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126 Original Aviation Research Topics Ideas List

aviation research topics

Are you looking for the latest and most interesting aviation research topics? We are happy to say that you have arrived at the right place. Our experienced writers and editors have just finished updating the list. Brand new topics have been added, so you now have plenty of new ideas to choose from.

We know that writing a thesis or a research paper on a topic in aviation is not easy. This is why here, at our company, we do our best to help students succeed. Not only do we offer these topics for free; we also allow you to use them without giving us any credit. You can, of course, reword the topics as you see fit.

What Is Aviation?

In case you don’t know what aviation is, it is the field which studies mechanical flight and the aircraft industry (including aviation management). The areas covered include rotary-wing (helicopter) and fixed-wing (airplane) aircraft types, as well as lighter-than-air craft (hot air balloons). There are 3 types of aviation: military aviation, commercial aviation and general aviation.

Aviation science covers not only the operations of an aircraft, but also its support systems. You can write about air traffic control, airline management, maintenance operations, and even airport management. Aviation is very technical in nature, so getting a degree in aviation is regarded as being more difficult than getting a degree in many other specializations.

Tips To Properly Research A Topic

If you choose a topic from our list, you probably don’t want to spend too much time doing the research. These tips will surely help you minimize the time you spend researching the topic:

  • Start by brainstorming and finding a research question that your paper will answer.
  • Gather all the relevant materials that can help you write your thesis and organize them.
  • Select the supporting evidence from the materials you have collected.
  • Anticipate counterarguments and prepare for them.
  • Make sure you use only primary and secondary sources for research.
  • Make effective use of quotes, citations and references throughout your paper.

And, of course, make sure you choose an original, interesting topic. The good news is that we have the research topics aviation students have been looking for. The following list of 126 topics has been updated with ideas that should work great in 2023:

Easy Aviation Research Paper Topics

We’ll start the list with some topics that you should be able to write a research paper on in less than one day. Check out these easy aviation research paper topics:

  1. How do aircraft stay in the air?
  2. Discuss the latest jet engines
  3. The principles behind the helicopter
  4. Maintenance in the civil aviation sector
  5. Operating an aircraft at night
  6. What does it take to become a fighter pilot?
  7. Talk about breaking the sound barrier
  8. Using mobile devices on the plane
  9. Infamous crashes

Awesome Research Topics In Aviation Industry

Are you looking for some topics that are simply awesome? You’re in luck because we have an entire list of awesome research topics in aviation industry:

  1. Is aviation difficult to study?
  2. Airport security in the United States
  3. The role of the FAA
  4. What does the future bring for commercial aviation?
  5. Research the Boeing corporation
  6. Talk about meteorological dangers
  7. Airport security in the UK

Commercial Aviation Ideas

In this section, we will be discussing topics that pertain to commercial aviation. Go ahead and choose one of our commercial aviation ideas for your next thesis:

  1. The dangers of hypoxia at high altitudes
  2. Research the Boeing 747 MAX
  3. The latest commercial aircraft from Boeing
  4. Commercial versus private aviation
  5. Cargo transportation in Europe
  6. The latest commercial aircraft from Airbus
  7. An in-depth look at the Embraer E195-E2

Fun Aviation Research Topics

Who said writing about aviation can’t be fun? In fact, we have an entire list of great ideas that are also fun to write about. Take a look at our list of fun aviation research topics below:

  1. Rising fuel costs in the airline industry
  2. Can you fix an airplane with tape?
  3. How fuel-efficient are commercial jets?
  4. Why do planes have nicknames?
  5. Funny things about flight attendants
  6. Fun facts about Amelia Earhart
  7. Zara Rutherford flew solo around the world at age 19

Excellent Aviation Project Topics

Our writers and editors have selected some aviation project ideas that college and university students will love. Here is our list of excellent aviation project topics:

  1. Difficulties managing air traffic in the US
  2. Impact of private jets on pollution
  3. Supersonic travel
  4. Changes in the aviation industry over the last 10 years
  5. Research airport security
  6. How does air traffic control work?
  7. Safety systems on civilian aircraft
  8. Build and fly a kite

History Of Aviation Research Paper Topics

If you want to write about the history of aviation, we have some very good news for you. We have plenty of history of aviation research paper topics right here:

  1. The history of aviation in Europe
  2. Traian Vuia’s contribution to flight
  3. The history of aviation in China
  4. The first hot air baloon
  5. The history of aviation in the US
  6. Man-carrying kites
  7. The history of aviation in the UK

Interesting Aviation Research Topics

In case you want to write your thesis or research paper on an interesting topic, we’ve made a separate list of interesting aviation research topics just for you:

  1. The Lion Air Flight 610 crash
  2. Learning to glide in the 19th century
  3. The first hot air balloon
  4. The crash of the Hindenburg
  5. Early ornithopter designs
  6. The design of modern parachutes
  7. The principles behind the radar

Current Research Topics In Aviation

We have a long list of current research topics in aviation that you can choose if you want to talk about the latest developments in the aviation industry and we can also help you figure out your engineering dissertation if you need help:

  1. Cloud technology in aviation
  2. The digitalization of airports
  3. Artificial intelligence in aviation
  4. Self-service in airports in the UK
  5. Machine learning in military aviation
  6. Lighter aircraft: the future of flight
  7. Will we still need pilots in 10 years?

Controversial Aviation Research Topics

Of course, there are also some controversial topics that few students dare to tackle. Here are our most controversial aviation research topics:

  1. The Lion Air Flight 538 crash
  2. Pilot training issues
  3. Aviation safety lapses in 2023
  4. The Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 crash
  5. The Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System on Boeing aircraft
  6. Personnel cutbacks at major airlines
  7. Most common system failures in aircraft
  8. The Hindenburg disaster

Aviation Management Research Topics

When it comes to aviation management, things aren’t simple. However, we have some aviation management research topics that are relatively easy to write about:

  1. Cargo handling at JFK
  2. The largest air traffic management system
  3. Organizational behavior in aviation management
  4. New security processes at airports
  5. Modern air traffic control
  6. Climate concerns in aviation
  7. Terrorism’s effects on aviation management
  8. Maintenance philosophy in UK airlines
  9. Safety management systems in 2023

The Absolute Best Aviation Research Topics For 2023

In this section, we have included brand new topics that should work great this year. Here are the absolute best aviation research topics for 2023:

  1. The use of military aviation in the Ukraine-Russia war
  2. An in-depth look at AI in the cockpit
  3. Diminishing carbon footprint of the aviation industry
  4. Everything about the F-35 Lightning II
  5. Comfort and connectivity in civilian aircraft
  6. The new generation of civilian aircraft
  7. Saving fuel costs in 2023
  8. Improving aviation safety in 2023
  9. Compare the F-35 with the Sukhoi Su-35

Dissertation Topics Related To Aviation

Are you planning to start working on your dissertation? You’ll be thrilled to learn that we have an entire list of dissertation topics related to aviation:

  1. The design of the first heavier-than-air planes
  2. Discuss the 3 most advanced fighter jets in the world
  3. An in-depth look at AESA radar
  4. Latest trends in air cargo transport
  5. Air shows and their benefits for aviation companies
  6. An in-depth look at the work of the Wright Brothers
  7. Tort law and aviation accidents
  8. Aviation and its place in the economy of the United States

Hot Aviation Topics To Write About

Looking for some hot aviation topics to write about? Don’t worry about it, we have some of the best ideas right here (and all of them are 100% original):

  1. How does the weather affect aviation?
  2. Research the true birthplace of aviation
  3. What are the 4 types of risk in aviation?
  4. Simulation applications in aviation training
  5. Human factors in airplane maintenance
  6. Military aviation: China vs. the United States
  7. Discuss aviation in North Korea

Difficult Research Topics In Aviation Management

If you want to give a more difficult topic a try, you should pick one of our difficult research topics in aviation management. You can find them below:

  1. The truth behind Garuda Indonesia Flight 152
  2. Talk about aviation security today
  3. The future of aviation management
  4. An in-depth look at aviation strategy
  5. Financial accounting in aviation management
  6. Discuss cargo handling
  7. Flight operation management in the US
  8. Supersonic travel in civilian aircraft

Our Latest Thesis Topics

Take a look at our latest thesis topics and choose the one you like the most. Don’t forget, you can reword our topics and use them without giving us credit:

  1. Aircraft safety systems
  2. The Air India Express Flight 812 crash
  3. Talk about aircraft propulsion systems
  4. Airplane production planning
  5. Talk about the engineering behind an airplane
  6. Discuss flight control systems
  7. Airport noise pollution

Military Aviation Topics

If military aviation is something you wish to research, we have a long list of unique military aviation topics right here for you:

  1. The latest advancements in global air warfare
  2. The use of UAVs in the Ukraine-Russia conflict
  3. The X-61A Gremlins experimental aerial vehicle
  4. Talk about the Sukhoi Su-35S
  5. How does a gas turbine work?
  6. Peculiarities of the airframe of military aircraft
  7. The Bell X-2 X-plane
  8. Pros and cons of the F-22 Raptor
  9. A fifth generation fighter: the F-35
  10. The X-15 rocket-powered research aircraft
  11. Fighters versus multirole aircraft

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