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Dissertation vs Thesis: Quick Writing Tips

dissertation vs thesis

Dissertation vs thesis; which one should you write? What’s the difference between a thesis and a dissertation? The truth is that most students don’t really know that there is a difference between these two terms. Yes, we agree that many people use thesis and dissertation interchangeably.

However, this doesn’t mean that the two are the same. They are not. So, in this short blog post, we will be explaining the difference between dissertation and thesis. In addition, we will talk about how the misconception that a thesis is the same thing as a dissertation can affect students. Of course, we will also show you where you can get some help with both of these complex papers on the Internet. Read on to find out everything you need to know about the dissertation vs thesis debate.

Thesis Vs Dissertation Problem

The main problem with the thesis vs dissertation misconception is that students tend to think these two terms mean the same thing. To make things perfectly clear, let’s show you what each term really means. We will discuss the main difference between a thesis and a dissertation in the next section, don’t worry. Let’s start with explaining the thesis:

  • A thesis is a document that supports your application for an academic degree.
  • It is often called a senior project or a senior thesis.
  • It is also a requirement if you want to get admitted into graduate school in the United States.
  • This academic paper is submitted at the end of a bachelor’s or master’s course.
  • A thesis does not need to make a new contribution to knowledge.
  • Often, they need lots of citations and references, but not nearly as many as a dissertation requires.
  • A thesis is used to demonstrate that you have a very good understanding of the domain or industry you have student over the course of 3 or 4 years.

OK, so what is the difference between thesis and dissertation? To make things clearer, let’s now discuss the PhD thesis or dissertation (PhD thesis is a commonly used term):

  • The term dissertation should be used to refer to a doctorate.
  • It takes most of a student’s time in doctoral programs.
  • It can take years to complete, so it is an extremely lengthy academic paper.
  • The dissertation must make a novel contribution to knowledge. In other words, you need to discover something new instead of basing your writing on previous research.
  • To get a doctorate degree, you need to submit a dissertation.
  • In most cases, you will need to defend the thesis of your dissertation before a committee. This is not something that happens often with a thesis.

Now that you know the main characteristics of each academic paper, you probably already realize that the thesis versus dissertation problem is caused by the two terms being used interchangeably. But let’s see the most important difference between the two papers.

Main Difference Between A Thesis And Dissertation

We know that some of you may not be convinced that a dissertation is not a thesis and a thesis is not a dissertation. Not yet, at least. To make things as clear as possible, let us show you the main difference between thesis and dissertation: the purpose.

What is the purpose of the thesis? Of course, it is to demonstrate your strong grasp of your field of study. In other words, your thesis will prove that you know what you are talking about. However, you writing will be based mostly on research done by others.
Now, what is the purpose of a dissertation? The purpose of a dissertation is to fill a gap in knowledge. This means that you will have to come up with an original hypothesis and do all the research yourself. In other words, you are starting from zero, with no previous research or data available to you. This is perhaps why writing a dissertation can take years of your life.

Putting the PhD Thesis or Dissertation Debate to Rest

What is the difference between a thesis and a dissertation? Now you know. It’s enough to look at the requirement or at what the paper is intended to help you achieve. A master’s degree requires a thesis that can be written based on other scholars’ research. A dissertation is required to get a doctoral degree and is an original research project designed and researched by you from scratch. Plain and simple.

But should I write a thesis or dissertation? Again, it depends on what you want to use the academic paper for. We receive many questions on this subject and we always tell students that if they are preparing to graduate with a university degree, they need to write a master’s thesis. If they want to apply for a doctoral degree or want to become a professor, they need to start working on their dissertation.

Need Help With a Thesis or Dissertation?

We hope our dissertation versus thesis article has shed at least some light on the subject. Oh, and one more thing: there is no such thing as a “thesis dissertation”. It’s either a thesis or a dissertation.

Now, no matter what you want to do – write a dissertation or thesis – we can help you with your project. Let’s face it: writing a master’s thesis is no easy feat, and thoughts of “please someone write my dissertation for me” are totally fine. If you plan on starting to work on your dissertation, things tend to get a lot more complicated. You may be wondering how we can help. Well, simply put, our expert writers, professional editors and talented proofreaders can help you with any part of your research or writing project. Here are some of the things an academic writing company can help you with:

  1. You can get research materials and even have the research carried out by an experienced professional.
  2. You get advice and tips from people who already have a PhD in your field of study. In other words, you get help from people who have gone through the painstaking process of writing a dissertation and then wrote a dozen more dissertations for our clients.
  3. You can get help with specific parts of the dissertation. Remember, writing such a complex academic paper is extremely difficult. And you want a top score, don’t you?
  4. You can get proofreading and editing help. If you are to get the maximum points for your hard work, you need the paper to be flawless.
  5. You can get a 100% original example from our team of experts. This sample will help you structure and write your own paper faster. In addition, you can use parts of the sample in your own paper. After all, the content is 100% original and never resold or repurposed.
  6. You can get more information about the dissertation and thesis difference. Just kidding, you already know the difference.

Can’t I Get a Dissertation Online?

There are some websites that talk about the “doctoral thesis vs dissertation” debate. As you’ve seen above, these two terms mean the exact same thing. Yet these same websites are trying to sell you “perfectly-written” dissertations. And they claim that these papers are ready to be downloaded. Stay away from these services because they are selling prewritten papers. They’ve sold that same PhD thesis to several other people before you, and they will sell it to the next student who needs it. There is a very high chance that you will be caught with plagiarism and your application will be denied – at the very least.

The difference thesis and dissertation writers make is clear: you get a dissertation or a master’s thesis written just for you from a reliable custom dissertation help service. It takes a bit of time, of course, but it will be original. You now know the thesis dissertation difference, as well as the best place to get some thesis of dissertation help from. Trust us, you’ll need it!

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