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142 Abortion Research Paper Topics To Write Your Thesis About

142 Abortion Research Paper Topics

The word abortion gets thrown around quite a bit in the present day and age and has often become a cause of concern amongst political parties, religious leaders, and believers of different ideologies. Some believe that it’s unethical and push for strict laws to ban it, while others support free choice and stand behind ideas that don’t involve any legalities when it comes to something like this.

Besides being a significant point of contention between conservatives and liberals across the world, it is also known for how multidimensional it is, as it’s spoken about in a variety of different circles. Being as “controversial” as it is, it also results in engaging debate, with points of information made by both parties, giving it the divisiveness that makes for an excellent research paper. You may be asked to write one as part of an English class in high school for a debate or an ethics class in college, and searching for the perfect abortion research paper topic can be tricky, so here’s a comprehensive list of abortion research paper topics to explore and create the one that fits you best.

Trigger Warning: The following topics could include rape, sexual assault, and other sensitive discourse.

Structure Of Good Thesis About Abortion

  • Abstract: A highly integral part of a research paper is the abstract, which is essentially a summary of your dissertation or research paper. It is responsible for conveying details like the purpose of research, the relevance of work and topic, and what your research will cover. It also elaborates on any main results if any primary data-driven studies were undertaken as part of the research paper. The abstract is formatted after the paper’s title and precedes the introduction to your actual research paper.
  • Introduction: One of the essential components of academic writing is the introduction, especially regarding contentious issues such as abortion. Starting with a strong beginning allows you to give the reader the exact details of your stance and the specification of your topic. An incredible strategy to effectively communicate all the details you need in an introduction is to jot down the five W’s + one H (Where, When, Who, What, Why, and How), and be sure to inculcate them within the paragraph.
  • Body: After the introduction successfully conveys the thesis statement and hooks the reader, you have the job of keeping them connected throughout the body paragraphs. Following the one-idea, one-paragraph rule as the baseline will allow you to provide evidence behind each argument, inculcate counterarguments, and enable the paper to have an easy flow. In addition to an in-depth outline, you can also chalk up meaningful transitory sentences to go from one paragraph to the other to make the overall piece more engaging and easy to read.
    Be sure to include headings and sub-headings, take data from primary sources (and give due credit) and quotes from experts on the subject to strengthen your opinion, and give your research paper credibility. Make sure that you logically present all your data without involving too many variables and confusing the reader.
  • Conclusion: Again, an essential part of a successful research paper is the end because the end is most remembered. A well-written conclusion will summarize all the arguments you make, restate the thesis statement, and cause the readers to introspect, more so in the case of such a debatable topic as abortion.
  • Bibliography: Not only will a bibliography with all your sources in the appropriate format (e.g., MLA, APA, etc.) safeguard you against any coincidence that comes up during plagiarism checks and provide credibility to your claims. It’ll allow your professor to feel like you’ve done your in-depth research and due diligence and that you’re confident in your paper and your opinions about the cause.

Characteristics Of Well-written Paper About Abortion

  1. Evidence-backed arguments: With a topic as polarizing as abortion, it is vital to have well-thought-out opinions supported by sufficient evidence
  2. Flow: An essential for every piece of academic writing, mainly when deadline with heavier topics such as this, having well-connected paragraphs and overall similarity in tone makes for an intriguing and easy read
  3. Conciseness: Another critical skill is to say more with lesser words, and once you do that, your points will become sharper and your opinions more pronounced in your work
  4. Voice: One of the essential parts of any form of writing is your voice and style, especially when researching papers on issues like abortion. Let your opinions (backed with piles of evidence) shine through to truly make your writing a world apart
  5. Good grammar and style: Basic for any successful writing, correct grammar, syntax, and tone that fits the nature of the conversation

Good Abortion Argumentative Topics

With a vast topic like abortion, it can be easy to stray away from your specific thesis and go into the surface level of many arguments surrounding abortion. If you feel too sensible to explore any of this topics, you can hire professional thesis writer to do it for you. However, here are some topics to delve deep into for your following essay:

  1. Abortion after-care: Is it available?
  2. A study of accessibility to abortion clinics
  3. Mental health resources post-abortion
  4. Abortion laws in African countries
  5. The perception of abortion in Asia
  6. Southeast Asian families’ and their views on abortion
  7. The future of abortion law and policy
  8. Abortion Rights: The for and the against
  9. Judith Thompson’s perspectives on abortion
  10. Abortion and the trajectory of Abby Johnson’s anti-abortion stance
  11. Activism in the pro-choice space
  12. Is abortion an act of violence?
  13. The foster-care and adoption center system in the US
  14. Attitudes towards adoption and foster kids
  15. The intricacies of abortion law
  16. A study of abortion and teenage pregnancies
  17. Is the world’s opinion on abortion nuanced enough?

Interesting Abortion Paper Titles

There is so much to learn and understand about abortion, the reasons such a private matter has become a public matter of concern, and to unpack those concepts, here are some engaging titles for your next assignment:

  1. The physical effects of an abortion
  2. The mental turmoil of getting an abortion
  3. The disconnect between a woman’s body and a woman’s choice
  4. Is the social discussion on abortion warranted?
  5. Abortion as an aftermath of sexual assault
  6. Abortion through a feminist lens
  7. Should the government fund planned parenthood?
  8. Do abortions qualify as an essential medical service?
  9. The study of abortion laws in Poland
  10. The position of abortion in China’s goal of gender equality
  11. Are gender equality and abortions connected?
  12. Pro-life and battles of quality of life after birth
  13. Parenting responsibilities and financial distress: A projection of a future where abortion is criminalized
  14. The morality behind abortion decisions
  15. Abortion amongst minors
  16. The ethical dilemma of abortion
  17. The era of reproductive politics
  18. Infanticide v/s abortion

Creative Topics For Abortion Research Paper

With so many opinions about the issue, abortion is indeed a gray area, so here are some topics to help you out for your next research paper:

  1. Perspectives on unwanted pregnancies; there’s no winner
  2. Healing from an abortion: Physically and mentally
  3. Regional disparities among US states on abortion
  4. The difference in views on abortion from Boomers to Millenials
  5. Is the argument on abortion solvable?
  6. Abortion amongst AAPI
  7. The long-term health effects of an abortion
  8. Abortion in the Dominican Republic
  9. The economics of an abortion
  10. Does legalizing abortion lead to lower crime rates?
  11. The psychological impact of an abortion
  12. Abortion and its repercussions
  13. The impending decision of an abortion
  14. Abortion in the case of incest
  15. Is abortion brave or weak?
  16. The multi-dimensions of the abortion argument
  17. Is your personal opinion on abortion also your political one?

Engaging Topics On Abortion For Research Paper

If you’re struggling to find the perfect topic for your following essay on a segment of the entire abortion debate, here’s a list of topics for you:

  1. Abortions in US states with restrictions
  2. Our views on abortion are black-and-white?
  3. Perspectives on abortion: generalized or circumstantial?
  4. The role of men in the abortion decision
  5. Is abortion considered a form of birth control?
  6. Are pro-choice people anti-life?
  7. Freedom and free will: A study of abortion
  8. Are abortions celebrated?
  9. The political involvement in abortion law
  10. The history of abortion practices
  11. The types of medical procedures involved in abortions
  12. Are abortionists at fault?
  13. Responsibility of child: On woman, man, or doctor?
  14. Is abortion safe for the body?
  15. Medical responsibility to protect life: Doctors on abortion
  16. Abortions through the experience of people of color (POC)
  17. Abortions through the views of indigenous peoples
  18. Hormonal effects on an abortion

Religion-based Topics On Abortion

Religion and abortion seem fairly intertwined as it’s something that comes up in several debates about pregnancy termination. While both are incredibly precarious topics to talk about and are ingrained so heavily in people’s personal lives, abortion becoming political has caused the connection between the two ideas to rise to fame. Here are some topics for your next religion-related abortion essay:

  1. Views on abortion as per major religions
  2. Does Christianity view abortion as a sin?
  3. Does religion play a role in abortion policy?
  4. The history of abortions from a Christian lens
  5. How does Judaism view abortions?
  6. The discourse of abortions in Islamic circles
  7. The spiritual discussion on abortions
  8. Major religions’ beliefs about human life
  9. Anti-Abortion: Science v/s Religion
  10. Is abortion irreligious?
  11. Are all atheists on the same page about abortion?
  12. Orthodox Jews on abortion
  13. Faith and accessibility to abortion resources
  14. The divisive religion argument in the abortion debate
  15. Personal stand v/s political stand: which one to take on abortion?
  16. Religious women and their pro-stance on abortion
  17. Religion as a substitute for science in the abortion conversation
  18. Christianity and abortion amongst US women

Broad Abortion Topics For Research Paper

There’s so much to cover about abortion because it’s such a personal event that has made its way into the public sphere and the debate is unfortunately here to stay. There are a variety of myths about abortions, and perspectives on it differ across the globe and are ever-changing. Here are some topics that broadly examine the intricacies of the issue:

  1. Abortion and its role in the feminist movement
  2. Abortion and its depiction in the media
  3. The journey of a fetus: When is it a life?
  4. The part of financial responsibility in abortions
  5. Company insurance and its support of abortions
  6. Difficult pregnancies and abortion
  7. Misconceptions about abortions: Explained
  8. Should abortions be kept confidential?
  9. Global demonstrations against abortion: A closer look
  10. Is not wanting kids looked down upon?
  11. Planned pregnancies v/s unplanned pregnancies
  12. The societal need to have the desire to procreate and its role in the pro-life argument
  13. A case study on abortion and its use in different circumstances
  14. Abortion in Ireland: Laws & Practice
  15. Political icons and their contributions to the anti-abortion movement
  16. The sound of a heartbeat: Texas’ argument against abortion
  17. The underground abortion network of the 1960s
  18. How do movies position abortion?

Ethical And Law-related Topics For Research Paper

Abortion is such a multifaceted issue and has penetrated the ethics and law world since a lot of the discussion on abortion is about abortion policy and legality. While it’s a very polarised scenario, civil discourse is always encouraged. So here are some significant cases to write your research paper on:

  1. Abortion: Should it be illegal?
  2. Are abortions morally incorrect?
  3. A study on countries without abortion laws
  4. The survey of abortions since Roe v. Wade
  5. Should abortion be talked about in the law?
  6. Private v/s Public matter: Where does abortion lie?
  7. Abortions in the case of sexual assault and rape
  8. Does the women’s choice have to be taken away for her to have one?: On sexual assault and abortion
  9. Is abortion murder?
  10. Why should abortion be legal?
  11. Why is abortion legal in Canada?
  12. A study of abortion data from countries where it is criminalized
  13. Who determines morally right or wrong in terms of abortion policy?
  14. Is voice divided equally between males and females when it comes to childbirth?
  15. Analysis of legislations until Roe V. Wade
  16. The morality of a fetus’ life
  17. Decisions on abortion and how the law perceives them
  18. The supreme court’s place in abortion as a medical practice

Captivating Research Paper Topics

One of the most contentious issues plaguing the world due to its extreme polarity, writing about abortion certainly isn’t easy. That being said, with so much debate, you’re bound to wind up with some stellar arguments that make or break your case. Here are some intriguing topics that you can consider for your next research paper on abortion:

  1. Abortion as a policy issue
  2. Will criminalizing abortions decrease them?
  3. How are women who get abortions viewed?
  4. The history protests against abortion
  5. Does everyone who gets an abortion think the same?
  6. Abortion perspectives in the Middle East
  7. The culture clash between views on abortion
  8. The repercussions of criminalizing abortion
  9. Subsidies for abortion pills and other methods of pregnancy termination
  10. Society’s views on abortions and miscarriages
  11. Is abortion the taking of human life?
  12. Abortion laws and perspectives in India
  13. Is abortion the murder of innocence?
  14. Political figures and their role in the abortion movement
  15. The abortion movement in Japan
  16. Colombia’s historic abortion laws
  17. The 1900 feminists and their take on abortion
  18. Abortion defined by black feminists

Need Professional Abortion Research Paper Help?

While this is an extensive list of research paper topics on abortion, writing the actual essay can become pretty hard, especially with a controversial topic. It’s difficult to juggle school, college, and the pile of work that amounts every day, making it hard to research and write quality papers that will fetch you top grades and rank you as one of the best students. So other than just choosing out of these abortion controversy research paper topics, you can get expert help from professional writers at a minimal cost. These professionals provide custom thesis help from start to end and will also take care of the formatting and sources (to avoid plagiarism), producing stellar work that’s sure to impress your teacher or professor!

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