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Business Research Topics | Best Ideas For Your Papers

business research topics

What is a business research? Business research is the method of obtaining factual information in all areas of business and the use of such information to maximize sales and profit. You can do business-related research for almost anything. It is, however, vital that you aim the research at helping people or organizations make wise and informed decisions.

This article focuses on the various aspects of business research, such as business law, business ethics, business proposal, international business, business management, business speech, business debate, and controversial business topics.

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Why This List of Business Research Topics?

Writing a successful business research paper starts with getting the basics right. While many think they are ready for a business research project, they somehow always get stuck at the very first step: choosing business topics. Even after trying the conventional techniques of preliminary research and brainstorming, many are still unable to come up with great business research topics. This article aims to help you find exciting business topics. The exciting thing is that we don’t just give you a small range of business-related topics to choose from – we have 100!

Here is a list of some hot business essay topics to set the ball rolling. Our list of interesting business topics makes this not just a typical list, but one to give you an outstanding business research paper. This list contains 100 examples of business research topics and will be of great help!

So if you need some business topics for a research paper or presentation, be assured that you’re in the right place!

Controversial Business Topics

  1. Free Market Capitalism
  2. Lower minimum wage and job creation.
  3. Would a minimum wage trap people in poverty?
  4. Is outsourcing an Ethical Practice?
  5. Outsourcing: Theories versus findings.

International Business Topics

Students offering business courses should endeavour to do some international business research that addresses critical issues affecting international trade. Here are some international business research topics which will come in handy.

  1. Surviving International Competition: A Critical Analysis of the Strategic Measures Employed by Local Companies.
  2. International Investment: The Importance of Educating the Public on the benefits of international investment.
  3. Business at Sea: The Importance of Instituting and Implementing Environmentally-friendly Approaches.
  4. Transforming Small Local Businesses into widely Recognized International Brands.
  5. Human Resources: Effective Strategies for Maintaining Largely Diversified Organizations.
  6. Branding: Effective Strategies to Provide a Competitive Advantage for International Businesses.

Business Proposal Topics

The business culture is taking over the world today, and with it comes quite a lot of issues and concerns in how we go about our daily activity. Whether you are a business tycoon or a customer at a grocery shop, everyone is involved in some form of business. Below are some business proposal topics to help you pitch that business idea.

  1. Economic Problems: Possible initiatives to protect small businesses.
  2. American Business Sector: Possible solutions to the decline of trust.
  3. Local Businesses: Providing necessary support to avoid suffocation by huge chains.
  4. Global Unemployment: Strategies and solutions to the problem of unemployment.
  5. Stakeholders: Their impact on the success of a business.
  6. Employee motivation and its effect on employee performance.

Business Speech Topics

Do you have a business speech to deliver and still not sure of the topic to focus on? Here is are some general business speech topics for you!

  1. How to think and plan strategically.
  2. Interpersonal and Family Relations.
  3. How to make a sales pitch.
  4. How to Move Your Business A Generation Ahead.
  5. Reducing and resolving conflicts in family businesses.
  6. Leadership Development and its importance.

Business Law Topics

Business law is a thriving area of business which grabs the interest of many people. Business law helps to govern the dealings in the commercial world. We thought you might need some business law paper topics; hence this list of current juicy research topics on business law.

  1. Bankruptcy Fraud: Legal identification methods.
  2. Sexual Harassment Lawsuits: Its Avoidance within the company.
  3. Trade secrets: When does it become “too secretive”?
  4. UK Business Laws: A Review of the Legal Standing and Protection of Creditors.
  5. Foreign Entity Registration: A comparative review of legal guidelines and implications for foreign businesses in the UK and Europe.
  6. Trademark infringement: Possible defences to this offence.
  7. E-commerce Practices: US legal implications on the workforce.
  8. Data Privacy Laws: Their impact on business operations.

Business Ethics Topics

Another exciting area of business research is business ethics. With some excellent business ethics research paper topics, you’re well on your way to writing a unique paper. Here are some juicy business ethics paper topics/business research topic examples to get the ball rolling!

  1. Gender Discrimination: A close investigation of its impact on employee performance in an organization.
  2. Organizational Environmental Pollution: A critical look at its effects on consumer trust levels.
  3. Labourer Abuse: Analyzing its repercussions in the construction sector.
  4. Profit Seeking: A critical evaluation of its impact on product quality.
  5. Advertisements: An Expository Study of the effects of misleading advertisements on consumer trust.
  6. Gift-giving by Pharmaceutical Representatives: Any strings attached?
  7. Business ethics: A Philosophical approach.
  8. Ethical issues in governing a corporation.
  9. Ethical conflicts: Avoiding religious, political, and cultural arguments at work.

Business Communication Topics

To be successful in business, one must be able to communicate effectively in areas such as selling ideas, persuading potential customers, communicating with employees, etc. In business, communication may as well be everything! Here are ten fantastic topics for your business communication research paper!

  1. The effect of internal business communication on the external image of a business.
  2. The Impact of Interactive online communication on public relations outcomes.
  3. Interpersonal Communication: The Influence of Culture on interpersonal dialogue.
  4. The impact of Computer-mediated Interaction.
  5. Business Communication: Exploring different mediums and channels for effective communication in business.
  6. The effect of intercultural information exchange on closing business deals.
  7. Business Negotiation: A language-centred activity.
  8. Symmetrical Dialogue: A critical look at the processes involved.
  9. Business Negotiation: Styles in intercultural dialogue.
  10. Exploring the differences between business communication and general communication.

Business Research Topics for MBA Students

Are you an MBA student in need of business research paper topics? Here are some hot ones just for you!

  1. Organizational Culture and its influence on innovation management.
  2. Environmental issues and their effect on business management in the world today.
  3. Leadership Skills and its impact on organizational control.
  4. An analytical overview of investment strategies.
  5. The influence of online marketing on start-ups.
  6. Direct Marketing versus Creative Marketing.
  7. The power of advertising on consumer behaviour.
  8. The impact of employee turnover on Organizational profit.
  9. Globalization and its impact on small scale industries.
  10. The e-commerce industry and its effect on the world today.

Business Management Research Topics

With the many facets of business management, finding a hot topic could be very challenging. Here are ten great ideas for research topics in business management.

  1. Employee benefits and its effect on employee productivity.
  2. The intricacies of managing conflict in the work team.
  3. Start-ups: A look into the issues that occur during business start-ups.
  4. Excessive work: Business consequences.
  5. The evolving nature of work teams in meeting the requirements of the future.
  6. Leadership strategies and Inter-organizational networks.
  7. Product and service improvement in a strategic partnership.
  8. How to manage crises in an organization.
  9. Impact of total quality management practices on customer retention and satisfaction.
  10. Effective time management as a tool for organizational survival.

Business Informative Speech Topics

Are you in particular need of business informative speech topics? Then you’re in the right place! Here are ten business topics which are full of juice!

  1. Ergonomics in the workspace: How desks, chairs, and tables affect physical poses for sedentary workers.
  2. Why there are corporate loans and special grants for women start-ups.
  3. Standards in Creative and Financial Accounting: What is right or wrong?
  4. Copyright protection: The what, the why and the when.
  5. Outsourcing to third parties: When, why and how.
  6. Why you have to back up trade secrets with a signed confidentiality agreement.
  7. What are the types of insurance?
  8. The 24-hour economy: How to manage risk under pressure.
  9. Benefits of human resources and how to develop social skills.
  10. How safety programs and working conditions relate to productivity.

Business Persuasive Speech Topics

A persuasive speech is a speech delivered with the intent of bringing about a change in the ideas or viewpoints of others. Here are ten business compelling speech topics to wow your audience.

  1. Your business will fail if you lack social intelligence.
  2. Why you need both short and long-term goals in business.
  3. Why Introverts could make better entrepreneurs.
  4. Why you must have a business plan.
  5. Business Mentors: why every business person needs one.
  6. The secret in sending past clients thoughtful gifts.
  7. Social Media: Why you should take full advantage of it for your business.
  8. Placing higher values on experience than qualifications.
  9. Parenting: why new fathers should also get paid time off to help with the baby.
  10. Why gut instinct is still essential in hiring.

Business Debate Topics

It is usually challenging to choose business debate topics because you must select a business debate topic which you find interesting. We have prepared some hot business debate topics to help you in your essay.

  1. Multinationals: Doing more harm than good?
  2. Corporate jobs: A new form of slavery.
  3. Stock market: is it related to gambling?
  4. An MBA will not make you a good business leader.
  5. An MBA is worth the cost.
  6. Business and Politics: Should they be mixed?
  7. Should the world run on a cashless economy?
  8. Cryptocurrencies: Are they reliable in business?
  9. Advertisements: Profitable to business?
  10. Women: Better business managers than men?

So here we are! One hundred business topics which cover different areas in business. Are you ready to take your writing to a whole new level? These topics will set you on the right path faster. Don’t forget to proofread and edit your paper thoroughly before turning it in. Good luck!

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