in the US?
  17. Checked Vs. plain fashion dressing
  18. The trendy use of unconventional material for dressing: A case study of lady gaga

Top Class Fashion Design Topics

  1. Who is the teenage fashion Icon?
  2. How Audrey Hepburn revolutionized the fashion industry
  3. Understanding the timeliness of fashion gowns from the 80s
  4. How Laurel Bacall pushed the trend of silk blouses, pencil skirts, blazers, and pleated trousers
  5. Understanding Tuxedo since the 60s
  6. The popularity of chunky heels between 2019- 2021
  7. Understanding the preference between sneakers and high heels
  8. The role of fashion writers in pushing for fashion trends
  9. The contribution of celebration to the fashion industry in the USA
  10. Impact of ethnicity on fashion trends
  11. Relationship between poverty and fashion
  12. A comparative analysis of fashion trends in royal families across the globe
  13. The influence of royal families on fashion trends
  14. Costume culture a case study of Madonna
  15. How ball gowns have evolved
  16. Does the fashion industry have a bright future with the proliferation of the internet?
  17. Investigating the social-cultural history of fashion to understand how it has evolved

Struggling With Your Fashion Thesis?

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