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60 Awesome Criminology Dissertation Ideas For You!

Criminology Dissertation Ideas

Creating high-quality criminology dissertation ideas is a highly important aspect, not only for gaining top grades but firstly for showing your prowess. Yet, we all know that this task might sometimes be difficult as it is a resource-consuming process.

Since finding the proper criminology dissertation ideas could sometimes be a challenge, we’ve put together a great list to get you started. Different approaches will be a match for different people. Therefore, read through them all and select the ones that best fit you.

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But before that,

Criminology Dissertation Tips

How do you generate ideas for criminology dissertation? Well, here is a quick look at that:

  • Brainstorming
  • Free writing
  • Idea mapping
  • Imagination

Allow your ideas to flow freely regardless of how wild or crazy they seem. In the midst of free writing the plans, you can censor the “dumb” or “silly” ideas. Such sifting will leave you with impressive dissertation ideas for criminology and sociology papers.

Unlike other types of writing, criminal justice is a sensitive matter that needs evidence-backed arguments. There is no room for speculations or gossip in a criminology dissertation. Hence, maximum precision is necessary if you desire a top-notch paper in the end.

You have a plethora of dissertation questions for criminology to choose from in this post:

Masters and PhD. Criminology Dissertation Ideas

Here is a list of Masters and first-class dissertation ideas criminology worthy of mentioning:

  1. Policing strategies within the war against drugs: A comparative analysis
  2. A case study of sexual violence as a weapon in armed conflict
  3. Understanding how marginalization and discrimination because of religion causes crime
  4. Exploring the impact of genocidal acts in community cohesiveness
  5. How corruption affects the political, social, economic, and security of a country
  6. What is the role and motivation of women joining ISIS?
  7. A critical analysis of how the US government responds to terrorist threats
  8. Racist stereotyping and crime: What is the relationship?
  9. Influence of drugs and alcohol on sexual assaults
  10. Key socio-history factors and how they contribute to contemporary form
  11. LGBT and crime: An understanding of their contribution or impact
  12. A discourse analysis of how the coronavirus has shaped crime
  13. An examination of the role of technology in fueling crime
  14. An interdisciplinary gaze into the problem of ‘evil.’
  15. Exploring the part of rehabilitation centres in curbing crime
  16. Does urban setting provide breeding grounds for crime than rural areas?
  17. A review of the cybercrime legislation and their place in maintaining law and order
  18. A critical evaluation of bullying in schools versus crime
  19. The role of women in aiding crime
  20. A critical examination of the police force and crime

Argumentative Criminology Dissertation Topics

A list of criminology topics for an argumentative dissertation paper:

  1. Can religious ideologies be the cause of terrorism?
  2. Is crime worse than natural disasters or diseases?
  3. Is domestic violence only against women or men to suffer?
  4. Is immigration the cause of the increased crime rate?
  5. What are the contributing factors for serial killers?
  6. Is it possible to have a crime-free society?
  7. Is the education system lagging in its role of shaping good morals and character?
  8. Are political tensions to blame for the internal militia uprisings
  9. Is there a thin line between law enforcement and criminology?
  10. Does parental supervision help in reducing crime among teenagers?
  11. Is there someone behind the rise of youth gangs in a given society?
  12. Does the media portray young people as criminals?
  13. Is gun control in the US the stepping stone to high crime rates?
  14. What is the role of the school and community in preventing child abuse?
  15. How has counterfeiting evolved with the advent of new technologies?
  16. Is racist abuse towards international students the cause of crime and violence?
  17. Is social insecurity mere brutality?
  18. Is forced labour among detainees an efficient way of correction?
  19. Are media representations of terrorism an exaggeration?
  20. Is culture key in shaping morals for a better society?

Controversial Criminology Dissertation Titles

  1. Does abortion fall under the category of the crime?
  2. Is the patriarchy society responsible for the rise in crime numbers?
  3. How parental separation results in future violence
  4. Were the Black Lives Matter campaign marred with violence rather than seeking justice?
  5. The unseen world of male rape in society today
  6. Music contributes to the crime through videos and the lyrics used
  7. Social media has been a major crime scene in the technological era
  8. Is it acceptable to acquaint rape perpetrators on bail terms?
  9. Are Islamic charities a source of terrorist financing?
  10. Is the media the main instigator of moral panics in the society?
  11. Most crime offenders are teenagers and especially college dropouts
  12. Should the government increase the age limit for acquiring a national identity card?
  13. Coronavirus has fueled up more criminal activities than never before
  14. Human trafficking has only one role; sexual exploitation
  15. The law is subjective when it comes to domestic violence on males
  16. Regulating prostitution will reduce crime
  17. Facebook is a conduit for criminal activity rather than socializing
  18. Should the police carry guns in public?
  19. Corruption is a result of imitation
  20. Does prison truly correct criminal behaviour?

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