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Writing a Thesis Defense: How To, Tips, and Useful Advice

You will first encounter the term “thesis defense” when doing research for your master’s degree. But few students know or understand what this is. You may know how to write the thesis, but you may not understand what the defense is or how you need to use it. When writing your thesis paper, you will show the committee your experience at the university you are attending. You will need to make it clear that you have a firm grasp on the subject matter. Also, you will have to write an exceptional paper – the thesis – and present it to the committee. However, you will also have a thesis defense presentation to do. This is what the confusion is all about. Let’s talk about what a defense thesis is and how you structure one properly, as well as a few tips and advice.

So, What Is a Thesis Defense?

As we stated above, many college students will have to prepare for a defense and present it in front of the committee. The main purpose of the thesis defense evaluation is to show the committee that you have understood the topic and that you also understand the focus area. In other words, you will have to defend your thesis (your research, your findings, your methods, etc.) to the commission. They will ask questions, of course, so you have to be prepared to answer them. And don’t worry; they will not ask very tricky questions just to get you in trouble. However, keep in mind that you need to know your subject matter very well; and also everything that was written in your thesis. If you purchased the thesis from a dissertation writing service, no matter how professional and reliable it may be, you need to read everything thoroughly. Prepare for the thesis defense presentation by reading the entire paper at least twice.

How is a Thesis Defense Structured?

There is no typical way to structure your master’s thesis defense. This is exactly why it is so dangerous for students who have not written the paper themselves. The problem is that the questions you are going to be asked are up to the commission. You, however, need to have an answer that will defend your thesis. If you are asked why one of your research methods is the best, you need to explain exactly what led you to choose that particular method. The thesis defense questions are not difficult, but you need to be prepared for them. This is why a few tips and advice will be very useful.

Easy to Follow Thesis Defense Tips

You have months to prepare your defense, so don’t worry about it too much. If you write the entire paper yourself, there is no way you won’t be able to respond properly to each question. If parts of the thesis were written by a professional writing service, you need to prepare a lot more. Here are some tips:

  • Read the entire thesis and familiarize yourself with the methodology, research, findings, analysis, stats, etc. You must remember all the information that supports your thesis statement.
  • Keep in mind that you will not be arguing with the commission. You will answer their questions and tell them why you wrote your thesis the way you did.
  • Think about every claim you have in your paper and come up with a way to defend it.
  • Get into the defense with the right attitude. Remember, failing is almost impossible.

Useful Advice for Students

College students are absolutely terrified by the defense of their thesis. However, there is very little reason to be scared. One of the best thesis defense tips you can get is to write it at home. Here is what we recommend it to contain:

  1. An overview of the goal of your research
  2. A short literature review (why you used those sources and not others?)
  3. Most important points about the methodology
  4. Presenting your finding (aim to talk about them for around 10 minutes)
  5. Your recommendations based on your findings

It’s as simple as that. Another one of the most important thesis defense tips is to practice your presentation at home until it is perfect. Also, think about what you would ask if you were a member of the committee and you would listen to this presentation.

The Dangers of Thesis Defense Questions

Contrary to what you may believe, the committee is not out to get you. In fact, they mostly don’t even care that you have not written the entire thesis by yourself. What they do care about, however, is your ability to defend the thesis and your ability to respond to their questions. In other words, you need to show them that you have a firm grasp of the topic and that you really understand what you – or the online dissertation writer – wrote there. In other words, you must know your paper inside and out. But again, you have months to prepare, so you shouldn’t worry too much about this presentation!

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