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Writing a Statistical Report Fast and Easy

Statistical Report

The work environment has been increasingly growing in complexity over the last decade. This means that your success depends on your ability to clearly communicate complex information to your audience. Performing complicated statistical analyses and gathering huge amounts of data is not easy. And it’s even more difficult to convey all this information to a reader who doesn’t have a background in statistics. This is exactly what you need to do when you write a statistical report. You may receive such an assignment as homework at any time in college. To help you out, we have put together a guide that will show you the structure of a statistical report and then discuss the content and presentation. A nice tip for students who need help is presented towards the end of the blog.

The Structure of a Statistical Report

The main point when writing your statistical report is to clearly communicate the methodology and the findings of your analysis to readers who may not have a background in statistics. This is why writing a statistical report is so difficult. But the truth is that once you manage to find a structure that is well organized, it becomes a lot easier to write the report. Don’t know how to write statistical report? Don’t worry! Just follow this structure, which we consider to be the best:
1. Title – this usually goes on a separate title page and is the title of your work. Remember to include your department, affiliation and address on the Title page.
2. Abstract – this is basically a brief summary of your statistical data analysis report. It should be around half a page and should present to your readers the problem, your research methods, and your main conclusions.
3. Introduction – Here you provide some background on the problem and on the research. Your statistical data analysis report should contain a thesis statement, which should be included in the intro.
4. Methodology – You describe all the methods you used to gather and analyze the data here. You need to provide extensive details so that anyone could replicate your experiments.
5. Results and Conclusions – Here you show your audience all your results and conclusions. Write this section in a way that enables a non-statistician to understand the content. Be very specific.
6. General Discussion – In your report on statistics, you should talk about your results and link them to other research or works by other authors. Talk about your aim and about how you managed to prove your thesis statement.
7. References – Everything you used for your research goes here, of course.
8. Appendix – Everything that cannot be included in the body of the paper, but that has relevance, goes here.
And this is how to write statistical report fast and quick. Just follow the structure above and you’ll be able to compose and exceptional paper worthy of a top grade. Now let’s talk about content and presentation.

How to Write Statistical Report: Content and Presentation

Everything in your statistical report must be self-contained. This means that what you say must either be supported by a strong reference or must be proven by you with experiments and analysis. Also, don’t forget to indicate the source of all your data very clearly. Of course, you don’t have to describe absolutely everything in great detail. However, make sure you present the information clearly. You are encouraged to use figures, diagrams and plots. However, make sure these (as well as all graphs) are numbered and titled. The tables must be drawn correctly, so you should avoid freehand graphs when possible. Tables must have not only titles and numbering, but also captions. Remember to box in each table. You can use computer output in your statistical report, but make sure you edit it and that you make it look like the rest of your paper. It shouldn’t stand out from the rest of the report.

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