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202 Best Choice Qualitative Research Topics for Students 2023

qualitative research topics

As a college student, you’ll always encounter a series of essays to write while in school. These essays will always be of different types, and they’ll include research essays. There are two important things to know when embarking on research paper writing. First, you have to understand if your research work is to be quantitative or qualitative.

For qualitative research writing, you’ll be required to go through a fundamental research process which entails gathering raw and primary information through field research which can either be done through interviews, surveys, observations, or through any other way of harnessing raw data.

There are so many research topics to look into when preparing for your essay writing. Among these are some of the qualitative research topics ideas to look out for.

Examples of Qualitative Research Topics

There is a wide variety of what qualitative research can cover. Below you’ll find a qualitative research topics list with some initial ideas that can get you started.

  1. How Social media is affecting the physical social engagement of Teenagers in Urban areas
  2. Health benefits of treating depression with medication and some of them realize results
  3. The efficiency of Peer educators in creating social awareness on social and health issues
  4. Understanding the effects of Gender-Based Violence (GBV) in rural areas and how this negatively impacts women in such areas
  5. Challenges of the sexual reproductive health of child brides and how this can be controlled
  6. Social investigation into the cause of dropping out of the school of teenagers and young adults and some of the ways through which it can be addressed
  7. Academic pursuit: is it deteriorating in Third World countries
  8. Benefits of engaging in social activities to depressed people and those struggling with certain mental health challenges
  9. Understanding the learning challenges of dyslexic children and progressive ways to administer help to them
  10. A questioning of the stigma associated with cerebral palsy
  11. The social implications of living with disabilities
  12. How ableism affects disabled people in our society
  13. Understanding the benefits and promotion of feminist values in rural areas
  14. The need to promote free education across every learning environment
  15. Investigating the root causes of food insecurities in low-income neighborhoods
  16. Understanding the challenges of housing insecurity and food insecurity
  17. Displacement and its accompanying effects: a look into the mental health of homeless people
  18. How culture contributes to female harm in the society
  19. Socioeconomic benefits of free education in our society
  20. Understanding the intricacies of food banks in low-income neighborhoods
  21. How food insecurity causes children to perform poorly in school
  22. The effects of alcohol on college students
  23. Drugs & Substance: which do young adults abuse more
  24. The causes of child labor and how to mitigate against such practices
  25. Educational challenges on children in rural areas and ways to proffer help
  26. Benefits of Pro Bono services to the less privileged
  27. How Pro Bono legal aids improve the justice system
  28. Understanding the stigma of living with disabilities
  29. Causes of the stigma that surrounds certain health challenges

Qualitative Nursing Research Topics

Even while your area of specialization in college is in medicine or health care, you’ll still be required to carry out research writing. If your specialization is in nursing, there is still research to embark on. Because nursing itself as a field of study touches across a lot of medical and health care issues which requires research to be paid attention to and brought relevance to. Here are some qualitative research topics examples on nursing to look into.

  1. How to administer care to patients with Dyslexia
  2. How to help patients with mental disorders
  3. Signs and Symptoms of autism and how to extend help to these patients
  4. How to identify Alzheimer’s in older patients
  5. Understanding how to deal with pregnant women and emergencies
  6. Administering antenatal care to pregnant women
  7. Patient care in psychiatric units and a look into that
  8. Identifying and treating Alzheimer’s
  9. Basics of patient care
  10. Difference between workloads of ICU nurses and OR nurses
  11. Care for hypertensive patients with diabetes
  12. First aid treatments for gun victims
  13. Pros & cons of nurses’ drug prescription
  14. The role of nurses in rural healthcare services
  15. Understanding care in nursing homes
  16. Intensive care for visually and verbally impaired patients
  17. Benefits of immunization in rural areas
  18. Outlining and handling the side effects of the COVID-19 vaccine
  19. Why compassion and sensitivity is important for nurses
  20. The role of nurses and healthcare corporations
  21. How nurses can handle cardiovascular challenges
  22. Signs of Depression and anxiety in patients
  23. How to take care of people with special needs
  24. How to take care of elderly
  25. How to administer care to survivors of female genital mutilation
  26. How to assist rape survivors
  27. Bipolar symptoms in young adults
  28. How to curb drug abuse
  29. Effective ways to carry out health outreach programs

Qualitative Research Topics in Education

While there are other topics specific to different other specifications, they all mostly spring up from education. There are so many issues and topics that pertain to the education system which allows for more research to be embarked on this aspect of learning. The one realistic and easy way to evaluate and improve the quality of education is through the carrying out of the research. Here are some good qualitative research topics in education.

  1. Which learning style is efficient for autistic children
  2. Importance of mental health education in the school curriculum
  3. The importance of computer literacy
  4. Learning condition of children in third world countries
  5. Food insecurity and child education
  6. How virtual learning affects high school students
  7. Can students manipulate lockdown browsers?
  8. Effects of alcoholism on education
  9. Understanding adult learning
  10. The need to encourage adult education
  11. Impacts of computer literacy on education
  12. Disadvantages of homeschooling
  13. Importance of guidance and counseling in schools
  14. Significance of school uniform to learning
  15. How to improve oral learning in classrooms
  16. The negative impacts of student loans
  17. How to teach and improve the learning abilities of ADHD students
  18. The importance of sign language learning
  19. Impacts of the poor educational system
  20. The need to include technology into the education system
  21. How smartphones affect students academic performance in the academic system
  22. Psychological impacts of student bullying
  23. Developing connecting through virtual learning
  24. Importance of research writing in schools
  25. The need to improve educational learning for children in low-income neighborhoods
  26. The importance of reading to preschoolers
  27. Importance of social activities in schools
  28. Ways to help children with learning disabilities to improve their learning
  29. Easy ways to master foreign languages for students in high school.

Qualitative Research Topics in Political Science

Writing qualitative research also extends to the field of political sciences. Qualitative research is very important in the political field because it allows people to have a clearer understanding of the field as in most cases, it can easily become broad. Narrowing your research to specific topics will help you handle the research effectively. Here are some qualitative research topics lists in political science.

  1. How COVID-19 impacts low-income neighborhoods
  2. The need for the cancellation of student loans and not the suspension of student loans
  3. Racism as a dividing factor in America
  4. Segregation and racist laws
  5. Effects of capitalism on America’s health system
  6. Why healthcare in America should be free
  7. The abortion regulation bill and its effects
  8. What the return to office move says about American capitalism
  9. The distinction between Liberalism and Conservatism and places where they merge
  10. Understanding neoliberalism and how it impacts our activities in the society
  11. COVID-19: Vaccines and treatments
  12. The importance of independent judiciary and legislation to improve the American legal system
  13. Understanding the effects of American incarceration
  14. Carceral system in America and how it targets mostly people in minority groups
  15. Understanding American foreign policy
  16. The negative impacts of peace war in affected countries
  17. A look into the dimensions of the American democracy
  18. Classism, racism, colorism: understanding the different American ideologies
  19. The need for the cancellation of the American carceral system
  20. Dissecting the causes of the election crisis
  21. The need for a free polling system to encourage free and fair voting practices
  22. The challenges of Americans two-party system
  23. The role of mass media in promoting and scrutinizing politics
  24. Why America needs a multi-party system
  25. The inclusion of black women in American politics
  26. The need for representation in American politics
  27. The negative impacts of misrepresentation
  28. Addressing Police brutality in America
  29. The role of feminism in enhancing American politics

Topics for Ethnography Qualitative Research

Carrying out Ethnographic research requires paying attention and studying society from a descriptive perspective. This form of research writing is usually useful in cultural anthropology. Practically, when you are writing ethnographic research, you’ll be required to carry out a series of research writings. One of the most important researches you’ll be embarking on which in turn becomes primarily beneficial to the essay is qualitative research. With qualitative research writing in ethnography, every single collected raw data is useful information to you that will enable you to pull through with your essay. Listed below are some qualitative research paper topics.

  1. How does Sexual violence in rural areas affect the psychological well-being of the women and girls in such locality
  2. Evaluating the role of parental care and the lack of it thereof in the lives of some foster kids
  3. An insight into the primary causes of the swift migration happening from African to Europe
  4. Examining the distinction between the Sharia laws applicable to Muslims abroad and those in African countries
  5. Explain how political instability in certain countries is often the remote cause of the general instability that arises in any country.
  6. The relationship between political and instability and migration
  7. Exploring the link between violence against women and sex trafficking
  8. Analyzing the socioeconomic impacts of instability on a nation
  9. An overview of the rise of oral literature study in literature
  10. The social implications of American confinement systems on individuals
  11. What are the ways through which sororities impacts the lives of those within it
  12. A study into the ways through which government enables homelessness
  13. A study of the American society and how to reach it is in culture and history
  14. Outlining some of the challenges of Muslims in Africa
  15. Discussing the leniency of the practice of Islam in foreign spaces
  16. A study into the importance of fraternities and sororities
  17. How is the popular culture impacting the psyche of Americans
  18. The impacts of westernization in human perception
  19. How does literature contribute to change the world
  20. Discussing the challenges transgender people undergo within and outside the LGBTQ+ community
  21. How social media distorts the perception of reality
  22. The role of the smartphone in our deteriorating attention span
  23. Understanding culture and how it applies to different American groups
  24. The importance of books in the lives of children in rural areas
  25. How violence breeds housing and food insecurity
  26. The role of capitalism in generating food insecurity
  27. Understanding the effects of female genitalia mutilation in girls
  28. How popular culture serves as an agent of social change
  29. How male dominance breeds male violence

Qualitative Research Topics in Public Health

Even while within the public health sector, you’ll still be required to write qualitative research on your field of study. What this allows is that it gives you the much-needed insight into looking into relevant and crucial aspects of your field of specialty that might need the extra attention. Knowing this while writing research will enable you to broaden your understanding of the intricacies of your course of study as it allows you to gather information firsthand. Here are some research topics for qualitative research on public health.

  1. The benefits of immunization in rural areas
  2. Causes of water-borne diseases in such our society and how this can be mitigated against
  3. The simple signs and symptoms on how to indicate high blood pressure in young people
  4. The importance of antenatal care to every pregnant woman
  5. Ways to create awareness for breast cancer
  6. Barriers to clean hygiene in health centers
  7. Understanding the health challenges of lack of drinkable water in a community
  8. Prevalence of COVID and how to control its spread
  9. Importance of nose masks in the times of Covid-19
  10. Health insurance and how it benefits people
  11. Importance of safe menstrual care for girls
  12. How to control the widespread of Flu
  13. Benefits of exercise to obese people
  14. How to properly manage to live with Diabetes type II
  15. Causes of malnutrition in young children
  16. Control of the prevalence of drug and substance abuse
  17. Prevention methods for COVID-19
  18. The importance of contraceptives for sexually active teenagers
  19. Why do teenagers need sex education and not complete abstinence
  20. Poorly maintained public hospitals and their effects
  21. The need to properly manage the source of our waste products disposal
  22. Factors generating health issues in pregnant women
  23. The importance of post-natal to nursing mothers
  24. The need for the creation of health awareness in rural areas
  25. The growing impacts of COVID-19 on the healthcare system
  26. The health benefits of constant sanitation
  27. Role of social distancing in limiting the cases of COVID-19 in the society
  28. The difference between epidemic and pandemic
  29. The role of finance in propagating an inclusive and efficient healthcare system.

Qualitative Research Topics in Project Management

Project management entails making plans, structuring, controlling, and proffering reliable ways for the carrying out of such plans to achieve desirable results or goals. The main focus of every form of project management writing is that it focuses on ways through which goals or results can be achieved while basing it on a given process. There are so many topics that are in line with project management. Here is a look into some of the easy qualitative research topics within this particular field of study.

  1. The leading causes of underdevelopment in most sectors in the society and possible ways to mitigate against this.
  2. The assessment of the contributing factors that lead to failed healthcare systems in rural areas
  3. Understanding the challenges that often generate food insecurity and scarcity within a given locality
  4. Plausible ways through which food insecurity can be handled within a given society
  5. An investigation into the causes of increased child mortality cases in rural areas
  6. Impacts of financial management in a country and how it benefits citizens
  7. How to set up an operation pest control activity in a society
  8. Investigation into the current cost of living in the society and how this is propagated by capitalism
  9. The need to create a more inclusive healthcare system
  10. The root causes of lack of medical insurance and possible ways to curb it.
  11. The importance of health management in organizations and possible ways to ensure it
  12. Procedure to encourage the building of health centers in underdeveloped areas
  13. Promoting the growth and enhancement of management systems that ensure positive impacts on underserved areas
  14. Analysis of the cost-effectiveness of manufacturing learning centers in urban areas
  15. Evaluation of accommodation spaces in public nursing homes
  16. Enhancing the living situation of charity homes and ways to ensure it
  17. What is the benefit of building communication masts in rural areas
  18. Efficient ways of regulating revenue distribution
  19. Design system for building online regulated parking system
  20. Design process and management of geolocators
  21. How to ensure effective budget planning
  22. The importance of budgeting systems and revenue regulatory systems in government sectors
  23. Overview of budgeting and budget padding as a financial regulatory system.
  24. The problem with healthcare construction projects in Louisiana
  25. The role of strategy in enhancing business management
  26. Student loan challenges faced by academic students in America
  27. The importance of developing healthy customer-client relationships
  28. Foreign policy and its impact on developing industrial complexes

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