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21 Interesting Dissertation Topics for College Students

dissertation topics for college

You have to write your dissertation and this thought is scary. We know how difficult this paper can be. However, we want to assure you that you can succeed! In fact, you are almost sure to get a top grade if you learn how to write the paper properly. Remember that you can get help online from professionals if necessary. One of the first things you need to do is think about dissertation topics. In fact, you must invest a lot of time and effort into finding a great topic for your thesis. Your professor appreciates innovative ideas and helpful research. College and high school students should learn where to find good topics for their dissertations right away. Let’s talk about why hot dissertation topics are necessary and where one can find them.

Why Dissertation Topics Are So Important

The dissertation that you write must bring real value to the scientific community. Your research must be useful. It is very important for your results to be applied in real life, not just in theory. This means that you need to come up with new, unique dissertation topics. Your want your paper to stand out from the dozens of other theses. You want to capture the attention of the evaluation committee and get the best possible score on your dissertation. And the thesis topic has the potential to win you bonus points. You need to spend time searching for that perfect topic. Search for as long as necessary.

How to Pick the Right Topic

There are hundreds of dissertation topics, of course. You need to pick one that you can write and that it is not very simple. Also, you want to pick a topic that nobody else in your university has thought of. The topic must be in your area of expertise because it will be easier for you to write about it. It must be relatively narrow because you can’t write a book about the topic. However, don’t make it too narrow because you may not have enough things to talk about. And very importantly: make sure the topic is very interesting and innovative. Think of, or find, something that can instantly capture the attention of your readers. You can find dozens of tips on the Internet about how to choose a good topic. Let’s see where you can find topics for dissertation.

Where to Find Topics for Dissertations

Truth be told, there are various places where one can find fresh dissertation topics. For example, you can start your search at the local library. Read journals and theses on the subject that interests you. Many authors clearly state which areas require further research. So why not use their suggestions as a topic for your dissertation? Another very good place to find fresh dissertation topics is the Internet. You can join various forums and discussion boards and ask more experienced writers about some good topics. Or you can visit blogs and message the experts who are maintaining them.

And of course, an academic writing agency can provide you with a list of dissertation topics 2018 at an affordable price. Their experienced writers and editors know everything there is to know about writing dissertations, after all. Alternatively, you can buy a guide to writing the perfect paper and use the information contain within it to find a good topic for your next paper. Whatever you choose to do, always remember that the dissertation topic you pick is extremely important. Also, make sure you write an incredible thesis statement that will instantly draw the attention of the evaluation committee.

21 Interesting Ideas for Dissertation

In case you need some interesting ideas for dissertation, here are 21 topics that you can write about (you can use them for free, of course):

Veterinary Medicine

  • What is the risk of impaction colic in donkeys in the United States?
  • Why bovine tuberculosis is important to agriculture in the United States
  • Veterinary Flock Plans: Improving Sheep Productivity With Health Plans
  • How human infective antibiotic-resistant bacteria are used in veterinary medicine


  • Oncogene Activity: How It Interacts With Tumors
  • Can genomic data counter cancer evolution and help with cancer therapy?
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis: An Analysis of T-cells
  • Defining core cognitive deficit in schizophrenia cases

Public Health

  • Childhood Obesity: Understanding the Causes and Effects
  • An analysis of the public health sector challenges
  • Veterinary Medicine and Its Effects on Human Health
  • Chinese Herbal Practice: Is It Safe for Londoners?


  • Damaging Effects of Nanoparticles on the Human Body
  • Using Nanotechnology to Understand How Cells Behave at the Molecular Level
  • Nanotechnology and Meteorology (one of the best dissertation topics 2018)
  • Analyzing Demand and Production: Future Trends in the Nanotech Industry


  • Synchronizing Body Movements With Speech
  • Is Social Networking Affecting Mood and Stress?
  • Using the Raspberry Pi to Make a Modular Synthesizer

Political Sciences

  • How 9/11 Changed Legislation in the United States and the World
  • The Increasing Power and Influence of Russia: How Is It Affecting the United States?


There are dozens of interesting ideas for dissertation writing. We know it is hard to pick one. However, you need to decide for yourself which topics are the best. After all, you know best what areas you are a pro at. You need to know the subject matter quite well to write a successful thesis. Remember that doing all that research and writing a dissertation is by no means an easy task. This is why you must make sure that the topic you choose for your thesis is not extremely difficult. What good is an intriguing topic if you don’t know that to write in the paper or how to conduct the research on that particular topic?

College and high school students can get help from various sources nowadays, including their supervisors and other professionals. There is a multitude of academic writing services online, so you definitely can get help if you want it. However, make sure that the company you are about to work with has experienced writers and that it delivers on its promises. The Internet can be a very dangerous place. But whatever you choose to do, just keep in mind that you need to start working on your dissertation as soon as possible. Good luck!

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