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150 Incredible Research Paper Topics For All Levels

research paper topics

Many people say that starting a paper is the most difficult part. Picking research topics is even more difficult. It takes time, and you may need some help to start. This is where a list of the best research paper topics come in.

This article contains a list of the most interesting research topics that can fetch you good grades. You can find one that suits your course of study from the list. Also, you can get writing help from dissertation writing experts.

Finding Easy Research Paper Topics

Writing good research topics requires brainstorming and producing from scratch or getting inspiration from other sources such as research project ideas list, course material, real-life, teachers, and news headlines, among others.

Here are some ways to find good research topics:

  • What are your interests?

    If you aren’t sure about good research paper topics, consider the topics that interest you. Do not just look out for easy research proposal topics. Rather, create a unique topic by using a list of your interests. Write them down and break them down into small topics. After completing the list, it will be easier to choose a topic.

    The next step should be an examination of the part of the topic you prefer to work with. This method saves you time and serves as an outline that contains your objections and arguments for the research.

  • Check the information

    Getting research paper ideas is not enough, you must also check the information. Will it be sufficient for your thesis? There should be enough information for the body of your paper. Use textbooks in both electronic and hard copy to review the topic. If it is a debatable topic, prepare ahead of time, and get strong arguments for your thesis.

  • Research questions ideas

    Before creating a research question, you should know the types available. They include descriptive, causal, and comparative.

Features Of Good Research Topics

Interesting topics to research have the following features:

  • Concrete and specific
  • Original
  • Highly relevant to reviewers
  • Highly relevant to society, professional field.
  • Trending

No matter what you are working on, from writing a history thesis, to a creative research paper, you should have a good topic. Here are some topics for research papers of a wide variety of areas:

Interesting Topics For A Research Paper

  1. The role of placebo therapy
  2. When does life-sustaining therapy become futile?
  3. Pros and cons of medical marijuana
  4. Is cow milk a healthy alternative
  5. Can animal testing be avoided
  6. Benefits of a vegetarian diet for children
  7. Vaccines for children: useful or dangerous
  8. The effects of obesity on the health
  9. Regulating the advertisement of prescription drugs to consumers
  10. Can patients turn to drug addicts from doctor’s prescriptions?

Education Research Topics

  1. Is graduating from college a guarantee of making more money?
  2. How standardized tests can improve education
  3. Should college education be cheaper
  4. Social networking and school
  5. How modern technologies affect teaching methods
  6. Metal detectors at high schools
  7. Creation of learning methods for visually impaired kids
  8. The role of technology today in lesson planning
  9. Effects of modern teaching methods
  10. How to manage school bullies and take action against bullying

Environment Research Topics

  1. The menace of global warming
  2. Can overpopulation be handled?
  3. How to reduce waste of paper and save trees
  4. Human impact on forests
  5. Will films about environmental issues create awareness?
  6. Effects of earthquakes
  7. Is nuclear power safe for use
  8. Can hurricane impact be predicted?
  9. How to determine the adaptation of buildings for hurricanes and other disasters
  10. Are GMO foods safe?

Good Topics For Research Paper

  1. Are social networks necessary for our society?
  2. Should animals be used for entertainment?
  3. Do violent video games affect the child negatively?
  4. Do beauty contests highlight unachievable beauty standards?
  5. Should women compete against men?
  6. Are newspapers going extinct?
  7. How excessive gaming affects youths
  8. Do TV shows impose unreal moral standards?
  9. Should TV programs with explicit content be banned?
  10. Can social media use lower self-esteem of teens?

Politics Research Topics

  1. Should there be more gun control laws?
  2. Should the drinking age be reduced?
  3. How can ethnic killing be discouraged?
  4. Should adults be allowed to carry a hidden handgun?
  5. Is a world without wars possible?
  6. Can the international community stop Iran from building nuclear weapons?
  7. Peace between Palestine and Israel: myth or possibility?
  8. Avoiding workforce reduction
  9. Is socialism possible?
  10. Should the death penalty be scrapped

Psychology Research Topics

  1. Do dreams affect our mood?
  2. Is autism a developmental problem or a disease?
  3. How to handle child violence
  4. How to find behavioral patterns and shape them
  5. How to handle mental breakdowns
  6. The effect of insomnia on our health
  7. Is stress harmful to the body
  8. Classical music and the brain
  9. Depression and the immune system
  10. Are some people more intellectually gifted?

Science And Technologies Topics

  1. Can nanomedicine extend the human lifespan?
  2. Light and its use in treating cancer
  3. Is there life on Mars?
  4. Cryogenics and the future
  5. The future of artificial intelligence and computing
  6. Can fossil fuels use be eradicated?
  7. Self-driving cars and the future
  8. Interaction between wild animals and humans
  9. Bitcoin and the protection of identity theft
  10. Is the big bang theory real?

Culture Research Topics

  1. The start of antisemitism
  2. History in a new light
  3. Racial discrimination in the world
  4. Cultural revolutions in the past
  5. Impact of commercials and advertisements on art
  6. Pop culture trends and the youth
  7. Cultural achievements since the 20th century
  8. Pregnant celebrities and their right to privacy
  9. Greek cultural influence on the rest of the world
  10. The Victorian period of cultural change

Good Research Topics In Math

  1. Why is ‘x’ unknown?
  2. The influence of algorithms
  3. Can anyone create a winning monopoly strategy
  4. How math has changed the world
  5. Should math contests for high school be banned?
  6. What is the solution to the famous math problems?
  7. Are math formulas useful in real life?
  8. What is the link between math and music
  9. How are some people better at math than others?
  10. What are the most confusing formulas in the world?

Best Research Topics In Business

  1. Can anyone start a business without money?
  2. Do dirty business tactics produce results?
  3. Notorious business leaders and their work strategies
  4. Family business and entrepreneurship
  5. Ethical business decision making in everyday situations
  6. How to successfully build a startup from ground up
  7. The impact of global warming on international business strategies
  8. What does it take to expand a business into another region or country?
  9. Best strategies for the promotion of small businesses
  10. The role of international business in sustainable development.

Other Topics For Middle School And High School

  1. Is a vegan diet a healthy diet?
  2. Is the greenhouse effect natural or artificial?
  3. The dynasty of Prince Diana
  4. What causes earthquakes
  5. The effect of excessive gaming on students
  6. Why is competition necessary for humans?
  7. Highlight the evolution of poetry
  8. Gender roles in books for younger children
  9. Sailing methods used to navigate the globe in the past
  10. The greatest general who has ever lived
  11. What caused world war one?
  12. What were the impacts of WW11 on women’s rights?
  13. Is liberalism the right solution?
  14. Highlight the consequences of women voting rights movements
  15. The impact of Asian art on contemporary art
  16. The impact of Martin Luther King’s various protests
  17. What military strategy is the best in the world?
  18. What is the impact of monetary systems on the development of humanity?
  19. What is the link between Greek and Roman culture?
  20. The Aztec architecture and its impact on contemporary architecture
  21. Does the book ‘Harry Potter’ reflect the idea of the time?
  22. The American dream literature
  23. The prose of women suffrage movement
  24. Why authors use similes and metaphors
  25. The dawn of literature
  26. Discuss allegory on two random levels
  27. Sex and romance in the Renaissance era
  28. Is fanfiction considered independent literature
  29. Discuss fiction as a tool of propaganda
  30. Is fanfiction an independent literature
  31. How to identify novel genres
  32. Why GATT documents are important
  33. Is ECOLEX the pathway to environmental law
  34. Mass communication law
  35. What is the role of the European patent office?
  36. Impact of females’ authority in different countries
  37. Exciting outtakes from the famous InterAmerican human rights library
  38. Analysis of comparative criminal procedure
  39. Effectiveness of international criminal courts
  40. The usefulness of the U.S. copyrights office to businesses
  41. Does the bible depict bisexuality?
  42. Christianity and economics
  43. Creationism
  44. Modernism and religion
  45. Pastoral and religious counseling
  46. Religion and sex
  47. Church and social action
  48. Intelligent design
  49. Women and religion
  50. How teenagers perceive religion

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