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Tertiary Source in Academic Writing

If you are working on a complex essay, term paper or thesis, you probably want to know everything about the various types of sources. Aside the primary and secondary source (about which you may already know), there is also a tertiary source. But what is a tertiary source? How do you recognize one and why is it important to make a difference between the three types of sources? Continue reading “Tertiary Source in Academic Writing”

Top 100 Climate Change Topics To Write About

Climate change issues have continued to increase over the years. That’s because human activities like fossil fuel usage, excavation, and greenhouse emissions continue to drastically change the climate negatively. For instance, burning fossil fuels continues to release greenhouse emissions and carbon dioxide in large quantities. And the lower atmosphere of the earth traps these gasses thereby affecting the global climate. To enhance their awareness of the impact of global warming, educators ask learners to write academic papers and essays on different climate change topics. Continue reading “Top 100 Climate Change Topics To Write About”

244 Annotated Bibliography Topics For Outstanding Scores

Annotated bibliography papers are not among the most common types of documents that students write. That is why most college and university students will face it rough compiling such a paper. Are you one of these and would like to crack this paper in no time? This professional post is here to help you out and see to it that you come up with an excellent bibliography paper. Maintain a hawk eye to the end. Continue reading “244 Annotated Bibliography Topics For Outstanding Scores”

213 Best Health Research Topics For Thesis Writing

Are you stuck with your university health assignment because getting a good topic is challenging? We know it can be tough, but there is no need to worry because we are here to help. In this post, we have compiled a comprehensive list of some of the best health research paper topics for top grades. So, whether you are looking for top-rated nursing topics, public health topics, or mental health argumentative essay topics, check them out to identify the best option for your work. Continue reading “213 Best Health Research Topics For Thesis Writing”