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80 Art History Thesis Topics To Skyrocket Your Grades

art history thesis topics

An art history paper is just as the name suggests, an academic paper concerned with the history and development of art as a study field. Here, you will explore expert art history research topics for your homework. Are you ready? Let’s get done with it already!

Art History Thesis Topics on the Late Gothic Period

  1. Significant stylistic changes from the Romanesque style of the 12th century
  2. The relationship between the great cathedrals of Europe and the late Gothic period
  3. Monumental sculptures in the cathedrals of Europe
  4. The relevance of Abbey Church of St. Denis in Gothic architecture
  5. Gothic art in the Notre Dame in Paris
  6. Manuscript illustration in the Gothic paintings
  7. A review of the surviving Gothic paintings

Inspiring Thesis Topics Art History

  1. The artist’s major influences in a particular piece of art
  2. The role of recurring subjects in art
  3. Critically evaluate Lorenzo Costa’s Portrait of a Cardinal in his Study
  4. Why is photogravure used more than encaustic painting?
  5. Critical features of Abstract Expressionist painting
  6. Discuss the common motifs in the embroidery and Scandinavian weaving
  7. Evaluate the Baroque as a significant period of artistic activity

Art History Senior Thesis Topics

  1. A review of the images used to communicate messages in art history
  2. The historical and transcultural contexts of visual works
  3. The history of feminism art portrayal
  4. The impact of Marxism ideology on the development of art
  5. A critical analysis of the aesthetic values of art in homes
  6. The history of signs and symbols in paintings
  7. Theories that define the history and development of art

Undergraduate Art History Thesis Topics

  1. Evaluate the development of art in Ancient Greece
  2. The role of art in historical analysis and learning
  3. How different were the artists from the expressionism period?
  4. The impact of Cubism development on the art world
  5. How did artists preserve ancient artworks, and why?
  6. What led to the extinction of the Dadaism art movement?
  7. A study of Leonardo da Vinci’s life history

Impressive Thesis Topics in Art History

  1. How do the Eastern and Western artworks of the 18th century compare?
  2. An analysis of the developments leading to modern art
  3. Comparison between ancient and contemporary artists
  4. What is the definition of real art?
  5. Methods of dissecting a complex piece of art in simple words
  6. The role of nature and life in influencing art
  7. How art therapy has developed from ancient cultural practices

Art History Photography Thesis Topics

  1. How to make a distinction between an American and French art photographer
  2. Are there distinctions between art and photography?
  3. Why is photography replacing fine art?
  4. How the printing press has led to the development of photography
  5. The cultural revolution and its relationship to art history
  6. Compare and contrast the relationship between photography and ancient art
  7. Compare and analyze design styles in Picasso’s blue and rose periods

Popular Art History Thesis Topics

  1. How science has influenced Ancient Greek sculptures
  2. What led to the shift of the Roman artistic styles in the 4th century?
  3. The relationship between The Great Wall of China and art.
  4. The place and role of women and politics in Ancient Rome architecture.
  5. Representation of males in Ancient Art.
  6. How did art influence architectural structures in ancient times?
  7. Why ancient Rome is full of art

Art History Thesis Topics Greek

  1. The importance of pottery and vases in ancient Greek art.
  2. A study of the ancient Greek arts periods: Geometric, Archaic, Classical, and Hellenistic.
  3. How the Statue of Zeus at Olympia reflects the artistic style of the time.
  4. Compare and contrast any of these styles of Greek art: the Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian styles of Greek architecture
  5. Why were Fresco paintings included on or inside many ancient Greek structures?
  6. Contributions of Polykleitos to the ancient Greek art industry
  7. What was so unique about Parthenon?

Art History Thesis Topics Impressionism

  1. The role of impressionists in the art hierarchy
  2. Why canon and traditions were against impressionism
  3. The origins of impressionism
  4. The influence of impressionism on the art process
  5. A study of the founding members of the Impressionism movement
  6. Why the pioneers of impressionism used diverse approaches to painting
  7. The impact of the sketch-like appearance

Modern Art History Topics For High School

  1. The influence of pop art culture in America
  2. Materials and styles in Chinese calligraphy
  3. Evaluate the art of henna in the Middle East, India, and Africa
  4. Art and cultural inclinations
  5. Ancient art culture
  6. The emergence of the Bollywood film industry
  7. The sense of art in today’s movies and series.’

Ancient Art History Research Paper Topics

  1. The art of disguising
  2. Cartoons as a form of art
  3. Color in art
  4. Similarities between Picasso and Leonardo Da Vinci
  5. Is Graffiti vandalism?

Compare and Contrast Topics in Art History

  1. Baroque vs. Rococo designs
  2. Renaissance and Baroque Epoch
  3. Cubism and impressionism
  4. French vs. American art
  5. Gothic vs. Neo-Gothic periods

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