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131 Gender Research Topics To Attain Top Grades

gender research topics

Are you looking for a gender topic to use for your research project, research proposal, thesis, or dissertation? You are definitely at the right place. We have 131 diverse gender research topics that will lead you to a point of research to get to the bottom of a certain phenomenon.

As students in college, you need to provide high-quality assignment output to increase the possibility of getting top grades.

These topics can help you dive more into research and even provide a bridge for your career. While doing research you might meet different stakeholders that can help you get a better understanding. You can also get thesis help from us online.

What Is Gender?

Gender is portrayed by the socially constructed characteristics found in males and females. Gender defines the behaviors, norms, and gender roles of males and females. However, it differs in certain societies. However, gender can lead to specific social and economic inequalities in society.

The other popularly confusing phenomenon is sex which refers to the unique biological and psychological characteristics of males, females, and intersex persons. Hugely, gender influences people’s experiences and access to different social amenities.

If gender issues interest you, you can consider doing gender development and gender studies courses or units in college. You will get a better understanding of the relationships between one’s gender and society.

The Different Parts Of A Thesis

A thesis has three major parts which include the introduction, body, and last part.

  • Introductory Part
    The thesis introductory party should entail the cover page, description page, table of contents, list of figures, and list of tables. This may differ based on the kind of thesis that you are doing.
  • Body
    The body content can vary based on the topic of gender that you are doing. If you are doing a research report topic; it should contain the introduction of the topic, theoretical basis, project implementation, research results, and discussion.
    If you are doing a development project report the body should contain the introduction, objectives, project background, theoretical basis, project implementation, and discussion.
  • The last part
    This part should contain a list of references and appendices.

Gender Research Topics

Are you searching for ideal topics on gender? You can consider using any of these for your research paper, project, or assignment. You can’t miss an ideal one to use for your paper:

  1. General impacts of globalization on experiences around gender.
  2. Dynamics found in gender development.
  3. Effects of discrimination based on gender at jobs and careers.
  4. Promotion of gender equality in the world in the 21st
  5. The known social construction of gender roles.
  6. Discuss whether gender is natural or acquired from the surrounding.
  7. Is gender a role, biological sex, or culturally acquired?
  8. How does gender impact social media interactions?
  9. Evaluate the changing gender roles in families.
  10. How are gender roles portrayed in cartoons?
  11. Effects of gender biases in the workplace.

Topics About Gender

Do different topics about gender interest you? Then consider any of these for your research project, research paper, proposal, and much more:

  1. How are gender roles portrayed in cartoons?
  2. The best modes to use to teach students about gender equality.
  3. Evaluate women’s empowerment in society.
  4. Common challenges faced by women in the workplace.
  5. Classification of gender dysphoria.
  6. Evaluate sex, gender, and inequalities
  7. Evaluate gender stereotypes and misunderstandings.
  8. Importance of mass media in solving gender issues.
  9. How does society portray gender and sexuality?
  10. Influence of gender stereotypes in individuals.

Gender Topics

Equality should be achieved in schools, workplaces, and social places. We are social beings and need to find a way to boost equality in society to prevent anyone from feeling left out:

  1. Gender disparity in science.
  2. Evolution of discrimination in society in the previous centuries.
  3. Similarities between racism and gender inequality.
  4. Social roles men and women.
  5. Gender roles in the current society.
  6. Why is discrimination dominant in certain places?
  7. How has LGBT evolved?
  8. The rights of single mothers in society?
  9. Gender role definition.
  10. The advantages of feminism in the growth of society.

Gender-Related Topics

Here are any gender-related topics which you can use for your thesis, dissertation, proposal, or project. If you have an interest in the field, what are you waiting for?

  1. The relation between culture and body self-image.
  2. Forms of gender violence in society.
  3. Gender role in medicine and science.
  4. Role of women in the progress of the world economy.
  5. The possibility of reaching gender equality in modern society.
  6. The kind of stereotypical depictions of women in the media.
  7. Role of women on Earth.
  8. How does religion diminish male roles in society?
  9. Division of labor for different genders in the workplace.
  10. Does gender influence income inequality?

Gender Studies Research Topics

Gender studies courses and the unit have gained popularity in different universities. The world is growing with each passing day, and it is important to understand how different genders interact in different institutions:

  1. The reality of the gender pay gap in the current society.
  2. Relation between culture and gender stereotypes.
  3. The root of gender stereotypes.
  4. Gender stereotypes are found on TV.
  5. How does gender inequality affect kids’ upbringing?
  6. Gender barriers faced by women in educational establishments.
  7. Causes of gender-based violence in the world.
  8. Family issues are caused by the gender disparity globally.
  9. The attitudes towards gays and lesbians.
  10. The Importance of maternal and paternal leaves for the newborn baby.

Gender Inequality Research Paper Topics

The world should provide a safe space for everyone. Therefore, you can use these gender inequality research paper topics to dig deeper into the kind of inequalities people go through:

  1. Gender concepts integrated into Artificial Intelligence.
  2. Gender diversity roles in scientific discovery.
  3. Major causes of gender imbalance.
  4. Relation between sports, women, and media institutions.
  5. The advantages and disadvantages of being a feminist.
  6. Importance of parents’ investment in girls’ education.
  7. Factors that cause inequality in the workplace.
  8. How gender misconceptions affect behavior.
  9. Factors that cause inequality in the workplace.
  10. Steps that can be taken by parents to achieve gender parity.

Sociology Research Topics On Gender

Sociology entails the study of social interactions. If that interests you then these sociology research topics on gender will do the trick:

  1. The genderized occupations in society.
  2. Gender stereotypes in different regions.
  3. How are men and women treated differently in law?
  4. The known gender roles in the family.
  5. Women’s rights history in different countries.
  6. Advantages and disadvantages of gender identification in society.
  7. Mental perception of gender in society.
  8. Legalization of LGBT in families.
  9. How does gender studies impact self-esteem?
  10. The origin and dangers of feminism.

Gender Topics For Research

Gender equality, and achievement will play a huge role in improving productivity in the workplace, school, and social places. Advocating for gender equality for both men and women is crucial:

  1. Why are girls more likely to fall victim to sexual exploitation?
  2. Key obstacles that prevent girls from accessing quality education.
  3. Methods that can be used to promote equal opportunities for women and men in society.
  4. Impact of gender diversity in scientific innovations.
  5. Common gender-neutral management practices.
  6. The contrast of the wage gap between both genders.
  7. Evaluate gender roles in society.
  8. Can men fight for their rights as feminists do?
  9. Evaluate gender discrimination and promotion over time.
  10. Can education help solve inequality issues?

Gender Issues Topics For Research Paper

What resources do you use for research? You can search on the internet, and use scholarly articles, documentaries, books, and PDFs to get the information that you need:

  1. Evaluate work-home conflict as a result of gender inequality.
  2. Factors influencing inequality in developing countries.
  3. Best way to address gender-based issues at the workplace.
  4. Relation between gender and leadership in education.
  5. Bullying issues in education based on gender.
  6. A social perspective on gender issues and sexuality.
  7. Best modes of addressing gender equality.
  8. Relation between globalization, liberalization, and gender equality.
  9. Major gender issues in international relations.
  10. How does gender influence the recruitment of individuals in the workplace?

Best Gender Research Paper Topics

Which gender issues have you encountered in society? These are some other topics that can bring you into the limelight. Attaining gender equality in society is important:

  1. Scarcity of water and effect on gender inequality.
  2. Unequal division of economic growth in society.
  3. Factors that lead to gender inequality in the workplace.
  4. Gender inequality in retirement and employment.
  5. Relation between poverty and gender.
  6. Gender inequalities that lead to women’s rights movements.
  7. Gender stereotypes issue and contribute to gender inequality.
  8. Effects of gender inequality in economic development.
  9. Dire consequences of gender inequality.
  10. The importance of women fighting for gender equality.

Gender Research Paper Topics

You can use any of these gender research paper topics to make your proposal, project, thesis, or dissertation, which will help to make your paper really good. But if this whole writing process is difficult for you, you can find dissertation writers for hire.

  1. Manifestation of gender inequality in society.
  2. From your perspective is it possible to fully achieve gender equality?
  3. Future outcomes of the present gender inequality.
  4. How does gender blindness impact gender inequality?
  5. Economic aftermaths of gender inequality.
  6. Relation between gender equality and politics.
  7. Evaluate gender inequality from a psychological perspective.
  8. Best modes to tackle gender inequality at home.
  9. How is gender inequality portrayed in sports?
  10. Should women and men perform specific roles?

Women And Gender Studies Research Topics

When it comes to gender issues, women are the most affected. Therefore, there is a need to balance the issue so that both men and women can share the same rights:

  1. Women’s views on long-existing gender stereotypes.
  2. How are gender roles portrayed in movies, news, and TV shows?
  3. Gender stereotypes in children
  4. Evaluate gender as portrayed in literature
  5. Gender mainstreaming in institutions.
  6. Gender role effects on childhood development.
  7. How are gender stereotypes developed in families?
  8. Parents’ gender roles and children’s aspirations.
  9. Emotional perception of gender inequality.
  10. The disparity between gender stereotypes in the Eastern and Western culture

Research Topics On Gender Inequality

If you are planning to do a research paper on gender. These are the perfect topics to start with. You can find data for different topics easily on the internet:

  1. Gender stereotypes in athletic management.
  2. Effect of globalization on gender norms and experiences.
  3. Feminization and gender issues in education
  4. Relation between gender equality and women’s rights.
  5. The global perception of female leadership and gender equity.
  6. The effects of gender discrimination in social media and how it affects individuals.
  7. Transgender and gender non-conforming in children.
  8. Race and Gender public relations.
  9. Gender socialization and ageism.
  10. Gender differences in financial knowledge acquisition.

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