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221 Awesome Literary Research Paper Topics To Choose From

literary research paper topics

Are you looking for the best literary research paper topic or wondering how to choose a topic for a literary research paper? You are at the right place. The hardest part of doing research is getting an ideal topic. Once, you get a great topic you are good to go.

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Literature Research Topics

Getting an ideal literature research paper topic can consume a lot of time. In this category, you will get some of the best literature research topics.

  1. Discuss the American dream in literature.
  2. How do religion and literature correlate?
  3. Discuss the “stream of consciousness” style of literature.
  4. Examine artificial languages in literature.
  5. How is mythology termed in literature?
  6. Discuss why Harry Potter became that popular.
  7. Is it advisable for literature to be gendered?
  8. Evaluate between utopian and dystopian literature.
  9. Discuss the work of Shakespeare.
  10. How can you rate the feminist literature – does it have a ground?
  11. Evaluate the impact of the work of Shakespeare.
  12. Can fan fiction be considered an independent part of literature?
  13. How do clichés work in literature
  14. How are the Byronic characters in literature?
  15. Discuss the good and evil of studying literature.
  16. The literary work during WWI
  17. Evaluate the portrayal of war and peace by George Orwell.

Interesting Literature Topics

Did you know that there are interesting literature topics? They deal with the evolution of literature and how it has grown till the present time. Thinking of literature topics for research paper is challenging, so here are some more options.

  1. How can you term irony and sarcasm in literature?
  2. How can literature be termed as an instrument of propaganda?
  3. Discuss madness in literature.
  4. The influence of trickster characters in literature.
  5. Discuss travel writing in the 20th century.
  6. Evaluate narrative nature and verse since 1900.
  7. How has city living changed since 1900?
  8. Evaluate literature as part of modern culture.
  9. How are social issues exposed in literature?
  10. The relation between literature and psychology.
  11. The influence of European culture in the Midwest literature.
  12. The differences between the literature of different countries.
  13. The effect of European culture on modern literature.
  14. The impact of feminism on modern culture.
  15. Evaluate Japanese literature in the 20th century.

Literature Topics for a Research Paper

In this category, you will get a wide variety of literature topics that you can use for your research. A well-written research paper will help you get top grades.

  1. What can you term as the cultural production of Latina writers?
  2. Discuss the representation of Ethics in literature.
  3. Discuss the American dream in literature.
  4. Evaluate the famous work of Ernest Hemingway.
  5. Expound on the invented languages in literature.
  6. Why do you think “Harry Potter” has become so popular?
  7. How is the Image of death represented as a character in literature?
  8. The impact of literature on kids.
  9. Is there an appropriate gender in literature?
  10. Evaluate the Victorian literature.
  11. Elaborate on the complete work of William Shakespeare.
  12. Discuss whether fanfiction is independent literature.
  13. Which are the Byronic characters in literature.
  14. Elaborate irony versus sarcasm in literature.
  15. How can literature be used as an instrument of propaganda?

Literature Research Paper Topics

In this category of research paper topics, you get to relate one phenomenon with the other. They are also based on some well-known novels. When thinking of literary topics for research paper, consider your scope of knowledge and interest in the topic.

  1. The correlation between psychology and literature.
  2. How is the construction of social identity?
  3. How can you describe the settler nationhood and the wilderness in North American poetry?
  4. Why does place matters to a poet?
  5. Evaluate travel writing in the 20th century and 21st century.
  6. The influence of animals in children’s literature.
  7. Evaluate the importance of humor in children’s literature.
  8. Discuss the best children’s novels from 1900.
  9. How does young adult literature represent disability?
  10. How to read to under five years old children to develop relationships and imaginations?
  11. Evaluate the modern novel and psychology.
  12. Define the cross-disciplinary boundaries between archaeology and English literature.
  13. Evaluate the 19th-century novel and science.
  14. Evaluate how history is important in deciphering modern literature.
  15. How is philosophy important to literature.

English Literature Research Paper Topics

In English literature, it focuses on how various novels, classics, or books are written to explain a certain phenomenon. Here are some literature topics that you can start with:

  1. Evaluate the methods of teaching English literature.
  2. Investigate modern Indian literature in English translation.
  3. Evaluate women writers and the survey of English literature.
  4. Investigate the impact of the Bible on English literature.
  5. Evaluate the impact of the Classics on Literature.
  6. Define the scope of English literature in Educating people.
  7. Explain the influence of Darwin on Literature.
  8. Explain medieval English literature.
  9. Examine Women studies and Feminism in India.
  10. Evaluate the short history of the Norton Anthology of the English language.
  11. Evaluate the English Renaissance study.
  12. Investigate medieval feminism in middle English Studies.
  13. Evaluate women in Indian English Literature.
  14. Discuss feminism and modern Indian literature.
  15. Discuss the evolution of English in North America.

Topics in Literature

Literature requires full concentration to get to the bottom of a certain phenomenon. We have simplified the topics to make it easier for you to do your assignment in college.

  1. Discuss Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet based on Male melodrama.
  2. How as black lives matter movement influenced black literature?
  3. Evaluate the contemporary refuge literature.
  4. Investigate post-colonialism and climate change in literature.
  5. Discuss tradition and modernity through the lens of Tagore Gora.
  6. Investigate the relation between pre-independence and post-independence in Indian literature.
  7. The role of African literary responses to Racism.
  8. The literature on homosexuality.
  9. The significance of Literature in the modern world.
  10. Feminism growth in the twentieth century.
  11. The effects of fairy tales perceptions in the modern era.
  12. Correlation between pre-independence and post-independence Indian literature.
  13. Discuss the novel, “To kill a Mockingbird from 1960”.
  14. The significance of Shakespeare in the world of Literature.
  15. How did the artistry of writing novels start?
  16. The character analysis of Emy and Rebecca in Vanity Fair.
  17. The Depiction of vampires in the 19th and 21st-century literature.

Research Topics in English Literature

In this category, there are comparison topics that you can analyze for your research. These are based on well-known books and novels in English.

  1. Evaluate the diversity of Chaucer’s genres in tales of Canterbury.
  2. The accuracy of historical novels in the document happenings.
  3. How has the role of a woman changed in twentieth-century literature?
  4. What effect does Milton’s paradise lost have on 17th-century literature?
  5. How have James Joyce and William Burroughs done their novels?
  6. What is our modern perspective about 19th-century novels and the general public and similar perspectives when they were first published?
  7. Evaluate the less-known work of well-known writers.
  8. Examine why adults find Lord of the Rings appealing.
  9. How does the work of Maya Angelou play a role in African literary responses to racism?
  10. Recognizing the unconscious in modernist literature.
  11. Evaluate the representation of Hindu and Buddhist thought in Modern Literature.
  12. The representation of abortion in British Literature.
  13. Profess poetry in terms of style and faith in Hopkins.
  14. Evaluate the evolution of literature in the twentieth century.
  15. Describe the writing nature in the age of chemical countryside.

Literature Topics for Research Papers

These are some of the best literature topics for research papers. They require minimal effort to submit a well-written research paper.

  1. The roles of gender in modern literature.
  2. The importance of having animals in children’s literature.
  3. Analysis of the first world war.
  4. How accurate is History as described in historical novels?
  5. The difference between literature in the US and Great Britain.
  6. Analyze the 19th-century poetic imagination.
  7. Examine the 19th-century poetic imagination based on astronomy.
  8. How is quantum physics applied in literature?
  9. What is the most important work written by William Shakespeare?
  10. The Female masculinities in old English Literature.
  11. The difference between modernism and realism.
  12. Critical analysis of First World War poetry.
  13. The analysis of the meaning of fairy tales in literature.
  14. The influence on literature during the renaissance era.
  15. The historical analysis of children’s literature.
  16. The idea of death in Renaissance literature.
  17. The historical background of Duma’s novels.

Literary Topics for a Research Paper

Literary topics are diverse. This can make it hectic to choose an appropriate one for your research paper.

  1. Discuss the most important work of Shakespeare.
  2. Describe the gothic novel’s gender representation.
  3. The effect of social media language on learners.
  4. The travails of the African woman.
  5. The utilization of language activities in teaching and learning of English Language.
  6. Discuss women in nation-building and influence on literature.
  7. The relevance of folktale in the learning of literature.
  8. The significance of drama and poetry in literature.
  9. Factors affecting the choice of language in a multilingual society.
  10. Comparative study of morphological processes in English.
  11. Comparative study of Achebe’s “Things fall apart”.
  12. The significance of proverbs in literature.
  13. The influence of politics in the building of literary texts.
  14. The analysis of speech in literature.
  15. The analysis of threat in literature.

Research Topics in Literature

These research topics are based on various societal aspects and impacts on the world. They also deal with people’s emotions and behaviors in different contexts.

  1. The nativization of English in African literary texts.
  2. An analysis of the Asian theatre and influence on modern literature.
  3. The examination of leadership in literature.
  4. The relevance of literature in the world.
  5. What is the need to study literature?
  6. Evaluate the evolution of literature from the start till now.
  7. Analyze the methods used in creating styles in the literature.
  8. What are some of the feminist criticism of some selected Feminist works?
  9. The importance of fiction in literature.
  10. The relevance of emotion and narration in novel writing in literature.
  11. Discuss how conflicts are brought out in literary novels.
  12. What is the effect of language diversity on the development of a country?
  13. Discuss the relevance of music and revolution.
  14. The challenges of language on national development.
  15. What is the communication medium used in literature?

Literature Paper Topics

Here are some of the best literature paper topics that you can use for your research. As long as you narrow down the research topic, getting relevant information will be easy.

  1. The difference between linguistic and grammatical theories.
  2. The problems related to tenses in literature.
  3. The evaluation of word formation in literature.
  4. The significance of poems in literature.
  5. The evolution and levels of modern literature.
  6. The personal happiness versus societal norms in Victorian literature.
  7. The sentence structure of English literature.
  8. Does the native language of a person influence adoption of a second language?
  9. An analysis of problems associated with learning a second language.
  10. The manifestation of non-standard usage of English among University Students.
  11. The influence of rituals, music, songs, and dances in literature.
  12. The poetic language and influence on the expression.
  13. How can literature be termed as the vehicle for social change?
  14. The syntactic problems associated with English usage.
  15. The influence of society on students’ performance in literature.
  16. Teaching and learning strengths in literature.

American Literature Research Paper Topics

Finding an ideal research paper topic in America’s context can consume a lot of time. Here you will find simplified topics for your research paper.

  1. Discuss contemporary American Literature.
  2. The African Realism and influence in Literature.
  3. How did colonization influence modern literature?
  4. Define 20th-century Latin American literature.
  5. Evaluate African Americans and their fight for equality in American Literature.
  6. Define realism, naturalism, and modernism in African American literature.
  7. Evaluate Allen Ginsberg and American Protest literature.
  8. Examine American literature and society.
  9. Analyze American literature in Post-World War II.
  10. American Literature in the 20th and 21st century.
  11. American literature and religious ideologies.
  12. Anne Bradstreet’s contribution to American Literature.
  13. The influence of Asian American literature.
  14. Evaluate the color interpretations in the great Gatsby.
  15. The common themes in American Literature.

Literature Research Paper Topics for College Students

Are you a college student looking for an ideal literature research paper? Here are some topics for you!

  1. Provide your understanding of censorship in American Literature.
  2. Evaluate black American women writers and their influence on the world.
  3. Architectural imagery in 20th century African American literature.
  4. How do characters lose their innocence in literature?
  5. The different modes of communication in literature.
  6. The conversation of American Sign Language in literature.
  7. How are dialects and death shown in literature?
  8. How does Literature portray American culture?
  9. How does self-verification occur in African American Literature?
  10. The generational divide and impact on modern literature.
  11. The establishment of traditional excellence.
  12. Explore the modern literature.
  13. How can you define masculinity in literature?
  14. The impact of World War I on American literature.
  15. The significance of African American literature addressing the black experience.
  16. The male and female characters in Beowulf.
  17. The relationship between mother and daughter in Beloved.

Literature Review Topics Examples

Do you know how to do a literature review on various topics? Try any of this and see your proficiency in the sector.

  1. A literature review on rational and rationality.
  2. A literature review on dependence and development.
  3. A literature review on resource scarcity in the modern world.
  4. A literature review on pop culture.
  5. A literature review on Feminist international relations.
  6. A literature review on complex organizations and regimes.
  7. A literature review on censorship in TV shows.
  8. A literature review on global warming and its influence on mankind.
  9. Literature review on why children’s books are popular.
  10. A literature review on how authors choose writing styles.
  11. The use of artificial language in literature.
  12. How education affects literature per era.
  13. The most effective villains in literature.
  14. How does Shakespeare inspire modern authors?
  15. Propaganda and literature in the modern world.
  16. Toni Morrison’s views on the civil way
  17. The concept of war in the book; a fable by Faulkner.

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