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192 Captivating Argumentative Research Paper Topics That You Will Love

argumentative research paper topics

Finding argumentative research paper topics is a lot easier than coming up with them. These topics enable students to learn about the content of a specific course. This form of writing is essential because it allows learners to acquire vital argumentative skills. A student must pay attention to their subject when selecting a relevant topic for their essay or paper.

If the educator asked you to write an essay on an argumentative topic, selecting a good title is the first step. This article has a wide range of argument paper topics from which you can choose what to write about when your teacher gives you this assignment.

What is an Argumentative Research Paper?

An argumentative research paper is a form of writing where the writer takes a specific stance on a topic or issue. This paper is analytical, and the author supports their perspective using relevant information. Thus, your writing won’t be compelling even if you take a firm stance if it lacks proper structuring and reinforcement with evidence and solid reasoning.

How to Write an Argumentative Paper

You can write an argumentative paper by following these simple steps:

  • Select a topic for your essay and compose a thesis statement
  • Research and organize your ideas and findings
  • Structure and outline your paper
  • Present your information with relevant supporting information
  • Edit and revise your paper

The first and essential step is selecting an ideal topic that you can argue for or against in your paper. The following list comprises 190-plus ideas from which you can choose the subject to support or oppose.

College Argumentative Research Paper Topics

If you’re a college student, you need good topics to build your arguments in academic papers. Here are exciting ideas to consider for your college argumentative research papers.

  1. The industrial revolution was a Europe-wide phenomenon during the 19th century
  2. Does everybody enjoy justice?
  3. When can a person start smoking and drinking?
  4. When should a person have voting rights?
  5. Should the court document proceedings for television?
  6. Energetic drinks are harmful
  7. Entertainment joints should not sell alcoholic beverages after 11 pm
  8. The government should control alcohol usage
  9. The government should illegalize smoking in all public places
  10. Every country should activate the death sentence
  11. Tobacco production and sales should be illegal
  12. Are males and females equally emotional?
  13. Parents are responsible for obesity in children
  14. College education should be free
  15. Beauty standards should be more inclusive
  16. All college majors are equally vital
  17. Social media is terrible for kids
  18. Technology has changed the magic definition
  19. Exploring places is worth your time and money
  20. Employers should pay for internships
  21. Workers’ income and degrees should have a tie
  22. Climate change threatens the planet
  23. Feminism is still important
  24. Professors have a conflict of interest when asking students to buy their books
  25. Online college degrees are as legit as those from brick-and-mortar schools
  26. Anti-discrimination laws don’t protect disabled students sufficiently
  27. Everybody should enjoy free healthcare
  28. A popular vote should decide elections
  29. Society has made the necessary slavery reparations
  30. The modern taxation system is not effective
  31. Males earn more money than females in the corporate sector
  32. Students should study Shakespeare as part of their college curriculum
  33. College tuition is too expensive for some students
  34. Test scores provide the best method for judging the students’ competency
  35. Is a college degree worth its cost?
  36. Can life be complete without hope and faith?
  37. Modern students face more social pressures
  38. The past does not define a person
  39. Females should not select STEM programs
  40. Well-read persons are not necessarily intelligent individuals
  41. Parenting should not be gender-neutral

All are brilliant topics for argument-based papers. Nevertheless, you should be creative to write good essays on these ideas.

Good Argument Paper Topics for High School

You should know how to write a detailed argumentative paper by the time you’re in high school. These ideas can help you get started with your argumentative essay.

  1. The government should not punish people for burning the flag
  2. Parents should not be in trouble if their kids don’t attend school
  3. Social media hurts relationships
  4. Companies should have a diverse staff
  5. The government should raise the minimum wage
  6. Society does not treat males and females equally
  7. Every student should acquire a college education
  8. Climate change is not a real threat
  9. Schools should not allow some personal expressions
  10. High school students should work during their academic years
  11. Artificial intelligence will hurt the world
  12. All cars should be electric
  13. Schools should offer more art courses
  14. The electoral college is unnecessary
  15. A country’s leader actions influence every citizen
  16. The United States is lagging in terms of education
  17. Parents should have the right to decline their kids’ medical treatment
  18. Sampling your DNA for genealogy purposes is a good idea
  19. Wind farms are beneficial to the economy and environment

High school students can write on any of these titles without struggling because they are relatively straightforward. Nevertheless, a learner should take a stance and focus on convincing the readers to side with them.

Elementary School Topics for Argument Research Paper

If you’re in elementary school and your teacher has assigned you an argumentative essay, consider the following topics for your paper.

  1. Children programs should not feature commercials
  2. Homework helps children learn
  3. School should go year-round
  4. Schools do not treat girls and boys equally
  5. Parents should limit kids’ screen time
  6. Is reading a non-fiction or a fiction book better?
  7. Schools should be fairer for children with humble backgrounds
  8. Learning should start earlier than eight in the morning
  9. Kids should participate in national elections
  10. Dessert should come before dinner
  11. School rules are not fair
  12. School lunch should include vegetables even when some learners dislike them
  13. Hot dogs are bad for your health
  14. Three family generations should live together
  15. Kids shouldn’t have weekend homework
  16. Schools are not doing enough to end bullying
  17. Video games should be a sport
  18. Kids should switch teachers every year
  19. Parents do not treat children equally
  20. Harmful diet effects
  21. Swimming is the best sport
  22. Hockey is among the most dangerous sports
  23. Golf is no longer necessary
  24. Society should address anorexia
  25. People should think more about sleep to address health issues

Elementary school learners can write about these topics argumentatively. Nevertheless, they need creativity to write winning papers.

Definitional Argument Paper Topics

A definitional argument paper requires the learner to introduce an issue or claim, define the key terms and present their argument that meets or supports the definition. Here are interesting definitional argument essay topics to consider for your papers.

  1. Death penalty- Is there a human way to execute it?
  2. Drug abuse- Why people start abusing drugs and their influence on the human brain
  3. Alcoholism- Why a person becomes alcoholic and its root
  4. Pro-life and pro-choice- What they mean and the argument supporting them
  5. Global warming- Its causes and how to end it
  6. Patriotism- What it means and why everybody should be patriotic to their country
  7. Independence- Definition and what it means for a country
  8. Capitalism and communism- Their differences and which one is ideal for people
  9. Terrorism- Its origin and how to stop it
  10. Revolution- Meaning and causes
  11. Anarchism- What it means
  12. Charisma- Why it’s essential for a person’s success
  13. Kindness- What being kind means
  14. Creative mind- Meaning and how learners can develop creativity
  15. Responsible behavior- How learners can be more accountable for their actions

If your tutor requires you to write a definitional argument essay, pick any of these titles and develop it with relevant information supporting your stance.

Rogerian Argument Topics for a Paper

In Rogerian writing, a student starts discussing an argument without inclination to any side. Ideally, you try to find a middle ground when writing an argumentative Rogerian paper. Here’s a list of ideas for this essay.

  1. Should men be older than women when starting relationships?
  2. Are video games or cartoons making children violent and stubborn?
  3. Do beauty pageants or film stars have to endure exploitation to come into the limelight?
  4. Is television decreasing or increasing criminal minds?
  5. How actors are increasing nudity
  6. Is it good for teens to access condoms?
  7. Are child development and behavior better now than in ancient times?
  8. The government should limit cell phones’ usage
  9. Children don’t treat parents the same way when they grow old
  10. Test scores don’t provide good criteria for judging efficiency in students
  11. Modern technologies are not doing enough for the planet
  12. Rape and murder criminals deserve a death penalty
  13. Governments should plan a new, more sensible election procedure
  14. Three days of paternity leave is insufficient for fathers
  15. Mothers are responsible for nurturing their kids’ rights from conception
  16. People should quit playing the lottery
  17. The Indian taxation system is unfair
  18. Cheating doesn’t aid learning
  19. Is drinking coffee or tea good for human health?
  20. Playing video games improves the mental level.

These topics are highly debatable and will attract more readers. However, you need some research to write about some of these ideas.

Classical Argument Paper Topics

Perhaps, you want to base your paper on a classic topic. In that case, pick a title for your essay from this list.

  1. Does the American territory has actual Indians?
  2. How humans can protect the Amazonia nature
  3. Tsunami and sacrifices that people associate with it
  4. The effects of a tornado
  5. Can the US disappear from the world map?
  6. The robust aspects of the Roosevelt reign
  7. Why do people say Wilson lost the war?
  8. Are you for or against globalization, and why?
  9. Can electric vehicles solve the pollution problem?
  10. Government should punish citizens for hurting the environment
  11. Government should forbid animal usage in research
  12. Students should contribute to the social movement to enhance nature’s safety
  13. More species that should feature in the Red Book
  14. Do you support King Kong for killing the people who tried to investigate his world?
  15. Should the government punish people for destroying rainforests?

Any of these ideas can be the basis of an excellent paper. Nevertheless, you will need time to research some of these titles to develop a good essay.

Philosophy Argument Paper Topics

Students have many philosophical ideas on which they can write brilliant papers. Whether you need traditional or modern philosophy argument paper topics, this list has exciting titles for you.

  1. Morality should be subjective
  2. Sexual desires provide clues about a person’s behavior
  3. Love is a positive word for everybody
  4. Knowledge value is essential than that of truth
  5. Scientific or technological progress should have a free rein
  6. People should listen to conscience more
  7. Should humans exploit or eliminate ageism?
  8. Is philosophy the first science?
  9. Is making health decisions with long-term or permanent effects for kids moral?
  10. Is passing beliefs that are impossible to prove to children moral?
  11. Does beauty lie in the eyes of the beholder, or does it exist universally?
  12. Is spreading life on the planet a moral obligation for humans?
  13. Is atheism the same belief as to the others?
  14. Should individuals with mental or cognitive disorders have similar ethical standards to ordinary people?
  15. Are humans naturally good or evil?
  16. Is there a moral fact?
  17. Should the unborn people affect your current decisions?
  18. Does education level affect morality negatively or positively?
  19. How to claim that current ethical standards are perfect and universal or not
  20. People can’t be humans if they use genetic engineering on their personalities
  21. Are evil and good characters absolute or relative?
  22. Is it moral and ethical to enforce animal spaying?
  23. Is denying person recognition or an award of extraordinary skill and feats moral and ethical?
  24. Is using embryos in genetic engineering and medical research ethical?
  25. Do humans have a moral duty to protect the environment?
  26. Should humans slow down technological advancement to match with philosophy?
  27. Should humans reconsider the free-will notion?
  28. Are clones the original’s extensions or individuals?
  29. Are moral rules limiting humans?
  30. Is it a person’s choice to suffer?
  31. How genetics contribute to a person’s behavior
  32. Is censoring social media hate speech ethical?
  33. Are religions moral and ethical?
  34. Are wars moral and ethical?
  35. Do people get fulfillment or happiness from money?

All these are excellent ideas on which you can base philosophy essays. Nevertheless, take your time to research what other scholars say about your topic before you start writing.

Causal Argument Topics for a Research Paper

A causal argument answers the why question. While most papers lack comprehensiveness in answering this question, they speculate on a phenomenon’s causes. Here are topics to consider for this essay.

  1. Why females mature faster than males
  2. The effects of body-shaming on a woman’s general wellbeing
  3. Factors affecting women’s leadership efficiency in the workplace
  4. Investigating factors affecting women’s healthcare access
  5. Factors affecting military organizations’ women
  6. Assessing top leadership barriers for military women
  7. Analyzing gender studies role in society
  8. Strategies for reducing the gap between male and female students taking STEM subjects
  9. How gender studies affect women’s development globally
  10. Understanding the effects of domestic and sexual violence on teenage girls and women
  11. Analyzing the differences in men and women in top political positions
  12. Exploring women’s experiences in leadership among the African-American churches in the United States
  13. Do men need a movement to fight for their rights like feminist women?
  14. How social media affects activism and feminism movements
  15. Does the media set beauty standards that increase the girl child suicide rate?
  16. Paternity and maternity leave- Which one is essential than the other?
  17. The role of the women’s suffrage movement and its impact on equality
  18. Workplace policies and the glass ceiling in workplaces
  19. Anorexia and bulimia in females and males
  20. Gender and homophobia in modern society
  21. The effects of religion and culture on gender roles
  22. The impact of media in shaping female and male roles in society

All these are interesting argument research paper topics for students at different study levels. Nevertheless, you need time and skills to write about these ideas and score a higher grade.

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