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100 Best Human Rights Topics For Your Thesis

human rights topics

Human rights topics are among the crucial subjects for academic papers. Human rights are inherent to every human being. That means people shouldn’t be denied their human rights regardless of their sex, nationality, color, language, religion, national or ethnic origin, as well as, other human divisions.

Human and civil rights research topics are can relate to treaties and laws that aim to safeguard natural rights. Natural rights can be described as a concept that addresses life, property, and liberty. As such, human and civil right movement essay topics can be about different issues that affect human beings concerning civil law and their legal protection.

Globally, several frameworks and policies that address human rights at transnational levels have emerged. These have also led to several treaties. Consequently, human rights topics for research paper have attracted interest from students and scholars that are pursuing law and human rights programs. Here is a civil and human rights topics list to consider if you want to write a paper that addresses modern social issues. You can also check out our law thesis topics.

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Interesting Human Rights Topics

The popularity of human rights when it comes to research is always growing. That’s because issues that touch on human rights are prevalent in both developing and underdeveloped countries. Even some countries that are considered as the most advanced face human rights issues. Here are some of the most interesting human rights topics for essays and research papers.

  1. Causes of gender-based disparity in payment in the U.S
  2. Major problems and their solutions in LGBT marriage regulations
  3. How does child labor affect the psychology of healthy adults?
  4. What are the major LGBT community rights in the U.S?
  5. Are women intellectually inferior?
  6. What are the legal rights of Canadian servants?
  7. Can child labor cause post-traumatic stress disorder?
  8. What are the common causes of physical abuse among married couples in the U.S?
  9. Discuss labor right issues in the UAE
  10. Child labor history
  11. How does male leadership differ from female leadership?
  12. What hinders the equal representation of females in leadership roles?
  13. Should minorities be allowed to pray at their workplaces?
  14. Discuss women rights in African
  15. Discuss racial discrimination in the UAE
  16. Do social media play a role in women empowerment?
  17. What are the best ways to address body shaming issues?
  18. Do parents have an ethical basis for using force when disciplining children?
  19. Do the native people have rights at the time of immigrants’ influx?
  20. What’s the civil rights future in the U.S?

These are some of the best human rights essay topics for students at different academic levels. However, writing solid papers on these topics requires extensive research to gather the relevant and latest information.

Argumentative Human Rights Research Topics

If you want to argue out a point that relates to human rights, consider a topic in this category. Here are some of the best argumentative human rights research paper topics.

  1. Cutting the genitals of male infants is a violation of human rights
  2. Is the state allowed to violate human rights at the time of war in the interest of a nation?
  3. When should the rights of men and women differ?
  4. Are human rights dependent on situations?
  5. Can the same standards of human rights be achieved globally?
  6. Should specific traditions define human rights?
  7. Should all people have an equal right to free education?
  8. Should the state’s interests take priority of individual rights?
  9. Do social media networks guarantee privacy right?
  10. Is immigration restriction in the U.S a violation of human rights?
  11. Does democracy work as the best system for protecting human rights?
  12. Is pet ownership an example of human rights?
  13. Are developed countries responsible for the promotion of human rights across the world?
  14. How good is global trade when it comes to the promotion of labor rights?
  15. Which is the best political regime for protecting human rights?
  16. Is life imprisonment a violation of human rights?
  17. Is torture justifiable?
  18. Capitalistic system- Does it violate or defend human rights?
  19. Is the installation of surveillance cameras in public places a violation of human rights?
  20. Should voting right be extended to prisoners?

This category can also include some of the best animal rights topics. For instance, a topic that addresses pet ownership as a form of human rights can also address animal rights. Nevertheless, extensive research is required to write a solid paper on any of these human rights paper topics.

Analytical Human Rights Essay Topics

Perhaps, you want to write an analytical essay about a topic on human rights. In that case, consider a topic in this list of human rights essay topics.

  1. Which are the most violated human rights at workplaces and why?
  2. What is the connection between ecological problems and human rights?
  3. Analyze the European Commission of Human Rights’ organizational structure
  4. Analyze the effectiveness of the European Court of Human Rights
  5. Analyze the human rights violation in the adult film industry
  6. Analyze the purpose and principles of the European Convention on Human Rights
  7. How can human rights violations by the police be prevented?
  8. Analyze the violation of the rights of children in Taiwan
  9. How can the international community fine a state that violates basic human rights?
  10. Analyze the violation of human rights in Belarus

This is a great category to consider when looking for civil rights movement research topics. Information for writing papers and essays about these topics is also easy to find on the internet. That’s because several media outlets have written and published news articles on some of these civil rights topics online.

Compare and Contrast Civil Rights Movement Topics

Maybe you want to write a human rights thematic essay in which you compare and contrast different issues or concepts. In that case, consider the following topics.

  1. Compare and contrast the Human Rights Act (1998) and the Equality Act (2010)
  2. Compare and contrast pet rights and human rights
  3. Compare and contrast human rights and civil rights movements
  4. Compare and contrast slavery and serfdom- How are these phenomena a violation of human rights?
  5. Compare and contrast the rights of women during the 20th century
  6. Compare and contrast the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948) and the Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen (1789)
  7. Compare and contrast the Human Rights Model and the Freedom Model
  8. Compare and contrast the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and how Islam views human rights
  9. Compare and contrast human rights violation in the Brave New World novel by Aldous Huxley and 1984 by George Orwell
  10. How does apartheid compare and contrast with segregation?

This category also has some of the best women’s rights topics that require writers to compare and contrast violations over certain periods. Nevertheless, writing an essay about human rights about any topic in this category requires time and effort. That’s because you have to research and verify the information from different eras.

Historical Human Rights Violation Essay Topics

Some topics on the violation of human rights date back to certain periods in time. If you want to write a human rights violations essay that discusses issues of a specific period, here are some of the topics to consider.

  1. Discuss the implications of the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882
  2. The Bill of Rights history
  3. Historical female and Islam oppression
  4. Discuss the 1965 voting rights act
  5. The American Indian Movement
  6. Which groups of the population had the voting right in ancient Greek Poleis?
  7. What is the origin of the human rights concept?
  8. What were the defining factors for human rights in Medieval Europe?
  9. Which human rights could the 20th-century women not access?
  10. What was the purpose of the 1993’s Human Rights Act in New Zealand?
  11. What major human rights did the people fight for at the time of the French Revolution?
  12. Which human rights did the 1948 declaration make universal?
  13. How did World War II affect human rights?
  14. Where did human rights originate from?
  15. Analyze human rights violation in Crimea in 2014
  16. Analyze the violation of human rights during the Israeli-Palestinian conflict
  17. Discuss the representation of human rights in the Enlightenment philosophy
  18. Discuss the innocence presumption as a major policy in the American judicial system
  19. Discuss the role of Eleanor Roosevelt in the human rights protection campaign
  20. What changed how Western civilization views human rights?

Original Civil Rights Essay Topics

Maybe you want to write a civil rights essay on a topic that is completely original. In that case, consider this civil rights topics list.

  1. Discuss the development of the human rights issue in Hidden Figures
  2. Define ombudsman concerning human rights
  3. What is environmental racism?
  4. Explain why human trafficking continues
  5. Why are other countries not intervening in the violation of human rights by the North Korean government?
  6. How is utilitarianism a contravention of the human rights concept?
  7. Are human rights violated in the bible?
  8. How are human rights protected in African countries by the human rights institutions?
  9. Why are LGBT marriages and relationships not allowed in some nations?
  10. How can individuals participate in human rights protection campaigns?
  11. Is watching pornography a human right?
  12. What is the effect of racial discrimination on staff productivity?
  13. How should bullies be dealt with in school?
  14. How does obesity affect professional capacity?
  15. Best ways to fight racism
  16. What amendments should be made to legalize gay marriages?
  17. Do immigrate create serious employment issues for a native population?
  18. Should countries allow child transitioning?
  19. Discuss the social exclusion of HIV/AIDS patients
  20. Gay marriages do not have religious significance

Students have many human rights essay topics to choose from. Whether you need equal rights essay or women rights essay topics, you have many options to consider. Our thesis writers can help you choose a topic that you will be comfortable researching and writing about.

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