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60 Best Ethical Argument Topics for a Winning Paper

ethical argument topics

Ethics and morality are two common, and closely linked subjects that you will learn in college. The two deal with our comprehension of what is good and what is wrong. Therefore, you should expect to handle many ethical argument papers in your college. When faced with such essays, the first and most difficult part is selecting the right ethical arguments topics. But we are here to help. In this post, we bring you the best 60 ethical paper topics that you can select for your paper.

What is Ethics? What is an Ethical Argument Paper?

Every day, every moment, we make ethical choices. But there are many times when we simply do it unconsciously, without thinking we are actually doing so. Ethics go beyond moral principles and rules: it is one arm of philosophy that looks for answers to question things such as justice, family relationships, professional duty, and more.

An ethical argument paper is a form of academic writing, which require you to argue for a selected position as opposed to just offering an overview. This argument, in most cases, involves putting forward your argument, supporting it with evidence, and refuting counter-arguments.

60 Top Ethical Argument Topics

Notably, your ethical essay topics can be about anything relating to your interest. But the best option is selecting topics that can be supported with evidence. Well, here is a list of ethical arguments that you can select to work. Pick them as they are or tweak a little to fit your preferred outlook.

  1. Should people act ethically simply because God requires them to?
  2. Is there a moment when it is unethical to do a duty in your career?
  3. When there is no chance of rehabilitating an offender, should government allow their execution?
  4. Should we make prostitution legal?
  5. Is consuming blood of animals immoral because they are living creatures?
  6. Wealthy nations have the responsibility of providing for refugees in different regions of the world.
  7. Should we include the right to die in law?
  8. Humans should start colonizing the rest of the galaxy.
  9. Should parents who give their kids fatty foods be considered abusers?
  10. Should we abolish compulsory education for kids?
  11. Should we limit plastic surgery for medical purposes only?
  12. When you witness your best friend bullying another student, what should you do?
  13. Should journalists only show people what they want to see as opposed to being true?
  14. Analyzing the main problems of ethical behavior in medical practice.
  15. Stereotypes about outlanders that result in confrontation.
  16. What is the importance of following ethical codes in your workplace?
  17. Analyzing how the family shapes our ethical norms.
  18. Should people follow the same moral code globally?
  19. What is the role of ethics in UK schools?
  20. Is professional ethics?
  21. Analyzing the ethics of criminal justice.
  22. Moral and non-moral behaviors: What are the similarities and differences?
  23. Do we need molarity to be happy?
  24. What are the main causes of racial conflicts?
  25. What makes some people so cruel?
  26. Do we really need the moral norms?
  27. Is it possible for all people to be happy all the time?
  28. Should we use reason alone to determine the actions that are right or wrong?
  29. Is it possible to draw a clear distinction between intrinsic good and instrumental good?
  30. Pleasure: Is it an intrinsic good?
  31. The Bentham’s Hedonistic Calculus: Is it really practical?
  32. Happiness: Is it simply a sum of personal pleasures?
  33. Psychological egoism: Is it tautologous?
  34. Is it possible to refute personal ethical egoism?
  35. Does end justify the means?
  36. Does free will exist?
  37. Does believing in God help change a person?
  38. Should we invite philosophers to discuss the development of technology?
  39. Are people enslaved by moral rules?
  40. Which is the best theory to explain human behavior?
  41. Should we legalize genetic engineering?
  42. Personal use of drugs: Should it be legal?
  43. Using drugs to enhance cognition: Is it ethical?
  44. Charity work: Is it a moral obligation for the wealthy?
  45. The elderly, their kids or medical professionals: Who should decide when to place seniors in elderly centers?
  46. Does every person has a moral obligation to take care of the environment?
  47. Should offensive content be removed and bared from the internet?
  48. Are the laws protecting people from discrimination adequate?
  49. Should governments have powers to censor creative works of artists, such as films, books, and exhibitions?
  50. Is homeschooling better than homeschooling?
  51. Do you support the use of animals in biological research?
  52. Should people who do not vote on election days be punished?
  53. Is war on drugs more harmful than the drugs themselves?
  54. Should we allow consenting adults who are close blood relatives to marry?
  55. Crimes against the ecosystem: Should they attract harsher penalties?
  56. Religious beliefs vs giving children accurate sex education: Which one should take precedence?
  57. The pharmaceutical industry is very corrupt: do you agree?
  58. Sports sponsorship: Is it unethical?
  59. Should we separate state and church?
  60. Civil disobedience for a good cause: Is it ethical?

How to Write an Ethical Argument Paper

Before outlining the best ethical argument topics, it is important to be clear in your mind about the process of writing your paper. The goal is to be ready to craft an A-rated paper that will get you the highest grade. Here are some useful tips to follow.

  • Follow the research paper prompt well before getting started. For example, you will find your professor requiring that you select topics for argument paper from a specific area of study. But it is also possible to get open-ended prompts where you can pick the topics from broad areas.
  • When selecting the topic, ensure to go through sample ethical argument topics to see what others have done. This will help you to look at areas that have not been explored.
  • Develop and follow a good paper outline. After selecting good argument paper ideas, it is important to ensure that your paper is logically arranged. Start with a captivating introduction where you bring out the main research questions and thesis, which is your primary argument. Then, use the body to bring out the key points, supporting them vividly with various resources. Finally, conclude your paper with a summary, highlighting the answers to your research questions.
  • Bring out the counterarguments in the paper. This will make your paper stand out and earn you more marks.
  • Proofread your paper well before submitting it.

You Got the Best Ethics Topic: What Next?

After selecting good argument paper topics, the big job of writing the paper commences. What does it entail? You need to have the right writing skills, follow the right formatting style, and stick to the deadline. Is this too much? Well, no need to worry because you can seek professional thesis writing help. It is offered by expert writers with a lot of experience to guarantee you the best grades.

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