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144 AP Research Topics For Your Excellence

AP Research Topics

Are you looking for the best AP research topics? We know that most students don’t know what makes a topic excellent. In fact, most students don’t even bother to look for great ideas. But did you know that the quality of your topics can significantly influence the grade you get on your research paper? AP research papers are not easy to write, so you need all the help you can get.

In this blog post, we will discuss the AP seminar course and provide you with 144 topics for your next research paper. All our topics can be used for free, so don’t hesitate to pick one right now.

Whast Is AP Seminar?

So, what is the AP seminar course and why do you need topics for it? The AP seminar is an interdisciplinary course that aims to teach students critical thinking skills, as well as strong academic research and writing skills.

The final exam is more difficult than the average test because you need to write an essay. It goes without saying that this research paper should be written perfectly if you are to get a top grade.

The Best 144 AP Seminar Topics

Since the exam consists of a research paper, you should make sure you have access to the best AP seminar topics. These topics need to be original and very interesting if you want your essay to stand out from the rest. The good news is that we have a list of 144 awesome AP research topics right here on this page. And yes, you can use any of these ideas for free. Check out our list below:

Easy AP Seminar Topics

If you are looking to get the job done as quickly as possible, we recommend you give our easy AP seminar topics a try:

  1. The best food waste solutions in the US
  2. Discuss a genetically modified plant
  3. Analyze the future of the Snow Leopard population
  4. The effects of pesticides
  5. Discuss the rise in GDP in the EU
  6. What is the role of art in modern education?
  7. Discuss global warming effects in Asia
  8. The effects of climate change on oceans
  9. Best ways to save money in college
  10. The advantages of an electric vehicle
  11. Research pollution caused by intensive farming
  12. Negative effects of noise pollution
  13. Discuss gun control in the United States

AP Physics Research Ideas

If you are enrolled in an AP physics course, you may be very interested in the following list of AP physics research ideas:

  1. Discuss Einstein’s Photoelectric Effect model
  2. Research wave particle duality
  3. What is quantum entanglement?
  4. Research dark matter theories
  5. Talk about the unified field theory
  6. Analyze an energy system of your choice
  7. Discuss practical applications of biophysics

Interesting AP Research Topic Ideas

Are you looking for the most interesting AP research topic ideas? You have arrived at the right place. Here is our list of ideas for students enrolled in an AP course:

  1. The idea of free medical services for everyone
  2. Current problems in the US education system
  3. Saving the Javan rhinoceros
  4. Environmental disasters caused by deforestation
  5. Saving an endangered species of your choice
  6. Best way to solve the climate change problem
  7. The role of the ozone layer
  8. Saving the Blue whale
  9. The best way to care for autistic children
  10. A sure fire way to reverse global warming
  11. Saving the Dodo bird

AP Human Geography Topics

Are you interested in writing an essay for your AP human geography course? Pick one of these great AP human geography topics right now:

  1. Research the population density increase in the US
  2. Population decline in Eastern Europe
  3. Research the immigration policies of China
  4. Worst effects of poor immigration policies
  5. The causes of immigration in Afghanistan
  6. Immigration in Mexico
  7. Discuss a political pattern of your choice
  8. Research the historical geography of Greece
  9. Research the population density increase in the US
  10. Discuss rural geography in Australia
  11. What is health geography?
  12. The cultural geography of India
  13. The economic geography of North Korea

Best AP Research Questions

Our team of expert writers and professional editors has put together a list of the best AP research questions for students. Check it out below:

  1. What are effects of texting on high school students?
  2. Is math required for the exploration of space?
  3. What’s wrong with a genetically modified organism?
  4. Should we increase the voting age in the US?
  5. What was the worst war in the Middle Ages?
  6. Why is the War on Drugs important?
  7. Should military service be mandatory in the UK?
  8. What are some good habits for improving physical wellbeing?
  9. Which is a better pet, a cat or a dog?
  10. How can you improve your grades in college?
  11. How can you improve your academic writing skills?
  12. What are the oldest human settlements in Europe?
  13. Is Instagram good for marketing?
  14. Should we ban advertising to children?

Great AP Seminar Themes

Are you looking for a list of great AP seminar themes? No problem, we have some excellent ideas for you below:

  1. Discuss practical applications of optical physics
  2. Practical application of nanotechnology
  3. Methods to obtain plasma
  4. The basics of fusion physics
  5. Should cigarettes be illegal?
  6. The negative effects of dieting
  7. The negative effects of homework

AP Macroeconomics Topics

Looking for a nice topic for your AP macroeconomics course? Take a look at our AP macroeconomics topics and pick the one you like:

  1. Analyze the national income of an Asian country
  2. Discuss unemployment in the United States
  3. International trade relations of the UK post-Brexit
  4. Research international finance during the COVID-19 pandemic
  5. The role of inflation in the banking system
  6. Output and consumption of bread in a country of your choice
  7. Research GDP growth in the European Union
  8. Research sustainable economic growth in the US
  9. The balance of payments equilibrium in the United Kingdom
  10. Discuss the state budget of the US in 2023
  11. Reducing the impact of inflation in the EU
  12. The role of banks in a healthy economy

AP Computer Science Topics

Of course, we have more than enough awesome AP computer science topics for students. Take a look at our ideas and select the best one for your needs:

  1. Best sorting algorithm in 2023
  2. Discuss a data encryption algorithm
  3. Research the risks posed by ecommerce
  4. Computer programming best practices
  5. Data mining in 2023
  6. The role of Big Data in the banking industry
  7. Research the Internet of Things

Complex AP Seminar Research Topics

If you want to write about a more complex topic, you can do so. Here are some complex AP seminar research topics you can choose from:

  1. Benefits of using 3D printers for prosthetics
  2. Analyze wealth inequality in China
  3. Subsidized housing in the United States
  4. The abolishment of abortion in the US
  5. The ethics of the death penalty

AP World History Research Paper Topics

We have some topics for students enrolled in an AP world history class. New AP world history research paper topics are added weekly:

  1. Weapons in ancient times
  2. The colonization of South America
  3. Research the roman concrete
  4. What caused the 30 Years war?
  5. The effects of the crusades on Europe
  6. Industrial advancements in ancient Rome
  7. The benefits of monarchy in Europe

AP Biology Research Topics

Our list wouldn’t be complete without these interesting AP biology research topics. Choose one of them and start writing your paper today:

  1. Research the first occurrence of the Covid-19 virus
  2. Best ways to recover an endangered species
  3. Analyze the practical application of astrobiology
  4. The biology of cancer
  5. Research the osmosis effect
  6. Carbohydrates versus lipids in the human body

AP Chemistry Research Topics

We know, chemistry is not an easy subject to write a paper about. However, our AP chemistry research topics are relatively simple:

  1. The atomic structure of carbon
  2. Love as a chemically-induced feeling
  3. The effects of acids on your teeth
  4. Analyze a polymer of your choice
  5. Talk about gene modification in 2023
  6. Discuss the photocatalysis effect
  7. Are emotions a result of chemical reactions?

AP Capstone Research Topics

Looking for a great topic for your capstone? Our team managed to compile a list of unique AP capstone research topics right here:

  1. Discuss the future of the automotive industry
  2. The effects of social media on teenagers in the United States
  3. Prevention of brain injury in contact sports
  4. Discuss the best global food security strategies
  5. Research the science behind weather forecasting
  6. Discuss the concept of imposed democracy in Africa
  7. The impact of the United Nations on world peace

AP US History Research Paper Topics

Students who are enrolled in an AP United States history course will be thrilled to learn that we have a list of excellent AP US history research paper topics:

  1. What led to the Cold War?
  2. Research major battles in the Mexican-American War
  3. The effects of the Great Depression on the American economy
  4. Research the effects of Europeans on Native Americans
  5. Social movements during the prolonged war in Vietnam

Our Latest AP Research Paper Topics

Check out our latest AP research paper topics and choose the one that you think will earn you the best possible grade:

  1. Why did Americans start celebrating Halloween?
  2. Problems posed by increased numbers of homeless children in the UK
  3. Why can communism be considered one of the best political systems?
  4. How can students manage student loans after graduation?
  5. The increasing accessibility of stock markets (and inherent dangers)
  6. The greatest scientific breakthrough in 2023

AP Microeconomics Topic Ideas

Interested in writing about a topic in microeconomics? Remember, all these AP microeconomics topic ideas are 100% free to use:

  1. Discuss the delicate balance between supply and demand in the EU
  2. Define and describe the concept of perfect competition
  3. What is the economy of uncertainty? (provide examples if possible)
  4. Research the labor market in the United States of America
  5. Research the basic principles of microeconomics

AP Psychology Research Topics

In case you want a few good ideas for your next AP psychology essay, we recommend you take a look at our exceptional AP psychology research topics:

  1. Discuss the most important ways social anxiety affects people
  2. The causes of gender discrimination in African countries
  3. The effects of racism in the United States of America
  4. Analyze the concept of social cognition (provide examples)
  5. Best 3 ways to become immune to stress
  6. The effect of rising temperatures on human mental health

AP Environmental Science Research Topics

Are you looking for the best AP environmental science research topics? Don’t worry, you have arrived at the right place. Here are our ideas:

  1. Pick a geographic information system and analyze it
  2. An in-depth analysis of the causes of noise pollution
  3. Discuss the link between rising temperatures and wildfires
  4. What can we do to stop climate change by 2030?
  5. Pro and cons of renewable energy (solar and wind in particular)
  6. Loss of biodiversity in oceans caused by overfishing

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