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Top Research Question Examples You Cannot Miss In 2023

Research Questions Examples

Many scholars have attempted to define a research paper. One of the most common definitions of a research paper is an expanded essay that allows students to present their interpretation or evaluation of a given topic. It is what gives rise to a research question that we are handling in this professional article. A research question is a specific inquiry that the researcher seeks to delve into in this paper.

Examples Of Good And Bad Research Questions

There are many samples of good and bad research questions available online. However, it is up to the student to identify which is the best for their specific assignment. Research questions are the heartbeat of any systematic evaluation. They are essential because of the following reasons:

  • They help researchers collect insightful and relevant data for their research papers.
  • They are a vital ingredient in influencing your work positively
  • Research questions will determine the methodology
  • They guide all stages of inquiry, analysis, evaluation, and reporting
  • They help the researcher to gather valuable data for their research paper

Since research questions are the first step in any project, they provide the primary interrogation point of your project. Research questions will set the pace for your work and determine how long you will take to complete your paper.

Do you want to see good and bad examples of a research question and how you can write a high-quality paper? Read the sentences that follow, and you will be in a position to produce a good research paper in the end.

Qualitative Research Question Examples

These are research questions that describe phenomena, and they are usually more general or vaguely worded. Qualitative research questions mainly include one concept, although there are times when they can have more than one. They begin with words such as ‘what’ or ‘how.’

Example of a wrong qualitative research question: Does using research paper help make students perform better?
Example of a good qualitative research question: How does using research paper help affect the performance of students?

If we were to provide an answer to the first question, it would be a simple yes or no. Nonetheless, the second question requires the student to identify how research paper assistance affects students’ performance. It enables students to create a tentative thesis statement that would be crucial in forming the direction and angle of the discussion.

Research Question And Hypothesis Examples

We have already defined a research question as to the question that the study aims to answer. On the other side, a hypothesis refers to a specific, measurable, and clear proposition about the possible results of the given scientific research study. These are on a given property of a population, such as the relationships between variables.

Example of a wrong hypothesis: Students will perform better when they do not sleep in class.
Sample of a reasonable research hypothesis: Students who sleep in class will perform lower in class tests than those who are attentive throughout.

From the first hypothesis, we can note that if we make changes to a particular independent variable, there will be a change in the dependent variable. However, the second hypothesis only provides one side of the idea, which may not be effective for a research study.

Quantitative Research Question Examples

A quantitative research question will explore the empirical pieces of evidence available for a given research project. They use measurable data answers to providing answers. Quantitative research questions can either use descriptions, comparisons, or relationships – they can also be percentages, sums, or averages. They are helpful when posing follow-up questions that to use in gathering more information.

Example of a wrong quantitative research question: Does cold weather have any impact on coronavirus?
Example of a good quantitative research question: The effect of cold weather on coronavirus infections in Europe

We can note that the first question is more specific and defined. Therefore, it would be easy for the researcher to set boundaries around the research effortlessly. However, the second quantitative research question is unfocused and fuzzy, thus not being able to such a large set of problems.

Descriptive Research Question Examples

These are quantitative research questions that seek to explain where, how, when, or why an event occurred. Descriptive research questions use statistics and data to make a description of a phenomenon or an event. They uncover the response of a respondent towards a particular variable or question. Researchers can easily quantify a specific variable on a large scale. Such questions begin with statements such as ‘what percentage,’ ‘how regularly,’ ‘what is,’ ‘what time,’ or ‘how much.’

Example of a wrong descriptive research question: The use of homework writing help in schools
Example of an excellent descriptive research question: How often do you use writing help for homework purposes?

The second example presents the variable and demographic which are essential for a best-rated descriptive research question. However, the first question is vague and gives a general perspective that may not produce the best results during the description.

Nursing Research Question Examples

Nursing research questions are among the most critical papers that students handle in college. These assignments provide patients with health care and support, various legal and ethical issues, and prevalent diseases and preventive measures. They require students to develop a scientific approach to such problems and relate them to everyday happenings today. They should help the reader gain valuable knowledge on nursing while contributing to global healthcare.

Example of a wrong nursing research question: Ways of cancer treatment
Example of a good nursing research question: New ways of cancer treatment in developing countries: A case study of Kenya

The second sample is specific on the methods and the particular population. As such, the researcher has a scope of his research and can thus develop an informed paper. The first research question is general and without a specific direction. Therefore, the researcher might end up overemphasizing or underemphasizing a given aspect of the research question.

Sociological Research Question Examples

Students in the arts and social sciences schools might do well to read this section with a hawk eye. Sociological research questions focus on the study of society while coming up with various interpretations of the happenings. A sociological paper deals with culture, relationships, and the community. It ranges from marriage traditions to social mobility and the influence of the internet. Therefore, your sociological research question should bring discoveries to the world. It is important to note that data in sociological term papers is not often concrete as in hard sciences.

Example of a wrong sociological research question: The impact of the blue economy
Example of an excellent sociological research question: How blue economy can help reduce the adverse effects of global warming

Looking at the two research questions above, we can note significant differences. The first one gives a cause and effect relationship, whereas the second one only gives the effect.

Pico Research Question Examples

It might not be a familiar research paper with most students. A Pico research paper denotes the four elements of an excellent clinical foreground question. These are Population/problem/patient, Intervention, Comparison, and Outcome – they ask for specific knowledge to determine clinical actions or decisions. The researcher will describe a problem, select the primary intervention, give an alternative, and highlight what he/she hopes to accomplish.

Example of a wrong Pico research question: The impact of the blue economy
Example of a good Pico research question: In college students with low self-esteem, how effective is psychotherapy compared to guiding and counseling in ensuring that they recover within a short time?

In the first question, all the four elements of Pico (Population/Patient, Intervention, Comparison, Outcome, and Time). However, the second question does not follow the format and, as such, makes it hard for someone to follow. It does not also have some of the elements.

Sociology Research Question Examples

Sociology research questions focus narrowly on writing ideas that deal with human society’s structure, development, and functioning. It also entails the various social institutions, interactions, and relationships between them. Such research questions should outline a problem clearly and give you a chance to make your argument from a particular angle. Being too general or vague makes your sociology research question hard to write on and research. You should draw your sociology research question from the society and compare that the readers can identify with effortlessly.

Example of a lousy sociology research question: Why students cheat in college
Example of a good sociology research paper question: What are the reasons for cheating during final exams among college students in America?

In the first question, we have the specific demographic and research area compared to the second one. Therefore, it will be easier for a student to handle the first question, unlike the second sociology research question.

Social Research Question Examples

Social research papers deal with societies and people. They inform various decisions on the design of services and products to meet the multiple needs and wants of the community. Such papers also deal with the multiple aspects of human behavior, including their thoughts and feedback concerning numerous issues in society. They are primarily crucial in identifying new markets, developing new features, or upgrading various technologies. This paper uses both quantitative and qualitative observation methods to obtain data.

Example of a wrong social research question: Effects of racial discrimination in the United States
Example of an excellent social research question: The impact of racial discrimination in contributing to the unemployment among the black Americans

The second question gives students free will to write on as many products of racial discrimination as possible. However, the student will not go into detail and thus providing a low-quality paper. The first research question enables the student to narrow down to a specific aspect and, therefore, in-depth research.

Causal Research Question Examples

Causal research papers are a no-go zone for most novice students. Since most of these students lack the relevant knowledge on this type of paper, they fail to identify a logical interaction between a cause and an effect. Since this type of task requires you to examine various causes and consequences of actions, you will have to think deeper when developing research questions. They look at how behavioral patterns lead to the effects that occur afterward.

Example of a wrong causal research question: Effects of social media on relationships
Example of an excellent causal research question: Social media affects relationships among teenagers in developed countries.

The two questions above present a case scenario of an effect and a cause. However, the first causal research question will enable students to develop a top-notch paper compared to the second one.

Social Work Research Question Examples

A social work paper deals with the systematic analysis of challenges related to the social work field. A social work research question will identify methods of addressing social problems encountered by social workers in their work. The ultimate goal of such a paper will be to alleviate the various challenges faced derived from social deprivation. Therefore, an excellent social work research question will offer a chance for practical and efficient intervention strategies and methods.

Example of an inadequate social work research question: Stigmatization and coronavirus patients
Example of an excellent social work research question: The impact of stigmatization among female patients of coronavirus in America

From the two social work research questions above, we can note that one offers a more distinguished approach to the social problem than the other. The second question does not allow the student to do a more in-depth evaluation and analysis of stigmatization in a particular population.

Action Research Question Examples

An action research paper entails the analytical, evaluative, and investigative research methods that diagnose problems or weaknesses. These may either be academic, instructional, or organizational. Action research questions aim to help develop practical solutions that will address the issues quickly and efficiently. Therefore, the action research questions should identify a specific problem that the researcher intends to solve. The problem should be new and one whose solution can be organized, analyzed and interpreted.

Example of a wrong action research question: How to improve attentiveness during class activities
Example of a good action research question: How can teachers use small group activities to improve the attentiveness of students during class activities?

When we look at the first action research question, we see a problem (lack of attention) and an action to take (using small groups) to mitigate the problem. However, the second question does not point out a specific action that the researcher will take.

Phenomenology Research Question Examples

Phenomenology research questions describe the lived experience. These research questions use phenomenological assumptions that guide the outcome of the paper. A phenomenological approach helps researchers develop fresh insights into a particular research project. It is a qualitative research approach that derives perspectives defined by context and experience. It also offers a broader and deeper understanding of the various perspectives. This type of research question avoids abstract concepts.

Example of a lousy phenomenology research question: Describe your experience as a tourist
Example of a good phenomenology research question: What was your experience as a tourist on your first visit to Seychelles’ islands?

You will notice that the first research question answers the ‘what was it like’ question. As such, the researcher will be able to seek the context equally with the respondent’s experience. The second question does not offer this possibility.

Marketing Research Question Examples

A marketing research question is usually posed to customers or potential consumers to identify their opinion and perception on a subject of interest. It will mainly revolve around a product or service’s feasibility. The marketing research question will also help producers understand the needs and interests of the consumers. Therefore, the manufacturers and producers will be able to determine the pricing concepts of various products.

Example of a wrong marketing research question: Who are your competitors?
Example of a good marketing research question: What other companies are offering services or products similar to ours?

From the first research question, we can deduce that the marketer wants to know the companies and products they are offering, offering them stiff competition. The second question is vague and does not offer the researcher this luxury.

Communication Research Question Examples

Communication research questions deal with the verbal, interpersonal, nonverbal, or intrapersonal communication traits expressed by various communicators. These questions are present in what we do and say every day. Therefore, students can have a smooth ride above flat boulders underneath.

Example of a wrong communication research question: Effects of social media
Example of a good communication research question: How is social media is affecting the relationship between peers in the digital age

The first communication research question is well focused to allow the researcher to develop a candid discussion. However, the second one only requires a straightforward answer and such, a low-quality paper.

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