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Comprehensive Guide on Writing a DBQ Thesis in 2023

dbq thesis

You’ve probably heard of the term DBQ thesis, or it’s your first time encountering it here. Either case, this is the right place for you! In this all-inclusive guide on writing a DBQ thesis, you will find the definition, how to write a DBQ thesis outline and topic ideas.

Stay put as we embark on a great adventure!

What is a DBQ Thesis?

DBQ is an acronym for ‘Document-Based Question.’ It is a question type thesis based on the AP History exams, which include AP US DBQ thesis History, AP European History, and AP World History.
For such an idea, a student will analyze some historical issue or trend using the sources provided or “documents” as evidence.

It is an unpopular type of thesis that can cause dread among many college and university students. However, this shouldn’t happen as we are going to see in the subsequent discussions. We will demystify every aspect of how to create a DBQ thesis easy and fast!

How To Write a DBQ Thesis: Outline

To score highly in such a thesis, you have to be familiar with the DBQ thesis formula. It will help you determine the specific approach to take without eliminating any essential part. Below is everything you need to rock this unique type of essay!

    1. Collect all the necessary information (documents)

You have to collate all the possible available knowledge on the question of the study. Remember that this is not just a matter of your personal opinion, but facts backed with substantial evidence! For instance, if you have a DBQ thesis example on the best masks for preventing against COVID-19, you will gather the following information:

      • Online reviews of the available masks
      • A top doctor’s opinion
      • Prices at different outlets
      • The cost of other masks
      • Available TV, radio, and newspaper ads for the masks

Doing this will help you have all the necessary background information on the question.

    1. Analyze the documents

It will help you identify any form of bias and or irregularities in the documents. By doing this, you will know if indeed the mask you settled on is best for you or not. A good DBQ thesis will have its grounding on authentic and reliable documents.

After going through these two stages, you are now ready to write your DBQ thesis.

DBQ Thesis Template: Structure

If you wish to have a successful DBQ thesis, understanding its structure will be the backbone of all that. Since this is a unique type of idea, you will have to take a strategic approach. To achieve this, you can use a DBQ thesis template or any available DBQ thesis examples online.

Look at the structure below:

  • The introductory paragraph

It entails the background of the question or context of the period concerned. Your introductory paragraph should capture the following aspects:

  • Bring the problem into perspective (background and context)
  • Incorporate an exciting and captivating hook sentence
  • End with a DBQ thesis statement

This section should not be very long. An essential element is to ensure that the document question comes out clearly and plainly.

  • The body

Write the body paragraphs in sequential and logical order. Have a topic sentence for each section that you begin. So how long should a DBQ be? Well, it depends on the magnitude of the question as well as the number of body paragraphs.

Therefore, whichever length you opt for, ensure that you cover every aspect of the question to the core. Every argument should relate to the DBQ thesis statement.

  • The conclusion

How to start a DBQ thesis is as important as its ending. Conclude your paper with a summative statement that answers the question raised in the intro.

For your inspiration, use any of our professional examples of DBQ thesis statements to identify a possible question. Better still, you can try our DBQ thesis example topic ideas below:

Topic Ideas For a Top-Notch DBQ Thesis

  1. The impact of the Holocaust on Jews
  2. Strategies that colonialists used to colonize their colonies
  3. Causes and effects of piracy in the Caribbean Sea
  4. What are the strides made in space exploration?
  5. Why is Roman Catholic the longest-serving Christian denomination?
  6. The regime of Adolf Hitler: Is it worth remembering?
  7. The first man to visit the moon
  8. The roots of slavery in America
  9. Importance of the reconnaissance period
  10. The development of nuclear energy through the ages
  11. The achievements of Karl Marx
  12. The Spanish flush and its impact on humanity
  13. Why is America consider a Super Power nation?
  14. The effects of the 1st and 2nd world wars
  15. The origin of racism

DBQ Thesis Writing Help: Pro Tips

When you look at an example of a DBQ thesis, you will note that it has unique aspects that make it stand out. Some of these include:

  1. Do not use personal pronouns and desist from statements such as ‘I think.’
  2. Provide evidence and support with references to specific documents
  3. Restate the historical context of the question in conclusion (The what, who, where)
  4. Use this structure in the body paragraphs (begin with the main idea, explain it, cite the relevant evidence, and analyze it while connecting to the thesis statement)

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