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130 Commemorative Speech Topics And Best Writing Hints

Who else is always excited about public speaking as I do? Well, a commemorative speech gives you a platform to exercise this ‘hobby.’ The best part about this is that you will talk about an exciting event that happened, a person or a particular group. Commemorative speeches are the best, especially when the topic you are handling interests you.

What Are Commemorative Speech Ideas?

Commemorative speech refers to a form of public speaking in which you celebrate a particular person, situation, or event. Such talks are given primarily during special occasions such as national holidays, graduation days, or other memorial events. The orator shows gratitude or pays tribute towards the event or person in question.

Would you like to learn how to write a commemorative speech best? Focus all your energy on this article, and you will have a smooth landing on your following commemorative speech essay!

How To Write Commemorative Speech Topics

A commemorative speech aims to inspire the audience or give them hope from the person’s life or event you are tackling. Therefore, you need to follow a logical format to achieve this task. Remember that as a college student, you might commemorate your classmates, teachers, or family.

A commemorative paper is written from the heart while reminiscing important events. For a convincing commemorative speech, you will have to focus on the past, present, and future implications of the topic. Therefore, the audience should draw essential lessons such as love, hard work, or loyalty from the speech.

When writing such a paper, follow the format below:

  • State the significance of your topic
  • Give the reason why you are paying the tribute
  • Highlight the achievements with examples and relevant evidence
  • Give the significance of the accomplishments
  • Involve the audience
  • Share an anecdote to summarize the speech

With that, you are good to begin your commemorative speech. When choosing topics for commemorative speech, consider these sources:

  • Online sources
  • Brainstorming with your peers
  • Television documentaries on historical events
  • National archives

A good commemorative speech topic should be:

  • Inspirational
  • Engaging
  • Positive
  • Relevant to the audience

Since a commemorative speech topic will require you to remember many things, mainly in the past, always ensure that you have a notebook with you all the time. It will help you record any significant detail that you will recall.

Now, let’s explore some expert ideas:

Impressive Commemorative Speech Ideas

  1. Paying tribute to iconic presidents in the United States
  2. Reminiscing the life of Martin Luther King and his implications to democracy
  3. The history of the constitution of the United States
  4. Tribute to pioneers of civil rights movements
  5. Remembering the life and work of Lucky Dube
  6. Remembering the first man to land on the moon
  7. The contribution of Barack Obama to the United States Economy
  8. Remembering the first team to win the World Cup
  9. Paying tribute to families that lost their loved ones in the 9/11 attack
  10. Examples of successful and inspiring environmental activism
  11. Remembering veterans who fearlessly fought for the independence of America
  12. Examples of men and women who showed selfless devotion to children
  13. The contributions of a particular environment activist

Funny Commemorative Speech Topics

  1. A tribute to Mr. Bean and his contribution to making the world a happy place
  2. Remembering the first-day cartoons were aired on TV
  3. A tribute to Charlie Chaplin and his role in the comedy world
  4. The most exciting picnic I have ever attended
  5. Remembering the first day I made a pancake
  6. How I met my first girlfriend in high school
  7. On the first day, I officiated a birthday ceremony
  8. Celebrating the role of SpongeBob in making people laugh
  9. Paying tribute to the minds behind the Cartoon Network
  10. Remembering some of the funny speeches made by Abraham Lincoln
  11. Celebrating the contribution of action movie characters
  12. Retaining the best cook in high school
  13. Commemorating the first lady who broke your heart

Commemorative Speech Topics For College Students

  1. Paying tribute to one of the best professors on campus
  2. Commemorating the first day you came to college
  3. The significance of major scientific innovations to the world today
  4. An academic success that changed your perspective about life
  5. Values and virtues we can draw from the life of George Washington
  6. Remembering doctors who courageously kept the coronavirus pandemic at bay
  7. Milestones made by medical engineers in the field of medicine
  8. Remembering to keep crusaders for the abolition of the slave trade
  9. The role of teamwork: A case study of the winners of the World Cup
  10. Reflecting the colossal improvements made by the World Health Organization
  11. Remembering the Pearl Harbor event
  12. The contribution of the first printing press to the world
  13. Examples of people who showed the importance of determination

Good Commemorative Speech Topics

  1. Commemorating men and women who portrayed loyalty to their countries
  2. Celebrating the end of slavery in the world
  3. People’s challenges that acted as an inspiration to the whole world
  4. Courageous soldiers who fought with determination
  5. Celebrating the global eradication of polio
  6. Paying tribute to the doctors who made the first coronavirus vaccines
  7. Celebrating political leaders who championed equity
  8. A tribute to Nobel Peace Prize winners: A case of Nelson Mandela
  9. Human actions that saved the world from disasters
  10. Celebrating leaders who helped restore peace in war-torn countries
  11. A tribute to human innovations that transformed the world
  12. Remembering the first book that I published
  13. When I first accomplished a task by myself

Commemorative Speech Topics List

  1. Remembering personal achievements that shaped your life to this day
  2. A tribute to influential leaders in the world
  3. The first victory you had in your life
  4. The day I recovered from a disease that threatened to paralyze me
  5. Reminiscing the first wedding I ever attended
  6. A tribute to the pioneers of the United States’ national anthem
  7. Inspiring events that aired on television
  8. The role of human courage in causing a development
  9. Remembering a time when the world first came together
  10. Paying tribute to the lives lost during the World War
  11. Recognizing the part of the UN peacekeeping missions
  12. An earthquake that caused a significant world disaster
  13. Remembering the victims of a mass shooting event

Hot Topics For Commemorative Speech

  1. Remembering some of the self-sacrifices of a parent
  2. Tribute to single parents who have successfully raised their children
  3. Commemorating persons with disabilities who impacted the world
  4. Remembering the astronauts who lost their lives in the space
  5. Tribute to the pioneers of women right’s movements
  6. Placing some of the best Christian values in the world
  7. Tribute to an eminent person fighting for human rights
  8. Placing some courageous police officers during terrorist attacks
  9. Tribute to the men in uniform who stood to defend the US Capitol
  10. Remembering police officers who supported the Black Lives Matter movement
  11. The life and contribution of George Floyd
  12. A case study of visionary leadership in the United States
  13. Significant contributions of Donald Trump in the US

Commemorative Speech Topics On People

  1. Paying tribute to a professor who impacted your life
  2. Remembering your best friend who stood by your side
  3. Paying homage to a teaching staff who affected your life
  4. Remembering the life and work of George W. Bush
  5. Paying homage to a sibling who helped you
  6. Commemorating the role of a particular religious leader
  7. Remembering the part of Charles Darwin in History
  8. How Charles Babbage helped in the development of computers
  9. Reflecting the position of Isaac Newton to physics
  10. Paying tribute to some of the great travelers in the world: A case of Magellan
  11. The role of Columbus in the formation of the United States
  12. Remembering the part of Leonardo Da Vinci in art
  13. The inspiring commitment of war comrades in the world

Commemorative Speech Topics About Patriotism

  1. Examples of leaders who showed total loyalty to their countries
  2. Civil rights activists who championed democracy
  3. How presidents managed disasters in their countries
  4. Political leaders who stood with their people in a time of significant loss
  5. Sportspeople and women who portrayed great loyalty to their countries
  6. Examples of Congressmen who fought for the constitution
  7. Governors who worked to improve their states
  8. Presidents who involved themselves in community work
  9. Ambassadors who stood for their countries
  10. International leaders who championed democratic reformations
  11. Selfless actions of prominent leaders in the society
  12. Doctors who stood for their countries in times of pandemics
  13. Paying tribe to soldiers who died serving their countries

Famous Commemorative Speeches

  1. Student leader who showed exemplary leadership styles
  2. Celebrating the role of scientists in innovations and technology
  3. A tribute to your mother for raising you in the best way possible
  4. Remembering my kindergarten class teacher who taught me discipline
  5. Television shows that shaped our values and morals
  6. Wrestling champions who exemplified determination
  7. The role of a famous preacher in unifying the society
  8. A tribute to a popular blogger who fought for the society
  9. Remembering the first responders of the Twin tower bombing
  10. A tribute to famous philosophers who shaped our thinking
  11. The first time you earned a salary and helped your family
  12. A tribute to my favorite neighbor while in college
  13. The shopkeeper who would generously lend without asking for anything in return

Easy Commemorative Speech Topics

  1. A tribute to the people who ended the Cold War
  2. Remembering the first Paris Agreement
  3. Remembering a famous author in the United States
  4. The dream of Martin Luther that came true
  5. Remembering Elizabeth Blackwell as the first female doctor in America
  6. Recognizing the role of Winston Churchill in the United States
  7. A tribute to the courage and bravery of Neil Armstrong
  8. Random acts of love that have touched lives globally
  9. Creative social media icons who have transformed the world
  10. Collaboration deals that strengthened country relations
  11. Artistic portraits that amazed the world
  12. Celebrating Muslim values that touched the lives of many
  13. Tribute to women who exemplified perseverance

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