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101 Exciting US History Research Paper Topics: Quick Ideas

US history research paper topics

People have many ideas of US history topics to write about but crafting them to an appealing and thrilling level is the problem. You, however, are lucky because you are going to have exclusive access into some of the most top drawer US history research paper topics.

Before we move into the juicy part, let’s have some quick tips to help you forge ahead like a soldier.

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Tips for Finding History Research Paper Topics

  • Have an outline
  • Consult credible and authentic sources
  • Have a look at previous research topics
  • Avoid plagiarism at all costs

United States history research paper topics will also follow the same guidelines listed above. You must be anxious about the issues, are you?

Let’s cut the anxiety short.

101 US History Topics to Write About

The following US history research paper topics are categorized to give you ample time in choosing one according to your assignment needs.

World War 1

  1. US entry into WW1
  2. The Zimmermann telegram
  3. US declaration of war on Germany
  4. Authorization of the Selective Service Act of 1917
  5. The 19th Amendment ratification
  6. The Espionage Act of 1917
  7. US advocates for the League of Nations
  8. The sinking of the British ocean liner by Germany
  9. Declaration of ceasefire
  10. Expansion of the US government.

World War II

  1. Attack on Pearl Harbor
  2. The Quarantine Speech of 1937
  3. The replacement of British invasion forces in Iceland by the US
  4. The Lend-Lease Act of 1941
  5. The shoot on sight order
  6. The American Prisoners of war
  7. The Pacific war
  8. The bombing of Japanese home islands
  9. The North African campaign
  10. The Italians surrender
  11. The invasion of France
  12. Fall of Berlin to the Soviets
  13. The cost of world war II on America
  14. The number of casualties the US suffered in the war
  15. Operation Cobra

The Civil Wars in the US

  1. The Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854
  2. The threat by the confederate forces
  3. What led to the surrender of Major Robert?
  4. The First Battle of Bull Run
  5. Replacement of General Winfield Scott
  6. The Second Manassas
  7. The Battle of Antietam
  8. The effect of the Emancipation Proclamation
  9. The Battle of Chancellorsville
  10. The aftermath of the Battle of Chattanooga
  11. The Battle of the Wilderness
  12. The Postwar politics
  13. Civil War commemoration
  14. Evolution of the modern navy
  15. The role of women in the civil war
  16. Prisoners of the civil war
  17. The causes of secession
  18. Features of the civil war
  19. The economic impact of the civil war
  20. Diplomacy as a method to solve the American civil war

The Reconstruction Era

  1. The devastation of material in the South
  2. Restoration of the South to the Union
  3. The reconstruction of Lincoln’s presidency
  4. February 1865 Peace conference
  5. The enactment of Black codes
  6. The legalization of slave marriages
  7. The state constitutional conventions of 1867-1869
  8. The congressional investigation
  9. The split of the republican nationally
  10. Panic of 1873
  11. The US elections of 1876
  12. The military reconstruction acts (1867)
  13. Formation of religious organizations
  14. The establishment of public schools
  15. Change in the taxation

The Federal Era

  1. Establishment of a new government
  2. The assumption of state debts
  3. The Quasi-War taxation
  4. The rise of political parties
  5. The Whiskey rebellion
  6. The Northwest Indian war
  7. The Jay treaty
  8. The Quasi-war with France
  9. The Alien and Sedition Acts
  10. The fall of the federalists
  11. Election on 1800
  12. The 12th Amendment
  13. The Louisiana purchase
  14. The Judiciary Act of 1802 approved
  15. Impeachment of the district judge, John Pickering

The Great Depression Era

  1. The impact of the stock market crash
  2. The desperation of urban politics
  3. The tight monetary policy
  4. Consequences of the Hoover policy
  5. How the US responded politically to the depression era
  6. The recession of 1937-1938
  7. The massive military spending of 1940
  8. The impact on industrial production
  9. Number of banks affected by the depression era
  10. The Mexican Repatriation program
  11. The Hams and Eggs movement
  12. The timeline of the Great Depression
  13. Penny Auction
  14. The US census of 1930
  15. The impact of the National Labor Relations Board

The Civil Rights Era

  1. The end of Liberalism
  2. Formation of the Civil Rights Movement
  3. Impact of the 1964 elections on civil rights
  4. The climax of the Space Race
  5. The Vietnam War
  6. The creation of the Women’s Movement
  7. Effects of Nixon’s administration
  8. The 1973 oil crisis
  9. The Watergate scandal
  10. Factors that led to the sexual revolution
  11. President Ford’s pardon of Richard Nixon

The United States is the envy of many. It is the dream of many to visit it and just gaze at the beauty of this magnificent country. However, writing on it would be an excellent start to achieving this dream.

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American history research paper topics are like the sand of the sea. I mean, a whole 50 states with a population of over 320 million people – who can miss something to write? However, good history research topics are not easy to come by. That is why this article is explicitly set to help you achieve that.

US history paper topics are not limited to the ones listed above. There are many others which remain of significant significance to the country’s history.

The list above is to trigger your mind to exploring more American history research paper topics. However, you can start by testing yourself using one or two of the two problems provided above. Let the issues you come up be as concise as possible to attract the reader’s eye to the rest of your history essay.

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