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237 Top Technology Research Topics for Academic Papers

technology research topics

College and university students have many technology research topics to pick from when writing academic papers. That’s because technology evolves as the world changes. While some technological changes benefit humans and the environment, some have negative impacts.

For this reason, learners across levels have many topics to research and write about during their academic careers. What’s more, educators assign learners research projects with varying instructions. For instance, a professor can ask learners to write about their preferred technology topics. In that case, learners have the freedom to select their project topics.

Nevertheless, learners should select technology related topics that affect humans and the environment the most. They should also pick issues they find interesting to enjoy the research and writing process. What’s more, educators award learners top grades for selecting interesting topics whose research introduces relevant information into the sector. Here are some of the best titles to consider for research papers in science and technology.

Top Technology Research Paper Topics

This list comprises topic ideas that incorporate different technical aspects and their effects on human life.

  1. How computers will advance in the next decade
  2. What are the long-term impacts of living in a world of technological advancement?
  3. How technology affects child growth in the current world
  4. Describe the essential technological advancement today and its promises
  5. Explain how social media can create or solve problems in the world
  6. Do the internet and mobile phones make the world smaller or bigger?
  7. How technology is changing how people use devices with frustrating problems and glitches
  8. Is genetically engineering children morally wrong?
  9. Is there parallelism to social interactions with humans and machines?
  10. Can humans use technology in new ways to impact the world positively?
  11. How digital learning is changing the education system and schools
  12. Should the government censor the internet?
  13. Should current and potential employees give their employers access to their social media accounts?
  14. Should work from home become a norm, considering the current status of information technologies and internet availability?
  15. How will technology affect travel in the future?
  16. The future of auto-driving vehicles- Their pros and cons
  17. Should parents disclose genetic information to their children?
  18. Should employers and healthcare companies have access to genetic testing information?
  19. Using sequence human genes to predict possible future health risks- What are the limitations and benefits of this testing?
  20. Can genetically modified organisms solve the current hunger issues?
  21. Genetically modified and organic food- Which is the best option?
  22. Differentiating human brains and computers
  23. Accessing technological advances- Why this should be everyone’s right
  24. Should the world use under-the-skin identity chips?
  25. How is technology likely to advance in the next two decades?
  26. To what extent can new technological developments damage the world?
  27. How digital tools can instigate productivity
  28. Investigating the emerging opportunities in robotics
  29. The latest developments in software engineering and programming languages
  30. How information technology has impacted natural language processing
  31. Evaluating biotechnology and molecular information systems roles
  32. How machine learning exposes learners to recent life opportunities
  33. How human-computer interactions affect innovations
  34. Managing data during the era of 5G technology
  35. Emerging study fields in computer data science
  36. Analyzing how computing contributes to the development
  37. The evolution of computer graphics, animation, and game science
  38. Limitations of computer architecture studies in colleges
  39. Synthetic and computational biology development in research
  40. How artificial intelligence affects tedious and complex tasks

Learners can pick and develop these research topics about technology through a careful study and analysis of relevant information.

Topics about Technology and Health

Health should be humans’ top priority. If interested in health technology topics, here are brilliant ideas to consider for your research paper.

  1. CDC Milestone Tracker and its application in medical fields
  2. How humans can make the organ donation process faster and more convenient
  3. How technology can help in determining whether a person is dead
  4. Human limbs regeneration- Will it be possible in this lifetime?
  5. Using technology to rehabilitate individuals with lost limbs
  6. Is using animal tissues in humans ethical?
  7. Is embryonic stem cell necessary with the current technological innovations?
  8. Does the National Institute of Health need more funding grants for practical research projects?
  9. What is morbid obesity’s treatment?
  10. Should the government factor medical costs into the rehabilitation and research budget during wars?
  11. How technology has led to the surging diabetes cases
  12. Using embelin to prevent cancer
  13. How pesticides can help with cancer diagnoses
  14. Biotechnology and high-throughput screening
  15. Eliminating heat-resistant organisms using ultraviolet
  16. Effects of food processing technologies on bacteria in Aspalathus Linearis
  17. Biotechnology in farming and self-sufficient protein supply
  18. Evapotranspiration versus evaporation
  19. A southern blot and DNA cloning
  20. Personalized drugs and pharmacogenetics
  21. Pharmacogenetics in cancer medicines
  22. Can humans control their genetics?
  23. Understanding genetic engineering and gene therapy
  24. How beneficial is genetic engineering?
  25. Opportunities and dangers of genetic engineering
  26. Using nanotechnology to treat HIV
  27. Biotechnology and allergenic potential
  28. Biotechnology and whole-genome sequencing
  29. An overview of heavy metal tolerance and genes
  30. Food-borne illnesses and food biotechnology

Any student that finds technology and health interesting can pick a topic in this category. However, select a technology topic in this list if ready to invest time and effort in research and writing.

Hot Topics in Technology

Perhaps, you want a topic about technology for research paper that the audience will find irresistible to read from the beginning to the end. In that case, consider these ideas.

  1. An overview of software security types
  2. How to improve technological innovations patent rights
  3. How to eliminate stalking
  4. Distinguishing human perception from virtual reality
  5. How computer science interventions are changing the world
  6. Evaluating high-dimensional data modeling effectiveness
  7. What are the limitations of the computer science field?
  8. Effects of ethical hacking
  9. Are universities and colleges producing skilled computer scientists?
  10. Why are specialized banking systems critical?
  11. The best security measure- Fingerprint or a serial code?
  12. Programming languages development
  13. Computational thinking impact on science
  14. ID chips in human brains- An upcoming reality or fiction?
  15. Is computer game addiction a severe problem?
  16. What are the potential advancements of artificial intelligence?
  17. AI in health and medicine- Is its implementation a good idea?
  18. The Safety of medical applications
  19. Is digital voting risky?
  20. Can artificial intelligence obtain self-awareness?
  21. How safe are self-driving vehicles?
  22. How modern technologies and the internet ease outsourcing
  23. Is cryptocurrency a critical financial systems change or a buzz?
  24. Healthcare and cloud technologies for data management
  25. Discuss the latest technological advancements in cybersecurity
  26. Social media and privacy rights
  27. Can gene editing prevent or solve hunger and health problems?
  28. The popularity of streaming services
  29. How VPN services keep their users anonymous
  30. Will technology make traveling better?
  31. Incorporating information technologies in policy management
  32. Using IT to improve service delivery
  33. How IT makes advertising more authentic and appealing to consumers
  34. Next Generation Innovation in education systems
  35. WIFi connectivities in the developed countries
  36. How advanced information technologies help with the preservation of classified documents
  37. How climate and weather affect internet connectivity and strength
  38. The essence of adopting E-Waste management systems
  39. Can humans develop functional intelligent vehicle transport systems?
  40. Why do developing countries have fewer IT universities and colleges?

Learners should pick these research topics on technology and develop them with extensive research to write winning papers.

Interesting Technology Topics

Maybe you want to write a research paper about a topic that will instantly capture your reader’s attention. If so, consider any of these exciting research paper topics on technology.

  1. Latest trends in content marketing and information technology
  2. Human resource and information management systems
  3. Analyzing object tracking with radial function systems
  4. The development of Bluetooth phone technology
  5. Ethical challenges and new media technologies
  6. Online enterprise planning- Is it effective?
  7. Computer development over the last two decades
  8. How social media enhances communication strategies
  9. Has new media rendered newspapers obsolete?
  10. Analyzing modern communication structures
  11. Using social media to create ads with ease
  12. How social media affects personal contact

This list has some of the best topics for research projects in the technology field. Nevertheless, take your time to research your idea to develop a winning essay.

Interesting Information Technology Topics

Do you want to write a research paper about an IT topic? If yes, this category has a sample title you’ll find interesting to explore.

  1. How effective is unlimited data storage?
  2. Does the human brain and computers have a blurred line between them?
  3. Ethical objection for DNA information storage
  4. Is entertainment technology good or bad?
  5. How Google affects young people’s attention lifespan
  6. How digital reading differs from print reading
  7. Are traditional research skills necessary in the current world?
  8. Should schools and parents encourage or discourage media use among children?
  9. Should the government regulate sites like Wikipedia because their information may not be credible?
  10. How books and blogs compare
  11. Does Google provide the best information by preferring its brand?
  12. How using the internet affects the human brain
  13. Are people losing the intelligence they develop via conventional reading and research in the current digital age?
  14. How important is teaching learners to use social media, iPads, and Smart Boards?
  15. Should teaching incorporate the latest technologies?
  16. How Google search has changed humans
  17. Using technology to gauge intelligence
  18. How online format encourages skimming instead of information digestion
  19. How technology affects how people read
  20. Is using the internet to find information terrible or good?

All these are exciting research proposal topics in information technology. If the educator approves your proposal to work on any of these topics, take your time to research it extensively to develop a brilliant paper.

Computer Science and Technology Topics

Computer science is a field with many research topics relating to technology. Here are exciting ideas to explore in this field.

  1. Are humans yet to invent more computer languages?
  2. How will humans react if computers start doing most of the things they do?
  3. How robots are changing the healthcare sector
  4. How to improve the internet
  5. What will happen to the internet next?
  6. How good or bad is virtual reality?
  7. How virtual reality will change the education sector
  8. Describe virtualization in computers and technology
  9. Explain how virtualization is changing entertainment
  10. Describe the industries that machine learning will affect the most
  11. Explain the importance of machine learning
  12. Describe machine learning
  13. Device protection when open-source is becoming popular in computer science
  14. Can robots become more intelligent and like humans after reinforcing learning?
  15. Effects of moving things to the cloud
  16. Hardware and software borderline in the field of computer learning
  17. What is machine learning’s future?
  18. How big data and bioinformatics will change biology
  19. Which is the essential computer science for the future?

Select a topic in this category if you love researching and writing about computer science as a field in technology.

Controversial Topics in Technology

Humans are developing something new almost every day. However, some technological developments are controversial due to their potential impact on human life and the world. Here are some of the controversial technology topics to consider for research papers and essays.

  1. How the revolution in communication technology affects people
  2. Can virtual reality replace actual reality?
  3. How cloud technologies have changed data storage
  4. How smartphones usage has reduced live communications
  5. How modern technologies will change teaching
  6. Analyzing construction recession and low spending by construction companies on IT
  7. Technologies that humans use to explore other planets
  8. How dangerous are cell phones?
  9. How media technology affects child development
  10. 3D printing technology application in complex building forms’ production
  11. How technology improves lesson planning
  12. How technology influences the educational system
  13. Green technologies application in engineering, construction, and architecture
  14. Intelligent technologies and materials in road building
  15. The technological age turns humans into zombies
  16. Analyzing the drawbacks and advantages of unmanned aerial vehicles’ usage on construction sites
  17. How media technologies affect teenagers’ physical development
  18. Should humans use technology to colonize other planets?
  19. Should developed countries care about technology accessibility worldwide?
  20. Does technology create more problems while solving others?
  21. Does technology oppose nature?
  22. How is technology changing people?
  23. Does technology make people dumber or more intelligent?
  24. Does technology make people dependent on it or lazier?
  25. Technology impact on human practice
  26. Is engineering a child genetically morally wrong?
  27. Describe the long-term effects of a technological world
  28. How are humans changing the world using technology?
  29. How are new technologies affecting the world negatively?
  30. How is technology likely to change humans in the next twenty years?
  31. How digital learning is changing education and schools
  32. Drone warfare- Is it a possibility?
  33. Are digital tools making humans less or more productive?
  34. Using technology to develop alternative energy forms
  35. Does the government invade privacy by using law enforcement cameras?
  36. Can humans use technology to improve their interactions with animals?

Select and write about a topic in this category if you love working on controversial ideas. Nevertheless, most issues require research to develop persuasive papers.

Technology Persuasive Speech Topics

Perhaps, you want to research and write a speech on a persuasive topic. In that case, consider these ideas.

  1. Communication masts locations should be away from people’s houses
  2. Programming courses should be mandatory in colleges
  3. Social networks should verify user’s identity
  4. Every social network should implement two-step verification
  5. Kids should not use social media
  6. Internet pop-up ads and spams are the same
  7. Smartphone addiction- Is it a disease?
  8. Self-driving cars are not suitable for humans on busy roads
  9. E-books should replace conventional books
  10. Kids should not play violent computer games
  11. Internet gambling requires strong regulations
  12. Humans should avoid overreliance on smartphones and computers
  13. Desktop computers are no longer fashionable
  14. Computer games are making kids stupid
  15. Governments should censor the internet
  16. Workers should use digital tools more often to boost workplace productivity
  17. The world needs more technological advancements
  18. Why governments should promote digital learning
  19. Technology research deserves more government funding
  20. Hybrid cars save energy
  21. Car manufacturers should consider the environment when designing vehicles
  22. All children should learn to use smartphones and computers
  23. Search engines are killing human brain libraries
  24. Humans should use drones for non-military and military purposes
  25. Smart notebooks are replacing papers

This category has trending topics in technology that you can explore in your project. Nevertheless, most of them are argumentative technology topics that require some convincing. That means you need time and skills to research and develop your topic.

Educational Technology Topics

Perhaps, you’re interested in a topic that touches on education and technology. In that case, consider these ideas for your research project.

  1. Incorporating computational thinking in education
  2. How technology is changing the classroom practice
  3. How technology changes learning outcomes
  4. Is there evidence to prove that educational technology adds value for money?
  5. What enabling factors support or inhibit educational technology integration?
  6. How educational technology programs can facilitate learning change
  7. Using mobile phones for teacher development videos and classroom audio
  8. How tablets and eReaders can support literacy in early developmental stages
  9. Do programs that use technology have better educational outcomes?
  10. Can change theory explain how technology will improve educational outcomes?
  11. What technologies can be more cost-effective in the educational sector?
  12. How appropriate is the current technology for technical training?
  13. Describe effective informal and formal technologies for providing peer support among teachers
  14. Technologies for engaging the school management, headteachers, and the entire school community
  15. Does educational program evaluation exceed technology access and output?

Whether you’re looking for educational or medical laboratory technology research topics, you have many ideas to consider. Each title in this list can serve as an example to inspire you to develop a unique topic for your paper.

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