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100 Best Artificial Intelligence Topics for Students

artificial intelligence topics

If you are reading this page, it means you are interested in getting some fresh artificial intelligence topics. We know that this kind of topics is not easy to come by these days. Artificial intelligence is, after all, a pretty difficult field. However, we have a list of 100 awesome artificial intelligence topics for both high school and college students right here.

Our artificial intelligence research topics list is original (at the time of writing), so you can safely pick any of these topics. In addition, we go to great lengths to update the list as often as possible. We want to help as many students as possible find a great topic in artificial intelligence. Take a look at our ideas and use them today. It’s 100% free.

Why Our Artificial Intelligence Topics?

You may be wondering why you should read our topics for artificial intelligence list. Why would you need the best possible topic? Here are just 3 of the reasons:

  • Your professor will surely appreciate your original, interesting topics in AI. We have unique ideas in information technology topics that you can use for free.
  • Professors usually award bonus points to students who manage to come up with something new to talk about. Yes, you can get a higher grade if you pick one of our interesting topics.
  • A good topic makes it easy for you to write an essay about. There is plenty of information readily available on the Internet on most of our topics.

Now, we know that you are reluctant to use research topics in artificial intelligence from a website. However, we can assure you that you are absolutely free to use any of these topics. We do not expect any credits. Furthermore, you are free to reword any of our topics to suit your needs.

Best AI Topics

We realize you want to earn some bonus points from your professor, so we would like to start our list with the best AI topics:

  1. Artificial intelligence in the Mars Rovers
  2. Machine Learning difficulties in 2023
  3. Define Deep Learning
  4. What is machine consciousness?
  5. Narrow AI vs. general AI
  6. The risks of narrow AI implementations

Artificial Intelligence Research Topics

If you need to write a research paper, you need some interesting topics. Here are our excellent artificial intelligence research topics:

  1. Discuss reasoning from an AI perspective
  2. Problem solving issues with AI
  3. Define and describe NLP
  4. What is social intelligence?
  5. Brain simulation as part of an AI project
  6. The cybernetics approach to artificial intelligence

Complex Topics in Artificial Intelligence

Would you like to give some more difficult topics a try? No problem, we have some pretty complex topics in artificial intelligence right here:

  1. Artificial intelligence vision system applications
  2. Prolog: the programming of the future
  3. Discuss inductive logic programming
  4. Using Artificial Intelligence for marketing analytics
  5. Managing Big Data databases using AI
  6. Knowledge representation in artificial intelligence

Novel Artificial Intelligence Research Paper Topics

If you are interested in writing an essay about the latest developments in AI, you need our novel artificial intelligence research paper topics:

  1. The qualification problem in AI systems
  2. Planning from an AI perspective
  3. The latest machine learning algorithms explained
  4. How does AI perceive the world?
  5. Best known AI experiments that failed
  6. Teaching a computer how to paint

Artificial Intelligence Topics for Presentation

Do you need to put together an interesting presentation? We have some very nice artificial intelligence topics for presentation for you:

  1. Are AI robots going to take over the world?
  2. Artificial intelligence in our hospitals
  3. Motion planning in artificial intelligence applications
  4. Lead generation using artificial intelligence
  5. What are predictive sales and how can AI help?
  6. Data science and artificial intelligence

AI Risks Ideas

Of course, there are many risks associated with artificial intelligence. Here are a few AI risks ideas for college and high school students:

  1. Are robots going to take away our jobs?
  2. Privacy violations by artificial intelligence algorithms
  3. Automated weapon systems
  4. Is Tesla a robot car?
  5. Misbehaving AI models and the threats they may pose

Hot Research Topics in Artificial Intelligence

We know you want to impress your professor and classmates, so we also have some hot research topics in artificial intelligence:

  1. AI interaction issues with humans
  2. The core principles of AI risk management
  3. Using AI to measure water quality
  4. Predicting the election results with AI
  5. Predicting future locations using AI
  6. Identifying online spam using artificial intelligence

AI Thesis Topics

If you need to write your thesis on artificial intelligence, you will surely be interested in these AI thesis topics:

  1. Artificial intelligence: Social Intelligence
  2. Brain simulation techniques in AI
  3. Soft computing and computational intelligence
  4. Are there any limits to what a machine can do?
  5. Discuss automated machine learning tech
  6. AI image recognition algorithms

AI Research Topics for High School

Are you a high school student? Do you want to write about AI? Take a look at our awesome AI research topics for high school:

  1. AI applications in customer service
  2. AI applications in medicine
  3. AI applications in robotics
  4. Developing a simple chatbot
  5. Data management using artificial intelligence
  6. AI and fraud detection

AI Related Topics

Artificial intelligence has influenced many industries and fields. Here are some interesting AI related topics for you:

  1. Machine learning
  2. Deep learning
  3. Industrial robots
  4. Security applications
  5. Automated financial investing

Advanced Topics in AI & Machine Learning

There are, of course, many advanced topics when it comes to artificial intelligence. Here are some advanced topics in AI & machine learning:

  1. Discuss generative models
  2. What is the Bayesian inference?
  3. The Monte Carlo methods
  4. Discuss deep generative models
  5. Analyze probabilistic programming
  6. Describe amortized inference

AI in Space Ideas

The human race has already begun exploring the universe around us. Take a look at some excellent AI in space ideas:

  1. AI in the Mars Rover Perseverance
  2. Artificial intelligence on the International Space Station
  3. Using AI to discover fresh craters on the Moon
  4. Looking for habitable planets using AI
  5. Teaching an AI robot to walk on mars
  6. Ways artificial intelligence can help with space exploration

Latest Seminar Topics on Artificial Intelligence

If you are interested in the latest seminar topics on artificial intelligence, we have a great list of ideas below:

  1. Hyperautomation and the role of machine learning
  2. Artificial intelligence in cybersecurity applications
  3. AI, Machine Learning and the Internet of Things
  4. Comparing today’s AI with that in movies
  5. Discuss the principles of AI engineering

Hot Topics in Artificial Intelligence

Want to write about new, hot topics? Our ENL writers managed to create some unique, hot topics in artificial intelligence:

  1. Discuss business intelligence from an AI perspective
  2. Machine learning applications in 2023
  3. Deep learning algorithms (latest)
  4. Adopting AI systems in an organization
  5. Discuss Large Scale Machine Learning
  6. What is reinforcement learning?

Research Topics on Artificial Intelligence for High School

High school students are wary about research papers, we know. We have some easy research topics on artificial intelligence for high school though:

  1. Introducing AI education in high school
  2. The 3 major types of artificial intelligence
  3. AI applications that changed the world
  4. Writing an AI problem (a simple one)
  5. Stat learning artificial intelligence as a high school student
  6. An AI system that predicts housing prices

Ethical AI Concerns

Worried about the ethics aspect of artificial intelligence? Write an essay about it! Here are some of the latest ethical AI concerns:

  1. 3 ethical concerns related to artificial intelligence
  2. Regulating the artificial intelligence field
  3. Is AI suited for weapon systems?
  4. Using artificial intelligence to assassinate high value targets
  5. Can AI discern right from wrong?
  6. The role of human judgment in artificial intelligence
  7. Discrimination issues with AI

The Future of Artificial Intelligence Ideas

Who knows what the future holds? You can predict it though. Take a look at our the future of artificial intelligence ideas:

  1. Current trends in artificial intelligence
  2. Fields that could benefit from AI
  3. Regulating AI development
  4. Engineering Artificial Intelligence responsibly
  5. AI that performs surgery unassisted
  6. Achieving 100% security against online attacks

In case you need more artificial intelligence related topics, we are here to help. Get in touch with our research helpers and ask for a new list of topics. We will make sure to put together a new list just for you in no time, even during the night. We have 10 years of experience writing essays, term papers and theses on artificial intelligence topics, so you can rest assured that you will get the best ideas possible. So, what are you waiting for? Send us a message now!

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