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Dissertation Literature Review: A Detailed Writing Manual

dissertation literature review

Every student wants to be the best at what they do. One of the critical aspects of the education process is writing a dissertation literature review. That is a document that you have to come up with if you are a doctorate student. This paper aims to show how much you’ve grasped the concepts or research as taught by your lecturer. You require a solid grasp of the literature review dissertation writing process, but before you learn how to write a dissertation, take a look at the underlying meaning of this piece of paper.

What Is A Dissertation Literature Review

“What is a literature review?” That is a question that edges itself in the minds of several students who are just about to begin their final year projects. If you are planning to acquire doctorate education, you will come across this form of writing. A dissertation is a final project, which you have to work on before the university awards you a Ph.D. in your chosen field. Part of this document is a dissertation literature review, which requires you to read thoroughly on a variety of scholarly books to source for information. A literature review can be part of a complete research essay or a stand-alone paper. The length of your article is hinged on the complexity of your topic.

The Steps Of Writing A Dissertation Literature Review

The first step towards writing a dissertation is to come up with a heading. It does not have to be specific, as long as you have a rough idea of what you want to cover, then you are good to go. Before your topic can be approved, you have to go through one or two correction steps to help you narrow down to a realistic and achievable idea. That should not be a problem for Ph.D. students considering that they may have gone through the process during their master’s degree acquisition.

Jot Down An Outline

Every dissertation literature review is different now that the topics differ. So, it is natural if the literature review outline is also different. The outline is like a skeletal frame that holds the main points that you want to cover in your document. An overview is written in point form to help you remember the key aspects of the paper. You have to read several sources so you can find material to fill up the frame and make a sensible paper out of it.

Sourcing And Selecting The Material

One of the central parts of writing a literature review is reading. You have to go through several texts to help you gather the relevant information. While this may sound easy, it is the most challenging part of the task. Reading through several chapters from various books is no child’s play. You have to dedicate lots of time for this task to be accomplished. Moreover, you have to know the best places to find this data. Some of these information sources include:

  • Academic research databases
  • Books
  • Scholarly journals
  • Websites

One necessary thing to take note of is the fact that not every online source is scholarly. Due to the nature of academic work, be sure to select sources with credible references. Otherwise, you risk using unscrutinized data, which can mislead your reader or taint your literature review thesis research.

Putting Ideas In One Place

Once you have all the vital information, you can begin placing all the chunks of data sensibly to help you come up with the paper. It is essential to do this if you want your review of the literature to be coherent. That is what researchers and writers call the first paper draft. While it may contain what you require to complete your literature review, it is never perfect. The reason for this is that it may contain grammar and punctuation errors. More so, you may see the need to add more information to your paper, especially if whatever you have does not comprehensively answer your main question. A few edits here and there will help you finish the work seamlessly.

Adding The Reference Section

After writing the draft, you have to cite your sources. As a scholar, you have to credit your information so that the reader can know how you got it. In particular, if your research is to be used elsewhere, the user needs to know that the findings are legitimate. So, write down the number of resources you used in the study. Also, write down the names of the books and their authors. Each university has recommendations on how to write a literature review reference section. Some of the popular citation styles are as follows:

  • APA
  • MLA
  • Chicago
  • Harvard
  • Vancouver
  • IEEE
  • Turabian, etc.

Make sure you use the right citation format, and in case you are not sure which one it is, consult with your professor for clarification. If you happen to conduct your research from scratch, ensure that you state this and write down the variables that were involved in the process.

Reviewing The Entire Document

Finally, you have the paper intact, but you have to make sure it is top-notch. As such, reading through the paper comes in handy. It is easy to miss the errors, which is why you should peruse through the text several times. That means that you have to complete your paper weeks before the due date so that you can give yourself enough time to review it, or allow a professional writing service to take this burden off your shoulders and do it for you.

Get Idea For Your Dissertation Literature Review

A lot of work goes into crafting a readable dissertation, which is why you have to take your time. Avoid procrastinating since that will leave you with limited time to write your literature review dissertation. Of course, we understand that Rome was not built in one day. So, read up on a dissertation literature review examples before you begin yours. That will help you to come up with a fresh idea of how to write a literature review for a dissertation. Remember to use credible sources, especially scholarly books and journals, for your document.

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