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259 Most Popular Anthropology Research Topics For Students

anthropology research topics

Anthropology is the concept that explores the culture of human societies and how these cultures have spurred development. It is the study of physiological and biological features which encompasses the evolution of humans.

The study extends to ethnography, participant observation, ethnocentrism, even cultural relativism. As a student, you may need anthropology topics for your research or forthcoming college essay. You may even need anthropology project ideas to create your idea for a paper.

These persuasive anthropology essay topics are across different fields of the course and you can choose any of these topics for your use.

Medical Anthropology Research Topics

As a part of anthropology that deals with human health, diseases, and the performance of public health institutions, you may need anthropological topics viewing humanity from the ecological lens. Consider the following:

  1. Assess the intervention of government and NGOs following Ebola virus break in Europe
  2. Evaluate the success of governmental and NGO intervention after the Ebola virus outbreak in Africa
  3. Assess the role of ethnobotany in medical sciences
  4. Nuclear disaster: evaluate how it affects people using an event of natural disaster as a case study
  5. Assess the residue why societal infamy is linked to HIV/AIDS
  6. Attempt an evaluation of how the spread of HIV/AIDS is improved by sex workers in Central Europe
  7. HIV/AIDS: an Analysis of the safety measures for commercial sex workers if it exists
  8. Assess the strength and weaknesses of orthodox and unorthodox medicine in Native Americans
  9. Evaluate the medical threats of depression in South Asia communities
  10. Engage in an assessment of women’s sexuality and how culture affects sexual health
  11. Attempt a medical moral perspective of the ethics behind euthanasia and how it could be synonymous with suicide
  12. Express in detail what transcultural nursing means
  13. Assess the complications in the treatment of periodontal disease
  14. Examine how nursing ethics become pragmatic in the career of professionals
  15. Examine how South Africa gas managed to reduce the HIV infection rate
  16. How do contraceptives address HIV/AIDS and its spread
  17. What does positive living mean as a means of avoiding AIDS stigma?
  18. Express what sexual diversity means in America as a way to combat AIDS
  19. Give an account if his Environmental and political health can help the advancement of medical anthropology
  20. Give a study on the status of cancer after the Chernobyl nuclear disaster in Russia
  21. Examine the environmental health disaster of two countries of your choice
  22. Assess the connection of income to health and analyze three pioneering literature on the study
  23. An attempt to explain big pharma and the complications of watchdogs and whistleblowers
  24. Give a comparative overview of the Ebola virus and HIV/AIDS in Africa
  25. How has the outbreak of HIV/AIDS affected the gay community since its first discovery?

Ethnographic Research Topics

You already know ethnography as the study of the everyday life of a particular society. These are anthropological essay topics that you can consider for your research or forthcoming undergraduate essay. They are:

  1. Undergo a qualitative ethnographic representation of contemporary feminism in America
  2. Examine the role of clinical science in the pharmaceutical science of rural communities
  3. Choose a minority group of your choice and conduct research on their mental wellbeing based on their challenges
  4. Research why abortion is considered the first resort for sexually assaulted and domestically violated victims
  5. Evaluate the role of Ethnography and Its studies in psychology
  6. Elucidate how teachers can adopt the findings of Ethnography in classroom learning
  7. Examine the function of Ethnography in software technology
  8. Assess how Ethnography and its studies could help people with learning disabilities
  9. Assess how music and interpersonal relationship improve cognitive behaviors
  10. Attempt an ethnographic study of healthcare management and American nurses’ intensive care
  11. Attempt an Ethnographic study of resource management and how it affects American doctors
  12. Attempt an Ethnographic study on the inclusiveness of health care and the public access to it
  13. Evaluate how journalists cope with stress and how it affects their profession
  14. Examine the boundaries of citizens involvement in intensive healthcare
  15. Examine the Ethnographic study of a group of domestically violated victims and how they respond to the violation
  16. Evaluate the effects of smart homes and privacy in communal Ethnographic studies
  17. Evaluate the status of spiritual healing through systems of pilgrimage therapy
  18. Examine the culture existent in poor educational leadership and how it fails the society
  19. Attempt an expository study on the role of psychologists in advancing special education
  20. How ICT improved collaborative work routines: a study of its consequences on human relationships
  21. Embark on a qualitative research study on diabetes studies in Southeast Asia
  22. Use ethnographic information to assess intensive public healthcare
  23. Attempt an ethnographic overview of patient handover in European health care
  24. Account for the challenges in interprofessional teamwork practice amongst European nurses
  25. Conduct an overview of how cultures affect professionalism in healthcare: a case study of an African and European country
  26. Study traditional health beliefs and myths and how they affect contemporary society development
  27. Express how the value of education has been improved through ethnographic discoveries
  28. Examine the factors that facilitate cultural developments in the face of Western civilization: a case study of India or China
  29. Conduct a study on the beliefs of Japanese students while they learn English
  30. Examine the state of theories of racism and how the black community of America has tried to change the narrative

Anthropology Research Paper Topics

You may need topics in anthropology for your next research paper. As you already know that anthropology is generally about cultures and history, you may need ideas of topics in anthropology to direct what your research is centered on. You can consider the following topics for informative and compelling research:

  1. Examine the greeting gestures in American and Chinese societies
  2. Examine the greeting gestures in native African societies
  3. Attempt a comparative analysis of greeting gestures amongst the Yoruba people in Nigeria and the Brazilians with Yoruba ancestry
  4. Navigate the process of aging and how it exacerbates fear of old age
  5. Examine the benefits and consequences of eugenics in today’s world
  6. Examine how human color affects his social relationship with his environment: a case study of the UK
  7. Examine how the physical outlook of a smoker is affected
  8. Investigate the view that human civilization emerged from Africa
  9. Investigate the view that homo habilis is not an evolutionary fiction
  10. Assess how ancient Egyptians kept dead
  11. Attempt an overview of kissing myths in the western world and how it affects the cultural meaning of a kiss
  12. Attempt an overview of the evolving ideas to matrimony in Asia
  13. Account for the effects of the internet and western civilization on the traditions of Japan
  14. Account for the significance of the Greek culture on Italian languages and culture
  15. Account for the similarity and contrast in the philosophy of ancient Greece and Italy
  16. Assess Latin language and account for the development of other languages since their inception
  17. Assess the Slavic groups and explore the development of the aborigines and the modern Slavophiles
  18. Account for the significance of women in ancient Egypt
  19. Attempt a bird’s eye documentation of women’s role in modern Egypt
  20. Study the concepts of American culture of consumerism and the Scandinavian culture of minimalism
  21. Account for animal and floral prints in the life and art of native American cultures
  22. Account for the connection of animals and plants in the art of beautification amongst native American tribes
  23. Attempt a detailed overview of how the Roman Catholic Church improved the science of sculpting and architecture
  24. Account for the influence of the Roman Catholic Church as the center of government, religion, art, and social life
  25. Attempt a reconstruction of migrants and immigration means in America’s 17th to 21st centuries
  26. Defend the notion that the English political culture is a mix of the old and contemporary cultures
  27. Attempt a criticism of the monarchy in European politics over western democracy
  28. Attempt a critical overview of the Bollywood and Hollywood movie industry as well as the historical context explored in the products
  29. Assess the cultural constructions of human society and how they aid evolutions
  30. Consider the discourse that language doesn’t exist without culture and vice versa drawing opinions from at least five Literature
  31. Account for the development of rock music and its connection to any native American tribes
  32. Attempt an overview of how social media engages the electorate before and during elections
  33. Explore the concept of piercing in western countries and Asia’s India
  34. Study the contemporary psychology of traveling between teenagers and their parents
  35. Drug: attempt a critic of it as an entertainment or a coping mechanism.

Cultural Anthropology Topics

Cultural anthropology research topics give answers to human behavior by studying patterns and distinguishing elements from other societies. If you need awesome anthropology paper topics, you may consider the following to impress your professor as your graduate thesis topic:

  1. Explore the social and cultural revolution leading to homosexuality in Africa
  2. Attempt the social and cultural revolution that led to contemporary sexual attitudes in any region
  3. Assess the social and cultural revolution that has propelled feminism in the Middle East
  4. Attempt an overview of the different nature of feminism in the west and the Middle East
  5. Criticize the critics who believe western feminism attempts to dominate the cultural lives of women in Arab countries
  6. Consider an in-depth analysis of the Philosophies of two societies of your choice
  7. Attempt an in-depth analysis of the religious beliefs of two traditional groups in Europe
  8. Assess the structure of family and marriage in two countries of your choice in Africa and Asia
  9. Account for the concept of ancestors in native American countries and Africa
  10. Document the significance of cultural diversity in the study of human evolution in anthropology
  11. Account for the meaning of cultural baggage and how to address the concept of culture invasion
  12. Explore the background, development, and public reaction to the concept of gay and lesbian narratives in Africa
  13. Give a critical assessment of how burial practices are interwoven with religion and myth
  14. Explore the influence of religious and cultural superstition in the development of African worldview
  15. Account for the evolving roles of women in Asian countries
  16. Account for the distinctions in the cultures of death rituals in any two Asian countries
  17. Account for the fundamental influence of culture and religion in the forced marriage narratives of Northern Nigeria
  18. Assess the function of storytelling in the promotion of native American cultures
  19. Account for the significance of social media in the culture of the first and third world
  20. Attempt a forensic overview of the concept of family, fraternity, and gangs
  21. Assess the significance of gangs and fraternities in the development of modern England
  22. Give a forensic overview of the significance of political organizations in many Middle Eastern countries
  23. Attempt a criticism of western intervention and modernization agenda in developing countries as an attempt to encroach cultures
  24. Explore the distinction between the level of education in an Islamic state in the Middle East and a liberal state in Asia
  25. Study music, dance, and parties in the contemporary society
  26. Study the cultures of rituals and festivals and how they have led to cultural identity, community development, and intercultural relationship
  27. Assess the concept of social status in any African community
  28. Explore the cultures of any native American tribe and how it has changed over time
  29. Assess the role of literature in the evolution of humans ideas
  30. Study the understanding of health and wellness in three societies across from Europe, Africa, and Asia
  31. Study the process of migration, factors mitigating against it, and how migration promotes cultural diversity
  32. Examine the role of literature in spreading libertarian ideas
  33. Argue for feminism in patriarchal societies
  34. Attempt a criticism and distinction of anthropology and art
  35. Explore the emergence and influence of culture on tourism.

Biological Anthropology Research Topics

This discipline examines the origins and evolution of humans, notably hominins. It studies fossil behavior, genetics, and other significant concepts that makeup morphology. If you need persuasive anthropology essay topics for your college or university degree, you can wow your professor with any of these:

  1. Explore the socio-economic and cultural history of Americans and alcohol drinkers
  2. Account for the effects of the disaster of Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings
  3. Examine the transgenerational impact of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki nuclear explosions
  4. Account for the results of radioactivity in the affected population of Fukushima Daiichi in 2011
  5. Assess the biology in same-sex matrimony in North America
  6. Account for the origin, spread, and transgenerational impact of any endemic in any society of your choice
  7. A critical overview of COVID-19 and the battle for survival in two or more Indian cities
  8. Cocaine use in America: health impact on addicts and the psychology for starters
  9. Marijuana in North America: benefits, disadvantages, and woes
  10. Maladaptation: how it affects migrants in any country of your choice
  11. Examine how domestic health care challenges cultural health practices in any Middle Eastern country
  12. Analyze the concept of vulnerability and risk in public health care
  13. Analyze the possibilities of traditional institutions in preserving cultures
  14. Explore the relationship and comparison between malnutrition, violence, and chronic disease in any society of your choice
  15. Study the factors that drive health care transition, nutrition, and improvement of health in any European country of your choice
  16. How do social relationships affect nutritional choices and human healthy living?
  17. Account for the historical practices that have influenced medicinal practices and policies in the contemporary society
  18. Examine clinical interactions in any social association of your choice
  19. Attempt a pluralistic overview of health practices in any society of your choice
  20. Assess the cultural revolution of medicine in any African country of your choice
  21. Give an overview of how pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies shape contemporary medicine
  22. Explore medical cultures in pre-colonial, colonial, and post-colonial India and how it functions as a part of modernity
  23. Examine the commercialization and commodification of medicine and healthcare in the contemporary society
  24. Account for the disparity in healthcare accessibility in any developing country
  25. Account for the challenges of a developing nation in public access to healthcare services

Interesting Anthropology Topics

If you’d like to explore current anthropology research questions, there are compelling topics for your undergraduate research. You can attempt and rephrase any topics in anthropology below to use for your school essay or research:

  1. Women in Afghanistan and the culture of silence
  2. Women in Egypt and the culture of silence
  3. The influence of western feminism and the culture of silence in the Arabic Muslim world
  4. Examine the influence of environmental anthropology on medicine
  5. Attempt a critical study of the global outlook of HIV/AIDS and how it concerns the LGBTQ community
  6. Explore the impact of contemporary ideologies on native American societies
  7. Account for the role of folklore in the defense and transgenerational retainment of cultures
  8. Tribal, savage, barbaric: explore the culture of labeling in the contemporary world
  9. Assess the growth of modern man and the evolution of civilization
  10. Account for different race theories and the systems of cultural assimilations across the world
  11. Give an account of the overview of colonialism as expressed by the Literature of Franz Fanon
  12. Assess the connection of political science with cultural anthropology
  13. Explain the psychology behind genocide and its effects on human relationship
  14. Attempt an anthropological analysis of human behavior in Lord of the Flies
  15. Account for the nature of matrimony in Islamic societies
  16. Express the racial identities particular to native American tribes and any Asian country of your choice
  17. Compare and contrast American and Asian music
  18. Express the psychological implications of Barack Obama’s emergence as a colored president
  19. Explore the origin, factor for development, and spread of biological aggression during warfare
  20. Give a critical account of the hunter-gatherer society in South Africa
  21. Give an overview of fishermen and their knowledge of the society in any country of your choice
  22. Explore how the internet promoted westernization
  23. Examine the influence of cross-cultural experiences in the modern world
  24. Evaluate the history and significance of the festivities of Halloween
  25. Evaluate the factors that promote the culture of bullying in America
  26. Evaluate the concept of aging in African and Europe
  27. Express the spiritual cultures of any African and European country
  28. Assess the religious beliefs of Catholicism and Its Influence on contemporary faith
  29. Assess how sexuality is affected by religiosity
  30. Evaluate the defiant behavior of contemporary sexuality
  31. Examine the factors that propel religious aggressions
  32. Expatiate on the factors that promote cultural hatred in a diverse society
  33. Explore the cultural distinctions between European and American societies
  34. Account for the role of TV reality shows in the social life of any society of your choice
  35. How does TV reality show the reality of any society?

Physical Anthropology Research Paper Topics

This is a field of anthropology interested in the history, evolution, and distinguishing features of humans. The field impacts, most importantly, human behavior and anatomical transformations. You can consider these Anthropology research paper topics for your class or personal research study:

  1. What are the advantages and consequences of eugenics in today’s society?
  2. Why has the origin of man been different societies of civilization
  3. Have western ideas of superiority affected the acknowledgment of Egypt as the cradle of civilization?
  4. What are the contemporary facts that support past research and experiences of homo habilis?
  5. What are the consequences of smoking on human physical appearance
  6. What is the underlying Egyptian belief in preserving the dead
  7. Examine the Influence of the environment on skin color
  8. Explore aging in Asian countries and what it means for them
  9. Analyze the physical concept of re-adjusting newborn babies by nursing mothers
  10. Analyze five pieces of Literature on the stages of drowning till death

List of Ethnography Topics

If you need topics regarding the scientific understanding of cultures, humans, their customs, and collective distinctive features, you need ethnographic research topics. You can consider the following:

  1. Is homelessness a function of ethnic affiliation in the United States?
  2. Examine the factors contributing to migration from Latin America to other parts of the world
  3. Examine the concept of drug trafficking in Africa
  4. Examine the violence and concept of human trafficking in Africa
  5. Analyze the Psychology of victims of human trafficking and how it affects their human relationships
  6. Attempt to examine how cultures of patriarchy adapt to American liberalism
  7. Analyze the factors that propel violence through drug trade in South America
  8. Examine the difference between the treatment of black and white Americans in the prison system
  9. Attempt to respond to the division of fraternities along the lines of ethnic groups
  10. Discuss the way of life of homeless persons in Europe
  11. Examine the domestic policies of Europe and how it affects day to day living
  12. Examine how the migration policies of Poland affect migrants
  13. Examine how US veterans are integrated into the society
  14. Criticize the policies of Poland and express its fear of terrorism
  15. Give an overview of Sharia law in the UK and what it means for the culture
  16. Examine the conceit of migration between Africa and Europe
  17. Examine how unemployment has fueled the migration of Nigerian culture to Saudi Arabia and the potential effect of cultural diversity
  18. Examine how Muslim parents dominate their children’s choices
  19. Examine how parents in Asian societies dominate their children’s choices
  20. Analyze how parents in European societies dominate their children’s choices
  21. Discuss the advantages of western socialization with Islamic countries
  22. Assess the politics of Arab countries
  23. Account for the Arab spring and the link to human revolutions
  24. Account for the means of socializing with kids in India
  25. Examine the link between terrorism and human trafficking
  26. Explore the success and failure levels of people with different backgrounds
  27. Examine the trend of marriage and the changes in any society of your choice
  28. Account for how globalization has affected any group of people
  29. Account for the values of European countries
  30. Assess the eating habits of European homeless persons
  31. Account for how the street is sometimes space for talent shows
  32. Discuss the concept of adulthood amongst Brazilians and Indians
  33. Examine any social organization and share their striking features
  34. What is the traditional and contemporary definition of beauty
  35. Examine the culture of transgenderism in Arab countries.

Current Topics in Anthropology

You could also want to consider straightforward anthropology topics for your thesis. You can set your research study on:

  1. Oral traditions and culture
  2. Human evolution
  3. Forensic anthropology
  4. Physical Anthropology
  5. Spiritual therapy
  6. Cross-cultural diversity
  7. Linguistics and culture
  8. Art, beauty, and worldview
  9. Labour and work systems
  10. Political and economic systems
  11. Family, kinship, and marriage systems
  12. Social inequality
  13. Contemporary technology
  14. Contemporary industrialization
  15. Immigration processes
  16. Archaeology
  17. Gender studies
  18. Decomposition
  19. Methods embalmment
  20. Excavation
  21. Primatology
  22. Reconstruction of skeletal systems
  23. Hominids
  24. Homo species
  25. Science of excavations
  26. Human anatomy
  27. Interpretation of archaeological researches
  28. Early species
  29. Westernization and tribalism
  30. Comparative culture.

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