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244 Awesome Animal Topics for Research Papers

animal topics for research papers

So, did your professor just asked you to write an exceptional animals research paper? You may think that it is an easy assignment, but it may not be. Don’t wait until the last possible moment to write this essay because you may not be able to do a good job on it. Even though you know how to write the paper, there is another problem you need to take into consideration: finding a great topic.

Truth be told, finding excellent animal topics for research papers is a lot more difficult than you think. Yes, you can find many such topics on the Internet, but you won’t be able to find an original one. Unfortunately, your classmates are using the same websites to look for ideas. This means that you could pick a topic that one or more of your classmates have already selected. Your teacher will definitely not appreciate it, and this will reflect on your final grade.

Looking for Awesome Animal Topics for Research Papers?

All students looking for research paper on animals should visit this page periodically. Our topics are the best and they are all 100% original. Also, many of them are relatively easy to use. Keep in mind that a good topic is one that has plenty of information about it on the Internet. Why spend days doing the research when you can start writing the paper right away?

But why would you choose our animal research topics? There are surely other good topics on the Internet. Well, there really aren’t that many good ideas on other websites. Here are just some of the reasons to take a look at our ideas and pick the best topics for your next research paper:

  • All our ideas are original at the time this article was written. These topics have been created by our experienced ENL writers.
  • We are working hard to add new topics periodically. Also, we are removing topics that are not of interest anymore.
  • You can use any of our topics without having to pay anything. Yes, this list of topics really is 100 percent free.
  • You do not have to give credit to our website when you use a topic you find on this page.
  • You are free to reword our topics as you see fit.
  • You can always get in touch with our experienced writers and editors if you need more topics. We can compile a brand new list just for you in no time.

Choose One of Our 244 Research Topics About Animals

You can find everything from animal rights to veterinary doctor topics in our latest list of 244 animal topics for a research paper. Enjoy:

Easy Animal Topics to Write About

If you are looking for some easy animal topics to write about, we have the best ideas. Check out the ideas below and pick the best one for your next research paper:

  1. Discuss a well-known Asiatic horse breed
  2. Dog vs. cat as a pet
  3. How to train a pony quickly
  4. Polar bears at the South Pole?
  5. Saving the last remaining orangutans
  6. The weirdest 3 animals on Earth
  7. Poaching and its negative effects
  8. Best ways to train a dog
  9. Negative effects of veal on humans
  10. Best ways to train a cat
  11. Discuss the classification of migratory birds
  12. Why are penguins flightless birds?
  13. Africa and its wildlife: an in-depth analysis
  14. Can you have a pet spider?
  15. Can Grizzly bears sense fear?
  16. Methods to prevent poaching in wildlife preserves
  17. Negative effects of pork meat on humans
  18. The disastrous effects of palm oil

Interesting Animal Research Topics

If you are looking for some of the most interesting animal research topics on the Internet, you have arrived at the right place. Here are some ideas for you:

  1. Are mosquitos useless insects?
  2. Lion prides in African wildlife preserves
  3. Talk about the anatomy of the hyena
  4. An in-depth look at the Tardigrade
  5. Discuss the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species
  6. Best wildlife parks in the United States
  7. Animal adaptations to survive the desert
  8. Endangered animal species in the UK
  9. Analyze a butterfly’s life cycle
  10. Are dolphins really as intelligent as they are portrayed?
  11. Is medical testing on animals justified?
  12. Pros and cons of zoos
  13. Giant Panda and related conservation efforts
  14. Benefits of poisonous animals
  15. Should you spay or neuter your pet?
  16. How do monkeys climb trees so quickly?
  17. Largest whales in the world
  18. Animal adaptations to survive the cold
  19. What is a porpoise?
  20. Ethical problems with animal testing

Research Questions About Animals

Take a look at our research questions about animals and pick the one you like. All of these questions should work great for 2023:

  1. Should we test antibiotics on animals?
  2. Why did the dinosaurs go extinct?
  3. How do you care for an exotic pet?
  4. Which is a better pet, a cat or a dog?
  5. Which is the largest predator in the United States?
  6. Are zoos inhumane prisons for animals?
  7. Are dolphins friendly?
  8. Do we have the right to kill animals?
  9. Should we ban hunting for sport?
  10. Should we give animals more rights?
  11. Should we stop euthanizing stray animals?
  12. How can we protect endangered species?
  13. Which is the largest land mammal in Europe?
  14. Should you buy a dog or adopt one?
  15. Do you really need a pet?
  16. Should exotic pets be banned in the UK?
  17. Can we improve the life of zoo animals?
  18. Should punishments for animal cruelty be more severe?
  19. Can a fox be a good pet?
  20. Is medical testing on animals justifiable?

Animal Rights Topics for Research Paper

Are you looking for awesome animal rights topics for research paper? No problem, we have a list of the most interesting topics right here:

  1. Talk about animal rights in the US
  2. Giving more rights to animals in the US
  3. Discuss animal rights in China
  4. Do feral dogs have any rights?
  5. Analyze animal rights in Europe
  6. Do invasive species have rights too?
  7. Discuss animal rights in the United Kingdom
  8. Fishing practices and animal rights
  9. Analyze animal rights in North Korea
  10. Discuss animal rights in zoos
  11. Destroying predator animals without breaking the law
  12. Discuss animal rights in India
  13. Do feral cats have rights too?
  14. Analyze the ethics behind pet euthanasia
  15. Factory farming and animal rights
  16. Discuss cow rights in India
  17. Animal rights violations in the whaling industry
  18. Cosmetics testing on animals
  19. Analyze the decline of ivory trade worldwide
  20. Cockfighting in the United States

Simple Animal Rescue Topics

We know you probably don’t want to spend too much time working on your research paper. Check out the following list of simple animal rescue topics and choose one:

  1. Why should we rescue animals in need?
  2. Effects of Australian bushfires
  3. Poor social skills of rescue animals
  4. What does animal rescue do?
  5. Negative effects of wildfires on animals in the US
  6. Should zoos be forced to rescue animals?
  7. Euthanizing rescued animals
  8. Exotic animals in the United States
  9. Resource guarding problems with rescue dogs
  10. Lack of veterinary care for rescued animals
  11. Inadequate screening procedures for adoption
  12. Anxiety problems in rescue dogs
  13. Destructive behavior in rescue cats
  14. The dangers of animal rescue operations
  15. Where do rescued animals end up?
  16. Are all rescued animals traumatized?

Veterinary Topics for Research Paper

Interested in writing about veterinary topics? Our experienced writers and editors have compiled a list of great veterinary topics for research paper:

  1. What does being a veterinarian mean?
  2. Challenges of the veterinary profession
  3. What is Brucellosis?
  4. Most common cat diseases in the United Kingdom
  5. Discuss biomedical research conducted on animals
  6. Talk about poor veterinary care in rural areas of Europe
  7. Discuss natural animal feeds
  8. Breakthroughs in veterinary technology
  9. Best way to fight a Tapeworm infection
  10. Diseases humans can get from pets
  11. Most popular exotic animals as pets in 2023
  12. Using punishments effectively for training purposes
  13. Why it’s good to microchip your pets
  14. Causes of mycotoxicoses
  15. Ways to treat a Hookworm infection
  16. Is there an effective cure for Rabies?
  17. Most common dog diseases in the US
  18. Can Campylobacteriosis infections cause death?

Animal Abuse Topics

If you want to write about animal abuse and other related subjects, we have a list of animal abuse topics that should get you a top grade on your next research paper:

  1. Talk about animal abuse issues in the United States
  2. Animal abuse issues in the United Kingdom
  3. Animal cruelty versus animal abuse
  4. Discuss animal abuse issues in China
  5. Effects of animal hoarding behaviors
  6. Staging animal fights is abuse
  7. Animal abuse issues in Eastern Europe
  8. Cruelty to animals leading to violence against people
  9. Animal abuse issues in India
  10. Is animal testing animal abuse?
  11. Can neglect be considered animal abuse?
  12. Animal abuse: rural versus urban cases
  13. Shooting is an animal abuse
  14. Animal abuse laws in the US
  15. Animal abuse laws in the UK

Animal Topics for High School

Looking for some of the best animal topics for high school? Take a look at the list below and pick the most interesting idea:

  1. Why is veterinary care so expensive?
  2. Differences between dromedaries and camels
  3. Should pets be allowed in school?
  4. Compare and contrast lions and cheetahs
  5. Wild animals as pets in the UK
  6. The worst pet on Earth
  7. Adopting an animal from the local animal shelter
  8. Can elephants swim?
  9. An in-depth look at the camel
  10. Compare and contrast cats and dogs
  11. Discuss irresponsible dog breeding in your city
  12. Analyze the habitat loss of orangutans
  13. How do killer whales hunt?
  14. Animal rights issues in Asia
  15. Discuss disastrous fishing practices
  16. Animal welfare issues in adoption centers

Animal Testing Research Topics

Talking about animal testing research topics shouldn’t worry you, as long as you remain objective and impartial. Here are some relatively simple topics on this:

  1. Is it ethical to test cosmetics on animals?
  2. Animals used for chemical warfare testing
  3. Lab mice and their awful fate
  4. Testing vaccines on animals
  5. Finding a cure for Covid-19 using animals
  6. Stem cell research using animals
  7. Worst medical tests done on animals
  8. Banning animal experimentation in the UK

Animal Cruelty Topics

Looking for the best and most interesting animal cruelty topics you can find? We have a list of ideas right here for high school and college students:

  1. Animal cruelty punishments in the US
  2. What constitutes animal cruelty?
  3. Puppy mills in the United States
  4. Animal cruelty punishments in the UK
  5. Exotic animals as pets: a form of cruelty
  6. Dog fighting
  7. Pet overpopulation in large cities
  8. Factory farming
  9. Animal abuse vs. animal cruelty

Persuasive Topics About Animals

Writing about animals in a persuasive manner shouldn’t be too difficult. If you have access to some good persuasive topics about animals to write about, things will get even easier:

  1. Stop deforestation before it is too late
  2. Avoid eating animal foods
  3. The effects of global warming on wildlife
  4. Stop using animals in circuses
  5. Avoid eating pork
  6. Get your pet a microchip
  7. Is pet insurance worth the money?
  8. Foxes are not meant to be pets
  9. Adopt your pet instead (as opposed to buying it)
  10. Negative consequences of pollution on animals
  11. Banning factory farming practices

Endangered Animals Topics

Do you want to raise awareness about endangered species of animals? No problem, we have some of the greatest endangered animals topics right here:

  1. Can we save the whooping crane?
  2. Saving the bonobo monkey
  3. Can we save the peregrine falcon?
  4. The endangered Galapagos penguin
  5. Can we save the black-footed ferret?
  6. Save the South Asian river dolphin
  7. Can we save the whale shark?
  8. The dwindling population of Loggerhead sea turtles
  9. Can we save the Monarch butterfly?

Advanced Topics About Animals

If you want to impress your professor, why not write your research papers on some advanced topics about animals? Here are a couple of interesting ideas for students:

  1. The life cycle of an alligator
  2. Most dangerous exotic pets
  3. Deep sea fish adaptations
  4. Discuss bioluminescence

Informative Animal Topics for an Essay

Writing an informative essay is definitely not a complicated thing to do. However, the grade you get on your paper depends on the quality of the informative animal topics for an essay:

  1. Describe the rabbit
  2. Discuss the red panda
  3. Describe the horse
  4. What is a Saola?
  5. Talk about the Thylacine
  6. An in-depth look at the Asian elephant
  7. Talk about the Dodo bird
  8. Wolfs on the edge of extinction
  9. What is a Kakapo bird?
  10. Are polar bears in danger?
  11. The life of the green sea turtle

Complex Veterinarian Research Paper Topics

If you want to try your hand at some complicated research papers, we have some quite complex veterinarian research paper topics right here:

  1. How do dog vaccines work?
  2. Why are lab mice perfect for experiments?
  3. Animals in extreme cold conditions
  4. Animals at extreme depths: adaptations

Most Engaging Animal Topics

We know, you want to engage your audience and impress everyone in the class. Here are some of our most engaging animal topics. Pick one and start writing now:

  1. Buying your child a pet
  2. Animal fight games in the UK
  3. Should you vaccinate your cat?
  4. Zoo animals psychological issues

Topics About Your Favorite Animal

Everyone has a favorite animal, including your teacher. So, why not write something about it? Here are some topics about your favorite animal that should work great:

  1. What is your favorite animal and why?
  2. The funniest animals in existence
  3. Why do dogs make such good pets?
  4. Should you own an exotic pet?
  5. What do you appreciate about your favorite animal?
  6. The best animal in the world
  7. The traits of your favorite animal
  8. Can an animal be loyal?

Animal Topics for College

College students should not pick easy topics because professors tend to penalize them. Check out these animal topics for college students and select one of them:

  1. The best pet for a college student
  2. How do Tardigrades survive in space?
  3. Using snake venom to make anticancer drugs

Controversial Animals Topics

Why would you be afraid to write about controversial topics? Check out our list controversial animals topics and pick the best one for your needs right now:

  1. Chemical testing on animals
  2. Weapon testing on animals
  3. Testing cosmetic products on animals
  4. Testing new drugs on animals
  5. Animals used in scientific experiments
  6. Saving laboratory mice from their fate
  7. Poaching in Africa
  8. Cockfighting in the United States
  9. Stopping the trade of ivory
  10. Hunting animals for their fur

Topics on the Conservation of Animal Species

There are so many endangered species of animals in the world that it’s difficult to pick one to write about. Here are some of our most interesting topics on the conservation of animal species:

  1. An in-depth look at the conservation of wild orangutans
  2. Analyze conservation efforts of the lion population
  3. Saving the blue whales from extinction
  4. An in-depth look at the conservation of wild cheetahs
  5. An in-depth look at the conservation of wild tigers
  6. Is the California condor an endangered species?
  7. Saving the snow leopards from extinction
  8. Analyze conservation efforts of the giant panda population
  9. An in-depth look at the conservation of wild Javan rhinoceros

Argumentative Essay Topics About Animals

Finding some exceptional argumentative essay topics about animals can be difficult, especially if you want your paper to stand out from the rest. Here are some great ideas for you:

  1. Cats make the best pets
  2. Animals should not be held in captivity
  3. Exotic pet ownership must be banned
  4. Palm oil should be banned
  5. Zoos should be more tightly regulated
  6. Never feed wildlife no matter what
  7. We need more elephant sanctuaries
  8. Stopping Maasai from hunting lions
  9. Dogs make the best service animals
  10. Hyenas are becoming an endangered species
  11. The importance of flies

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