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70 Top Art Research Paper Topics To Explore

art research paper topics

Unlike other forms of expression, it is difficult to determine the value of art using figures. However, personal impressions can help us measure this value and consequently making it a subject of research. Many people find it challenging to study topics related to emotions. If you are one of them, you can now breathe a sigh of relief. We give you manageable and useful art research paper topics that will soften your entire essay writing process.

Have a look at our dazzling and inspiring art paper topics below. They will give you the right direction for your research and pave the way to a thrilling and art-provocative essay. Let’s dive in.

Art History Research Paper Topics: Romanticism

Who doesn’t love romance! It is one of the most significant art history times that would excite many to write and also read. Do you remember the likes of Romeo and Juliet? Well, here is more of that:

  1. Romantic originality in the 19th century
  2. Art philosophers who pioneered the romantic movement: A case study
  3. Visionary and imaginary part in romanticism
  4. Romantic literature as a form of romanticism: A critical analysis
  5. Discuss the main features of romanticism in the art history
  6. Why did romanticists use the world around us (nature)
  7. What is the place of emotions and feelings in the romanticism era
  8. Describe the impact of “The sublime” phrase used in romantic literature
  9. The judgmental and restrictive thinking of the mid-19th century in romanticism
  10. American romanticism: A review of the poetic art history
  11. Important symbols in the passionate art history age
  12. Local color as a style in romanticism
  13. A study of the Hudson River in romanticism
  14. Why did romantic literature focus on the idea of the inner self

Great Arts Research Paper Topics on Minimalism

Minimalism, as a form of art, was a movement in painting and sculpture of the 1950s. It was made clear by the use of massive and straightforward ways. Here are some art research paper topics:

  1. The elements of minimalism art in Specific Objects by Donald Judd
  2. Discuss the rise of minimal art
  3. How the purely visual response impacted minimalism art
  4. Minimalism: Demystifying art and revealing its fundamental character
  5. Explain the concept of pure aestheticism
  6. What was the effect of removing self-expressionism from the artwork?
  7. How to color was used to delineate space
  8. How mass-produced materials underscored the lack of an artist’s mark
  9. Understanding the minimalist sculptors
  10. Describe Sculptor Sol LeWitt’s statement, “the most interesting characteristic of the cube is that it is relatively uninteresting.”
  11. Debunking the non-hierarchical character of the grid-based compositions in minimalism art
  12. Reconsidering the relationship of the audience to the art object
  13. Discuss the industrial materials used by minimalists
  14. How minimalist painters created objects with the presence
  15. The impact of combining paint and canvas by minimalists making them inseparable

Eastern Art Research Topics

These arts research paper topics include developments in Asian art historically. There was a significant influence of Eastern art on Western art, and vice versa. Are you excited to explore some Eastern art history topics? Let’s go!

  1. A history of Eastern art and its development
  2. The artistic and architectural traditions of the Eastern art
  3. How to develop and manage collections and exhibits from Eastern art
  4. A survey of the visual arts of Eastern Asia from the 11th to the 15th centuries
  5. A critical look at the Eastern art painting, sculpture, and architecture
  6. High renaissance artists during the Eastern art history
  7. Understanding the fundamentals of Eastern art history architectural analysis
  8. Significant elements of the Chinese painting and calligraphy art
  9. The origin of the Art of Israel and the Jewish diaspora
  10. Evaluating the major orders of Cambodian art
  11. Impact of Eastern art on cultural, religion, and religious development
  12. Insights into the unique qualities of the Japanese art
  13. Eastern dance and its contribution to aesthetics

Unusual Ancient Art History Paper Topics

Ancient art existed around 30,000 B.C.E. to 400 A.D. One can trace it back to the fertility statuettes, and the bone flutes up to roughly the fall of Rome. The art research topics here include:

  1. The impact of the ancient civilizations of Mesopotamia, Egypt, and the nomadic tribes to the ancient art history
  2. Cultures created during ancient art history
  3. The role of oral tradition in promoting art
  4. Development of the classical and Hellenistic art
  5. The purpose of writing in ancient art history
  6. How pictures colored the ancient era
  7. Characteristics of Mesopotamian art
  8. Impact of literature on religion, military, and hunting
  9. A case study of professional artists and craftspeople in the ancient art
  10. A review of the shapes and form of art in this period
  11. Hierarchical representation of images in Egypt
  12. The place of woodwork and metalwork
  13. Impact of the major rivers on art
  14. The use of ritual bronzes in ancient China

A-Grade Medieval Art Topics For Research Papers: Religious Aspects

Here’s some art thesis topics about medieval art:

  1. Analyze the Mosaics in Basilica churches
  2. The impact of Manuscript Illumination
  3. Influence of art on Christian Architecture of churches and temples
  4. A critical look at the walls of catacombs
  5. An artistic study of the highly decorate pile carpets
  6. The bright mosaics in Islam temples
  7. Discuss the development of the Mughal portrait
  8. The use of primary colors in Romanesque art
  9. A survey of the stained glass
  10. Features of abstract representation
  11. Impact of ornate carvings in worship
  12. Religious Byzantine theme: a case study
  13. What are the essential imperial issues to the Byzantine society
  14. Why many sculptures have failed to survive the passing of centuries

With these beautiful art research paper topics and ideas, nothing can stop you now. Pick one that suits your taste and embark on it right away.

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