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Top 100 Climate Change Topics To Write About

climate change topics

Climate change issues have continued to increase over the years. That’s because human activities like fossil fuel usage, excavation, and greenhouse emissions continue to drastically change the climate negatively. For instance, burning fossil fuels continues to release greenhouse emissions and carbon dioxide in large quantities. And the lower atmosphere of the earth traps these gasses thereby affecting the global climate. To enhance their awareness of the impact of global warming, educators ask learners to write academic papers and essays on different climate change topics.

According to statistics, global warming affects the climate in different ways. However, the earth has experienced a general temperature increase of 0.85 degrees centigrade over the last 100 years. Such statistics show that this increase will eventually pass the acceptable thresholds in the next 10 years or less. And this will have dire consequences on human health and the global climate. As such, writing a paper about a topic on climate change is a great way to educate the masses.

However, some learners have difficulties choosing topics for their papers and essays on climate change. That’s because this is a relatively new subject. Nevertheless, students that are pursuing ecology, political, and biology studies are conversant with this subject. If struggling to decide what to write about, consider this list of topics related to climate change.

Climate Change Topics for Short Essays

Perhaps, your educator has asked you to write a short essay on climate change. Maybe you’re yet to decide what to write about because every topic you think about seems to have been written about. In that case, use this list of climate change topics for inspiration. You can write about one of these topics or develop it to make it more unique.

  1. How climate change is responsible for the disappearing rainforest
  2. The effects of global warming on air quality within the urban areas
  3. Global warming and greenhouse emissions- Possible health risks
  4. Is climate change responsible for irregular weather patterns?
  5. How has climate change affected the food chain?
  6. The negative effects of climate change on human wellbeing
  7. How global warming affects agriculture
  8. How climate change works
  9. Why is climate change dangerous to human health?
  10. How to minimize global warming effects on human health
  11. How global warming affects the healthcare
  12. Effects of climate change of life quality in rural and urban areas
  13. How warmer temperatures support allergy-related illnesses
  14. How climate change is a risk to life on earth
  15. How climate change and natural disasters correlate
  16. How climate change affects the population of the earth
  17. How climate change relates to global warming
  18. How global warming has caused extreme heating in most urban areas
  19. How wildfires relate to climate change
  20. How ocean acidification and climate change affect the world’s habitat

These climate change essay topics cover different aspects of human activities and their effects on the earth’s ecosystem. As such, writing a research paper or essay on any of these topics requires extensive research and analysis of information. That’s the only way you can come up with a solid paper that will impress the educator to award you the top grade.

Climate Change Issues that Make for Good Topics

Maybe you want to research issues that relate to climate change. Most people may have not considered such issues but they are worthy of climate change debate topics. In that case, consider these issues when choosing your climate topics for papers and essays.

  1. Climate change and threat to natural biodiversity are equally important
  2. Climate change in Miami and Saudi Arabia- How the effects compare
  3. Climate change as a human activity’s effect on the environment
  4. Preventing climate change by protecting forests
  5. Climate change in China- How the country has declined to head to the global call about saving Mother Nature
  6. Common causes of climate change
  7. Common effects of climate change
  8. The definition of climate change
  9. What is anthropogenic climate change
  10. Describe climate change
  11. What drives climate change?
  12. Renewable energy sources and climate change
  13. Human and economics induced climate change
  14. Climate change biology
  15. Climate change and business
  16. Science, Spin, and climate change
  17. Climate change- How global warming affects populations
  18. Climate change and social concepts
  19. Extreme weather and climate change- How they relate
  20. Global warming as a complex issue in climate change

These are great climate change topics for research papers and essays. However, writing about these topics requires extensive research. You should also be ready to spend energy and time finding relevant and latest sources of information before you write about these topics.

Interesting Climate Change Topics for Papers and Essays

Perhaps, you want to write an essay or paper about something interesting. In that case, consider this list of interesting climate change research paper topics.

  1. Climate change across the globe- What experts say
  2. Development, climate change, and disaster reduction
  3. Critical review- Climate change and agriculture
  4. Schools should include climate change as a subject in geography courses
  5. Consumption and climate change- How the wind blows in Indiana
  6. How the United Nations responds to climate change
  7. Snowpack and climate change
  8. How climate change threatens global security
  9. The effects of climate change on coastal areas’ tourism
  10. How climate change relates to Queensland Australia’s floods
  11. How climate change affects the tourism and hospitality industry
  12. Possible strategies for addressing the effects of climate change on urban areas
  13. How climate change affects indigenous people
  14. How to avoid the threats of climate change
  15. How climate change affects coral triangle turtles
  16. Climate change drivers in the Asian countries
  17. Economic discourse analysis methodology in climate change
  18. How climate change affects New Hampshire businesses
  19. How climate change affects the life of an individual
  20. The economic cost of the effects of climate change

These are fantastic climate change paper topics to explore. Nevertheless, you must be ready to research your topic extensively before you start writing your academic paper or essay.

Major Topics on Climate Change for Academic Writing

Perhaps, you’re looking for topics related to climate change that you write major papers about. In that case, you should consider these global climate change topics.

  1. Early science on climate change
  2. How the world can manage the effects of climate change
  3. Environmental issues relating to climate change
  4. Views comparison about the climate change problem
  5. Asset-based community development and climate change
  6. Experts’ evaluation of climate change
  7. How science affects climate change
  8. How climate change affects the ocean life
  9. Scotland’s vulnerability to climate change
  10. How energy conservation can solve the climate change problem
  11. How climate change affects the world economy
  12. International collaboration and climate change
  13. International relations view on climate change
  14.  How transportation affects climate change
  15. Climate change and technology
  16. Climate change policies and human rights
  17. Climate change from an anthropological perspective
  18. Climate change as an international security issue
  19. Role of the United Nations in addressing climate change
  20. Climate change and pollution

This category has some of the best climate change thesis topics. That’s because most people will be interested in reading papers on such topics due to their global perspectives. Nevertheless, you should prepare to spend a significant amount of time researching and writing about any of these topics on climate change.

Climate Change Topics for Presentation

Perhaps, you want to write papers on topics related to climate change for presentation purposes. In that case, you need topics that most people can resonate with. Here is a list of topics about climate change that will interest most people.

  1. How can humans stop global warming in the next ten years
  2. Could humans have stopped global warming a decade ago?
  3. How has the environment changed over the years and how has this change caused global warming?
  4. How did the Obama administration try to limit climate change?
  5. What is the influence of chemical engineering on global warming?
  6. How is urbanization connected to climate change?
  7. Theories that explain why some nations ignore climate change
  8. How global warming affects the rising sea levels
  9. How anthropogenic and natural climate change differ
  10. How the war against terrorism differs from the war on climate change
  11. How atmospheric change influences global climate change
  12. Negative effects of global climate change on Minnesota
  13. The greenhouse effect and ozone depletion
  14. How greenhouse affects the earth’s environment
  15. How can individuals reduce the emissions of greenhouse gasses
  16. How climate change will affect humans in their lifetime
  17. What are the social, physical, and economic effects of climate change
  18. Problems and solutions to climate change on the Pacific Ocean
  19. How climate change relates to species’ extinction
  20. How the phenomenon of denying climate change affects animals

This list prepared by our research helpers has some of the best essay topics on climate change. Pick one of these ideas, research it, and then compose a winning paper.


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