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202 Math Research Topics: List To Vary Your Ideas

202 Math Research Topics

Mathematics is an exceptional field of study dealing primarily with numbers. It also deals with structures, formulas, shapes, spaces, and quantities of where they are contained.

Maths encompasses different types of computations that are applied in the real world.

Math requires a lot of analysis. This is why there are different types of maths. They all encompass different subjects and deal with different things. What are the types of maths?

  1. Arithmetic
  2. This is perhaps the commonest type or branch of maths. It is one of the oldest and it encompasses basic numbers operations. These are addition, subtraction, multiplication, and divisions; in some schools, the short word for it is BODMAS. This is known as the Bracket of Division, Multiplication, Addition, and Subtraction.

  3. Algebra
  4. This is where unknown quantities are represented by alphabets and used along with numbers. The letters these unknown quantities are represented by are usually A, B, X, and Y, and they could also be symbols.

  5. Geometry
  6. This is considered one of the practical branches of maths as it examines sizes, shapes, figures, and the features of these entities. The most common parts of geometry are lines, points, solids, surfaces, and angles.

There are many other types but the above are the most popular. Others are trigonometry, topology, mathematical analysis, calculus, probability, statistics, and a few others.

As many students find it hard to develop maths research topics on their own, this is a chance for you. It’s okay to be worked up when you can’t find undergraduate math research topics that fit your project, essay or paper choices. This article will provide custom maths education research topics for your use. Before that, how do you structure your math essay or paper?

How to Structure Your Math Essay or Paper

Structuring your essay or paper may require that you’ve been reading critical math journals. Reading them could have made it easy to understand how to structure your paper. However, you don’t have to worry if you haven’t. Structuring your paper as expected is an essential part of writing and you’ll know about it in this section. Before you learn that, how do you choose a topic?

Choosing a Topic to Discuss

One of the difficult yet significant parts of any math essay or paper is choosing your topic. This is because you need to solve a problem or engage in a subject that has got less attention. You also need to understand the background to the subject you want to discuss as you can’t write blindly.

You must also be able to articulate your thoughts well as you must show visible knowledge before you commence the research and writing. How do you go about this? You can consider reading existing research. You can even take notes during classes to see the areas you think more work needs to be done.

After choosing your topic, conduct your research to see if you can investigate the sphere. If you can, you need to structure your research thus:

  1. The Background
  2. This includes the discussion on what the essay is about. Depending on what you’re writing about, you need to discuss the primary concepts, including the history of some terms, where essential, in this section. This section is more like general information about the subject you want to discuss with your paper. This helps your readers familiarize themselves with your intended discussion.

  3. The Introduction
  4. This is where the main ideas behind your essays (and the solutions you hope to proffer) are tended to the readers. This is where you also explain the symbols you’ll use and the principles which are required in your essay. Aside from this, you need to state the basic issues, the solutions you could offer, the laws which are essential to discuss to make your work comprehensible.

  5. The Main Body
  6. This is where you elaborate on your findings. You need to state the research problem, the formulas, the theories you’ll use in tackling the problem, and many other things. You also need to introduce different sections of maths into the main body which is divided by paragraphs and/or chapters as well as mathematical analysis where needed.

  7. Implications
  8. This is the last part of your essay or paper. This is where you share the insights of your research with your readers. You offer short explanations of the things you have discussed. If you have treated a subject in applied mathematics, this is where you give summaries of how math is connected to human life and the strategic importance of these to people.

By adhering to this structure, you would have crafted the best rated and high-quality maths paper. Furthermore, remember you always have an option to get help with dissertations and save your time.
Since it is sometimes challenging to choose cool maths topics to research on your own, these are some for you:

Research Topics in Math

Math is a broad subject. There is a study of the history of math as well as its influence in education, amongst many other sub-sections. If you’d like to create stunning research, you may choose to discuss any of these research topics in math to fulfill one of your academic requirements:

  1. What are the distinctions between commutative and noncommutative algebra?
  2. Discuss the methods of factoring quadratics
  3. Types of sequences and your understanding of them
  4. Partial fractions: what are they and how do they work?
  5. Logarithms: what are they and how do they work?
  6. An overview of Gaussian elimination
  7. An overview of Brun’s constant relevant
  8. A description of the effect of dyscalculia on daily student lives
  9. Describe Descartes’s Dukes of Signs and their application
  10. Greeks and geometry: discuss
  11. Describe Euler’s formula
  12. The progression in the study of math
  13. Congruence meaning and methods
  14. Describe the correlation of CT scans to geometry
  15. Hypercubes and how they work
  16. The basis of Cramer’s rule
  17. The examination of Archimedean solids
  18. Projective geometry and why it’s studied
  19. Types of Transformations and the available types
  20. Picasso’s works and the application of geometry
  21. Difference between the conventional and unconventional approaches to teaching
  22. Math education and the process of Improvement in the US
  23. Rhombicosidodecahedron and how it operates in real life
  24. What are the STEM career fields and why are they important?
  25. Why women are needed in STEM
  26. The goals of teaching maths
  27. How to teach maths to special students
  28. The correlation between maths and accounting
  29. The distinction between computer programming and applied maths
  30. Applied maths and its dynamics
  31. Processes of solving Heesch’s problem
  32. Why should kids learn equations?
  33. History of calculus
  34. Why there is a need for math camps in schools
  35. The need for more maths competition in the US
  36. Methods of draining flight schedule for a country
  37. Why are some math problems unsolved?
  38. Discuss the consequences of the gender gap in math students
  39. Encryption and prime numbers: how do they apply?
  40. The significance of maths in day to day living.

Undergraduate Math Research Topics

As an undergraduate, you may also have a difficult time wrapping your head around math research topics. You may need to offer both practical and theoretical assessments while writing your paper or essay. The following are undergraduate math research topics:

  1. Show the proofs of what F-algebras are used
  2. Abstract algebra, what does it mean?
  3. Algebra and geometry: discuss
  4. Acute square triangulation: how it works
  5. Right triangles: discuss their importance
  6. Discuss number problems
  7. Why every math student should study non-Euclidean geometry
  8. Dirac manifolds and what it means
  9. Influence of geometry in physics, chemistry, and others
  10. The application of Riemannian manifolds in the Euclidean space
  11. How to improve your mathematical thinking ability
  12. Technology in maths: how is it used?
  13. Studies of maths in Europe
  14. Math anxiety and what it truly means
  15. Standardized testing and the goals of such
  16. Challenges of learning maths from public schools
  17. The significance of circles in maths
  18. The political and social significance of learning maths
  19. Research into how to increase student interest in maths
  20. How painting and drawing could help with maths
  21. Relationship of culture and maths
  22. History of algebra
  23. Role of maths in everyday life
  24. How math is used in Artificial intelligence
  25. The transferable belief model and its application
  26. An analysis of the Dempster-Shafer theory
  27. The role of continuous stochastic process in mathematics
  28. The major math theorems: discuss how they work
  29. Understanding the Gauss-Markov: The Evolution of maths
  30. Discrete random variable: an in-depth understanding of what it means in math and how to identify one.

Math Research Topics for High School Students

As a high school student writing a research paper, one way to get high grades is to write what you know. If you know any math research paper topics for high school, they are the topics you should pick. You can consider:

  1. Hyperbola: what it is and how it’s used in math
  2. When to use a calculator in class
  3. How to find solutions to linear equations
  4. The need for Pythagoras theorem in maths
  5. The role of art in maths and vice versa
  6. Role of philosophy in maths
  7. An overview of numerical data
  8. Egyptian mathematics explained
  9. Binomial theorem and its importance
  10. Probability, and how to solve a question on dice
  11. Why is math made compulsory in schools?
  12. Why do students hate maths?
  13. Why do students hate math teachers?
  14. How is math applied in the workplace?
  15. What are imaginary numbers and why are they needed
  16. How to calculate the interest rate and what is their importance in the banking sector?
  17. Discount factor: how is it achieved and why is it important for students?
  18. Types of techniques to be used while finding solutions to mathematical and finance gaps
  19. Solving a matrix: what are the important formulas and principles to embrace?
  20. How to create a chart on a company’s financial analysis for the past 5 years.

Interesting Math Research Topics

Writing a mathematical essay may seem complex to you if you can’t find simple topics to write about. There are many easy topics which are also general in maths. If you want to choose a relaxing topic for your math essay or paper, you can write about the following:

  1. The basic elements of Boolean algebra
  2. The life, time, and contribution of Isaac Newton to maths
  3. Sphericon and what it means
  4. Martingales and what they mean
  5. Hyperboloid and importance in geometry
  6. Describe the life, times, and contribution of Gauss to maths
  7. The most famous work of Jakob Bernoulli
  8. The most famous work of Jean d’Alembert
  9. Meaning and application of calculus in the banking field
  10. The meaning of congruence in math
  11. Analysis of De Finetti theorem in probability and statistics
  12. Describe Egyptian pyramids in concert with calculus
  13. Describe the enclosing sphere technique as used in combinatorics
  14. Tree automation meaning
  15. Pushdown automaton and Buchi automaton: differences and similarities
  16. What is the Markov algorithm?
  17. Describe what a Turing machine is
  18. What is the linear speedup theory in math?
  19. The Boolean satisfiability problem and what it means for students
  20. Why is the multiplication table important?
  21. Computational maths and its classes
  22. What does the post correspondence problem mean?
  23. What does the Scholz conjecture mean?
  24. How to calculate mean, median, and mode
  25. A study of the most difficult equations in math.

Cool Math Topics to Research

As a student of any level, you may love to create math topics that are not exactly complex. These are topics that lean on the history of maths, math education research topics, and others. Consider these math research topics for college students for your next essay or paper:

  1. Discuss what the Golden Ratio means in the paintings of the Renaissance period
  2. How to learn math
  3. An overview of the multiple ideas to probability
  4. How chess and checkers is essential in understanding mathematics
  5. How Pythagorean theorem is applied in real-life maths
  6. How to measure infinity
  7. The features of Mobius strip in geometry
  8. Describe what is meant by the Pascal’s Triangle
  9. Evaluate the Georg Cantor set theory
  10. What is the history of the number types?
  11. How does probability relate to card tricks?
  12. Compare and contrast abstract and universal algebra
  13. Describe Euclid’s role in the evolution of maths
  14. Evaluate the role of Indians in maths
  15. Explain the limits of calculus
  16. Discuss what predictive and prescriptive statistical analysis means
  17. What does chaos theory mean?
  18. Explain how to solve the Rubik’s Cube
  19. Why are some math equations so complex?
  20. How is geometry used in contemporary architectural designs?

Math Research Topics for Middle School

It’s okay to be worried about math topics for your research as a middle school student. There are still different unique topics that are rebranded from existing ones. You can find some of the right math research paper topics for you here:

  1. The role of statistics in business
  2. Definition of economic lot scheduling
  3. Why stock market crash
  4. The contribution of many traders in the New York Stock Exchange
  5. Revenue management and its history
  6. What are the financial indicators of a good investment?
  7. What are the odds of depreciation?
  8. How can any country benefit from the poor currency?
  9. Describe debt amortization and how math helps
  10. How to calculate net worth
  11. Distinctions in calculus, trigonometry, and algebra
  12. How did calculus start?
  13. How did trigonometry start?
  14. Why is Ito stochastic important in math?
  15. What do limits in math mean?
  16. How to know critical points in graphs
  17. What does nonstandard analysis in the probability theory mean?
  18. Describe continuous function
  19. The main principles of calculus
  20. The main principles of Pythagoras theorem
  21. Application of calculus in finance
  22. Value theorem in math
  23. Ratio and root test definition
  24. Linear approximations and how they work
  25. What is the Jacobson density theorem?
  26. Similarities and differences between epimorphisms and monopolists
  27. What does the Artin-Wedderburn theorem mean?
  28. Commutative ring and its meaning in algebra
  29. How difficult is it to teach maths?
  30. How standards examination curriculum affects math education.

Applied Math Research Topics

Applied math is a branch which deals with the application of mathematical methods in real life. These are manifested by applications in finance, physics, engineering, biology, medicine, and others. Through specialized knowledge, applied math is made possible. These are some topics for you in this area:

  1. How discovering genes can help determine healthy and unhealthy patients
  2. Role of algorithms in probabilistic modeling
  3. The need for mathematicians in developing robots
  4. The role of mathematicians in crime data analysis and prevention
  5. How did Isaac’s Laws of Motion help in real life?
  6. How math helped with energy conservation
  7. The role of math in quantum theory
  8. Analyze the features of the Lorentz symmetry
  9. Evaluate statistical signal processing in details
  10. Discuss how Galilean Transformation was achieved
  11. Examine nonlinear models
  12. Elucidate on the importance of data mining in banking
  13. The importance of step-stress modeling
  14. The significance of computer tomography
  15. What are the dimensions used in examining fingerprints?

Math Research Topics for College Students

As college students, you are at a critical level. You need maths topics for your essays and paper. You may also need them to prepare for your exams. These are some math research topics for you:

  1. Evolution of mathematics
  2. Explore the varieties of the Tower of Hanoi solutions
  3. Discuss how to use Napier’s bones
  4. Give examples of chaos theory and explain
  5. Discuss the important mathematical equations of all times
  6. Examine the nitty-gritty of barcodes
  7. What is the Traveling Salesman Problem?
  8. Natural selection and Fisher’s fundamental theorem of understanding it
  9. The Influence of math in biology
  10. The Influence of math in chemistry
  11. What is quantum computing?
  12. How to solve extremal problems in maths
  13. Analyze the meaning of fractals
  14. Discuss Einstein’s field equation theory
  15. Who created computer vision and object recognition?
  16. Five formulas and how they are applied
  17. Give three approaches to understanding maths
  18. Explain the origin and importance of algebra
  19. What do you know about the Fibonacci sequence?
  20. Trace the origin of math
  21. How does math help in geography?
  22. What does the operator spaces notion mean?

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