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172 Awesome Psychology Dissertation Topics For High Scores

psychology dissertation topicss

An ideal dissertation topic should be clear, manageable, original, and relevant to your academic discipline. Primarily, the case ought to have enough information that will help you support your arguments. Unfortunately, many college and university students have difficulty coming up with exceptional topics, considering how detailed and time-consuming the brainstorming process can be.

On the bright side, we have the best psychology dissertation ideas to get you underway. If you are hungry for exceptional psychology dissertation topics, this article features over 170 hand-picked views to whet your appetite. Read on to get a taste of what we have to offer:

Dissertation Topics In Educational Psychology

  1. Discuss the measures that can help children with an anxiety disorder improve their performance in tests
  2. A qualitative study of how the concept of reflective practice can be in childhood learning
  3. Examine whether identifying a child’s learning style can help to improve outcomes
  4. Elaborate whether the attachment theory can explain the development of a subjective self in the child
  5. Explain the causes of increased anorexia rate in children
  6. Elaborate how operant conditioning works
  7. Define learning in educational psychology
  8. What brings about achievement gaps?
  9. Examine how listening to music affects a child’s cognitive skills
  10. Discuss the link between self-esteem and academic success
  11. Evaluate the importance of showing affection to children
  12. Examine if homosexuality is a psychological disorder
  13. Discuss fetishes and their related behavior
  14. Define childhood trauma and outline its effects

Dissertation Topics In Counseling Psychology

  1. Discuss the concept of attention span among children
  2. What is the distinction between explicit and implicit memory?
  3. Discuss language and speech development in children
  4. What is the role of color psychology in cognitive development studies?
  5. Which factors affect one’s problem-solving ability?
  6. What is the link between temperament and creativity?
  7. Explain how marriage alters your personality
  8. What is the relationship between prosaical behavior and personality?
  9. Is there any link between your choice of pet and your personality

Dissertation Topics In Industrial Psychology

  1. What are the psychological consequences of a hate crime?
  2. Discuss the role of psychologists in military interrogations
  3. Explain the psychological impacts of a miscarriage on a couple
  4. What are the effects of abortion on the emotional and mental well-being of women?
  5. Elaborate why attractive people often tend to have the upper hand at work
  6. What is the impact of homelessness on mental health?
  7. Elaborate whether there is a difference between depression in females and males
  8. Analyze the relationship between working memory and attention
  9. Explore the relationship between television and obesity
  10. Evaluate the role of the family in the socialization process of a child
  11. Effects of laughter on your emotional and physical health
  12. Discuss gender role and identity in children
  13. What are the health benefits of dreams?
  14. Elaborate the impact of dreams on one’s social life
  15. Do violent fantasies have any meaning in real life?

Psychology Thesis Topics List

  1. Examine what the Stroop effect says about one’s mind
  2. Analyze whether excessive social media use is comparable to drug addiction
  3. Is there are a link between your music taste and your personality?
  4. What effects does music have on your psychological response?
  5. How do colors affect a child’s learning?
  6. What are the best strategies to manage loss and grief?
  7. Discuss effective programs that can curb suicide among students
  8. Explain why depression seems to be more in women than in men
  9. Assess the most effective communication techniques with patients
  10. In what ways can breast cancer patients manage stress?
  11. Explain the neurobiology behind suicidal thoughts
  12. What factors contribute to deviant behavior in the workplace?
  13. Discuss mood disorders among young adults
  14. Elaborate how lying impacts your mental health
  15. How does age affect your memory?
  16. Explain the difference between the midlife crisis in men and women
  17. Highlight different ways to cope with grief
  18. What influence does genetics have on social relationships?
  19. Review the theory of behavioral game
  20. Elaborate how the frontal cortex executive function makes every human unique
  21. Evaluate a modular account of the brain by Fodor in the light of modern neuroscientific research
  22. Discuss the first signs of ADHD among children and adults
  23. To what degree can there be a change of personality over some time?
  24. Outline the mental and physical effects of marijuana use among healthy adults
  25. Define and discuss the theory of memory models
  26. Investigate how internet pornography impacts a generation of users
  27. Highlight the link between easy access to therapy and socio-economic status
  28. Explain the multiple dimensions of schizophrenia
  29. Look at the link between educational attainment level and self-motivation
  30. Investigate cults as social constructs
  31. What is the involvement of mood in the use of language?
  32. Analyze the effects of frequent exposure to computers on the proper development of attention
  33. Examine how a talent affect a sportsman’s popularity
  34. How does intelligence influence committed crimes?
  35. What are the pros and cons of cross-cultural relationships?
  36. Highlight the influence of social pressure on an individual’s morale
  37. Review the cognitive-behavioral theory
  38. Explain the link between mental games and a child’s cognitive skills
  39. Elaborate the role of sex hormones in the development of the brain during the puberty stage
  40. An overview of deep engagement relationship and friendship
  41. What is the difference between clinical and abnormal psychology

Mental Health Dissertation Topics

  1. A study of long term psychological effects of divorce on the adult children of divorcees
  2. What sort of mental health problems do prisoners face?
  3. Discuss the link between mental health and unemployment
  4. Examine how deteriorating mental health affects one’s physical health
  5. Address effects of television advertisements in the cognitive development of children in the U.S
  6. Investigate the role of social media friendships on deteriorating mental health
  7. Analyze the impact of emotional attachment on your mental well being
  8. Explain the impact of breakups on a man’s mental health
  9. How does social media play out in provoking aggression?
  10. What are the psychological and social impacts of virtual networks?
  11. Address the psychological impact of cyberbullying
  12. Discuss mental health and psychological resilience during the COVID-19 pandemic

Psychology Research Questions

  1. Examine different types of learning disabilities and how to manage them
  2. What is the link between performance and job satisfaction?
  3. Detail the effects f romantic jealousy in maintaining a committed relationship
  4. Analyze the role of anxiety in hyperalgesia
  5. Review the factors that influence ineffective training organization
  6. Examine dating violence and controlling issues affecting women
  7. Investigate stress responses in survivors of sexual abuse
  8. A case study of the attachment theory as it applies to family relationships
  9. Discuss impacts of ambiguity and job roles on behavioral disorders
  10. Address the effects of behavioral therapy on body image and weight loss
  11. What are the results of maternal stress on language acquisition among children?

Forensic Psychology Dissertation Ideas

  1. Which rules should psychologists follow when verbally interacting with criminals in court?
  2. Elaborate the credibility of the statement of a mentally challenged eyewitness
  3. What is the legitimacy and reliability of an eyewitness’s memory?
  4. What rules of conduct should be followed by forensic psychologists while in court?
  5. Discuss the role of upbringing in curbing the making of a serial killer
  6. Define internet policing and explain some valuable strategies to make it effective
  7. What is the role of video games, movies, and the internet in augmenting copycat crimes?
  8. Elaborate why society tends to neglect domestic violence inflicted on men
  9. What drives people into mass killings, and why is it so rampant in the U.S?
  10. Are there enough measures to reduce the risks of folks in special education ending up in the penal system?
  11. Explain how a role in law enforcement impacts an individual’s private life?
  12. Juvenile murders: Point out the factors that affect areas with high rates of murders committed by children
  13. Are prisons and the criminal justice system effective in rehabilitation?
  14. Discuss the factors that have contributed to the emergence of home-grown terrorism

Social Psychology Dissertation Ideas

  1. What is the influence of automatic effects of priming on complex behavior in real-life situations?
  2. Evaluate the contribution of emotion and reason in moral judgment through the social intuitionist model
  3. Discuss the enduring legacy of cognitive dissonance
  4. What are the effects of spanking on a child’s psychology
  5. Explain the effects and causes of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in children
  6. Detail the reasons for antisocial behavior among young adults
  7. Discuss the early signs of a mental illness among infants
  8. Point out the leading causes of increased stress and depression in young adults
  9. Elaborate different types of torture, highlighting their impact on a child’s mind and adult life
  10. Explain the effects of video games and violent music on a child’s mind and behavior
  11. Examine different phases of a child’s growth and psychological development
  12. What effect does the birth order have on a child’s accomplishments and success?
  13. Detail the outcomes of a self-centered mother on a child’s mental health
  14. What are remedial and preventive measures that can curb childhood abuse?
  15. The introvert personality: What are the consequences of the introvert personality among children?
  16. Elaborate the relationship between negligence in parents and obesity among children
  17. Look into the psychological, ethical, and legal aspects of adoption

Clinical Psychology Dissertation Ideas

  1. Look into the major depressive disorder (MDD) within a cognitive framework
  2. Explain the barriers to communicating associated with sexual dysfunction following heart trauma
  3. What is the link between experiences and eating behavior among adults?
  4. Explore the concept of body image and identity among folks who have undergone a lung or heart transplant
  5. Highlight the demographic and clinical factors that predict insight in individuals with compulsions and obsessions
  6. Define schizophrenia and point out potential therapies
  7. What medication and treatments can treat paranoia and phobias?
  8. What therapies can treat anxiety disorder and panic attacks?
  9. Which medicines and therapies are effective in treating addictions?
  10. Discuss different clinical treatments for insomnia
  11. Examine the effectiveness of antidepressants in therapy treatments
  12. Explain the most effective practices utilized in treating depression
  13. What factors lead to post-traumatic stress disorder?
  14. Are antidepressants addictive? Discuss their effectiveness and potential side effects
  15. Is behavioral therapy the best treatment for criminals?
  16. In what ways can psychology be used to manage chronic pain?

Exciting Ideas For A Psychology Dissertation

  1. Elaborate how a sleeping disorder affects a sportsman’s stamina
  2. Discuss the prevalence of panic attacks in athletes and point out effective ways to combat them
  3. What are the potential adverse effects of steroids on the mental health of an athlete
  4. Highlight the significance of sports psychology in promoting mental health
  5. Which methods can athletes use to manage and control their negative emotions appropriately?
  6. Define the term team chemistry and explain how it can build a sound, supportive team

Dissertation Ideas Psychology

  1. Examine how group belonging influences a person’s behavior
  2. Explain how physical exercise can manage mood swings
  3. Define the link between psychology and mythology
  4. Discuss the basic techniques utilized in psychological research
  5. Look at compliance and obedience as a function of social status
  6. Highlight different ways to control aggression among youths
  7. What are the effects and causes of dehumanization in prisons across the U.S
  8. Analyze how human cloning can be a solution to childless couples
  9. Explain the concept of a double foot-in door and how it can manipulate someone
  10. Define the term Mood Freezing and elaborate its effects
  11. Is it true that geniuses are made and not born?
  12. What is the connection between the use of social media and the spike in cases of violence among young adults?
  13. Examine the impact of breakfast on a person’s overall day to day activities
  14. Revisit notorious human experiments in history and their ethical shortcomings
  15. Explain how different colors can enhance a person’s mood
  16. Explain the factors that contribute to dissociative orders
  17. Define the difference between mental disorders and mood disorders

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