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Perfect Dissertation Title – Create A Great First Impression With It

Dissertation title

What Is A Dissertation Title?

As a rule, the dissertation title serves as the means of telling the reader about the general purpose of your dissertation. However, it does more than just tell your readers the subject of your thesis.

If you are at a stage where you are wondering about how to make a dissertation title, ask yourself if your title is able to convey the following:

  • Does your thesis title highlight the purpose of the study?
  • Is the context included?
  • Does the reader get an idea of the outcome of the thesis?
  • Is your research strategy highlighted?

While it may seem like a lot, the goal is to use just a few words in your Ph.D. Dissertation Title to make your thoughts and intentions as clear as possible.

Components of A Thesis Title

Your title is the most important component of your dissertation title page. There are three important components that you should include:

  • Purpose of the Thesis:

There are two purposes of any thesis or dissertation. First, it covers the area of interest of the reader. Second, the aspects of the subject that it covers.

  • The outcome of the research:

With a quick glance at your dissertation titles, the learnings of your research should be highlighted. If you feel that your dissertation title has any particularly important outcome, it must be highlighted. These outcomes can be the fundamental part of the design of the study or just a part of it.

  • The research design and methodology

You can use different research strategies to prepare your dissertation. This includes the use of longitudinal date, a sampling strategy focused on a particular group or region, qualitative studies, data analysis, comparative studies etc. The reader should be able to understand what types of research guided you through your dissertation.

To understand the components of your dissertation title, let us take use one of the most popular English literature dissertation titles:

The Influences of the Holy Bible on Milton: A detailed analysis of Paradise Lost and redemption poetry in the 17th century.

In this title, Milton and his poetry is the area of interest while the focus is on the Holy Bible. The learning or the outcome of this paper is to study the influences of the Holy Bible. Lastly, this is an analytical thesis paper that uses references and date from different poems by Milton in the 17th century.

The title gives the reader all the information that he or she needs to understand if the paper interests him or her or not.

Style of Your Dissertation Title Page

Ph.D. Titles or other dissertation titles must match the writing style of the paper as mentioned below:

APA Dissertation Title Page:

If you are using the American Psychological Association style, the title must follow this format:

  • The first letter of the title and subtitle must be capitalized.
  • Articles, prepositions with less than three letters and conjunctions should not be capitalized.
  • All quotation marks used should be double.
  • Numerical must be used only for numbers above 10.
  • Numbers must be spelt when the numbers are under 10, are at the beginning of the title or represent common fractions.
  • In case of hyphenated compounds, both the letters should be capitalised.

AMA Style Thesis Title Page

In case of American Medical Association style, the format is as follows:

  • The first letter of the title and subtitle must be capitalized.
  • Articles, prepositions with less than three letters, infinitives and conjunctions should not be capitalized.
  • Names of city, country, provide etc. should only be used when necessary.
  • All quotation marks used should be double.
  • Numbers must be spelt when they are at the beginning of the title or are part of the subtitle. To understand the use of a numerical refer to the AMA style guide.
  • Abbreviations must be avoided unless the subject is best known by its acronym. For instance, “AIDS”
  • In case of hyphenated compounds, both the letters should be capitalised.
  • Approved, generic names of drugs must be used wherever possible.

You also have an MLA style of writing which is quite similar to the APA style. For details, refer to the style guide to make sure that your title is in the right format.

How Do You Choose a Thesis Title

The next step is to understand how do you choose a thesis title:

  • Choose a title which is relevant to the current times.
  • The dissertation must be an attempt to answer certain questions rather than just explain a certain subject.
  • The title must spark a question in the mind of your reader.
  • Use the three-part structure if your dissertation topic covers several subjects. For example: Labour, Communism and Iron: The evolution of industrialization in the Soviet Union.”
  • The title should not be too short.
  • Anchor the content of your dissertation to certain keywords of the title to keep it relevant.

General Thesis Title Examples

If you are still unable to narrow down on what is a good title, here are 10 general ideas or examples for you:

  1. Online education v/s the traditional classroom for adult learners: A comparative study
  2. Detailed analysis of factors influencing the minds of students to move overseas for higher studies.
  3. Why can’t you just plug it in: The challenges of integrating computers into a curriculum
  4. HIV positive Employees: Is termination of employment valid or not?
  5. US copyright laws: A qualitative study of its effectiveness with respect to user rights.
  6. Use of social media by international companies: Review of EA sales strategies.
  7. Online shopping: Analysis of consumer perception of safety with online transactions.
  8. The rise of Hollywood: A historical context
  9. Italian prisons during the 19th century: A study of management system after Unification.
  10. Technology secrecy and its effects during the Second World War: A review of US Patent and Office Trademark Special War Technologies.

PhD Dissertation Title Examples

Whether you are looking for a PhD title for humanities, social sciences, literature or any other subject, here are some examples that will help you understand how to title dissertation paper:

  1. Balance of Deterrence and Power between Iran and Saudi Arabia in the Post-Arab Uprising.
  2. Detailed study of the Formation Period and Home Rule in Washington State.
  3. The Use of Bio-Climatic Indicators in the Cultivation of Tea: Extensive Study of the Uji Area.
  4. Methods of Candidate Selection: A Review of “Democratization” of These Methods.
  5. Review of the Asbestos Disaster with emphasis on the evolution of the Asbestos Industry.
  6. Virtue, Property and Honour: Study of Edmund Burke on the Government
  7. A Wasted Resource: Factors That Affect The Use of Calculators in the Classroom
  8. Injustice and Brutality: A Study of Symbolism in “The Animal Farm” by George Orwell.
  9. The Voice of Women: The Transformation of Girls into Women in 17th Century Fiction.

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