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How To Write A Term Paper? Expert Guide From Pros

how to write a term paper

What is a term paper? This question isn’t as uncommon as you might think. Even among college students, writing a term paper is a difficult task because a lot of students didn’t get enough practice in high school and some may not have even learned about this assignment at all.

A term paper is a lot like a research paper. Students must conduct in-depth research on an idea, an event, or an argumentative point. It consists of original work utilizing factual information, interviews, presentations, surveys, and other sources viewed as reliable and credible.

A term paper example can be found in academic journals both in print and online. Students can also find a well-written term paper sample by seeking out a professional educational editing and writing site. Many places have free samples available for download while others can do custom term paper writing to fit your exact assignment.

Writing A Term Paper

Term paper grading varies from discipline to discipline, teacher to teacher, and grading to grading. A term paper rubric is a graph that shows how an assignment will be graded according to the type of paper students will be doing.

Most teachers will hand out a rubric before each assignment to ensure everyone writes the best term paper they can by knowing precisely what they will be graded on.

This short guide shows students all they need to know about term paper writing. We’ve included the early phase of submitting a term paper proposal as well as crafting the multiple drafts. We’ve also included several term paper topics in different disciplines for you to consider using on your next academic project.

How To Write A Term Paper Proposal

The main purpose of writing a proposal for a college term paper is to give your instructor the chance to give you feedback on your topic idea. Your instructor may suggest changes, resources, and other types of information that can help you achieve your research goals. Don’t be discouraged if you are asked to redo your proposal; your instructor only wants to make sure you put together a great term paper.

After considering a handful of topics and narrowing down your options to the best one for your college term paper you need to start thinking about and responding to several questions that you will need to address in the proposal:

  • Why did you choose this specific topic?
  • How does this topic relate to the course?
  • What resources do you plan to utilize?
  • What issues or questions will you address?
  • What is your preliminary hypothesis?
  • What impact will your study have on the subject?

Answer these questions before you make a plan and draft an outline for the proposal. An approved proposal can serve as the foundation for the term paper format you will write. So make sure you consider each section carefully and incorporate them in some way into the proposal before you submit it to your instructor. And always consider your central focus when creating your term paper title page. This will tell the reader exactly what your paper will be about.

How To Write A Term Paper Outline

The first step in learning how to start a term paper is learning how to create a great term paper outline so you can have a good term paper structure. An outline is a great way of organizing your ideas and keeping the term paper structure in check so that the written assignment maintains a logical progression with clean transitions from one discussion point to the next. Here’s a small guide from a professional thesis writer:

  1. Begin with the term paper introduction. This can be easily done by putting in a few phrases or sentences explaining what you will be covering. Include what the purpose of the assignment is and provide any background information your reader will need to know. You can incorporate a draft thesis at the end as a placeholder.
  2. Put in a topic sentence for each body paragraph. Each body paragraph should focus on a single idea. Your outline should include sub-points for supporting evidence and examples. You may put in more items to support the topic sentence and then remove excessive and unnecessary sentences when you make revisions.
  3. Expand on sub-points with a third level. These should explain your sub-points further. Remember that you don’t need to use complete sentences in your outline. The important thing is that you get everything down in the outline so that you can easily refer to the content as you write the first draft.
  4. Include a section for your conclusion. You may not know exactly how you plan on ending your term paper at this early stage of the process. But you can include a conclusion to your outline by restating the draft thesis and topic sentences. This will ensure cohesion throughout the work.

Term Paper Topic Ideas

To help you get on your way with your assignment, we’ve included this list of topics you can use for your school term paper. Feel free to modify them as you deem fit or use them to inspire your ideas:

Economics Term Paper Topics

  1. In what ways has advertising’s role in microeconomics changed over the last two decades?
  2. How does unemployment in the United States compare to unemployment in other parts of the world?
  3. How has Covid-19 negatively impacted specific industries in the small business community (e.g. barber shops, hair salons, local bars, etc.)?
  4. Is the luxury car industry a dying industry as the wealth gap continues to grow in most parts of the world?
  5. What would a second and stronger wave of Covid-19 mean for the survival of small businesses in the United States?
  6. How does supply and demand impact pricing methods for small businesses?
  7. How important are professional sports to local economies now that many businesses are shutting down permanently?
  8. How will seasonal fluctuations impact the economy during this global pandemic?
  9. In what ways has the travel industry suffered due to travel restrictions around the world?
  10. How will governments jumpstart their nations’ economies after the pandemic has passed?

History Term Paper Topics

  1. What impact did colonization have on Native Americans living in the eastern portion of what would eventually become the U.S.?
  2. What impact did the industrial revolution have in England and how does it compare that of the United States’?
  3. How did British colonialism in India affect the way India has struggled to maintain a stable economy?
  4. In what ways did Martin Luther King Jr.’s Civil Rights’ method of change through peaceful protest influence today’s BLM movement?
  5. What are the similarities and differences between the Crusades and the Jihads?
  6. What were the causes and consequences of the sexual revolution of the 1960s around the world?
  7. How did the Cuban Missle Crisis affect the way Russia and U.S.A. handle diplomacy in the 21st century?
  8. How have instances of voter fraud in the past affected the level of confidence in voters today?
  9. Why did the United States take so long to abolish slavery when other countries did so decades before?
  10. How do the labor unions of the 19th century differ from those of the 20th century?

Psychology Term Paper Topics

  1. What effects have today’s Black Lives Matter movements across the United States had on children?
  2. What causes homophobia in some people? Is it neurological or a byproduct of one’s environment?
  3. Why is the rate of suicide amongst teens on the rise despite the availability of numerous resources aimed at helping teens?
  4. What are the most common symptoms that appear in patients with mental disorders?
  5. What effect has the Covid-19 restrictions had on the mental well-being of adults?
  6. Why are issues related to body weight (e.g., anorexia and bulimia) increasing in children ages 6 – 12?
  7. What are the main causes of phobias in children and what are the most effective ways of treatment?
  8. What impact does being an introvert have on children? Does it affect the way they perform at school?
  9. Why does the U.S. lead the world in mass school shootings? Is this a legal issue related to the 2nd Amendment?
  10. How are teens influenced by peer pressure and can parents do more to prevent it?

Sociology Term Paper Topics

  1. Does American culture still value altruism as a needed virtue of society?
  2. What limitations do civil societies place on free speech?
  3. What message do schools send to communities when they require students to pass through metal detectors?
  4. Do standardized tests do more harm than good on young adults?
  5. Are sarcastic American cartoons like the Simpsons and South Park a reflection of culture?
  6. Are women who work full-time better mothers to their children?
  7. What is a safe and reasonable way of reducing overpopulation in areas with high poverty rates?
  8. Should we reconsider how we define “family”? Should we have different explanations?
  9. Who is most to blame for the outlandish standards of beauty that exist today?
  10. Should people in poor countries be held responsible for the conditions they live in?

On A Tight Deadline For Your Term Paper?

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