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133 Excellent Journalism Topics You Can Use Today

journalism topics

It is no longer a secret that essay writing is both a tedious and tiring process. To begin with, you have to sit down for hours and brainstorm for an ideal topic that is easy to write about and support with multiple relevant sources.

Coming up with an essay topic that is out of the box is equally tricky. It might explain why most students have a hard time putting together a high-scoring paper. On the bright side, we understand the plight of many college or university students, and we have a solution to part of the puzzle.

We have carefully sorted out over a hundred journalism topics to give you the inspiration you require to get the writing process underway.

The Best Journalism Research Paper Topics

  1. What is the subsequent impact of media on the growth of an economy?
  2. Discuss the negative implications of media in influencing violence
  3. Investigate how the media industry has evolved because of technological advancement
  4. What are your thoughts on denying an operational license to partisan media outlets
  5. Elaborate the potential beneficiaries of media versus society influenced violence
  6. Discuss the likely implications of partisan advertisement outlets
  7. Examine how media has impacted your living over the last ten years
  8. What is the role of the media in reducing crime?
  9. What is the link between media and the growth of the fashion industry?
  10. What are your thoughts on Noam Chamky’s manufacturing consent? Is it propaganda in itself?

Topics For Journalism Class From Expert Writers

  1. The relationship between media and politics: Are there any media outlets that are politically neutral?
  2. Explain the implications of a one-sided media and why it might be dangerous to society
  3. Discuss how the media was during the Obama vs the Trump administration
  4. Investigate the Black Lives Matter movement and analyze the role of media in advancing it
  5. What are the positive or negative impacts of media on war
  6. Analyze the link between crime and media
  7. Examine how media affects the diminishing of traditions and culture
  8. Explain the role of media in the growth of the music industry
  9. Analyze the influence of media on innovations
  10. Explain the role of social media in promoting hostility and violence
  11. Analyze the advantages of non-partisan advertisement outlets
  12. Why is the press essential in spreading political rivalry among the political subject and class?

Good Journalism Topics

  1. Define media propaganda and look into how it influences hatred in society
  2. What is the role of social media in society
  3. Explain the impact of mass media in promoting war against crime
  4. What role does mass media play in promoting learning activities?
  5. Explain how mass media originates from political rivalry
  6. Analyze the media violations of a person’s freedom and rights
  7. Examine the role of mass media on the political class of America in the 18th century
  8. What is the role of mass media in spreading awareness?
  9. Discuss the relevance of media in the growth of a steadfast country
  10. What are the components of an ideal media outlet
  11. Investigate how the government regulates the media
  12. What is the difference between modern and new error journalism

Middle School Journalism Topics

  1. Elaborate the skills, knowledge and training one needs to become a good journalist.
  2. Explain how readers can confirm the truth and credibility of news articles
  3. Examine countries need to control their media sites
  4. Determine whether governments should have exclusive power to censor news reporters and journalists
  5. Explain how social media has impacted the reporting of police brutality cases
  6. Determine whether a journalist can be objective when reporting on a war
  7. Explain how news coverage has changed with the arrival of social media
  8. What was the impact of mass media on the scope of the Vietnam War

Research Topics In Mass Communication And Journalism

  1. Explain how journalists altered the coverage of news relating to WWII
  2. Investigate why radio still commands a huge following
  3. Explain different types of media and differ according to audience
  4. How effective are social media marketing campaigns
  5. Define media downshifting and discuss why people are reverting to newspapers again
  6. What are the benefits of international journalism?
  7. Investigate terrorism in media and highlight examples in the world today
  8. Define journalism ethics and highlight its importance in news coverage
  9. Highlight some relevant media disasters and explain how to prevent them
  10. Discuss mass communication laws in the U.S.

Journalism Thesis Topics

  1. Define fanfiction and fandom in the media
  2. A case study of social networks is the key to modern-day communication
  3. Discuss the peculiarities of children media
  4. Explain why video blogs are the new diaries
  5. Why is it important for media to censor controversial topics and violence
  6. Elaborate media and communication psychology
  7. How effective are media companies as compared to single bloggers with regards to news coverage
  8. Explain the critical attributes of communication

Literary Journalism Topics

  1. Analyze why media agencies should cease using metaphors in headlines
  2. Explain why it is essential to ban all fake news from social media sites
  3. Elaborate the main drawbacks facing journalism
  4. Does the U.S. media treat its global enemies fairly?
  5. Discus whether media outlets are responsible for the spread of unverified stories

Journalism Essay Topics For High Grades

  1. Explain the limitations and challenges of the Bennet news model
  2. Define stylized writing and elaborate whether it is acceptable in today’s internet-reliant world
  3. Explain the U.S. media portrays enemies and competitors from around the world
  4. Is it true that the internet makes people read less about current events?
  5. Explain how the internet has affected news reporting
  6. Examine some of the most significant anticipated changes to journalism in days to come
  7. Explain the main reasons why we cannot do without media
  8. How the media helps in the advancement of technology
  9. Elaborate different ways by which mass media outlets benefit from advertisements and product promotions
  10. Discuss the critical negative influence mass media may have on students
  11. Discuss the advantages of mass media in preempting a situation
  12. What are the implications of mass media to the ethical well-being of society?
  13. Examine media and its influence in the articulation of social matters like racism
  14. Investigate media addiction and elaborate its effects on the economy
  15. Explain whether video games should be media today

Journalism Topics For High School

  1. Discuss the origin of school name and how it augers among students
  2. Explain the source of the sports team name in your school
  3. Elaborate how the pandemic has impacted student recruitment and enrollment numbers
  4. Explain how the decision to cancel in-person classes affected high school students
  5. Examine the resources your school provides for needy students
  6. Investigate the impact of new media on digital learning budgets
  7. Look into what is happening to local businesses around your high school
  8. Discuss how your high school staff is adapting to cover time lost during the pandemic
  9. Explain the media policy and culture in your school
  10. What are the causes and impacts of media addiction
  11. Explain the potential effects of mass media on children
  12. Discuss the effect of mass media on one’s emotional and psychological well being
  13. Discuss the effect of media on relationship expectations
  14. Investigate different types of mass media that have become obsolete in recent times
  15. Explain the influence of mass media on political attitudes
  16. Discuss the representation of women journalists in the media fraternity
  17. Examine if journalism can seek the truth without breaking the journalism code
  18. Discuss why we should trust the media to deliver accurate news
  19. Examine whether the media is responsible for the deterioration in moral standards in society

Journalism Research Topics From ENL Writers

  1. Discuss why it is not appropriate for celebrities and superstars to undergo trial by media
  2. Discuss why radio is still an essential form of media in the 21st century
  3. Explain how to regulate mass media to ensure minimal exposure of students to unsuitable content
  4. Elaborate why televisions need to stop showing sexual content
  5. Outline possible impacts of misdirection and misinformation by the media
  6. What is the effect of media on diplomacy
  7. Discuss the use of women and their sexuality in mass media advertisement
  8. Discuss the positive and negative impact of racism in media
  9. A case study of pollution as a social issue and the media’s role in combating it
  10. Highlight the representation of African Americans in today’s media
  11. Investigate the impact of fear created by media reporting crimes
  12. Elaborate the flaws representation of black women in media
  13. Discuss the role of media as an agenda-setting tool
  14. What is the state of mass media in the Middle East
  15. Examine media study and its advantages to students
  16. Discuss same-sex marriage representation in American media

Investigative Journalism Topics

  1. Highlight how disabled people are represented by the media today
  2. Discuss the representation of Muslim women and Islam by women
  3. What are the historical development and cultural impact of media in the U.S.?
  4. What is the role of transculturation in media translation
  5. Examine how the image of the Arab woman appears in Arab media
  6. What is the role of print media in the advancement of pop culture?
  7. What are the negative impacts of television advertisements on children?
  8. Conduct a comparative analysis of news reports between FOX and BBC news
  9. Discuss the objectification of women and its adverse psychological impacts
  10. Elaborate why media channels tend to focus a lot on celebrity gossip instead of vital media
  11. Explain why social media is more relevant in modern days as compared to traditional media
  12. Discuss whether politicians depend on media to retain their power
  13. What is the truth of the statement that the media has been corrupted by money?
  14. Do large media companies have too much influence and power? Do they need to be disintegrated into smaller units?
  15. Explain why the media should not include graphic images depicting violence or war brutality
  16. Investigate why the media should be accountable for any misconceptions it helps to enforce
  17. Elaborate why the media should provide free educational content
  18. Explain why mass media is more of a propaganda tool for the government

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It is pretty easy for any student to fall into writer’s block. Developing interesting journalism essay topics that will amount to an incredible paper worth capturing your professor’s attention is not a walk in the park. Nonetheless, your task should be a lot lighter with our suggested list of top and controversial topics.

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