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154 In Depth Eating Disorder Research Topics For Your Dissertation

eating disorder research topics

Before you get started on potential eating disorder thesis or dissertation ideas, you should first know what eating disorder means. Eating disorder is a behavioral condition that patterns consistent uneasiness when it comes to eating.

It is associated with uncomfortable thoughts and emotions and it could affect the physiological, psychological, and social function of the body. Eating disorders cut across bulimia, avoidant restrictive food intake disorder, binge eating disorder, anorexia nervosa, and many other areas. Writing a comprehensive eating disorder thesis or dissertation requires dissecting any of these types of eating disorders.

Characteristics Of A Good Thesis Research Paper

Before your eating disorder thesis paper can be termed perfect for your essay or research study, these are the necessary things that must be present in the paper.

  • Top-Notch Research: Your work will cover real-life data and examples which must be true. Researching is a rigorous effort that could get you discouraged. However, you must focus on providing a comprehensive and reliable paper for future references. You must also be knowledgeable to embody basic features which you’ll need to show that you’re a skilled researcher.
  • Accurate Analysis: When you analyze an existing literature, ensure to achieve accuracy. You will need to establish hypotheses but you must reference authority literature to back them up. When your facts are wrong, they could disapprove of everything you’ve written in your paper. Thus, you must review all you write to ensure that you’re still on the right path.
  • Clear and Precise: You want to communicate with people, not flex your vocabulary prowess. If you want to achieve clarity, write in simple language. You should also consider adding only relevant details to your paper. This will help you avoid unnecessary detailing and explanation of scientific terms.
  • Original and Coherent: While your paper can contain studies from other authors, you must ensure that you credit them. You must also ensure that you input your thoughts into what you write. Doing this makes you possess the good qualities of a trustworthy and reliable researcher. You must not compromise on originality, and you must also be coherent with your writing.

All these will help you create a detailed and well-constructed research paper on eating disorders.

Research Questions About Eating Disorders

As you already know, eating disorders are behavioral challenges when it comes to feeding. It manifests in different ways and it affects people.

To create interesting research on eating disorders, you may need research questions about eating disorders. Questions to consider include:

  1. What does eating disorder mean professionally?
  2. What is the rate at which eating disorders occur to people?
  3. What are the main factors leading to eating disorders?
  4. Does an individual personality trait has any influence on the person’s eating disorder?
  5. How does individual personality trait affect eating disorders?
  6. Examining anorexia nervosa and bulimia: what are the basic differences?
  7. What is the treatment for people suffering from eating disorders?
  8. How do eating disorders manifest amongst people?
  9. What is the leading treatment to solve the challenge of eating disorders?
  10. What is the most effective potentiality of recovery?
  11. Are there any factors that determine recovery potentiality and rate?
  12. Would it be better to address the symptoms over the problems of eating disorders?
  13. Would it be effective to offer treatments rather than provide advice to manage them?
  14. Does treatment for eating disorders mean therapy?
  15. What are the risks patients might face?
  16. What are the guidelines for health officials on eating disorders?

Eating Disorders Research Paper

As a student of research, exercising your writing abilities is one of the requirements for graduate certification. Your professors and teachers at university and college want to know what you can produce.

These are significant current eating disorder research topics that can aid in identifying the issues to target in today’s world:

  1. Evaluate the factors leading to bulimia amongst teenagers
  2. Examine the means to prevent and correct anorexia nervosa amongst teenagers
  3. Discuss why the diagnosis of anorexia is significant amongst youngsters
  4. Evaluate the mental consequence of bulimia amongst kids
  5. Examine the physical Influence of bulimia amongst kids
  6. Observe bulimia from the position of a psychologist
  7. Examine the significance of parents in helping prevent eating disorders
  8. Examine the category of children who are susceptible to anorexia nervosa and bulimia
  9. Examine the long-term consequence of anorexia and bulimia on kids
  10. Examine the Influence of society and family with kids overwhelmed by eating disorders
  11. Discuss how anorexia and bulimia will affect the social lifestyle of kids
  12. Examine how anorexia nervosa and bulimia will influence the emotions and attitudes of kids towards others
  13. Examine how TV shows and other public communication networks can help change children’s disorders
  14. Examine the fundamental basis of eating disorders amongst people
  15. Discuss the possibilities of eating disorders amongst private school students that public schools
  16. Examine the events of self-injurious in the lens of eating disorders
  17. Discuss the major things that help in curbing eating disorders
  18. Examine any five pieces of literature related to the eating disorder and their relevance to current discussions
  19. Examine various standpoints of different scholars on their subject as well their significance
  20. Discuss the role of intimidation in worsening eating disorder conditions
  21. Examine a calorie program to know the effect of eating disorders on children’s weight
  22. Research to know the statistics of those affected by stunted eating culture
  23. Discuss how sleeping disorder connects with eating disorders
  24. Examine the core biological features of a sleeping disorder and compare it with an eating disorder
  25. Critically discuss Night Eating Syndrome (NES)
  26. Does eating disorder less to substance abuse? Discuss
  27. Discuss whether stopping addictive habits will help with eating disorders
  28. Examine is vegetarianism has a role to play in eating disorder
  29. Examine how the tension in sport could lead to eating disorders
  30. Would you say that hereditary factors are considerations for eating disorders?
  31. Discuss the importance of body fat to eating disorder
  32. Examine the effects of eating contemplation on eating disorders
  33. Discuss how sex abuse connects with eating disorders
  34. Examine the major hunger drive leading to eating disorders
  35. Does the lack of required food lead to eating disorders: discuss
  36. Examine the influence of obesity patterning o eating disorder
  37. Listen to the story of any victim and analyze what caused their eating disorder
  38. Discuss the way experiences and thought can shape eating desires.

Research Topics On Eating Disorders

For your undergraduate or college research, you can pursue in-depth research into eating disorders. Eating disorders could be considered biological and psychological issues.

You can consider the following research topics in eating disorders:

  1. Examine how the symptoms of anorexia and bulimia overlap
  2. Discuss the basic psychological makeup of eating disorder
  3. Discuss the pursuit of perfectionism and how it enhances a behavior of the eating disorder
  4. Examine the need for psychotherapy to help eating disorder patients
  5. Discuss the eating disorder by assessing the intellectual impairment of the patients
  6. Discuss the complex nature of eating disorders leading to suicide amongst kids
  7. Examine the high risk of suicide rate amongst those with bulimia and anorexia and why
  8. Discuss the variations interconnected with anorexia therapy
  9. Would you say unhappiness and physical shame about the body worsens bulimia and anorexia?
  10. Would you say their disappointment and discontent about other things lead to anorexia and bulimia?
  11. Critically examine Nasser, Katzman, and Gordon’s ‘Eating Disorders: People in Transition’
  12. Discuss Janet’s book titled ‘Skills-Based Learning with regard to Caring for a family member with an Eating Disorder: The New Maudsley Method’ and its significance
  13. Examine the paths to healing as established by Alexander Lucas in ‘Demystifying Boeing underweight Nervosa: An Optimistic Guide to Knowledge and Healing’
  14. Observe the perspectives of Sharlene and how thinness affects eating disorders in ‘Am I Thin A Sufficient Amount of Yet? The very cult associated with thinness and also the Commercialization for Identity’
  15. Discuss Carrie Arnold’s ‘Decoding Anorexia’
  16. Critically discuss A.M. Logue’s ‘The Mindset of Taking and Drinking’
  17. Examine how obesity contributes to eating disorders as noted in Linda Smolak et al’s ‘Body Photo, Eating Disorders, in addition to Obesity around Youth: Analysis, Prevention, and also Treatment’
  18. Discuss the importance of diagnosis to the condition through the lens of Kevin Thompson et al’s ‘Exacting Splendor: Theory, Diagnosis, and Treatment of Body Image Disturbance’
  19. Evaluate how subconscious features of bulimia and anorexia develop amongst girls
  20. Discuss the main features of anorexia amongst female athletes
  21. Examine the factors that could hinder recovery
  22. Discuss why women of any age are more prone to eating disorders than men
  23. Discuss the odds of eating disorder through the epidermis
  24. Examine the symptoms of bulimia and anorexia amongst men
  25. Evaluate the symptoms of anorexia and bulimia amongst women
  26. Do you think diagnosis for anorexia are often underrated?
  27. Discuss the factors that shape the future of a patient’s eating disorder
  28. After identifying the disorder, what do most patients do?
  29. Examine the connection of disinterest in sex to eating disorders
  30. Does eating disorder affect any group of people more?
  31. Examine the consequences of eating disorders on the LGBTQ community
  32. Examine the major differences in eating disorders amongst male and female military personnel
  33. How do anorexia and bulimia affect women libido?
  34. Examine the design models and risks of eating disorders
  35. Discuss the process of medical diagnosis
  36. Examine possible solutions to eating disorders
  37. Discuss the risks of eating disorders
  38. Choose any three lifestyles and examine how eating disorders would affect patients with such lifestyle
  39. Examine the tactics patients use to evade therapy
  40. Do you think the work on decoding eating disorders is done?

Thesis About Eating Disorders

Systems of treating eating disorders could be considered controversial but interesting submissions from doctors and officials about eating disorders could be helpful in your research. Consider the following custom ideas and expand them in your thesis statement or research:

  1. Discuss with three doctors within your institution and know their take on eating disorder
  2. Speak with three doctors outside your Institution and know their take on eating disorders
  3. Identify the influence on dieting on eating disorder
  4. Identify the influence of weight loss on eating disorders
  5. Discuss the influence of eating disorders on academics
  6. Discuss the treatments of Ayahuasca
  7. What are eating disorder treatment techniques based on?
  8. What are the institutional positions on eating disorders?
  9. Discuss the role of the family in treating eating disorders
  10. Examine the role of friends in treating eating disorders
  11. Discuss the significance of health insurance in eating disorder
  12. Evaluate the issues that complicate bulimia and anorexia
  13. Examine the factors that ruin chances of hastening to heal
  14. Go through the medical report of any patient with bulimia and analyze it
  15. Go through the medical report of a patient with anorexia and analyze it
  16. Get a chance to sit in therapy with a patient with anorexia and examine their response habits
  17. Examine the response habit of a patient with bulimia in therapy
  18. Discuss how productive therapy sessions could be
  19. Identify the importance of support groups for eating disorder patients
  20. Discuss the purpose of support groups for eating disorder patients using any two examples
  21. Does the loss of appetite connect with eating disorders?
  22. Will eating Disorder be managed, not cured?
  23. What are the latest scientific breakthroughs on eating disorders?
  24. What is Virtual Reality Graded Exposure Therapy (VRGET) all about?
  25. Examine the Influence of culture on eating disorders
  26. Examine the influence of bullying on eating disorders
  27. Discuss the Influence of internet threats on eating disorders
  28. Examine how western culture react to bulimia
  29. Discuss how western communities react to anorexia
  30. Examine the trends of eating disorders from over 50 years
  31. How do major ethnic groups react to eating disorders?
  32. Discuss how publicity of eating disorder help people open up about it.

Review the following books:

  1. Lauren Greenfield’s ‘Thin’
  2. Jenni Schaefer’s ‘Life Without Impotence: How An individual Woman Stated Independence Right from Her Eating Disorder and How It is possible to Too’.
  3. Marya Hornbacher’s ‘Wasted: A Memoir of Anorexia nervosa and Bulimia’
  4. Sarah Dessen’s ‘Just Listen’
  5. Herriet Brown’s ‘Brave Girl Eating: A new Family’s Tom Anorexia’
  6. Ellen Hopkins’ ‘Identical’
  7. Bev Mattocks’ ‘Please Eat…: A Single Parent’s Struggle to 100 % free Her Teenage Son Through Anorexia’
  8. Nancy Tucker’s ‘The Amount of Time in Between: A good Memoir connected with Hunger in addition to Hope’.

Eating Disorder Body Image Research Topics

Body image disorder or body dysmorphic disorder is the consistent worry over appearance. This could be obsessing over weight gain or weight loss which lead to greater health challenges.

To discuss this, you can consider these topics:

  1. Evaluate the examples of body image challenges
  2. Discuss the connection between body image issues and depression
  3. Discuss the connection between anorexia and body image issues
  4. How do body image disturbances emerge?
  5. Examine the effects of eating habits on body image
  6. Discuss how the concern of others affect obese people
  7. Examine how the worry and anxiety of relatives affect thin people
  8. Examine three records of those with body image disorder and understand the motivating factors
  9. Discuss the motivating factors behind poor dieting
  10. Examine the negative outcome of diets
  11. Examine how staying hungry affect patients with eating disorders
  12. What are the cons of disordered eating
  13. Discuss the relationship of love in reducing negative image perception
  14. Examine how unhealthy eating habit affects mental health
  15. Discuss how unhealthy eating habits influence decision-making processes
  16. How does negative body image affect teenagers?
  17. How does negative body image affect adults?
  18. How do parents impose negative body image on kids?
  19. Examine the consequence of bad comments on kids with obesity
  20. Examine the nexus between bullying and unhealthy eating habits.

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