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How To Write A Thesis Statement For A Research Paper

How To Write A Thesis Statement For A Research Paper

The heart of every research paper is the thesis statement. It is the first thing anyone reading research papers checks, as it gives a reader prior information about the research paper. The thesis statement usually gives short and precise information on the research paper. For a well-written research paper, the thesis statement serves an important purpose.

While the thesis for research paper is important in any research paper, most people find it challenging to develop a compelling thesis statement for their research paper. To help students and researchers, this article provides detailed and helpful information on how to write a research paper thesis statement.

What is a Thesis Statement?

Researchers have described the thesis statement as the foundational stage of any well-written research paper. The thesis statement provides firsthand information and argument of what is contained in a research paper.

The tone is usually precise and declarative, touching across all the core areas of the research paper. Your thesis statement should incorporate all the highlighted keywords in your research paper. Thesis statements are not generic; they are specific, as the purpose is to give readers a clear understanding of what to expect from the rest of the research paper.

Whether you are writing a research paper as a term paper, or as your undergraduate dissertation, a thesis statement is essential in the writing process. It provides foundational knowledge of what the research paper will be shaped around.

The thesis statement appears at the top of the research paper. It should be the first thing any reader notices when they read through a research paper. It usually comes immediately after the research title.

Do Research Papers Have a Thesis?

Yes, they do. Oftentimes, many undergraduate students new to research writing ask whether or not a research paper has a thesis. The simple answer is yes. Every research paper must have a thesis.

The thesis statement is the most important part when writing your research paper. It provides information on the research, it also serves as a research writing guide, outlining the relevant areas to touch across in the body of the research.

In the structure of a research paper, the thesis statement is essential. Without it, a research paper will be considered incomplete.
Although there is no single way to conduct research, writing research usually has an acceptable structure. A research paper structure should contain:

  • Thesis statement
  • Literature review
  • Research methodology
  • Result and findings
  • Discussion
  • Conclusions
  • Reference

The above is the basic structure of a good research paper, and in it, there must always be a detailed thesis statement. On the other hand, you can pay for thesis and never worry about all those points.

Important Things to Note in Writing a Good Thesis for a Research Paper

When it comes to research writing, one of the challenges college and university students still face is the problem of how to write a good thesis statement for their research paper. Anyone can write a thesis statement, but it takes a lot of effort and training to learn how to write a good thesis for a research paper.

Definitely, writing a research paper is not easy and writing a good thesis statement is certainly not easy either. There are important things to note on how to write a thesis for a research paper. Some of them include:

  • It Should be Concise: Your thesis statement has to be concise; this involves the ability to communicate knowledge about your research topic in a few words. Your thesis should not contain unnecessary words or sentences. Make it as brief as possible; this helps prioritize the main information conveyed.
  • Use Clear Grammar: Clear grammar is essential in any form of writing, and it certainly applies to your research paper thesis statement. Your grammar must be clear, rich, and convey information without difficulty. Thus, always use simple grammar when writing your thesis statement.
  • Present a Strong Argument: The purpose of a thesis statement is to convey clear and specific thoughts about a research paper. Therefore, your thesis should convey that thought declaratively.

Step By Step Guide for Writing a Thesis Statement

Every piece of great research writing must follow a regular structural pattern. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to write a good thesis statement for your next research paper.

  • Define Your Topic: Your thesis statement has to be definitive. It has to give a succinct definition of what your topic entails. Making it as definitive as possible will show that you have a good knowledge and understanding of what your research is all about.
    For example, if you have a topic like “The challenges of mandatory online education to college students,” your thesis statement should provide a detailed explanation of why mandatory online learning today has become a source of challenge for college students.
    You can begin this by first giving insight into what has given rise to mandatory online learning in the first place; this helps to give context as well as structure to your thesis statement.
  • Avoid Vagueness: Most students often vaguely present their thesis statement that it becomes difficult for readers to pinpoint the intended purpose of the research. Your thesis statement should give readers clear information about your paper’s content.
    Avoid making the statement vague as this affects the understanding on the part of the readers. It has to be both precise and straight to the point. Making your points clear and straightforward will present you as informed in the subject matter and confident in your assertions. Also, a straightforward thesis statement immediately provides a clear picture of what the research is or isn’t about.
  • Number of Sentences: Your thesis statement should not be bulky. Always make it as short as possible. Its purpose is to provide brief and detailed information on the rest of the paper.
    Therefore, it should be as short as possible. To achieve this, try as much as possible to limit it to a certain number of sentences. A well-formed thesis statement should not exceed two sentences. Or, in most cases, three.
  • Answer the Research Question: Before starting a research paper, students and young researchers must always start with a gap analysis. The gap analysis details areas not covered by previous research in your study.
    Through these, a research problem is identified, and a research question will be formed. This question must be addressed in your thesis statement as well. For instance, in the research topic, “The challenges of mandatory online education to college students,” the research question automatically is, “why are mandatory online classes imposed on college students?”
    In your thesis statement, you should be able to address this question, giving insight on why mandatory online classes have taken over in-person classes and why it’s become a problem for college students.
  • Practice: In any form of writing, practice makes perfection; this also applies to your thesis statement. Don’t be consumed by the idea of drafting an all-inclusive thesis statement in one try. Draft as many thesis statements as you can and gradually add all the relevant points that should be included in your essay.

Characteristics of a Good Thesis Statement

Even with a how-to guide on writing a good thesis statement, there are other things to note about a good thesis statement.
There are certain things contained in a good and well-written thesis statement, and some of them include:

  • It Must be Specific: It is not a well-written thesis statement if it is not specific. A good thesis statement indicates clearly what the research will be all about. Avoid vague or broad statements in your thesis.
    Your thesis must maintain a particular context and your knowledge built around that context. In the research topic, “The challenges of mandatory online education on college students,” your thesis should revolve around how making online classes mandatory now affects college students. Taking your thesis statement beyond this affects the message of your thesis.
    To achieve specificity in your research, always narrow down your point to concentrate solely on your research topic.
  • Present a Solid and Convincing Argument: Narrowing down your thesis statement to focus on your research topic helps you to build a solid argument around that topic. Leaving room for vagueness in the statement stops your thesis from building a strong argument. To create a thesis with a solid argument, focus on being specific in your thesis statement.
  • Should be Engaging: A good thesis statement has to be effective and engaging. It attracts the interest of readers and keeps them reading. Ultimately, a great one should have the ability to hook readers’ interest.
  • Topic-related: Your thesis statement should only revolve around your research topic. Avoid touching areas that are not related to your research topic. If your topic is, the challenges of imposing online learning on college students, your thesis should only address how mandatory online classes affect college students.

Notable Research Paper Thesis Statement Examples

An important point to note is that a good research topic births a good thesis statement. After you have successfully chosen a research topic, the next thing on your to-do list is to prepare your thesis statement. Below, we have provided you with a list of some research paper thesis examples to guide you in writing your own.

Thesis Topic 1: The Challenges of Mandatory Online Learning on College Students During COVID

An example of the thesis statement you can form from the above topic could look like:

“The advent of Covid-19 has brought about a global strain in many sectors, that its impact is also largely palpable in the educational sector where it has been recorded to have disrupted an existing traditional mode of learning, causing schools to consider other modes of learning such that many learning institutions now regard virtual learning as a viable solution. However, studies show that college students are becoming tired of online learning during a pandemic, which has been pointed as causing a significant strain on students’ learning abilities. This study explores how online learning (which used to be a student’s delight Pre-COVID) has become a hectic learning style especially for college students and how this is largely reliant on the pandemic”.

Thesis Topic 2: The Provision of Educational and Learning Resources for Low-Income Students

A thesis statement for a topic like this will look like this:

“Educational inequality has become prevalent in our society today. One of the challenges children face from low-income homes is the inaccessibility of educational and learning tools, which poses a serious problem for students in this category to have equal access to education and learning like their fellow counterparts. Against the backdrop of this major educational disparity is also a government with little-to-no provision made to create solutions to this rising educational challenge. This study examines the challenges of low-income homes, how this affects their ability to meet the educational demands of their children, and the government’s role in making certain educational and learning materials accessible to the wider public”.

Thesis Topic 3: The Prevalence of Internet and Cyberbullying and the Need for Government Legislation Against It

A thesis statement for a topic like this will look like this:

“With the growth of technology and with more and more people gaining access to smartphones as well as the availability of several social media spaces for public engagement, cyberspace has become a favorable playing ground for several cyberbullying activities. With this, cyberbullying is gaining ground, gradually getting out of hand, with more and more people falling victim to cyber bullies daily; this has become an issue of general interest—the need to address the growing unsafety on the internet propagated by online trolls. With almost no successful strategy to handle this, the issue can be curbed through the implementation of government legislation. This study examines the prevalence of cyberbullying, its effect on individuals, and the role the government can play in ensuring that internet safety can be restored”.

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