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100 Best Capstone Project Ideas and Topics

capstone project ideas

When it comes to completing a final project in school, you likely will think that it is easier if your instructor gives you a list of capstone project ideas to choose from. Most cases, however, require that you come up with your own research study. This can be overwhelming and time-consuming, so we’ve developed a list of 100 capstone project ideas to use for a variety of situations:

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High School Senior Capstone Project Ideas

The following capstone project ideas high school can be developed and fleshed out to fit most projects across several subjects. Use them as starting points and brainstorm a bit until you come up with something that genuinely interests you. Our unique topics will help you avoid plagiarism and get an excellent grade.

  1. Should all alcohol sales be cut off after 10:30 PM?
  2. At what age should people be allowed to vote in national elections?
  3. Should social media sites take a stricter and more active role to eliminate offensive comments?
  4. Do you think schools should expand health services for all students?
  5. Should all forms of animal cloning be banned all over the world?
  6. Do you think it is okay for students to get research topic ideas from the internet?
  7. What does the United States need to do to reduce pollution levels by 2025?
  8. Is torture an effective method of retrieving information from war prisoners?
  9. Should the United States lift the tax breaks afforded to religious organizations?
  10. Do you think communities should put up security cameras as a way of deterring crime?
  11. Should schools shorten class times or lessen the days spent at school?
  12. What are the biggest problems in dealing with the U.S. immigration situation?
  13. Do you think children of people who came to the U.S. illegally should be given citizenship?
  14. What does public transportation do for the environment?
  15. Do you think the U.S. should offer incentives for people who purchase electronic cars?
  16. What is a capstone project and why are they required before earning a degree?
  17. Do you believe that there are certain types of music genres that can lead to teen suicide?
  18. Do you think cell phone technologies can be harmful to humans?
  19. Should the United States give statehood status to Puerto Rico?
  20. What are the positives and negatives for Britain’s decision to separate itself from the European Union?

Excellent Nursing Capstone Project Ideas

These capstone project ideas for nursing are great for young professionals in the health field. Most deal with nursing specifically, but others explore other areas that may be of interest for anyone working on general health:

  1. Do you think doctor-assisted suicide should be made legal in the U.S.?
  2. How does the capstone project meaning impact the type of research studies conducted in the field of medicine?
  3. What role do nurses have in helping to deter the spread of dangerous diseases and viruses?
  4. Why are nurses at risk of experience excessive burn-out? Would a change in how their shifts are arranged differently?
  5. Does spiritual care improve the way nurses can perform their regular duties on patients?
  6. Do you believe that government rules and regulations impact the way nurses perform their responsibilities?
  7. How effective is the current process of recruiting nurses? Do private firms have an easier time than public firms?
  8. What risks do mothers that choose a water birth take on? Are current midwives adequately trained to handle unexpected complications?
  9. What cardiovascular risks do older patients experience when they are hospitalized?
  10. What tools and resources do nurses need to perform their duties more effectively in situations where fewer patients are covered for personal care?

Great Business Capstone Project Ideas

  1. Do you believe high school curricula should include more business-related courses?
  2. How important is the human resource department in encouraging workplace productivity?
  3. What are the benefits of large corporations taking “green” measures?
  4. How effective is marketing and branding in today’s world of social media?
  5. What are the major causes of corporate bankruptcy in the automobile industry?
  6. Do family-owned businesses have more or fewer problems than other types of businesses?
  7. What is the most effective way of starting a small business without enough funding?
  8. How do European business strategies impact the way the U.S. business owners compete in an overseas market?
  9. What challenges do small businesses have in providing adequate childcare for their employees?
  10. Do psychological tests help company owners recruit and hire better performing employees?

Information Technology Capstone Project Ideas

  1. Has the internet done more to connect people or separate them into different parts of the world?
  2. What role does information technology have in the health field?
  3. How has technology advancement affected the environment?
  4. Does social media impact traditional forms of media? How does impact how people receive news?
  5. Will doctors ever be replaced as a result of technological advancement?
  6. Is it ethical for police forces to access private citizens’ profiles? What does this mean for privacy?
  7. Do you think that hate speech or other types of offensive content sharing should be punishable by law?
  8. Is it a good idea to incorporate the use of technology in university classes? What does this mean for the process of teaching?
  9. Should there be limitations on employers’ search of candidates’ personal profiles on social media?
  10. Do you think it is ethical for employers to use social profiles when making their decisions about hiring a candidate?

Data Science Capstone Project Ideas

  1. Where do students go to find great senior capstone project ideas related to changing data science issues?
  2. How does data science impact the way people interact with one another?
  3. What are the long-term positive or negative effects on children living in technological world?
  4. What is the most influential data science technology that is being used to solve problems at the global level?
  5. Do you think countries like North Korea can continue to control national media?
  6. How does globalization impact the way technologies develop in a world where we are more connected than ever?
  7. In what ways is big data important for large corporations venturing into new areas or industries?
  8. How do people who are visually impaired benefit from the new technologies developed from data science?
  9. What is the feasibility of using computers and robots to enhance financial security?
  10. How do computer graphics affect the way we understand information produced by big data?

Computer Science Capstone Project Ideas

These IT capstone project ideas can be modified to fit just about any university or graduate-level senior thesis or dissertation:

  1. Should computer companies begin the process of banning violent video games?
  2. Do you believe that people feel more or less connected socially because of technology?
  3. Are social media sites preventing people from exploring creative activities?
  4. Do you think that young people are becoming far too disassociated with reality because of time-consuming social media sites?
  5. In what ways has technology impacted the way teachers prepare and give course lessons?
  6. Do software companies benefit more by creating programs that can be used by the military?
  7. Should the United States invest in technology in order to maintain a position of power in developing countries?
  8. What are the technology sectors that have the most growth promise in the next decade?
  9. Do you believe that have a legal public control or oversight over developing technologies is a good idea?
  10. Should there be a new position created at the federal level to oversee technology companies?

Capstone Project Ideas for Information Technology

  1. How does mobile phone technology impact the way people work?
  2. How do cybersecurity capstone project ideas affect the way large corporations recruit the next generation of developers?
  3. Do you think there should be more censorship on the internet? What impact does this have on free speech?
  4. What kind of success has computer-assisted learning had to improve educational levels in developing countries?
  5. Why are investors showing greater interest in European technology companies?
  6. How reliable is the technology industry in the 21st century? is there an overwhelming amount of startups flooding the sector?
  7. Is artificial technology something that will impact the way people work and conduct activities in daily life?
  8. Are children today more or less likely to excel professionally because of the use of technology?
  9. What are the most likely home technologies that can positively impact mental and physical health?
  10. What is the biggest risk involved in online or digital voting in national elections?

Interesting and Creative Project Ideas

  1. Do you think big game hunting should be banned?
  2. What effect does pirating have on the music industry in today’s digital age?
  3. Is sex education still an effective way of preventing teenage sexual activity?
  4. Is it possible for Europe to adopt an open border policy in the next century?
  5. Are children’s beauty pageants ethical and what can parents do keep children safe?
  6. Is it ethical for high school students to recycle capstone project topics for their own research studies?
  7. Should the death penalty be banned or should it be used less for those convicted of certain crimes?
  8. What negative impact do fad diets have on children and young people striving to achieve a look that is promoted throughout social media?
  9. Do you think that smoking should be allowed in public spaces like restaurants and parks?
  10. What are the most entertaining sporting events in different countries?

MBA Capstone Project Ideas

  1. Is it better to merge with smaller corporations or to acquire them entirely?
  2. What role do test markets play in the creation of target specific customer segments?
  3. What are the most effective ways of encouraging employees to be more productive?
  4. How have rules for sexual harassment changed over the course of the last decade?
  5. What impact on pirate websites have on the brand and image of large corporations?
  6. How to include capstone project in resume in order to land a corporate job?
  7. How are small enterprises able to compete with larger corporations without access to large-scale marketing strategies and techniques?
  8. How effective is word of mouth marketing strategies compared to digital marketing on social media?
  9. How important is social media for small enterprises? Is this different around the globe?
  10. In what ways do governments benefit from war or conflict happening in other countries?

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