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Case Study Research Writing Guidelines

case study research

Do you need to do a case study and write an essay based on your findings? Writing the academic paper is not as difficult as you think. Doing the case study research is the part you need to worry about, to be honest. Truth be told, doing case study research can take you days, if not weeks. Of course, the amount of time you spend researching greatly depends on the topic of your study.

Fortunately for high school and college students, we are here to shed some light on the case study assignment and on the research methodology. You will also find a quick guide towards the end of the blog post. It will help you write a case study research paper faster. Get a top grade on your next research case study with our help!

But What Is Case Study Research?

So, what is case study research? Case study research is exactly what its name suggests: the research you need to do to conduct the study. What is a case study, you ask? The case study is a research method in which the student analyzes a subject (it can be a person, a phenomenon, a trend, or even an animal) in real-life context. Simply put, the aim of your case study should be to analyze the subject as thoroughly as possible and then draw the appropriate conclusions.

Before you learn how to do case study research, you need to understand the differences between the various types of research. There are several methods you can use to gather data, each with its own applications. Let’s talk about the case study definition in research.

Main Types Of Case Study Research

The case study research methodology is important. It can make or break your study. Keep in mind that if you employ the wrong methods, the data you will gather will not be reliable. And don’t think that your professor won’t notice it. Teachers look at every case study research method you use to gather the evidence presented in your paper. Using the wrong method will get you a penalty – guaranteed. Here are the main types of case study research:

  • Explanatory case studies – this studies are primarily concerned with answering the “How” and “Why” questions. The researcher usually doesn’t have control over the subject or event. Your job is just to find out why and how something happened.
  • Exploratory case studies – these case studies will answer the “What” and “Who” questions. The exploratory case study research methods include things like experiments, interviews, and even questionnaires in some cases.
  • Descriptive case studies – these cases studies describe a sequence of events. Their main goal is to unearth the key phenomena at the heart of the issue being discussed. For example: “KFC Indonesia case study: the effects of multiculturalism on the marketing strategies.”

As you’ve probably heard, case study qualitative research is the best method for studying complex phenomena. It can even be used in health sciences to develop various theories and then develop the appropriate interventions. You won’t be using such complex methods in your high school or college case studies though.

Finding The Best Case Study Research Questions

Overall, the case study research design and methods are similar to methods used to write research papers or a custom thesis. First, you will need to figure out the perfect case study research design. After you have a rough idea of what your case study aims to achieve and you have a clear plan of action, it’s time to think about the questions. The truth is that nobody can give you a universal list of case study research questions. Why? Because the questions need to be tailored according to the goal of the study.

When creating the questions, you need to think how the answers will help you and your readers understand the phenomenon. In other words, you will word the questions according to the answers you need to write the paper. If you don’t know how to create excellent questions, you may need to get some case study research questions examples. These need to be custom-written for your study, of course.

In our opinion, the best way to get excellent questions is to get in touch with an academic writing company. Professional writers know exactly how to construct appropriate questions for any study you may think of. They have plenty of experience doing this, so you can expect to have an entire list of great questions in a matter of hours. You can even get an example of case study research that will be 100% original, written just for you.

Easy Way To Learn How To Do Case Study Research

Now that you know what is a case study research, it’s time to take a look at the simple steps you need to take in order to complete the study as fast as possible. Here is what you need to do, in order:

  1. Find the topic of your case study. This is the phenomenon you wish to analyze. Again, it can be anything, including a person or an event.
  2. You then need to define case study research methods. How will you analyze the phenomenon? Why is it relevant? What do you aim to learn?
  3. Conduct the research and analyze the case thoroughly. Depending on the topic, you may need to conduct interviews or administer surveys. Gather all the data and organize it.
  4. Start writing the case study. You will start with an introduction that presents the topic and your angle. Don’t forget to provide some background information about the topic so that your readers understand all the concepts.
  5. Write the literature review section. You need to mention other studies that discuss the same topic, if any. Show your readers why they are incomplete or why there is a need to reinterpret their findings.
  6. Write the methodology section. In this section, you will show your readers exactly which methods you used and why.
  7. Write the discussion section. In this section, you will discuss the results of your research. It’s not enough to understand what is a case study in research. You also need to be able to analyze your findings and draw the most logical conclusions.
  8. Write the conclusion section. This should be clear and concise and should summarize everything from the topic and methodology to the findings. Show your readers the significance of your research at the end of the conclusion paragraph.

On a final note, remember that the quality of your case study depends greatly on the value of the case study research. You need to make sure your research is spot-on; otherwise, you should consider getting some help from a professional writer.

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