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205 Engaging Feminist Research Topics For Your Thesis

feminist research topics

It’s not a new movement. Every active citizen of many liberal countries already knows about feminism. Women rally against the inequality that exists and request for gender equality. Men are dominant in many countries, while women are relegated to the background.

Uncovering female rights, emphasizing them, and promoting different feminist philosophies remains an essential part of academics. There is already feminist sociology, even feminist psychology, as groups of study in tertiary Institutions. That said, if you need feminism project ideas or feminism essay topics, you’ll find custom and unique ideas in this article.

What is the Feminist Thesis Statement?

It’s all about equality. Women deal with sexual harassment, repression, oppression, and other forms of social and political deprivation.

Feminism emerges as a historical, political, and social movement by women to pursue all-around equality and an end to all forms of discrimination. Feminist activists are on the rise, and their thesis statement is basically about:

  • Equality
  • Preservation of woman dignity
  • Women empowerment
  • Women political participation

The feminism movement also engages the issue of patriarchy, sexual objectification of women, oppression, stereotyping, and other social, political, and historical challenges.

How To Write an Outline for a Feminism Research Paper

While racking your head for interesting research papers on feminism, you need to go through a few processes before outlining. They are:

  • Introduction
    This is the first stage for any academic work. This determines if your readers will keep reading or pick another book. Your introduction must be both engaging, informative, and intriguing. It must show readers that they’re amongst your target audience. Your introduction must also have your thesis statement where your points are clearly stated. Also, you should include the feminist methodology to be employed in your research and the encompassing feminist research questions.
  • Body
    This is where you examine each detail of what you’re writing about. The body includes the arguments and the available literature that supports such an argument. It shows all the evidence found during your research. You can examine counterarguments and give answers to them to enhance your academic reputation on the subject. Your professors know everything about what you need to write, so don’t sound dull while writing.
  • Conclusion
    This is the last section of your paper, and it includes the summary of all arguments and your ideas. This could be followed by a call to action to provoke your readers to take bold, instructive steps.

Feminist Research Questions

While looking for feminism topics to write about, you need to decide which questions to answer. Feminism paper topics aim to answer questions like:

  1. What is the relevance of feminism today?
  2. Has the movement helped or endangered women?
  3. Is there a future for global Feminism?
  4. What is the threat of the movement to society?
  5. What is the anti-feminist movement, and why are people sensitive about it?

Feminist Topics For Discussion

Different feminism essay topics are increasingly challenging in the world today. You can get on an in depth conversation from these feminist paper topics:

  1. Examine the role of domestic violence in enhancing the feminist movement
  2. What is the role of women in the contemporary world of entrepreneurship?
  3. How has the rise of social media shaped feminism?
  4. What are the ways feminism defines sex and gender differences?
  5. How has the #MeToo movement fueled the adoption of feminism?
  6. Does modern feminism equal men-hatred?
  7. Are men a threat to feminism?
  8. The mass media has affected the global understanding of feminism
  9. Is feminism merely a relic of the history of a subject of contemporary need
  10. Because the Taiwanese President is a female, does that mean that a female president can emerge in America or the UK?
  11. How does feminism equate to human rights?
  12. The perspective of feminism can change as long as every woman is empowered
  13. How has feminism reconstructed gender roles
  14. Would you say feminist critics (three of your choice) are suitable with any of their perspectives?
  15. How can the world cope with the rise in feminist activism, agitation, and advocators
  16. Sexism is unrelated to feminism
  17. Examine the rise of domestic violence as a need promoting Feminism
  18. Examine the reasons why men discrimination is on the high
  19. Examine the relationship of feminism with sports
  20. Is there a presence of feminism in sport and equal Empowerment?
  21. How does feminism affect modern lifestyle and fashion?
  22. What are your thoughts about female officials in different capacities of their world?
  23. What are your thoughts are the lack of women political representation
  24. How does the lack of women’s political representation affect women’s political participation?
  25. Examine the possibility of a female president in America
  26. How does feminism contribute to traditional ideologies of gender roles
  27. How has feminism been used to promote Advocacy for equal rights
  28. Is there a particular theory on feminism
  29. Is feminism all about male dominance?
  30. Does the lack of women’s rights affect universal politics?
  31. What is the public response to feminism?
  32. The attack of feminist activists show aggression against feminists
  33. How have women also impeded feminist advocacy?
  34. Could religion be said to be a contributing factor to the present sad state of women now?
  35. The internet has been a driving force to achieve equality
  36. The feminist movement is just a platform to increase women power
  37. How have the environmental and feminist challenges affect national policies?
  38. Have other movements absorbed feminism?
  39. How has the feminist movement also fought for black lives matter?
  40. Is feminism still all-encompassing or just about women?

Feminism Project Ideas

There are numerous feminist topics to write about. Some feminist research paper topics bordering issues contemporary feminists try to uncover includes:

  1. The role of notable female figures who are either or not branded feminists and how they’ve shaped the world
  2. The activities of three feminists in advocating for women’s right
  3. How feminism has semblance with rebellion
  4. The differences between sexual role and gender role in the society
  5. The distinction between gender women role and the Feminist role in the society
  6. Examining the advantages and disadvantages of identifying as a feminist
  7. Assess the privileges of being a feminist in a developed country and an underdeveloped one
  8. Examine the future of feminism in the Taliban controlled Afghanistan
  9. Examine the motivating factors, across history, of feminism
  10. Highlight and explain how feminism has helped increase education against rape
  11. Feminism and government support: how government support can end all vices against women
  12. The detailed consideration of equity and equality in feminism
  13. The position of feminism in the modern world has shifted: discuss
  14. Examine the life, times, and the biography of any male feminist of your choice
  15. Examine the morality of feminism
  16. What is the role of American women in the feminist movement?
  17. What is the role of Asian women in the feminist movement?
  18. Rationalize the activities of African women in pursuit of gender equality
  19. Rationalize the role of Middle Eastern women in the call for support for gender equality
  20. Examine the actions of any European government in the promotion of feminist ideas
  21. Examine the part of any Southern American government in the preservation of women’s rights
  22. Examine the connection between feminism and lesbianism
  23. Examine the relationship between feminism and the rise of single women in America
  24. Assess the significance of the rise of liberal ideas over conservatism in the promotion of feminism
  25. Identify the future of feminism as hoodlums and violators
  26. Give an overview of women in combat in both Taiwan and the U.S.
  27. The recruitment of women in combat in Taiwan still embraces stereotypes, discuss
  28. Discuss how women in the U.S. military still face discrimination, sexual assault, and violence
  29. Discuss the means to eradicate sexual violence and discrimination in the military of any two countries of your choice
  30. Analyze the role of women in any US election of your choice
  31. Explore the topic of gender equality in Contemporary Britain
  32. Give an overview of the British monarchy and the reconstruction to allow female monarchs
  33. Examine the activities of women during the Civil Rights Movement
  34. Explore the gender gap in the pursuit of any country’s independence
  35. Examine the role of women in the Communist Revolution of Russia
  36. Explore the history of women rights in Europe
  37. Explore the work of women in the technology and automobile industries
  38. What are the challenges of women during the Second World War?
  39. Reestablish the goals and the founding beliefs of the Women’s Trade Union League
  40. Examine the significance of women’s rights to own property and when it started

Feminist Issues to Write About

As earlier established, there are pressing feminism topics to discuss. In any society, these topics must be considered significant to achieving gender equality:

  1. Examine how the internet has infused feminism into a public subject of both ridicule and pride
  2. Explore the theoretical challenge between gender and sex
  3. Examine the history of the #MeToo movement as well as the victim challenge about feminism
  4. Examine the stance of different feminists who are still staunch believers on Islam about Female Genital Mutilation
  5. Underscore the feminist methodology and means to drive home the point of feminism
  6. How does feminism construct, deconstruct, and reconstruct gender roles according to five literature or notable feminists/anti-feminist of your choice?
  7. Assess the ways through which feminists cope with societal discrimination and violence
  8. Examine the employability of women who identify as feminists in the US
  9. What is the feminist critics’ position in the face of global gender inequality?
  10. What are the leading women’s rights violations in the world today?
  11. Why is the feminist movement a threat to make dominance in the world today?
  12. Assess the connection between criminality and feminism in the radical society
  13. What are the means feminists employ to boycott men and other anti-feminists?
  14. Examine the activities of radical feminists, black feminists, white feminists, and male feminists
  15. How literature is used to undermine women
  16. How contemporary beauty standards remain an impediment to what and who is considered beautiful online and offline
  17. How the understanding of beauty is also a radical social and political stereotype depriving women of some inalienable rights
  18. Examine the gender inequality and equality in the politics of America
  19. Explore the gender inequality and equality in the UK government
  20. Examine the gender equality in the Russian government
  21. The benefits of men in gender discrimination
  22. How do fitness clubs discriminate against women?
  23. Rationalize clubs and drinking bars as an agent of sexually objectifying women
  24. Rationalize the definition of ecofeminism and everything it entails
  25. Examine the possibility of reconciling religion, feminism, and liberal morality
  26. Analyze the challenges of women in the face of violence in countries like India and Pakistan
  27. Analyze feminist psychology as it applies to Middle Eastern women
  28. Analyze the evolving feminist philosophy in the world of the academy and the real world
  29. How governments weaponize feminism as an agent of social mobilization leading to the death of their culture
  30. Examine how terrorist organizations use women as a means to achieve political goals

Feminism Research Paper Topics

If you’re interested in examining custom feminist research topics for your dissertation or long essay, consider these:

  1. How are feminism and fashion interwoven?
  2. What does cyber feminism imply, and how has it boxed feminism into a social space?
  3. How do feminist groups achieve financial security to educate the public?
  4. Critically analyze the activities of any Feminist NGO of your choice
  5. What is understood by the Bitch Manifesto, and what has been its significance?
  6. Give examples of the modern feminist manifesto, and what have they included in the feminist ideology?
  7. How is the feminist idea reflected in five literary texts of your choice
  8. Examine the distinct evolution of pro-feminists and anti-feminist movements
  9. What are the effects of feminism on teenagers, and how has it enhanced radicalism?
  10. What is the negative influence of feminism on teenagers, and how has it promoted hatred for men?
  11. Give a step by step guide on how to adopt feminism
  12. Base your writings on a satire about how to become a feminist
  13. Examine the role of celebrities in the feminist movement
  14. Would you say feminism is out for the blood of men?
  15. Following the imprisonment of R Kelly, what is the public stance on women’s power against celebrities in the face of the law?
  16. Speak to a self-branded feminist and engage their ideas of feminism
  17. Examine the controversial issues of feminism and give answers to questions that remain unanswered
  18. Analyze the books or Mona Elhatawy and exhaust her ideas of feminism in comparison with any black Feminist’s books
  19. Would you say black feminism is another movement?
  20. Examine how women from different countries in the world have carved up their understanding of feminism
  21. Examine how being a gentleman could be insulting to feminists
  22. What are the stereotypes against feminism I’m Islamic countries?
  23. What are the excesses of three feminist NGOs in educating people in underdeveloped areas about women’s rights?
  24. What are the challenges of radical feminism?
  25. Distinguish the responsibilities of radical feminists, anarchists, and liberal feminists
  26. Does been anti-racist equals being a feminist?
  27. Does feminism instill a matriarchal society?
  28. Examine Ghana feminism; a country where high regard to paid to the matriarch before further western civilization
  29. Examine the theories of Chimamanda Adichie’s “We Should All be Feminists” and the possibilities of men being Feminists
  30. Drawing from empirical evidence, rationalize if matriarchal societies would be better than patriarchal societies
  31. Drawing from any literary text of your choice, compare and contrast the methods used in equipping women with feminist ideologies
  32. Examine what provocative feminism means
  33. Should unisex bathrooms in bars, restaurants, and hotels be advisable in a rife world with sexual violence?
  34. Examine the prejudice transgender women are faced with and how the feminist movement can be a form of stereotypical liberation
  35. Explore the distinct types of feminism and how hairstyles are also a form of political statements.

Controversial Feminist Topics

The very nature of feminism should not be controversial, but it is. To examine a few advanced feminism topics for your essay or research paper, consider:

  1. An examination of Black Feminism
  2. The education of men and women into feminism
  3. The philosophy of men and women duties in the traditional society
  4. The history of feminism in Europe
  5. The gender gap in African politics
  6. The gender gap in American politics
  7. The gender gap under the Trump administration
  8. The sexism prevalent in Asian countries
  9. The challenges of men fighting for the feminist ideology
  10. The cognitive significance of gender equality
  11. The Examination of misogyny and how it affects the promotion of feminist literature and exposures
  12. The role of bullying in limiting female and girl self-belief
  13. An exploration of the distribution of toys as a means of achieving teenage sex education
  14. The subject of raising boys and girls differently
  15. Why should there be all-boys schools and all-girls schools?
  16. How some women oppress other women with feminist ideologies
  17. How can make feminism help in achieving total equality
  18. Is the feminist fight a women’s fight or a global fight?
  19. Is the feminist movement a fight against patriarchy or a war against men?
  20. The anarchists are extreme and may also be branded terrorists, although they’re on the theoretical level now: discuss
  21. Examine women’s suffrage as a significant and fundamental part of feminism
  22. Examine why there are limited women in both politics and business
  23. The controversy on “what a man can do, a woman can do better” has raised the suggestion of women being guards and bouncers; what has been the response to this?
  24. What are the differences between the waves of feminism as well as the results produced by each stage?
  25. Is feminism needed the most in an aspect of society than another?
  26. How does feminism preach the incorporation of men’s traditional responsibilities into women’s?
  27. Examine the activities of feminists in advocating against harassment and male-work domination in America
  28. Is total global gender equality possible in two generations to come?
  29. Examine the possibility of splitting up the society through feminism
  30. Why should everyone adopt feminism?

Feminist Argumentative Essay Topics

Feminist argumentative essays go back and forth at reasonable lengths. You can also consider these arguments for your debate:

  1. Feminism is another politics
  2. Women’s suffrage didn’t liberate women
  3. Girls and boys should be taught sex education differently
  4. The feminist movement also fuels women ego
  5. Girls and boys should be raised differently
  6. Modern men have no work fighting for women’s right
  7. Men can be isolated in empowerment education
  8. Sexism doesn’t contribute to gender discrimination
  9. Feminism is a fight against men, not patriarchy
  10. Feminism should also be a fight against women brainwashed by the patriarchy
  11. Domestic violence is a terror on the feminist movement
  12. Feminism enhance women hatred for men
  13. Mixed schools can also promote feminism
  14. It’s the teachers’ role to enhance feminism, not parents
  15. NGOs have limited control over feminist education
  16. Feminist critics are apologetics
  17. Feminism is mere psychology
  18. Religion is right; liberal morality is wrong
  19. Religion is an excuse for women violence
  20. Female Genital Mutilation is nothing but a culture
  21. Men’s domination was a myth until the feminist movement fueled it
  22. Society’s definition of beauty should define women
  23. Should women still be subject to men after achieving gender equality?
  24. Should women still obey their husbands in their marriages?
  25. Marriage is the limitation to women rights

Is Your Feminist Thesis Giving You Trouble?

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