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142 Brand New Hospitality Research Topics

hospitality research topics

Are you looking for the best hospitality research topics? You will be thrilled to learn that we have compiled a list of 142 original topics for you. You can use any of our topics for free, of course.

In addition, we will be talking about the key elements of a great hospitality research paper. Why spend hours searching for the best topics when you can simply take a look at our list? Let’s get started!

Key Elements Of A Hospitality Research Paper

Our bachelor thesis writers can help you with much more than a list of exceptional hospitality topics. We will show you the main elements of a research paper and give you some additional information about how you can write each chapter quickly:

  • Title (cover page). This page is pretty self-explanatory. Just make sure you follow the guidelines when writing this page.
  • Introduction. This chapter is where you present your thesis statement, as well as some background information about the topic.
  • Literature review. This is the part where you discuss the theoretical framework and the sources you have used to research and write your paper.
  • Research methodology. In this section, you will have to list and describe all of the methods you have used to collect and analyze the data.
  • Data analysis. In this chapter, you will need to analyze the data you have collected. Don’t discuss its implications yet.
  • Results. In the Results chapter, you have the chance to discuss the meaning and implications of the data you have collected.
  • Conclusion. This section is where you summarize all the key ideas and show how your research and analysis have answered the research questions.
  • References page. In this section, you will need to list every source you have used during the process of writing your research paper.

The good news is that, on this page, we have all the research paper topics hospitality management students will ever need. The list is updated periodically with new topics, so don’t hesitate to come back at a later date.

Great Hospitality Ideas

We will start our paper with a list of great hospitality ideas because we know you want to pick an idea as quickly as possible. Here are the topics that should work great in 2023:

  1. Discuss the origin of the word Hospitality
  2. Best ways to great a guest in Prague
  3. Research the first 3 hotels
  4. Important points in the relationship between the host and the guest
  5. Best ways to greet a tourist in Rome
  6. An in-depth look at hospitality ethics
  7. Hospitality in Ancient Greece
  8. Discuss the negative effects of travel bans
  9. Hospitality in the Islam culture
  10. Hospitality in the Christian culture
  11. Research the anthropology or hospitality
  12. The effect of global trends on the hospitality industry
  13. The effect of the Covid-19 pandemic on hospitality

Hotel Management Ideas

Are you interested in writing about some excellent hotel management ideas? We have some topics right here for you, so you don’t have to waste your time searching:

  1. Managing a hotel in Pakistan
  2. A closer look at French hotel management
  3. Discuss hotel management during the Covid pandemic
  4. Traits of a good hotel manager
  5. Discuss the financial accounting of a hotel
  6. Case Study: The First World Hotel & Plaza
  7. Revenue management of a large hotel
  8. Case Study: The Wynn Las Vegas
  9. An in-depth look at hotel marketing management
  10. Case Study: The Ambassador City Jomtien
  11. Talk about customer service at a 5-star hotel
  12. What is a full-service hotel?
  13. What is a limited service hotel?

Hospitality Management Research Paper Topics

Writing a hospitality management research paper? Our skilled writers have created a list of the best and most interesting hospitality management research paper topics for you:

  1. The role of the General Manager of a hotel
  2. Major issues in the hospitality industry
  3. Research the effects of the 2020 coronavirus pandemic
  4. Offering shelter in Judaism
  5. Discuss the various types of hospitality accommodations
  6. Food and beverage in the hospitality industry
  7. Make a strategic analysis of a hotel of your choice
  8. The role of a Director of Groups and Events
  9. Discuss working conditions in a large hotel
  10. Discuss the salary expectations of hotel managers
  11. What does a Facilities Manager do?
  12. Offering food, shelter and safety in Nepal
  13. Talk about hospitality as a virtue

Easy Hospitality Research Paper Topics

In case you want to spend as little time as possible writing your paper, we have some very easy hospitality research paper topics that you can use right now:

  1. Case Study: The Abraj Al Bait
  2. Discuss the concept of favored guests in Christianity
  3. Research the concept of Melmastia in Pashtunwali
  4. Case Study: The Izmailovo Hotel
  5. The effects of smoking bans on casinos
  6. Talk about etiquette in the hospitality industry
  7. Make a strategic analysis of the Hilton Hawaiian Village
  8. An in-depth look at fair wages in the hospitality industry
  9. The right of free transit
  10. Talk about the concept of perverse hospitality
  11. Make a strategic analysis of the Circus Circus Las Vegas
  12. The effects of smoking bans on hotels
  13. The importance of a restaurant for a hotel

Advanced Research Topics On Hospitality Management

If you want to impress your professor and write a paper on a more complex topic, just take a look at these advanced research topics on hospitality management:

  1. Case Study: The Londoner Macao
  2. Discuss hospitality training of flight attendants
  3. Talk about hospitality training of restaurant workers
  4. Case Study: The MGM Grand Las Vegas and The Signature
  5. Case Study: The Venetian Resort Las Vegas
  6. Research what off-season means for holiday resorts
  7. Make a strategic analysis of the Excalibur Hotel and Casino
  8. Discuss how hospitality companies diversify
  9. An in-depth look at maximizing profits in the hospitality industry
  10. Make a strategic analysis of Caesars Palace hotel
  11. The importance of the hospitality industry for the US economy
  12. How dependent is France of its hospitality industry?
  13. Discuss serving alcohol in pubs in the UK

Hospitality Law Research Paper Topics

Yes, you can write about hospitality law, of course. In fact, we have some of the best hospitality law research paper topics right here for you:

  1. Hospitality law in India
  2. Discuss hospitality law in South Korea
  3. Hospitality law in South Africa
  4. A closer look at the Laws of Innkeepers
  5. Research hospitality law in Russia
  6. A closer look at hospitality law in North Korea
  7. Discuss the liability of hotel owners in the US
  8. Discuss the loss of guest property in the EU
  9. Mandatory safety deposit boxes
  10. Discuss bailments in the hospitality industry
  11. Research the risk of theft in hotels in the UK
  12. Discuss insurance waivers

Hospitality Related Research Topics

Do you want to write about a topic that is related to hospitality? If you do, all you have to do is pick one of the hospitality related research topics below:

  1. Make a strategic analysis of the Shinagawa Prince Hotel
  2. Discuss the best ways to cater to millennials
  3. The way tech has affected the hospitality industry
  4. Discuss the growing emphasis on well-being
  5. Make a strategic analysis of the Resorts World Las Vegas
  6. Talk about destination promotion
  7. Sustainability in the hospitality industry
  8. Talk about seamless technology in hospitality
  9. Augmented reality in the hospitality industry

Research Topics On Hospitality And Tourism

We have a long list of research topics on hospitality and tourism that you will find to be not only original and interesting, but also relatively easy to write a paper on:

  1. Going contactless in the hospitality industry
  2. Talk about personalization in hospitality
  3. An in-depth look at domestic tourism in the United States
  4. How did the Covid 19 pandemic affect tourism?
  5. Best tourist attractions in the US
  6. What does inbound tourism mean?
  7. Best tourist attractions in the UK
  8. Talk about the 3 main concepts in tourism
  9. Research outbound tourism trends in 2023
  10. Analyze the 7 components of tourism

Cool Hospitality Research Topics

In this list, we have compiled the topics we consider to be the coolest. Check out our list of cool hospitality research topics and choose one today:

  1. Make a strategic analysis of the Atlantis Paradise Island hotel
  2. Talk about managing a restaurant in 2023
  3. Make a strategic analysis of The Venetian Macao
  4. Research the importance of a good tour guide
  5. Discuss the effects of the travel restrictions in the UK
  6. The most important part of hospitality in a luxury hotel
  7. Make a strategic analysis of the Flamingo Las Vegas
  8. Crushing the competition in the hospitality business
  9. Using tech to meet the needs of hotel guests
  10. The most important service in the hospitality industry
  11. Make a strategic analysis of the Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center

Interesting Hospitality Research Topics

If you are looking for some interesting hospitality research topics, you are in luck. We have a long list of topics that you can use right now. Pick one and start writing your research paper:

  1. Changing laws in the hospitality sector
  2. Analyze the operations of a pub of your choice
  3. An in-depth look at the training of flight attendants
  4. Hospitality laws and regulations in the Maldives
  5. The important of proper etiquette
  6. Compare 3 major hotel chains in the UK
  7. Research the wages of hotel staff in your area
  8. Discuss the tips system
  9. Hospitality going green in 2023
  10. The influence of hospitality on the direct and indirect economy
  11. Best ways to attract guests to your hotel

Comprehensive Hospitality Topics

Looking for some comprehensive hospitality topics that you can write an exceptional research paper about? No problem, we’ve got your back. Check out these awesome ideas:

  1. Discuss the bread and salt tradition in Eastern Europe
  2. A closer look at sports tourism
  3. Hospitality in Ancient Egypt
  4. Hospitality during the Olympic Games
  5. Discuss a controversial topic in tourism and hospitality
  6. Hospitality in Ancient Rome
  7. The decline of tourism caused by the COVID pandemic
  8. Hospitality in books
  9. Discuss hospitality in your local hospital
  10. Improving your reviews in 2023
  11. Latest trends in the hospitality industry

Excellent Hospitality Research Questions

What better way to find a great topic than by looking at some excellent hospitality research questions? These questions will help you get started in minutes:

  1. What does managing a hotel require?
  2. What is hospitality law?
  3. How important is the guest’s well-being?
  4. How to work around Covid-19 restrictions
  5. What are bleisure travelers?
  6. How important is technology?
  7. What are the current trends in the hospitality industry?
  8. What do you know about asset management?
  9. Can you talk about the peculiarities of solo travel guests?
  10. What is essentialism in the hospitality business?
  11. What is holistic hospitality?
  12. How important are work spaces in hotels?
  13. What is a hotel crisis management team?

Best Hospitality Topics For 2023

Last, but not least, we have compiled a list of the best hospitality topics for 2023. These ideas should be exactly what your professor is looking for:

  1. Discuss the skills of an experienced restaurant manager
  2. How will hotels survive the pandemic in 2023?
  3. Discuss the development of tourism in 2023
  4. Research operations at a restaurant of your choice
  5. Talk about sustainable tourism
  6. How important are reviews for companies in the hospitality industry?
  7. Research a new sector of hospitality
  8. Research operations at a hotel of your choice
  9. Hospitality on board a passenger plane
  10. Is the customer always right?
  11. Major trends in hospitability in 2023

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