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156 Hot Agriculture Research Topics For High Scoring Thesis

agriculture research topics

Are you preparing an agriculture research paper or dissertation on agriculture but stuck trying to pick the right topic? The title is very important because it determines how easy or otherwise the process of writing the thesis will be. However, this is never easy for many students, but you should not give up because we are here to offer some assistance.
This post is a comprehensive list of the best 156 topics for agriculture projects for students. We will also outline what every part of a thesis should include. Keep reading and identify an interesting agriculture topic to use for your thesis paper. You can use the topics on agriculture as they are or change them a bit to suit your project preference.

What Is Agriculture?

Also referred to as farming, agriculture is the practice of growing crops and raising livestock. Agriculture extends to processing plants and animal products, their distribution and use. It is an essential part of local and global economies because it helps to feed people and supply raw materials for different industries.

The concept of agriculture is evolving pretty fast, with modern agronomy extending to complex technology. For example, plant breeding, agrochemicals, genetics, and relationship to emerging disasters, such as global warming, are also part of agriculture. For students studying agriculture, the diversity of the subject is a good thing, but it can also make selecting the right research paper, thesis, or dissertation topics a big challenge.

How To Write A Great Thesis: What Should You Include In Each Section?

If you are working on a thesis, it is prudent to start by understanding the main structure. In some cases, your college/ university professor or the department might provide a structure for it, but if it doesn’t, here is an outline:

  • Thesis Topic
    This is the title of your paper, and it is important to pick something that is interesting. It should also have ample material for research.
  • Introduction
    This takes the first chapter of a thesis paper, and you should use it to set the stage for the rest of the paper. This is the place to bring out the objective of the study, justification, and research problem. You also have to bring out your thesis statement.
  • Literature Review
    This is the second chapter of a thesis statement and is used to demonstrate that you have comprehensively looked at what other scholars have done. You have to survey different resources, from books to journals and policy papers, on the topic under consideration.
  • Methodology
    This chapter requires you to explain the methodology that was used for the study. It is crucial because the reader wants to know how you arrived at the results. You can opt to use qualitative, quantitative, or both methods.
  • Results
    This chapter presents the results that you got after doing your study. Make sure to use different strategies, such as tables and graphs, to make it easy for readers to understand.
  • Discussion
    This chapter evaluates the results gathered from the study. It helps the researcher to answer the main questions that he/she outlined in the first chapter. In some cases, the discussion can be merged with the results chapter.
  • Conclusion
    This is the summary of the research paper. It demonstrates what the thesis contributed to the field of study. It also helps to approve or nullify the thesis adopted at the start of the paper.

Interesting Agriculture Related Topics

This list includes all the interesting topics in agriculture. You can take any topic and get it free:

  1. Food safety: Why is it a major policy issue for agriculture on the planet today?
  2. European agriculture in the period 1800-1900.
  3. What are the main food safety issues in modern agriculture? A case study of Asia.
  4. Comparing agri-related problems between Latin America and the United States.
  5. A closer look at the freedom in the countryside and impact on agriculture: A case study of Texas, United States.
  6. What are the impacts of globalisation on sustainable agriculture on the planet?
  7. European colonisation and impact on agriculture in Asia and Africa.
  8. A review of the top five agriculture technologies used in Israel to increase production.
  9. Water saving strategies and their impacts on agriculture.
  10. Homeland security: How is it related to agriculture in the United States?
  11. The impact of good agricultural practices on the health of a community.
  12. What are the main benefits of biotechnology?
  13. The Mayan society resilience: what was the role of agriculture?

Sustainable Agricultural Research Topics For Research

The list of topics for sustainable agriculture essays has been compiled by our editors and writers. This will impress any professor. Start writing now by choosing one of these topics:

  1. Cover cropping and its impact on agriculture.
  2. Agritourism in modern agriculture.
  3. review of the application of agroforestry in Europe.
  4. Comparing the impact of traditional agricultural practices on human health.
  5. Comparing equity in agriculture: A case study of Asia and Africa.
  6. What are the humane methods employed in pest management in Europe?
  7. A review of water management methods used in sustainable agriculture.
  8. Are the current methods used in agricultural production sufficient to feed the rapidly growing population?
  9. A review of crop rotation and its effects in countering pests in farming.
  10. Using sustainable agriculture to reduce soil erosion in agricultural fields.
  11. Comparing the use of organic and biological pesticides in increasing agricultural productivity.
  12. Transforming deserts into agricultural lands: A case study of Israel.
  13. The importance of maintaining healthy ecosystems in raising crop productivity.
  14. The role of agriculture in countering the problem of climate change.

Unique Agriculture Research Topics For Students

If students want to receive a high grade, they should choose topics with a more complicated nature.This list contains a variety of unique topics that can be used. You can choose from one of these options right now:

  1. Why large-scale farming is shifting to organic agriculture.
  2. What are the implications of groundwater pollution on agriculture?
  3. What are the pros and cons of raising factory farm chickens?
  4. Is it possible to optimise food production without using organic fertilisers?
  5. A review of the causes of declining agricultural productivity in African fields.
  6. The role of small-scale farming in promoting food sufficiency.
  7. The best eco-strategies for improving the productivity of land in Asia.
  8. Emerging concerns about agricultural production.
  9. The importance of insurance in countering crop failure in modern agriculture.
  10. Comparing agricultural policies for sustainable agriculture in China and India.
  11. Is agricultural technology advancing rapidly enough to feed the rapidly growing population?
  12. Reviewing the impact of culture on agricultural production: A case study of rice farming in Bangladesh.

Fun Agricultural Topics For Your Essay

This list has all the agricultural topics you won’t find anywhere else. It contains fun ideas for essay topics on agriculture that professors may find fascinating:

  1. Managing farm dams to support modern agriculture: What are the best practices?
  2. Native Americans’ history and agriculture.
  3. Agricultural methods used in Abu Dhabi.
  4. The history of agriculture: A closer look at the American West.
  5. What impacts do antibiotics have on farm animals?
  6. Should we promote organic food to increase food production?
  7. Analysing the impact of fish farming on agriculture: A case study of Japan.
  8. Smart farming in Germany: The impact of using drones in crop management.
  9. Comparing the farming regulations in California and Texas.
  10. Economics of pig farming for country farmers in the United States.
  11. Using solar energy in farming to reduce carbon footprint.
  12. Analysing the effectiveness of standards used to confine farm animals.

Technology And Agricultural Related Topics

As you can see, technology plays a significant role in agriculture today.You can now write about any of these technology-related topics in agriculture:

  1. A review of technology transformation in modern agriculture.
  2. Why digital technology is a game changer in agriculture.
  3. The impact of automation in modern agriculture.
  4. Data analysis and biology application in modern agriculture.
  5. Opportunities and challenges in food processing.
  6. Should artificial intelligence be made mandatory in all farms?
  7. Advanced food processing technologies in agriculture.
  8. What is the future of genetic engineering of agricultural crops?
  9. Is fertiliser a must-have for success in farming?
  10. Agricultural robots offer new hope for enhanced productivity.
  11. Gene editing in agriculture: Is it a benefit or harmful?
  12. Identify and trace the history of a specific technology and its application in agriculture today.
  13. What transformations were prompted by COVID-19 in the agricultural sector?
  14. Reviewing the best practices for pest management in agriculture.
  15. Analysing the impacts of different standards and policies for pest management in two countries of your choice on the globe.

Easy Agriculture Research Paper Topics

You may not want to spend too much time writing the paper. You have other things to accomplish. Look at this list of topics that are easy to write about in agriculture:

  1. Agricultural modernization and its impacts in third world countries.
  2. The role of human development in agriculture today.
  3. The use of foreign aid and its impacts on agriculture in Mozambique.
  4. The effect of hydroponics in agriculture.
  5. Comparing agriculture in the 20th and 21st centuries.
  6. Is it possible to engage in farming without water?
  7. Livestock owners should use farming methods that will not destroy forests.
  8. Subsistence farming versus commercial farming.
  9. Comparing the pros and cons of sustainable and organic agriculture.
  10. Is intensive farming the same as sustainable agriculture?
  11. A review of the leading agricultural practices in Latin America.
  12. Mechanisation of agriculture in Eastern Europe: A case study of Ukraine.
  13. Challenges facing livestock farming in Australia.
  14. Looking ahead: What is the future of livestock production for protein supply?

Emerging Agriculture Essay Topics

Emerging agriculture is an important part of modern life. Why not write an essay or research paper about one of these emerging agriculture topics?

  1. Does agriculture help in addressing inequality in society?
  2. Agricultural electric tractors: Is this a good idea?
  3. What ways can be employed to help Africa improve its agricultural productivity?
  4. Is education related to productivity in small-scale farming?
  5. Genome editing in agriculture: Discuss the pros and cons.
  6. Is group affiliation important in raising productivity in Centre Europe? A case study of Ukraine.
  7. The use of Agri-Nutrition programs to change gender norms.
  8. Mega-Farms: Are they the future of agriculture?
  9. Changes in agriculture in the next ten years: What should we anticipate?
  10. A review of the application of DNA fingerprinting in agriculture.
  11. Global market of agricultural products: Are non-exporters locked out of foreign markets for low productivity?
  12. Are production technologies related to agri-environmental programs more eco-efficient?
  13. Can agriculture support greenhouse mitigation?

Controversial Agricultural Project For Students

Our team of experts has searched for the most controversial topics in agriculture to write a thesis on. These topics are all original, so you’re already on your way towards getting bonus points from professors. However, the process of writing is sometimes not as easy as it seems, so dissertation writers for hire will help you to solve all the problems.

  1. Comparing the mechanisms of US and China agricultural markets: Which is better?
  2. Should we ban GMO in agriculture?
  3. Is vivisection a good application or a necessary evil?
  4. Agriculture is the backbone of modern Egypt.
  5. Should the use of harmful chemicals in agriculture be considered biological terror?
  6. How the health of our planet impacts the food supply networks.
  7. People should buy food that is only produced using sustainable methods.
  8. What are the benefits of using subsidies in agriculture? A case study of the United States.
  9. The agrarian protests: What were the main causes and impacts?
  10. What impact would a policy requiring 2/3 of a country to invest in agriculture have?
  11. Analysing the changes in agriculture over time: Why is feeding the world population today a challenge?

Persuasive Agriculture Project Topics

If you have difficulty writing a persuasive agricultural project and don’t know where to start, we can help. Here are some topics that will convince you to do a persuasive project on agriculture:

  1. What is the extent of the problem of soil degradation in the US?
  2. Comparing the rates of soil degradation in the United States and Africa.
  3. Employment in the agricultural sector: Can it be a major employer as the population grows?
  4. The process of genetic improvement for seeds: A case study of agriculture in Germany.
  5. The importance of potatoes in people’s diet today.
  6. Comparing sweet potato production in the US to China.
  7. What is the impact of corn production for ethanol production on food supply chains?
  8. A review of sustainable grazing methods used in the United States.
  9. Does urban proximity help improve efficiency in agriculture?
  10. Does agriculture create economic spillovers for local economies?
  11. Analysing the use of sprinkle drones in agriculture.
  12. The impact of e-commerce development on agriculture.
  13. Reviewing the agricultural policy in Italy.
  14. Climate change: What does it mean for agriculture in developed nations?

Advanced Agriculture Project Topics

A more difficult topic can help you impress your professor. It can earn you bonus points. Check out the latest list of advanced agricultural project topics:

  1. Analysing agricultural exposure to toxic metals: The case study of arsenic.
  2. Identifying the main areas for reforms in agriculture in the United States.
  3. Are developed countries obligated to help starving countries with food?
  4. World trade adjustments to emerging agricultural dynamics and climate change.
  5. Weather tracking and impacts on agriculture.
  6. Pesticides ban by EU and its impacts on agriculture in Asia and Africa.
  7. Traditional farming methods used to feed communities in winter: A case study of Mongolia.
  8. Comparing the agricultural policy of the EU to that of China.
  9. China grew faster after shifting from an agro to an industrial-based economy: Should more countries move away from agriculture to grow?
  10. What methods can be used to make agriculture more profitable in Africa?
  11. A comprehensive comparison of migratory and non-migratory crops.
  12. What are the impacts of mechanical weeding on soil structure and fertility?
  13. A review of the best strategies for restoring lost soil fertility in agricultural farmlands: A case study of Germany.

Engaging Agriculture Related Research Topics

When it comes to agriculture’s importance, there is so much to discuss. These engaging topics can help you get started in your research on agriculture:

  1. Agronomy versus horticultural crops: What are the main differences?
  2. Analysing the impact of climate change on the food supply networks.
  3. Meat processing laws in Germany.
  4. Plant parasites and their impacts in agri-production: A case study of India.
  5. Milk processing laws in Brazil.
  6. What is the extent of post-harvest losses on farming profits?
  7. Agri-supply chains and local food production: What is the relationship?
  8. Can insects help improve agriculture instead of harming it?
  9. The application of terraculture in agriculture: What are the main benefits?
  10. Vertical indoor farms.
  11. Should we be worried about the declining population of bees?
  12. Is organic food better than standard food?
  13. What are the benefits of taking fresh fruits and veggies?
  14. The impacts of over-farming on sustainability and soil quality.

Persuasive Research Topics in Agriculture

Do you need to write a paper on agriculture? Perfect! Here are the absolute best persuasive research topics in agriculture:

  1. Buying coffee produced by poor farmers to support them.
  2. The latest advances in drip irrigation application.
  3. GMO corn in North America.
  4. Global economic crises and impact on agriculture.
  5. Analysis of controversies on the use of chemical fertilisers.
  6. What challenges are facing modern agriculture in France?
  7. What are the negative impacts of cattle farms?
  8. A closer look at the economics behind sheep farming in New Zealand.
  9. The changing price of energy: How important is it for the local farms in the UK?
  10. A review of the changing demand for quality food in Europe.
  11. Wages for people working in agriculture.

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