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272 Media Dissertation Topics For Excellent Scores

media dissertation topics

If you are reading this blog post, it means you are looking for the absolute best media dissertation topics. We know, starting the dissertation can be a daunting task, especially when you don’t know what to write about. To help you out, our experienced writers and editors chimed in and suggested a long list of potential topics. After choosing the best of them, we are proud to present you our ultimate list of 272 media dissertation topics.

We know you are probably reluctant to give our topics a try. After all, there are many websites that promise to give you original topics (yet very few can be trusted). Truth be told, our company has been founded with a simple goal: to help the student get the best possible grades. We are all about helping you succeed. You can find thousands of topics on a wide array of subjects on our blog, as well as in-depth guides and even essay examples. Of course, you can also get help with your academic paper from our team of US and UK writers. With more than 10 years of industry experience, we are your best choice if you need any kind of academic help.

Why Choose Our Media Dissertation Topics?

But why would you want to use any of our media dissertation topics? You can probably find some other topics elsewhere on the Internet. While this is true, there are at least 4 major reasons to pick one of our topics:

  • Our list of topics is 100% free to use. You can pick any of these ideas and use it (you can even reword our topics). You don’t need to give us any credit.
  • This list of 272 media topics is periodically updated. This means that you can expect to find a unique idea that nobody in your class has thought of.
  • We offer students much more than some social media dissertation ideas. Our list includes mental health issues, cultural studies, communication, social media marketing, and a lot of other fields.
  • Our topics make writing a dissertation easier. We’ve selected topics that have plenty of resources and information about them on the Internet. Doing the research should be a piece of cake.

We know you’re anxious to get to the fun part. Keep in mind that writing a dissertation takes months of work. In other words, pick the topic as soon as possible and start working on your project ASAP. In case you need help with certain parts of your thesis, our PhD experts are here for you. Now, let’s present you the 272 media dissertation topics we’ve promised, organized into 24 major sections:

Social Media Dissertation Topics

Of course, you are probably interested in writing about social media. After all, it’s here to stay. So, why not pick one of our interesting social media dissertation topics:

  1. In-depth history of social media
  2. An analysis of viral content
  3. What are social media bots?
  4. Discuss new social media technology
  5. A qualitative comparison of social media services
  6. Social media and politics
  7. Social media and school admissions
  8. Social media court cases
  9. Analyze social media impact on businesses in the US
  10. Stereotyping on social media
  11. Discuss political polarization on social media
  12. Ownership of content issues
  13. Decentralization of social media services
  14. Effects on collective memory
  15. Data harvesting on social media

Best Social Media Dissertation Ideas

Didn’t find what you were looking for in the list above? No problem, we also have an entire list of the best social media dissertation ideas right here:

  1. Emotional effects of social media
  2. Analyze sleep disturbance
  3. Interpersonal interaction on social media
  4. Social media as a news source
  5. Is social media trustworthy?
  6. Social media and extremist groups
  7. Social media censorship
  8. Privacy best practices
  9. Discuss social media deplatforming
  10. Social media activism
  11. Effects of social media on the environment
  12. Global warming and social media
  13. Comments and their effects on our perception
  14. Brands using social media
  15. PR campaigns on social media

Social Media Marketing Dissertation

If you are more interested in writing about something related to marketing, our ENL writers have put together a list of awesome social media marketing dissertation ideas:

  1. Campaigns for local businesses
  2. Best Twitter tactics
  3. Best Facebook tactics
  4. Best LinkedIn tactics
  5. Best WhatsApp tactics
  6. Best Yelp tactics
  7. Best Instagram tactics
  8. Best Snapchat tactics
  9. Best YouTube tactics
  10. Best Tumblr tactics
  11. Discuss influencer marketing
  12. Ethics of social media marketing
  13. Most successful campaigns
  14. In-depth analysis of ROI data
  15. Compare 3 marketing techniques
  16. Compare various ad formats
  17. Passive approach vs. active approach
  18. Modern SMM algorithms

Freedom of Expression Ideas

Freedom of expression is an integral part of media in the United States and the United Kingdom. Check out our list of free freedom of expression ideas:

  1. Freedom of expression in India’s Constitution
  2. Security of the state and freedom of expression
  3. Contempt of court cases
  4. Defamation cases in India
  5. Core political speech in the United States
  6. True Threats in freedom of speech
  7. Freedom of speech censorship in the UK
  8. Freedom of expression censorship in China
  9. Speech restrictions in Europe
  10. Obscenity and freedom of expression
  11. Military secrets and freedom of expression
  12. Nuclear data in freedom of speech
  13. Internet speech and its censorship

Complex Media Dissertation Ideas

If you want to impress your professor, you can choose a relatively difficult topic (it also means more work, remember). Here are some complex media dissertation ideas for you:

  1. The role of mass media during the COVID-19 pandemic
  2. Media houses: can they be trusted?
  3. Media people safety in war zones
  4. Media and its effects on violence
  5. Al-Jazeera promoting extremism
  6. Terrorism in the media in Iraq
  7. Individual privacy affected by media
  8. Protecting information sources in the media
  9. States censoring media outlets
  10. In-depth analysis of China’s media censorship

Topics About Cinema

Would you like to research something related to cinema? It is, after all, a part of media. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of original topics about cinema:

  1. Censorship in China cinemas
  2. An in-depth look at cinema media in 2023
  3. Censorship in North Korean cinemas
  4. Censorship in United States cinemas during WWII
  5. Using mass media in cinemas
  6. Censoring films: the reasons behind the decision
  7. Ways to censor cinema movies in 2023

Dissertation Topics in Media and Communication

Here are the best dissertation topics in media and communication that our experts came up with (you can use any of them for free, of course):

  1. Licensing regulations in the United States
  2. Self-regulation of media outlets in the UK
  3. Social impact of media communication
  4. Social media and privacy issues
  5. Means of communication in electronic media
  6. Media and communication in the private sector
  7. Media and communication in the public sector
  8. Media and communication in the military sector
  9. Internet regulation of media in China
  10. Self-regulation in Eastern Europe
  11. News literacy in media communication
  12. Social impact of poor communication in the media
  13. Communication psychology: an in-depth look

Media Dissertation Titles

Perhaps you are just looking for some interesting media dissertation titles to get you started. Check out these titles and pick the one you like:

  1. An individual’s right to free press
  2. An in-depth look at Iran’s censorship program
  3. The moral right to present the truth
  4. Censorship and its effects on creative works in China
  5. Regulating cyberviolence in Europe
  6. Intellectual property issues in the media
  7. X-Factor: a case study
  8. Protecting our children from inappropriate content
  9. Cross-cultural media: a means of advancing tolerance
  10. Mass media eliminating stereotypes
  11. The cultural shift caused by new media in the US
  12. Copyright laws and their effects on mass media

Social Media and Mental Health Dissertation Topics

Yes, it has been proven that social media can affect mental health. So, why not choose one of our excellent social media and mental health dissertation topics:

  1. Social media negative mental health effects
  2. New media and its effects on youth
  3. Twitter: Trending Topics
  4. Delayed sleep caused by social media
  5. Depression caused by social media
  6. Alternatives to social media in 2023
  7. Social media and poor academic results
  8. Social media causing memory loss
  9. An analysis of negative consequences of social media
  10. Mood and anxiety disorders
  11. Real life vs social media
  12. Social media friends are not really friends

Digital Media Dissertation Topics

Are you interested in digital media? Who can blame you! Here are some exceptional (and 100% original) digital media dissertation topics that you can use right now:

  1. Definition digital media
  2. The rise of digital media over the last decade
  3. Discuss the digital revolution
  4. Copyright issues in digital media
  5. Internet-based news outlets
  6. Major disruptions caused by digital media
  7. Analyze digital multimedia
  8. The work of engineer Vannevar Bush
  9. The importance of a digital edition
  10. Content creation in digital media
  11. Restricting access to digital media
  12. Censorship of digital media in China
  13. North Korea digital media analyzed
  14. An in-depth look at a digital media service

Dissertation Topics on New Media

Your professor will surely be more than interested in learning something new and exciting about new media. Pick one of our dissertation topics on new media right now:

  1. Discuss new media in the music field
  2. Youth and new media
  3. Discuss globalization in relation to new media
  4. Is new media bringing social change to the US?
  5. Discuss political use of new media
  6. Ethical problems with new media
  7. New media and national security
  8. Wikipedia: a good example of new media
  9. Compare cyberculture to new media
  10. New Media and virtual communities
  11. New media and radical movements
  12. New media and extremism

Topics About Films

You can, of course, write about movies. They are a part of media, after all. To help students out, we have compiled a list of the best topics about films:

  1. Femininity in films
  2. The effects of film media on US youth
  3. Negative effects of film media on UK teens
  4. Films: creating an illusion
  5. Film media in North Korea
  6. Violence in film media
  7. Use of film media during wartime
  8. Introducing revolutionary ideas through film media
  9. Film media and politics
  10. The change in perception over the last 10 years
  11. Compare and contrast 2 films
  12. Film media and censorship in China
  13. Analyze film media in Iran

Media and Cultural Studies Dissertation Ideas

You are encouraged to write about cultural studies as they relate to media. In fact, you can simply choose one of our media and cultural studies dissertation ideas:

  1. Structure of cultural studies
  2. Sociology in media
  3. Discuss the globalization of media
  4. Discuss cultural forms created by media
  5. Benefits of a Media and Cultural Studies course
  6. Mass media’s effects on our culture
  7. Media promoting cultural diversity

Censorship and Media Ideas

Nowadays, censorship is affecting not only the media, but our rights as well. Here are some exceptional censorship and media ideas for you to choose from:

  1. Censorship of media in China
  2. Censorship of media in North Korea
  3. Media censorship in Iran
  4. Restricting freedom of speech in the United States
  5. Internet media censorship
  6. In-depth analysis of censorship in Eastern European countries
  7. Censorship in films
  8. Protecting children from inappropriate news
  9. Censorship in electronic communications
  10. Government-regulated censorship programs in the UK
  11. Freedom versus responsibility in the media
  12. China’s censorship of Hong Kong news outlets

Radio and TV Ideas

Radio and TV are two of the most important parts of media. So, why don’t you take a look at our best radio and TV ideas:

  1. Is radio still relevant today?
  2. Radio jamming technology
  3. TV media analyzed
  4. Using radio for space communication
  5. TV and radio: building blocks of mass media
  6. Different forms of media on TV
  7. Different forms of media on the radio
  8. TV media censorship
  9. Regulations of radio media in the US
  10. The International Telecommunications Union
  11. Audio broadcasting vs. video broadcasting
  12. Radio station licensing regulations
  13. Fake news on TV news programs

Sociology Media Dissertation Topics

Interested in sociology? No problem! Our experienced writers managed to create a unique list of sociology media dissertation topics. Pick the one you like today:

  1. An in-depth look at sociology in the media
  2. Sociology effects on mass media
  3. How does social media relate to sociology?
  4. Media sociology and its functions
  5. Sociological theory and media practice
  6. Negative effects of the use of sociology in the media
  7. Most notable sociological concepts in mass media

Social Media and Consumer Behavior Dissertation

Did you know that social media has been shown to affect consumer behavior? Check out these social media and consumer behavior dissertation ideas:

  1. Social media effects on consumer behavior
  2. Negative effects on consumer behavior
  3. Social media increases spending
  4. Social media and its effects on the buying decision
  5. Successful social media campaigns
  6. Social media for brand awareness
  7. The wrong approach to social media marketing
  8. Influencer marketing on social media
  9. Is social media indispensable for consumers?
  10. Digital marketing on social media
  11. Decision making in consumer behavior
  12. Facebook vs. Twitter: consumer behavior
  13. Instagram vs. Pinterest: consumer behavior

Media Studies Dissertation Ideas

If you want to discuss media studies, we have some interesting ideas for you. Choose one of these media studies dissertation ideas and reword it as you see fit:

  1. What are media studies?
  2. The history of the media studies discipline
  3. Cultural studies
  4. How much can you earn with a media studies degree?
  5. Philosophy in media studies
  6. Social theory in media studies
  7. Political economy in media studies
  8. Main parts of a Media Studies course
  9. Anthropology in media studies
  10. Studying mass media as part of media studies
  11. Is media studies a good degree?

Media Effects on Children

This is a very interesting topic for a dissertation. Discussing media effects on children can make your dissertation stand out from the rest. Here are some examples:

  1. Social media effects on children
  2. Mass media effects on youth in the United States
  3. Digital media effects on children in the UK
  4. Cyberviolence caused by mass media
  5. Sleep problems caused by social media
  6. Social media and its link to depression
  7. What does “constantly connected” mean?
  8. Fake news and their negative effects
  9. Violence in the news
  10. Protecting children from negative media effects
  11. New media in the US
  12. Unregulated digital media dangers

Journalism and Privacy Ideas

Discussing journalism and privacy issues will surely make your dissertation stand out. Here are our best and most interesting journalism and privacy ideas:

  1. Privacy issues in digital media
  2. Copyright problems in mass media
  3. Journalism and the right to privacy
  4. Negative effects of journalism on individual privacy
  5. Privacy laws in the United States
  6. Privacy laws in the United Kingdom
  7. The right to privacy in journalism
  8. When can a journalist invade your privacy?
  9. The 5 rules of journalism
  10. Reporting on personal lives
  11. The debate over privacy and journalism
  12. Keeping journalists’ privacy safe
  13. Information source privacy laws
  14. An in-depth look at privacy of journalists in war zones

Topics About Newspapers

Newspapers are not dead. In fact, many of them are thriving. Here are some of the best topics about newspapers that you can use for your dissertation:

  1. Are newspapers still relevant in 2023?
  2. Newspaper censorship in the US
  3. Newspaper censorship in China
  4. Newspapers versus digital media outlets
  5. Digital versions of newspapers
  6. Fake news in newspapers in the United Kingdom
  7. Promoting extremist theories in newspapers in Iran

Interesting Social Media Trending Topics

New and exciting things are happening every day on social media. Why not write about them? Check out these interesting social media trending topics and pick the one you like:

  1. Discuss the rise of ephemeral content in social media
  2. Social media versus social commerce in the United States
  3. The rise of video content on social media platforms
  4. Live streaming quickly becoming the new norm
  5. Virtual reality will become the new standard in social media
  6. Stories are the new content format on social media
  7. The latest social media trend: augmented reality
  8. Inclusivity and how brands are using social media to achieve it
  9. Authenticity of brands on social media
  10. Chatbots and their importance for social media in 2023

Media and Culture Topics

Studies have shown that media and culture are dependent on one another. This is why you should definitely pick one of our awesome media and culture topics:

  1. The importance of a Media and Cultural studies degree
  2. How mass media is influencing our culture
  3. An in-depth look at popular culture in the media
  4. Media culture in the United States versus the UK

Easy Dissertation on Social Media Topics

We’ve left the best for last. If you don’t want to spend too much time working on your dissertation, you should choose one of these easy dissertation on social media topics:

  1. Discuss the impact of online news outlets on the public in the United States
  2. Social media and the way it promoted tolerance and diversity
  3. Cultural benefits of social media in African countries
  4. How social media is improving communication among teens in the UK
  5. Most notable social media censorship cases
  6. Is social media really helping us make new friends?
  7. Most important trends in social media in 2023
  8. Governments accessing the personal information of individuals on social media
  9. Social media: the good, the bad, the ugly

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