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How To Write a Counterclaim For Your Thesis Or Dissertation

how to write a counterclaim

Are you writing an argumentative essay and want to score top grades? One of the things that you must do is to consider both sides of the central argument. It is true that the primary purpose of your argumentative paper is taking a side on the selected topic and supporting it as much as possible to persuade the reader to agree with your position. However, not bringing out a counterclaim/s is likely to make the reader, professor or class teacher consider you narrow-minded.

Despite its importance, how to write a counterclaim and rebuttal turns out to be a challenging undertaking for most students because it has to be done carefully to avoid weakening the main argument. So, how do you write a great counterclaim? Keep reading for a step-by-step guide on how to write a counterclaim paragraph like an expert.

What Is A Counterclaim In Writing?

A counterclaim is one or several arguments that oppose the thesis statement in your argumentative essay or thesis.

Before making a counterclaim, it is prudent to ensure the thesis clearly demonstrates what your central argument is. Therefore, you should not include the counter claim in this section of the paper.

A counterclaim is included in argumentative writing to demonstrate to the reader that you have comprehensively researched both sides of the topic. It is very important to win over readers who might have a different point of view from that presented in the paper. Furthermore, a carefully presented counterargument can make your essay interesting and help you get more points compared to other students in class.

How To Write A Counter Claim

To write a great essay, you need to clearly bring out the main stand of your paper and bring it out vividly and then capture the counterarguments. The following four steps show how to write rebuttal for your essay like a pro.

  1. Step One: Research the Main Counterarguments for Your Thesis
    The first step is comprehensively researching your main points and counterarguments. As you dig deeper into counterarguments, try to establish why people disagree with your stand. If you are writing about the importance of addressing global warming right to address, what is driving the dissenting views? Is the alternative opinion based on facts?
  2. Step Two: Determine How Long the Counterclaim in Your Essay Will Be
    Once you have identified the counterclaims for our essay, the next big question is, “how long should it be?” In most cases, a counterclaim requires at least a short paragraph since you are simply showing that someone or a specific school of thought disagreed with your main argument. In addition, you want to tell the reader why the individual has a different argument.

    Remember that your essay can also have several counter claims. This is considered the best approach if you have multiple arguments in the entire essay. In such a case, each counter claim can be several sentences or separate paragraphs after every argument.

  3. Step Three: Decide Where to Position the Counter Claim Will be Positioned
    Where do you put a counterclaim in an essay? There is no specific area where you should place the counter claim. It is up to you to decide. However, you should avoid placing it and the rebuttal in the thesis area and conclusion. So, here are the three main options that you should consider:

    • Write the counterclaim after highlighting the main thesis: Make sure that your stand on the essay is clear so that the reader can appreciate the difference with the dissenting views.
    • Place the counterclaim in the paragraphs: If your essay has several arguments that require counterclaims, you can place them in the paragraphs. The best position is after highlighting the argument in every paragraph.
    • Before the conclusion: This is the most preferred point for placing counterclaims. It works best because the university or college professor will have gone through the essay and a good counterclaim will demonstrate you did comprehensive research.
  4. Step Four: Write Your Counterclaim Paragraph Followed by the Rebuttal
    When writing counterclaims, it is prudent to use an appropriate transition. This helps to make the idea match well with the rest of the ideas that you are discussing. For example, you might indicate that “critics have argued that …..” and then state the alternative view. Still, in the same sentence or on the next one, provide a description of why the alternative view was held and outline related evidence.

    Next, put down the rebuttal. The rebuttal should be used to demonstrate why the counterargument is weak and, therefore, the thesis of the essay the best /option debate. When presenting the rebuttal, here are some suggestions:

    • The main reason why the counterclaim is false or weak.
    • Acknowledgment that the counter argument has some merit, but there is a reliable solution to the challenge. The solution can also demonstrate that the counterargument is baseless.
    • Demonstrate that the benefits presented in the essay far outweigh the dangers of the counter arguments.

How To Start A Counterclaim Paragraph

For most students, how to start a counterclaim is a big challenge, but we have the best suggestions. Target ensuring the contrast with the main argument of the essay is demonstrated well and the flow of key points is strengthened. So, here are some great examples of how to start a counter argument paragraph:

  • “The contrasting viewpoint indicates that …”
  • “On the other edge of the argument, some researchers are concerned about …”
  • “Critiques of this viewpoint suggest that …”
  • “The opposing debate indicates that …”

Good Examples Of A Counterclaim Paragraph

Now that we have highlighted the best way to write a great counter claim for your essay, here are some examples.

Example One: Points Out the Weakness of the Counterarguments

Topic: The Dangers of Dams

Those of the contrasting views indicate that dams come with many benefits for both individuals and cities. For example, the water reservoirs help provide water for land irrigation, generate hydro-electricity, and stabilize water supplies. They see these as important attributes that warrant having dams in their location.

The risks that come with installing dams are, however, far too risky. Indeed, there are alternative solutions that we can use to avoid the threats from dams. Good examples are using green technology, such as solar panels, for energy generation and afforestation to not only stabilize water supply but also protect wildlife habitats. New technologies for water harvesting and storage can also help to guarantee communities reliable water supplies.

Example Two: Agrees with Counter Claim and Offer New Evidence to Counter It

Topic: Dangers of E-Cigarettes

Proponents of e-cigarettes argue that they do not cause major secondary pollution to other people in the vicinity because only water vapor is released into the atmosphere. They also insist that there is no carbon monoxide released into the air. Although this is true, the proponents fail to outline that e-cigarettes come with other very harmful elements that are released into the atmosphere.

Example Three: Notes Inconsistencies in Counterargument

Topic: The Benefits of After-School Sports

Critiques of after-school sports posit that it raises the danger of sports-related injuries. Such injuries, as brought out by Liam and Mathews (2009), can increase absenteeism. Although true because most sports come with some risks, the opponents fail to appreciate the huge benefits that come from after-school sports. Top sports people, from Thomas to Jeremy of the national soccer team, discovered their talents during after-school sports at an early age.

8 Expert Tips For Writing A Great Counterclaim

Finally, here are some tips to keep in my when writing your counterclaim for your thesis or essay. Also if you’re writing a full thesis don’t hesitate to get abstract writing services online once you need them.

  • Always make your counter arguments as short as possible.
  • Remain objective, especially with the language used in presenting the counterclaim. For example, you should avoid arguing that some researchers “erroneously hold the view that …” Instead, simply outline the counterclaim and give an alternative opinion.
  • Avoid placing the counterargument on the conclusion because it requires a separate paragraph for rebuttal. This could easily distort the structure of the essay and the flow of ideas.
  • Consider honing your skills in writing counterarguments by reading through other essays to see how experts did it.
  • Make sure you are fair when presenting the counter claims. For a school essay, you might simply target throwing some verbal punches, but a college or university-level paper might require going into greater details. For example, you need to demonstrate why your argument is right and validate your arguments against those of the opposing school of thought.
  • If your lecturer has a specific guideline or preference for writing the counter claims, make sure to follow it.
  • Just like the main idea of your essay, the counterclaim should also be supported by proof gathered during research. However, ensure to demonstrate why it is weaker than the main argument presented in the essay.
  • Proofread the essay after writing the counterclaim to ensure it is error-free, and all the points are flowing smoothly from the start to the end. You might want to ask a friend or professional writers to help with proofreading so that even the hidden mistakes are noted.

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This guide has demonstrated the best strategies to use when writing a counterclaim in an essay. Remember that to get more points and stand out in class, you must focus on all areas of the essay, from the introduction and thesis statement writing to preparing counterclaim argument and conclusion. So, does the entire process appear challenging? Many students often get stuck when writing their essays and the best way out is to seek help from a writing service.

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