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LGBT Research Paper Topics – Craft A Winning Paper!

lgbt research paper topics

The growth of the LGBT society has no doubt come with its own merits and demerits. Cases of violence and discrimination against these groups have risen in recent times. On the brighter side, however, the fight for the inclusivity of such groups has been positively met.

We will, therefore, discuss LGBT topics that touch both on the negative and positive sides. Here is a discussion of these research topics:

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  1. How are the Non-Binary Identity Different from the Transgender Identity?
  2. Research questions about gender identity are critical and hence should be handled with a lot of care. In this case, you will have to tackle the unique differentiators of these two groups in a clear and precise way.

    Such an LGBT debate topic will show how some transgender people are non-binary, yet they have a gender identity. The unique delineators should enable a person to find a contrast between the two personalities.

  3. What New Features Have the LGBT Brought to a Particular Religion?
  4. It is an LGBT discussion topic that has sparked a lot of controversy in the society today. Some sections of the Christian and Muslim religions advocate against such marriages, while others accept them.

  5. How Do the Gay Face Opposition concerning Gay Rights?
  6. Factors such as religion and different ideologies stir up the opposition to gay rights in society. Therefore when writing a research paper on gay rights, it will be prudent to identify the factors impeding these rights.

  7. How are Transgender People Treated in Medical Institutions?
  8. When it comes to transgender people, some may shy away from alluding to privacy claims.

  9. How do Laws and Cultures Affect LGBT People?
  10. Laws and cultures are a controversial gender topic all over the world.

  11. Does Sexual Orientation Have a Contrast with Gender Identity?
  12. Who you are attracted to may differ significantly with who you are. Some men are attracted to men, while others are attracted to women.

  13. How do the LGBT Align to Political Parties?
  14. Political alignment may be on the parties that support various LGBT ideologies. An LGBT research paper thesis on that topic should highlight the preferences of such groups to different political parties.

  15. What Does Biological Research Say About Sexual Orientation?
  16. Discussing such a topic will require inputs from reputable biological sources.

  17. Where does Lesbianism Trace?
  18. The history of such groups can be discussed at length to know what environmental or biological features led to their state.
    Now, let’s take a look at 50 unique topics you can use for your LGBT research paper:

  19. What is the Influence of Cultural Norms on LGBT History
  20. At What Point Was Bisexuality Recognized As An Identity?
  21. When Did Gay Emerge as an Identity?
  22. How is Lesbian and Gay Parenting?
  23. What are the Themes of LGBT in the Bible?
  24. How Does One Come of LGBT?
  25. Who Started LGBT?
  26. The literature on Gays and Lesbians
  27. Rights and Freedoms of the LGBT Society
  28. Are There Reproductive Technologies that Facilitate LGBT?
  29. Is Same-Sex Marriage Supported Worldwide?
  30. How Does the Media Portray the Non-Binary?
  31. Which Films Support LGBT?
  32. Are There Disorders related to LGBT?
  33. Can the LGBT People Live in the Same Country?
  34. Do the LGBT Marry with Heterosexuals?
  35. What is Asexuality and its Shortcomings?
  36. LGBT Related Violence in the World
  37. Depression Rates of the LGBT in the Society
  38. Workplace Discrimination
  39. What Unique Issues Affect the Transgender?
  40. Can the LGBT people Hold Offices in Religious Organizations?
  41. How Has the Internet Influenced LGBT?
  42. What is the Future of LGBT? (Will it Thrive)
  43. Has Research Contributed Positively or Negatively to LGBTQ?
  44. What is the LGBTQA Climate in America?
  45. Are There Specific Abnormalities with the Transgender?
  46. How Do the Gays and Lesbians Interact?
  47. What are the LGBT-Specific Diseases?
  48. How Long Does it Take to Identify Abnormalities in Sexual Orientation?
  49. How Many LGBT Schools are there in The World?
  50. Does the Military Accept Gays and Lesbians?
  51. Links and Implications of LGBT
  52. Divorce Rates of Same-Sex marriage
  53. Misrepresentation of Gays and Lesbians in Literature
  54. The LGBT Population in the World
  55. Changing Gender roles as a result of LGBT
  56. Inclusion of LGBT in Schools
  57. Best Practices Towards LGBT Groups
  58. Challenges Facing LGBT Inmates
  59. Isolation of LGBT in the Society Today

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