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Harvard Citation: Academic Paper Formatting Guidelines

harvard citation

Sometimes the most difficult part with writing a book or writing a research paper is just getting it started. You need to understand the purpose of your story or research paper, how long it will be, the type of citation preferred by the professor, the types of sources allowed and what formatting details to use in terms of line spacing, footnotes and subtitles.

Harvard Citation – Two parts to Referencing

Accuracy is imperative with any writing, more so when you’re writing about medicine or science. Looking up a reference for verification serves as an accuracy check. Harvard citation is a well used system for citing sources in academic writing, and every student should understand how it works.

There are two parts to referencing with the Harvard System:

  • Citing within the text so as to acknowledge sources you have referred to within the body of your work.
  • Complete bibliographic Harvard citation for when you need to provide details for the sources you have used. These should be included as an alphabetical list at the end of your work.

Harvard Referencing ensure You’re not Breaching Laws

Harvard citation is a system that students and writers can easily use to incorporate other people’s quotes into their work so as to support their conclusions and to ensure they’re not breaching any intellectual property laws. This formatting is widely used in thesis writing as well.

In-text references are used with Harvard style citation to show where you’ve quoted a source. Your reference list is a list in alphabetical order of references enabling your readers to find each source. Reader can take an in-text citation and get the source from your reference list.

There are variations of the Harvard style of referencing being used by all the different universities and that there is no single authority on Harvard style. Some of them may require you to provide a bibliography – a list of all of the material you have used with your research.

Harvard referencing is simply referring to the referencing style used where the author name and publication year are used in the text to show where you have put in a source.

This Harvard style citation system is popular with authors and readers of academic work. Only the name of the author, the publication date of the source and page numbers are included in the parenthetical references (Mowat, 2010). Two kinds of citations are included:

In-text Citations:

These are used when quoting a source. They can be at the start, the middle or the end of a sentence within the body of the paper and contain a fragment of the full citation. You can use an in text citation website to get additional details, but Harvard in-text citations are made up of the author’s surname and year of publication.

Reference Lists:

These are found at the end of the work and display all the citations for sources used in the assignment. The point of a reference list is to allow readers to find sources. Each in-text citation and the reference list entry are the same in spelling and year.

You’ll cite short references in your assignment such as Smith 2019 – as well as including this in a full reference list at the end. The reference list will include sources that have been cited in your essay. Academic journals are an important part of student life and it is important to know how to cite a journal article or how to cite a scientific paper making use of Harvard citing.

Creating Fully Formatted in-Text References Automatically

Students can make use of a Harvard Citation Generator to create fully-formatted in-text references as well as a reference list quickly and easily. It’s to your advantage to use a Harvard referencing generator to make your references and reference list quickly and easily. With a Harvard Citation Machine will do everything for you in a fraction of the time.

With Harvard citation style, it happens quite often that students leave citing and creating a bibliography until the end, but with these citing sources you can be citing as you go along.

Citing a Movie and Books

How to cite a movie will require students not quoting the movie but summarizing parts of it in their own words. If you want to to cite a movie using the Harvard citation format in a research paper for instance, you will need to collect information about the film – the name of the movie, the name of the director and producer, the production company and when the film was released.

If you want to know how to cite a book, an example will be:

Surname, Initials. Year. Title. Edition. Place of publication. Publisher.

Hobbs, A.L. 1926. Library of Nations. New York: McGraw.

How to cite a textbook means providing the authors surname and initials, year of publication as well as title of publication in italics. It’s just the same as in Chicago formatting. Edition of textbook can also be included if necessary, publisher and place of publication.

If you want to know how to cite an article, an example will be:

Author, surname, initials, year of publication, ‘article title’, vol., no., pp. It is the same for multiple authors.

Plagiarism occurs when you use somebody else’s words or ideas and make no acknowledgement of it. When referencing using the Harvard method, you need to cite in the main body of your text and produce a reference list or bibliography. The citations within your text will require the author as well as the year of the sources.

As a student, if you’re doing an assignment, read material on the topic from different authors and then present an original assignment in your own words.

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