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Bilingual Education: What Are The Pros And Cons

Nearly half a century ago, American classrooms were predominantly of English-fluent students. Fast forward into the future, they are now quite diverse and accommodate students from African-American, Spanish, Asian, and many other non-English speaking communities. This has, in turn, given rise to the need to introduce a system that enables all students to benefit from the academic knowledge taught in these classes, hence giving rise to bilingual education. Even though it’s not new, this system of education is pretty controversial. It has both supporters and critics who both come up with quite convincing arguments on why it should be or not be enacted. That is why we look at the pros and cons and also highlight what you need to know.

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Outstanding Law Thesis Topics for Law Students

At some point, every law student in the UK and US universities is required to write a thesis or dissertation. In many cases, it is the last hurdle before graduating from a law graduate school. This requirement evokes excitement and horror in equal measures. On the one hand, it is a unique opportunity to interrogate an area of interest academically, but on the other end, it is a monumental responsibility. Therefore, where do you even start? The answer is the ‘topic.’

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What Is the Difference Between A College and A University?

Each year, over 2 million young Americans apply for college. Years later, almost half of them will wish they had studied a different course or even attended a different institution altogether. Therefore, in today’s high-pressure, high-cost higher education landscape, every student needs to think carefully about where they wish to go after high school.

Nobody wants to feel remorseful thinking that they did something wrong in their choice for higher learning. One study indeed confirmed that our world is full of emotionally-wrecked young adults who wish they had made better college choices.

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Creating Compelling Thesis Introduction Step-By-Step

Get your thesis introduction right, and the entire dissertation will follow smoothly.

Mess with it, and you’ll find it hard to catch up.

The introduction is where you mention what the thesis will be all about. Most students think it’s something simple, but it may present major problems if not written well.

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Bibliography Vs Works Cited: Which Is Better?

If you are in college, one of the biggest mistakes that you can make is academic dishonesty, commonly referred to as plagiarism. You are not allowed to copy and paste the concepts, reports, figures, or data from any source and present them as your own. Even if such info is correct, it is unethical and can attract severe penalties. This is why you need to use referencing methods such as APA works cited or references.

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A List Of 50 English Words Shakespeare Invented

William Shakespeare has made a great contribution to the English language. What role did Shakespeare play in the development of vocabulary? Shakespeare invented words by changing common words into nouns, verbs, or adjectives. As you can observe, some of Shakespeare words have either prefixes or suffixes. So, how many words did Shakespeare invent? There are more than 1700 words created by Shakespeare that we can see in his writings.

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